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Chapter 197 Fierce battle with devils

The whole scene was chaotic, all of the disciples of five forces and followers of Bai Mojiao were engaged in a large scale battle while some disciples were dealing with demon beasts in sea water. Qi Feifan and Lu Hongwei were battling in the mid-air and whenever they clashed, it seemed as if the sky itself would split open.

A terrifying battle was taking place between bloodthirsty deepwater black serpent king and the spiritual son of Xueling sect in the sea. From the intensity of this battle, it seemed like the entire sea would vaporize from the amount of energy being released in their attacks.

Battle cries could be heard throughout Qianji Island.

Both sides were fierce and no one was willing to show any mercy to the enemies. After harboring hatred for so many decades, now, there was no use of superfluous words.

Whether it was the sky, the ground or the sea, all turned into battlefields. Corpses were falling down from the sky, fresh blood changed the color of seawater. It was a rare sight where so many truth-level experts were dying in battle.

However, this time, the five major forces of Great Yue State, who were never on good terms with each other, had finally joined forces to deal with a common enemy.

Ye Xiwen also stepped into the battlefield and began slaughtering the followers of Bai Mojiao. Although he was aware of the fact that they could not determine the final outcome of this battle. The final outcome would entirely depend on Qi Feifan, Xueling sect’s spiritual son and Prince Rui.

Ye Xiwen continued to advance while killing several enemies along the way. He didn’t know how many people had already died since the raid started, and several Yi Yuan School’s disciples were gathered inside the protection barrier, especially those who were too fragile for this level of war.

“Boom!” A horrifying aura rushed from far away, and along with it, a distant figure instantly flew over towards them. It was actually a half-step legendary devil.

His devil wings were fluttering behind his back and each and every thump of his wings were setting off terrifying storms, accompanied by the loud sound of thunderclaps.

The complexions the faces of all disciples suddenly paled, because they knew that the situation on war had now changed with the unexpected appearance of yet another half-step legendary expert.

Moreover, devil experts were inherently fiercer than humans experts!

“You petty humans, sooner or later, you are all going to be ruled by the devil race!” That fearful devil expert said in a loud echoing voice.

“What do we do now? We do not have another half step legendary expert!”

“Don’t tell me this is the end of us?”

“Human beings are just bags of fresh blood, they are the practice resources who are born just to be killed by us devils someday!” The peerless devil experts said in a domineering voice.

“Correct, you are nothing but a bunch of ants!” A crazy laughter was heard by everyone, as a rampant specter suddenly appeared. It was a young devil expert, his body was exuding tyrannical breath and the souls of several disciples, who were present in his vicinity, were instantly crushed by his presence itself. “You are called Ye Xiwen right? I just saw your battle, you are pretty good. As long as you kneel down and swear allegiance to me, I am willing to take you up as my slave. I’ll spare your life and take you with me as a war slave.”

He rushed all the way towards Ye Xiwen. The human warriors who tried to stop him were all slaughtered by him, and he used a devil power technique to quickly absorb their blood and essence to increase his cultivation level.

“Keep me as a slave?” Ye Xiwen sneered and sword intention instantly congealed around his sword, it was rotating violently and producing a buzzing sound.

“You are just a human, and Zhen Wu Jie would eventually be ruled by devil race, in fact, the whole ten thousand worlds community will be ruled by us. Compared to all that, you are just a tiny existence.” The young devil expert sneered, “Once these experts are killed, the rest of humanity is nothing but a herd of docile sheep.”

Everyone was immediately infuriated by his words, because irrespective of which force they belonged to, in the end, they had the common identity of human beings. To be dismissed as slaves, as fresh blood, by the devils would obviously make them angry.

“I have been in this world for few years but haven’t seen a fierce expert like you. You are good and being a devil prince, I must say that I acknowledge you. So as long as you are willing to surrender to me, that eighth prince, who has challenged you, won’t be your match. I will give you supreme devil power techniques, which will make you a superior warrior and killing eighth prince won’t be a tough task for you anymore.” The young devil experts said and it appeared like he really looked down on the eighth prince.

“Well, you may have been here for few years, but I have been here my entire life and I have met several excellent human experts, so you better mind your tongue.” Ye Xiwen disdainfully said.

“Humans are weak, nothing but ants in front of us. After I kill you, I will kill other experts from younger generation one by one, including that eighth prince. I hear, you all are considered as the pride of human race, I will turn you all into my slaves, and those who refuse will die.” The young devil expert said.

