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Chapter 196 – Bai Mojiao’s raid

Feng Kong’s corpse slowly sank into the sea. Ye Xiwen finally relaxed and was breathing heavily. Although Feng Kong was a domineering guy, who didn’t hesitate to bull others if he wanted to, perhaps he was just following the ways of Imperial Guards, but Ye Xiwen would never forget the last moment when he was slaughtered by him. After witnessing his blind loyalty for the eighth prince, his perception about Feng Kong had slightly changed.

“The strongest subordinate of eighth prince and the commander in chief of Imperial Guards, who was considered as one of the outstanding figures of younger generation, finally died at the hands of Ye Xiwen!”

“No matter how glorious his past has been, it will all be in vain now.”

Everyone shook their heads, the battle between these two men was truly far beyond their imagination.

No one excepted that someone so terrifying was present in the shadow of the eighth prince, but even after that, in the end, he was killed by Ye Xiwen.

And, Ye Xiwen was even more frightening. He faced the incarnation of Sword God, but still managed to hold his own. Although, he was cornered in the final moments and somehow managed to have a come back, but his performance far exceeded their expectations!

After this battle, Ye Xiwen completely establish a dignified impression of himself in the eyes of everyone. Now, no one would dare to underestimate him, and even if he was not as strong as the eighth prince, looking at his infinite, one could say that in another ten years, he would be able to compete with the eighth prince.

Feng Kong’s strength was far beyond the expectations of Ye Xiwen!

And if Feng Kong turned out to be so strong, then it was needless to say that eighth prince would be much more formidable in all respects. Ye Xiwen’s current strength might not be enough, but if he continued to have breakthroughs, he would certainly be prepared for the day, when the eighth prince would come looking for him!

“Ye Xiwen, watch out!” Ye Mo abruptly shouted in Ye Xiwen’s mind and warned him.


Suddenly, a dreadful killing intention spread out of the blue and a dark cold light instantly appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. It was a dagger, aiming straight for Ye Xiwen’s throat.

Everyone suddenly exclaimed and held their breaths. Could it be that this was going to be the end of Ye Xiwen?

Ye Xiwen was startled and instinctively shot a sword intention towards that dagger.

“Dang!” Accompanied with a loud noise, Ye Xiwen was thrown far away and fiercely spat out blood.

He didn’t even get time to breathe after the battle ended because it was hard to imagine that he would be attacked right after the end of the battle. Thanks to Ye Mo’s timely reminder, he managed to barely escape.

That dagger was highly toxic, to the extent that it could even corrode reinforced steel frame.

At this time, at the place where Ye Xiwen was standing a moment ago, a dark figure suddenly appeared. He was a man, dressed in a black cloak, and horrifying dark aura was creeping out of his body like black snakes.

The lightning was embroidered on his black cloak and was exuding a sense of danger, giving rise to a hint of terror in everyone’s eyes. It was not hard to guess that this guy was a bad news!

“Thunder, don’t you claim to be known as Great Yue State’s deadliest assassin? How come you missed, and a youngster managed to dodge your kill!”A voice, filled with mockery, resounded in the surroundings and a figure suddenly appeared from the void. It was none other than Lu Hongwei.

Then, suddenly, a large group of Bai Mojiao followers and several devils made an appearance. Ye Xiwen felt somewhat tight in his heart, so, Bai Mojiao finally made a move. The disciples of the five major forces were looking around and appeared horrified. Apparently, they didn’t know that Bai Mojiao’s raid was going to take place on Qianji island during the competition.

Standing at a distance, Qi Feifan frowned, but he seemed all prepared. In fact, there was a vague smile on his face.

“Thunder, isn’t that Great Yue’s deadliest assassin?” A disciple exclaimed after realizing the identity of this cloaked man.

Thunder was a legendary character and quite infamous in Great Yue State. No one knew who he was, where he came from, he just appeared hundred years ago out of nowhere, and suddenly, he became well-known as the deadliest assassin of Great Yue. And it was said that he was associated with a famous assassin’s guild named ‘End of the World guild’. (NT: It can be called guild, society, organization etc. But I thought of using the term ‘guild’ to give a slight rpg-ish feel to this Xianxia.)

End of the World guild consisted of a deadly bunch of fierce men, who were willing to do almost anything as long as the reward was to their liking. They were daring enough to take up any job, regardless of the outcome.

Regarding the unexpected appearance of Thunder, the best strategy would be to rely on the disciples of Yuncheng city, considering the fact that they had a previous experience in dealing with Thunder. In the past, Thunder had made an assassination attempt on the Yuncheng city lord, thought he didn’t succeed and was finally surrounded, but later, he managed to escape. After this incident, the news spread like forest fire throughout the Great Yue State and he slowly came to be known as Great Yue’s deadliest assassin.

