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Chapter 198 – Routed

“Sky-shattering sword!” The whole sky was torn off by the golden sword and terrifying power contained in this attack instantly collapsed the joint attack from the other two half-step legendary experts.

This was a terrifying sword attack, simply a masterpiece in its own league.

“Puchi!” The sword attack opened a nasty wound in the body of that half-step legendary devil expert, his blood spattered all over and bone fragments scattered in the vicinity.

The half-step legendary devil expert seemed in a terrible state. A moment ago, he had resorted to the supreme devil magical powers, but still could not stop Qi Feifan’s sword attack. The power contained in that sword attack was far beyond his imagination, as if the whole universe was still ringing due to its outbreak.

Qi Feifan’s sword skill was something to be scared of! No wonder he looked so confident, even while facing two half-step legendary experts.

That devil’s wound was healing slowly, but the terror in his heart had still not disappeared. Just how could a human be so terrifying?

The frustration was making him mad, he was depressed because he came to this world thinking he was a predator, but in front of this human expert, he ended up being the hunt instead. And, in addition to that, this human expert was so incredible that he was single-handedly overwhelming two half-step legendary experts. Even Lu Hongwei had a terrified look on his face, and a contemptuous look in his eyes, because even though he was considered a genius in the younger generation of Bai Mojiao, he was basically nothing in front of Qi Feifan.

“Now that you have come today, then don’t even think about going now.” Qi Feifan chuckled loudly, “This place is quite beautiful and suitable to be turned into a cemetery for you lot!”

Qi Feifan once again waved his sword, the golden aura around his body was making him look like a golden god of war, and this time, the sword attack was simply invincible and even more terrifying than the last one.

Like a stream of falling stars, the sword attack directly fell towards Lu Hongwei and the devil expert.

They tried to block the attack. there was an incomparably terrified look in Lu Hongwei’s eyes and he was kind of angry himself for looking down on Qi Feifan. He had fought with the strongest true disciples of Yi Yuan School in the past, except Qi Feifan, because back then, he was only a young junior. But now, Lu Hongwei finally came to know about the horrifying strength of Yi Yuan School’s mythical disciple.

Qi Feifan was just like a myth, he himself was at half-step legendary level but still managed to overwhelm two experts of same level.

At this time, Qi Feifan’s extraordinary and outrageous aura swept off.

“Ah!” Their joint defense was instantly broken down by Qi Feifan’s attack. Both experts suddenly began to scream pitifully as their entire wrists had been cut down and oozing out a fountain of blood.

All of the people gasped at this scene, since all of the three experts were at half-step legendary realm but the gap between Qi Feifan and the other two was too big.

Human experts suddenly burst into cheers because Qi Feifan’s extraordinary strength had given them immense confidence.

“What a fearful human, but he must die otherwise he will pose a huge threat for my people.” An intention to kill appeared in the devil expert’s eyes.

Qi Feifan looked coldly at him, his eyes were exuding golden rays of light, it seemed as if his whole body was made up of gold, just like the golden avatar of an ancient god of war.

“Today, all of you devils are going to die, so I would like you all to stay here!” Qi Feifan said in a mocking tone and a Zhen method suddenly appeared in the surroundings, and endless Swordqi surged out and started flying in all directions. Several Bai Mojiao followers and devils were caught off guard and died.

“This is a trap!” Lu Hongwei and the devil expert suddenly exclaimed.

They finally realized that their plan had actually leaked but they didn’t have time to find the traitor, because right now, they main focus was on getting out of this trap.

“Hurry up and withdraw!” Lu Hongwei shouted loudly. Since their plan had been seen through by the enemy so there was no meaning in continuing the raid.

Immediately, devils and followers of Bai Mojiao began to retreat. Even deepwater black serpent king ordered his forces of demon beasts to withdraw. Thunder and deepwater black serpent king also left their respective battles and escaped.

But at this time, Qi Feifan shot once again and released a barrage of sword shadows which instantly rushed towards the escaping Lu Hongwei and devil expert.

On the ground, Ye Xiwen sneered and looked at the devil prince whose aura had already risen to the extreme. There was a knife-like sharp look in his eyes. Although now he was in danger but he didn’t seem to care, he was keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen and it seemed like he won’t leave before killing Ye Xiwen.

