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Chapter 195 – Feng Kong beheaded

“Bang!” From amidst the cyclone, a figure directly flew out and fell into the sea.

“Ahem!” Feng Kong coughed out blood, his internal organs were injured. He was a bit embarrassed but the killing intention hadn’t disappeared from his eyes.

Feng Kong’s face appeared somewhat pale. He realized that he lost the match of energy exhaustion to Ye Xiwen, because in the previous attack, he used up a large portion of his energy. He put his final bet on this attack but never expected that Ye Xiwen would actually manage to survive.

As the blast dispersed, everyone saw Ye Xiwen’s figure standing motionless like a mountain. He appeared like an absolute existence, a tyrant-like figure, standing in the center while the sea water was spinning around him.

“Amazing, the technique just used by Feng Kong is one of a kind. It is said that Feng Kong is the only one in his generation who knows this secret technique. But even a legendary secret sword technique was unable to injure Ye Xiwen, so tyrannical! “

“Feng Kong was unable to display the full might of this technique, if it was used by the sect elders then you would have seen how powerful it really is. But he still managed to display most of its true might, so I must say that Ye Xiwen is quite amazing to be able to sustain it.”

“Yes, its absolutely rare for someone from the younger generation to display such a horrifying technique. But the eighth prince used to be at this level almost ten years ago, so I still think that Ye Xiwen is not his match.”

“You are making a mistake, its the eighth prince who wants to fight him, not the other way round.”

“Eighth prince wants to use him as a stepping stone, as the first page of his world domination campaign, but unfortunately, it seems like it won’t be easy to use Ye Xiwen as a stepping stone. I’m afraid, it will take a lot more than this.”

“You’re stronger than I expected.” Feng Kong got up, wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and looked coldly at Ye Xiwen, “But just of because of this, you will have to die. I won’t allow anyone to come in eighth prince’s way, and those who do must die! “

Feng Kong shouted and Zhen Yuan exploded out of his body. He took one step, and at this time, his killing intention started taking form behind him. A shadow gradually emerged out his sword and was constantly releasing terrifying imposing aura.

With each step of Feng Kong, that shadowy figure would grow taller. Everyone looked at this shadow and felt as if an ancient king had come back to life, and with each step that Feng Kong took, huge amounts of sea water vaporized simultaneously. Countless sea beasts also vaporized along with the sea water.

A Sword God!

Ye Xiwen suddenly frowned and was somewhat startled in his heart. This Sword God’s incarnation was somewhat similar to the Devil King’s ghost, which resided in Tianyuan mirror. But, he was also aware of the enormous amount of energy consumption, associated with the use of such a kind of summoning technique. In fact, if he tried to summon the Devil King’s ghost from Tianyuan mirror even once, he would have to burn countless spirit stones.

But Feng Kong actually did it!

Ye Xiwen carefully observed and saw that Feng Kong’s complexion was turning pale, his face was already covered in sweat, gradually dripping down on the ground, and with each step he took, the Sword God’s coercion would become more powerful and getting closer to Ye Xiwen. Soon, Ye Xiwen was overwhelmed by the fierce coercion of the Sword God.

What a crazy guy, a thought appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind!

The Sword God would grow stronger and much fiercer with each step one would take, but at the same time, the energy consumption would be greater as well. Of course, this consumption would be enormous and even Ye Xiwen would not be able to withstand it, so how could Feng Kong possibly achieve it without paying a huge price.

It didn’t take much long for Ye Xiwen to realize that Feng Kong was not actually consuming his Zhen Yuan (energy), but his life energy. He was basically burning out his life force!

Unlike Ye Xiwen, Feng Kong lacked the valuable resource of top grade spirit stones, especially when there was a requirement of a million. Such a huge amount was needed to be consumed in order to summon such a giant Sword god! Although this Sword God was nowhere close to an existence like Devil King, but was more than what Feng Kong could afford at this moment. So he had no choice but to use his own life force.

Ye Xiwen saw Feng Kong’s original youthful appearance gradually shifting towards an elderly appearance.

This so-called eighth prince was really worth it? Ye Xiwen could not understand!

Even most of disciples among the spectators did not understand. Although they were unaware of the amount of consumption needed to perform such an attack, but they were not foolish enough to miss the visible change in Feng Kong’s appearance. They soon realized that Feng Kong performed this attack at the expense of his own life, preferring to sacrifice himself just for the sake of getting rid of Ye Xiwen.

