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Chapter 200 – Behind the scenes

At this time, Jin Xuan shot the most powerful attack in the form of horrifying Zhen Yuan, surging towards Ye Xiwen.

The whole merit palace had begun to boil.

“Don’t be so full of yourself!” Ye Xiwen sneered and struck with his dragon claw, instantly forming a whirlwind of dragon qi.

“Boom!” In just a flash, Jin Xuan’s attack was pulverized and the terrifying force present in Ye Xiwen’s attack fiercely crashed into Jin Xuan and sent his body spinning, which then severely crashed on a pillar and came crumbling down.

Standing on the side, several disciples were stunned when they saw this scene. In just one move, Ye Xiwen effortlessly defeated Elder Jin Xuan, as if it was nothing.

“Truth level power, ah, Brother Ye is really a truth level expert as the rumors said!”

“Yes, truth level disciples hold high status, even elders do not dare to bully them.”

“But this Ye Xiwen is so arrogant, he dared to raise hands on an elder.”

“What elder, this elder is audacious, hasn’t he heard of Brother Ye’s famous deeds? Even the commander in chief of Imperial Guards died in his hands. He is certainly a highly cultured super genius of martial arts, but Jin Xuan dares to obstruct Brother Ye’s promotion, he is basically courting death.” A disciple sneered,”This thing must be reported top elders council, so that from now on, no one dares to offend Brother Ye.”

“God, this Ye Xiwen’s strength progresses too fast, I know because I joined Qianyu faction. Last time I saw him, he was not this much strong!”

“A weakling like you wants to obstruct my promotion?” Ye Xiwen sneered and looked at Jin Xuan, who was miserably groaning on the ground.

This was really the biggest mistake of his life. He shouldn’t have obstructed Ye Xiwen’s promotion. Since the disciples, who got promoted to the true disciple rank, weren’t generally so strong. They usually were on Truth first or second stage and couldn’t possibly be Jin Xuan’s opponents, but the same case didn’t apply on Ye Xiwen.

“Ye Xiwen, stop!” At this time, a hoarse voice resounded in the merit palace. Ye Xiwen turned around and saw an old man in purple, and right now, there was a sort of smile on his face.

Someone had informed the penalty palace about this conflict and an elder came to mediate. Elders from penalty palace were usually strong enough to be able to mediate conflicts between rebellious powerhouses.

Ye Xiwen recognized the patter on this old man’s clothes and found out that he was not just any elder from penalty palace, but, he was actually the lord of penalty palace. He held one of the strongest positions in Yi Yuan School, right under sect head and the peak-leaders. Even high level true disciples were afraid of him, because he was never lenient when it came to punishments.

“Greetings to Penal elder!” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and respectfully said.

Penal elder saw the respectful look on Ye Xiwen’s face and nodded with a somewhat satisfied smile. He was informed that Ye Xiwen was arrogant, despotic and very rebellious, but now when he met Ye Xiwen in person, he appeared very humble.

But he did not know that Ye Xiwen was simply not a humble person. Ye Xiwen followed the simply rule of tit for tat. He was the type who would return whatever was given to him ten folds, whether it was respect or disrespect.

Ye Xiwen’s attitude towards people was completely determined by the attitude of the other side towards him. So Ye Xiwen’s enemies would often feel that Ye Xiwen was very arrogant and despotic, while his friends would often feel that Ye Xiwen was someone they could get along with very well.

Ye Xiwen believed that harmony between people was possible only if there was respect for each other. If people would give him face, he would also give them face, but if anyone would try to hurt him then he would certainly not show any mercy.

“What’s going on here?” Penal elder asked strictly but there was no ill-intent present in his voice.

Ye Xiwen immediately calmed down when he realized that the other party was not actually his enemy. He could sense the aura of Penal elder and found out that he was half-step legendary expert and his strength was second to only each of the peak-leaders and the sect head.

“This Jin Xuan has some ulterior motive, I don’t know for whom he is working for but he just now tried to obstruct my advancement to the rank of a true disciple.” Ye Xiwen quietly explained.