“Today you must die!” The devil prince shouted and released an extremely frightening aura in the surroundings.

“Now that the situation is reversed, won’t you run away?” Ye Xiwen coldly stared at the devil prince. Although he said these words but even if devil prince decided to escape, he would chase him and kill him.

Ye Xiwen suddenly released his Zhen Yuan, which was released like the terrifying sea of clouds and a section of it transformed into a coiling dragon. Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura was not one bit inferior to that of the devil prince.

One must know that Ye Xiwen possessed dragon qi that had a natural restraining effect on devils.

Dragon qi gave him an overwhelming advantage over devils, but devil prince’s moqi also couldn’t be taken lightly, after all, he possessed noble devil blood.

Devils and demon beasts had already retreated far away from Qianji Island, so the battle between Ye Xiwen and devil prince immediately attracted the attention of many human experts.

Ye Xiwen’s aura was full of killing intention so no one dared to disturb the two men, even though some people wanted to help Ye Xiwen but they were scared to go too close.

“Ah!” Devil prince shouted and his whole body became completely dark, the moqi surged out of his body and completely filled his body with horrifying strength.

Ye Xiwen’s sword intention was also surging and his aura was skyrocketing while buzzing louder and louder. It seemed like the entire atmosphere would crack open and the whole world would shatter down with the very existence of this uncontrollably boiling sword intention.

Ye Xiwen’s coiling dragon was growing more and more stronger and larger in size, and infinite strength of the dragons was totally concentrated in Ye Xiwen’s body, making the space around him to tremble. Then suddenly, he shot this concentrate energy towards the devil prince.

The black light and the white light severely collided into each other at lightning speeds and the blinding flash made everyone to close their eyes.

Devil prince was betting on this final attack, even if everyone in his team had already escaped, he didn’t go, but Ye Xiwen didn’t retreat either. This was not just the collision between two attacks, it was a collision between the two races, and Ye Xiwen wanted to prove to everyone that the very concept of devil superiority, when it came to battle strength, was simply rubbish!

He didn’t retreat, neither did he need to!

This was an incredible explosion that seemed to have shook the entire world.

“Boom!” The scary collision of the two fearful attacks collapsed the earth, caused huge amounts of seawater to vaporize, set off countless air explosions, and in the end, the two attacks mutually ablated each other.

As the blast disappeared, an inverted figure was sent flying into the sky and fell heavily on the ground. It was actually that young devil prince! The terrifying sword intention was stuck on his chest and firmly impaled him to the ground. Everyone saw that this sword intention was crazily devouring his vitality.

When human experts saw that this insolent devil prince was defeated by Ye Xiwen’s sword attack, suddenly, a burst of cheers resounded throughout the battlefield.

“Ye Xiwen really won, I told you, this devil is no big deal for him!”

“Ye Xiwen is definitely not a rival of this devil prince, but look at the results, Ye Xiwen managed to take him down even thought he is not yet at Small Truth level. And I used to believe the legends that devils are superior to human beings, but it seems that the legends are entirely bullshit!”

All sorts of encouraging messages were floating among the disciples. After all, they always believed that devils was terrible creatures and much more fiercer than human beings, but today’s battles completely changed their outlook.

Right in front of their eyes, Qi Feifan defeated two half-step experts, one of whom was a real devil.

And after that, they saw Ye Xiwen, an expert of truth third stage, defeating a devil prince who was at Small Truth level. Ye Xiwen’s battle really inspired many disciples and boosted their confidence, making them believe that even they could fight and win against devils.

Now they understood that devils were not some invincible creatures, that even they could be defeated and killed! As the smoke completely dispersed, Ye Xiwen’s figure became visible to everyone. Although there was a serious wound across his waist and there was blood all over his body, but there was a calm and composed look on his face.

“I cannot die!” Devil prince managed to give one last shout before his eyes gradually lost the light. He had the ambition to rule ten thousand worlds, and looked down on human beings, but in the end, he died here, and that too at the hands of a human being.

“Just because you were born as a devil doesn’t mean that you are stronger than humans. Anyone can become strong if they have the will for it. You just belong to a group of savage beasts that’s all!” A cold smile appeared on Ye Xiwen face as he said these words.

(To be continued)


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