“Devil, I will be the first to take you on!” Qi Feifan shouted and his extraordinary aura spread wantonly in the midair. He was in front of two half-step legendary experts, Lu Hongwei and that devil expert, but he wasn’t worried at all.

“Rubbish, a petty human like you cannot possibly stand a chance against me.” The devil expert proudly said. It seemed like he didn’t want to intrude into the battle of Qi Feifan and Lu Hongwei.

“Ah!” Qi Feifan shouted and it seemed as if the whole universe would break down. Sound waves surged in all directions, setting off storms everywhere and his invincible aura spread in the surroundings.

Everyone was shocked when they looked towards the sky and saw a golden figure, which seemed to belong to a ancient god of war.

Even Xueling sect’s spiritual son was looking at Qi Feifan with dismay, fear and envy in his eyes.

How many years had already passed since he last saw Qi Feifan in action? His progress was simply shocking, and one could see that he had arrived at a very profound level.

There was a terrified look on the face of that half-step legendary devil when he witnessed the transformation outbreak of Qi Feifan.

Qi Feifan’s whole body was enveloped in golden light, and from afar, he looked like the golden god of war, standing between heaven and earth, an invincible existence.

Seeing Qi Feifan’s transformation immediately lifted the spirits of human experts. As long as Qi Feifan was there to block that half-step legendary devil, they would remain safe.

“Alright, devil, now I can fight with both of you at once.” Qi Feifan said in an indifferent tone, but it was filled with a type of invincible confidence. Even while facing two half-step legendary experts, he was not one bit worried.

“You are courting death!” The half-step legendary devil shouted and along with Lu Hongwei, they jointly issued an attack towards Qi Feifan. The attack immediately tore the space, and just like stars were falling from the sky, the attack instantly went across the sky and arrived in front of Qi Feifan.

Qi Feifan immediately waved his sword and released a beautiful golden attack, which, when congealed in this world, seemed to be burdening the very existence of space.

“Boom!” Both attacks severely collided and it seemed as if a star just exploded and filled the entire world with light and magnificence.

The war in the sky had already entered into a white-hot stage, three half-step legendary experts were engaged in a world shattering war.

Ye Xiwen instantly released the sword intention towards that young devil expert and said: “Hey devil, I like your idea of keeping war slaves. It seems today, I am going to receive a devil prince as my slave.”

Ye Xiwen’s sword intention released a terrifying Swordlight towards that young devil prince.

Horrifying moqi burst out of that devil prince’s body and immediately wrapped him in a protective cover. At the same time, he released an attack towards the incoming Swordlight and both attacks fiercely collided.

“Boom!” This was an earth-shattering collision, which swept off endless shock waves in all directions. The strength of this devil prince was indeed terrifying but Ye Xiwen had a preliminary understanding that he was actually at the peak of Small Truth realm, which would make this stronger than Feng Kong, no wonder he was so proud of himself.

An enormous blast was swept off around both of them and none of the spectators dared to go close because the aftermath of these collisions could easily kill them.

Ye Xiwen went back several steps and stopped, but before stopping, he again released a terrifying sword intention towards the devil prince. The devil prince also immediately also made a counterattack and the two attacks collided in the sky, setting off surging waves in the sea.


Both of them severely clashed.

They used brute strength and collided into each other.

A terrible wound appeared on Ye Xiwen’s body and his blood spattered.

But devil prince’s condition was much worse, because the sword intention directly ripped through his body, tearing off a terrible wound, much bleak and worse than Ye Xiwen’s wound.

It was a terrible collision, the collision solely relying on brute strength.

“You dare to hurt me, you petty human, how dare you injure a noble devil prince!” The devil prince was extremely furious and shouted in agony.

“Why did I hurt you? Well, you are a devil and want to turn me into your slave, that’s why I cut you. Is that enough reason for you?” Ye Xiwen smirked and seemed unaffected by his wounds.

“You are courting death, no one can hurt me and escape!” The devil prince’s face revealed a cold look, he roared like a beast, and moqi quickly wrapped his body and also covered the deep wound caused by Ye Xiwen’s sword intention.

Devils were much more resilient than human beings.

His moqi began to condense and took the form of a ghostly skull.

The skull flew into the sky, screaming and shrieking as if accusing the injustice of this world. There was a huge amount of resentment condensed in that skull.

Devil prince’s eyes were blood-red, full of killing intention, and keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen. He wanted to slaughter Ye Xiwen in one fell swoop.

He was really a killing machine.

(To be continued)


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