A smile appeared on the Penal elder’s face. This Ye Xiwen was really a straightforward guy and didn’t hesitate to use brute force whenever he was facing injustice. In any case, Jin Xuan was an elder of Yi Yuan School but he tried to suppress a truth level disciple, which was not something an elder should do. He was the culprit in this case and must be punished.

“Well indeed, Jin Xuan is really quite audacious. But don’t you worry, I will investigate this matter thoroughly and make sure he is punished.” Penal elder immediately began implementing his powers as the lord of penalty palace, because as long as there was violation of regulations, he was eligible to intervene.

But was also secretly speechless at the authority of Penal elder, though Jin Xuan was at wrong in this case but to be able to arrest an elder so easily, this really showed his supreme authority in Yi Yuan School.

And one must not forget that Jin Xuan was associated with influential Luo clan, so this also showed that Penal elder was not at all bothered to give face to Luo clan.

“I heard about your achievements in Qianji Island, your actions have boosted the prestige of Yi Yuan School. Since your cultivation is already at truth third stage so there won’t be any problem in give you promotion.” Penal elder said. “I will report it to the elders council, and soon, you will become a true disciple. A mountain peak will be exclusively prepared for you as well.”

—— When Jim Xuan was taken into custody by penalty palace, it set off huge commotion in Yi Yuan School, and immediately, elders conference was organized to discuss about this matter.

“Ye Xiwen is too much, he actually beat up a merit elder, how dare he look down on the sect?” Tian Wushuang roared and seemed very angry, which was understandable because he was the lord of merit palace and what Ye Xiwen did was simply like a great insult to him.

Wu Potian, the head of Yi Yuan School, was sitting on the main seat and addressing to the conference. There was a solemn look on his face and no one knew what he was thinking.

“This thing went really out of hand, especially because Ye Xiwen is involved in it. We all know about his achievements and his importance for our sect, so the matter regarding his promotion to the rank of true disciple must be reported to elders council and should be done properly. It should be very clear that true disciples hold utmost importance in our sect, I don’t need to repeat myself over and over, you all already know what I am trying to say!” Penal elder said in a strong tone.

Several elders nodded, there had been many disputes in Yi Yuan School, despite the strict regulation by Penal code, in fact, it was all to encourage competition among each other for the growth of all, but only few people actually involved in friendly matches and maintained peace. It was simply impossible for everyone to maintain such friendly attitude because people usually held ulterior motives, and forget about disciples, even some of the elders had their own selfish reasons, so expecting everyone to be selfless was basically impossible. So long as it the dispute was still within the scope of control, they could try to calm things down.

But the bottom line was that the future prosperity of Yi Yuan School was directly proportional to the number of true disciples. It would directly determine how this sect would perform in the next few hundred years, so no one should look down on such rare valuable treasures called true disciples.

Jin Xuan indeed did something that was strictly not allowed in Yi Yuan School, no wonder it alerted the elders council and he was dragged away mercilessly by the penalty palace.

“And Jin Xuan not only attempted to embarrass Ye Xiwen, he went one step ahead and attacked as well, which strictly violates the regulations of the sect. I even suspect that someone is pulling his strings.” Penal elder coldly said.

The other elders didn’t answer because none of them believed that Jin Xuan had been ordered by someone to attack Ye Xiwen. Who would be so stupid to plan an attack on a war-hero like Ye Xiwen? Everyone knew that Ye Xiwen single-handedly defeated a terrifying devil expert of Small Truth level. Even if right now, he was truth third level, everyone had come to see him as someone comparable to eighth prince.

Jin Xuan was merely at truth third stage, so who would send him to attack Ye Xiwen? It was just like sending someone to their own death. So one thing was certain that Jin Xuan was not ordered by someone to humiliate and attack Ye Xiwen.

When none of the elders said anything, Penal elder continued: “I find Jin Xuan as guilty in this matter and he must be punished!”

(To be continued)


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