(NT: [[The status of Yuncheng city lord == The status of Yuan School’s head.]] And since Yuncheng city is one of the five major sects, and a close supporter of royal clan, so making an assassination attempt on city lord and still managing to escape alive is a big thing. Hence his title is justified.)

Thunder was a legend, he was simply a legend of terror! Although no one knew where he came from, but one thing was certain that his strength was comparable to the experts of half-step legendary realm. Because in the past, one time, he had killed several half-step legendary level old-monsters in one fell swoop.

Ye Xiwen was feeling a little shaken, if he had not receive a timely reminder from Ye Mo then he would have been unable to escape from this killer attack.

Thunder glanced at Ye Xiwen while there was an inevitable look of surprise in his eyes. He did not expect that a junior of truth third stage would actually be able to escape his attack.

Even some of the old guys of half-step legendary level wouldn’t be able to escape from his attack.

At this time, there was some commotion, and the next moment, a group of gigantic sea beasts emerged out of the sea water and surrounded Qianji Island. The leader of this group was none other than Deepwater black serpent king, a half-step legendary demon beast. It gigantic body was upright and appeared like a mountain, looking very scary.

“End of the World guild, I never thought that they would go so far as to collaborate with those devils and go against his majesty. Don’t they realize that they have been brainwashed by these monsters?” At this time, the vigorous voice of a middle-aged man’s echoed in the battlefield. He as clad in a magnificent robe, had a graceful bearing and was also the leading representative of royal clan, his name was Prince Rui.

In the early years of his life, Prince Rui early used to follow the Great Emperor and was once the deputy governor of Great Yue State’s military forces. Right now, he was at half-step legendary realm.

However, for the children of royal clan, he was a legend like figure.

“Cut the crap and stop whining.” Lu Hongwei said coldly, “Today, you all are going to die here!”

“Lu Hongwei, I have heard of you.” At this time, Qi Feifan approached and said, “They say you are the strongest guy in the younger generation of Bai Mojiao. I’d like to exchange pointers with you.”

“Are you that Qi Feifan? I have heard of you as well, no wonder they call you a legend. At your age, you already have such a profound cultivation level. I never expected that Yi Yuan School will give birth to a disciple like you.” Lu Hongwei smiled, but he seemed somewhat cruel, a bit scary.

“It is difficult to say who will perish in the end!” At this time, yet another calm-sounding voice resounded in the battlefield, “Qi Feifan, let me have a go as well, I have been out of action for so long, this might prove to be a satisfying warm-up.”

Everyone looked surprised at the sudden appearance of a handsome youth, clad in silver-red robe, walking slowly towards others.

With the emergence of him, the disciples of Xueling sect had a sudden boost in morale, because this handsome youth was actually the spiritual son of Xueling sect.

The so-called spiritual son or daughter of Xueling sect were the main heirs to the position of head in Xueling said.

This position was comparable to the position of Qi Feifan and other strongest true disciples, who were competing for the position of Yi Yuan School’s head.

It was said that from generation to generation, it was almost certain for Xueling sect’s spiritual son to become the head of the Main Sect.

“Abominable human, I will chop you into thousand pieces!” Deepwater black serpent king suddenly became furious. He hated humans the most and wanted to slaughter them all, only then the demon beasts would be able to occupy the land.

“Do you really think that you stand a chance? Today you have dared to participate in this kind of thing, and tomorrow, your whole family of deepwater black serpents would go extinct from East China Sea!” Xueling sect’s spiritual son said quietly and a strange smile appeared on his face, but provocation was deeply embedded in his tone, “You deepwater black serpents are nothing but practice materials, waiting for the day your soul and blood is refined into Immortality Dan!”

“Lu Hongwei, let me deal with this spiritual son of Xueling sect. I want to kill everyone from Xueling sect!” Deepwater black serpent king said in an aggressive tone and was very angry at Xueling sect’s spiritual son.

Ye Xiwen was silently watching all this and was a bit surprised. For the indifferent and serious-type deepwater black serpent king to become so furious at few provoking words of Xueling sect’s spiritual son was quite unexpected. He was so calm and composed a moment ago, but, just few words were enough to expose his irascible nature.

This was the legendary skill of using mockery for instigation.

“Enough talk, aren’t we going to kill them all?” Thunder said impatiently.

“You insolent freak, ten years ago, you tried to break into the palace to assassinate his majesty. Today, I will definitely arrest you and bring you to justice.” Prince Rui suddenly thundered loudly and sprang toward Thunder, and simultaneously shot his palm, releasing endless burst of thunders.

Prince Rui’s main power was utilizing the large-scale cooperation of martial arts on the battlefield, but Thunder was better at the art of assassination, but still, the clash between these two martial artists was earth shattering. They were at same level and equally experienced so the aftermath of their battle was obviously going to be terrifying. As the two clashed, several Xiantian level disciples and Bai Mojiao followers were blasted away.

(To be continued)


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