For a warrior, time was precious and so was their desire to practice and get stronger. Xiantian masters had a lifespan of 200 years, while truth level masters had a lifespan of 500 years. But even this much time was not enough, and experts needed to spend and each and every second of their life to reach the ultimate success of stepping into the legendary level and become an immortal.

Although concept of immortality was only stated in rumors, but since lifespan increased with each realm so people believed that as long as they continued to practice, they would continue to live forever.

So even a minute was very valuable for a warrior, let alone a peerless genius like Feng Kong must have spent so many years to reach his current level. He must have spent so much time, practicing crazily, but now, he was going to lay waste to everything he amassed so far.

Finally, that incarnation of the ancient Sword God waved his sword. This attack was so tremendous that the space was torn apart, the seawater instantly vaporized and the terrifying Swordqi rushed surging towards Ye Xiwen.

In front of this attack, Ye Xiwen appeared like an ant, waiting for divine retribution.

Ye Xiwen’s heart was beating rapidly, preparing him for the upcoming catastrophe, but he had no other choice. He immediately rushed forward and struck his sword, releasing an enormous sword intention towards the incoming attack.




Every collision between Ye Xiwen and the ancient Sword God would produce countless air explosions, setting off waves of storm in all directions.

Everyone was staring at the scene and thinking how insanely powerful Ye Xiwen actually was. Even while facing such a terrifying power technique, he was actually able to hold his own, and not just that, he also managed to carry on ceaseless counterattacks.

There was a hint of blood oozing out of his mouth, but it seemed as if he was not feeling anything, after all, his opponent was burning out his own life energy for the sake of this attack, so when compared to this, losing small amount of blood was practically nothing.

Ye Xiwen could feel that the attacks of this Sword God were powerful enough to effortlessly slaughter ordinary experts.

But as a result of practicing “Tyrant body technique”, his body had become too strong, to the extent that even the incarnation of an ancient Sword God was unable to seriously injure him, showing how ridiculously sturdy his body had become.

Moreover, hidden inside the Tianyuan mirror, there was an unseen force that was secretly rendering some parts of the attack useless, otherwise, the injuries wouldn’t be limited to just blood coming out of his mouth!

It could be said that Ye Xiwen was the epitome of recklessness!

Ye Xiwen was holding his own all this time, in fact, now, both sides were trying to hold on. Just the way Feng Kong wanted for Ye Xiwen to exhaust all his energy, now, Ye Xiwen was waiting for him to exhaust himself to death. Ye Xiwen came up with an efficient form of counterattack, a quick fix, in this situation.

Immediately, he mobilized Zhen Yuan throughout his body and enveloped himself in a protective layer of sword intention, so he was no longer affected by this terrifying coercion.

The Sword God’s coercion was just like Tianyuan mirror’s coercion, which was capable of suppressing devils.

Ye Xiwen’s motive was to envelop himself in the profound sword intention in order to counter the severe coercion of the Sword God.

“You must die!” Feng Kong coughed out a mouthful of blood, half of his hair had already turned white, while at this time, the Sword God suddenly waved his huge sword, hurling endless Swordqi towards Ye Xiwen.

The Swordqi spread out in the sky like bright stars, combined into a single entity like a huge tide of countless swords and set off waves of Swordqi towards Ye Xiwen.

While facing these sword waves, Ye Xiwen suddenly had a feeling of suffocation.

Sword waves came surging with enormous amounts of concentrated energy, accompanied by terrifying coercion. Each wave contained the supreme power of Swordqi, and even though Ye Xiwen possessed insanely strong body, he could hear his bones produce creaking sound.

It was obvious that Feng Kong was going to the extremes, pushing the incarnation of Sword God to go all out. He was determined to kill Ye Xiwen no matter what!

“This attack is so horrifying, no one can face this and survive!”

“Feng Kong is indeed a peerless genius, we can see that from the level of attack he has performed just now. Unfortunately, his legend will die today because even if he manages to kill Ye Xiwen, judging from the over-drain of his life force, there’s no way he will survive.”

Countless disciples were watching this battle and were totally amazed. Even from afar, they could sense the terrifying might of the Sword God, but more amazing was the fact that Ye Xiwen was facing this head-on and was still alive.

Ye Xiwen was not scared, he was aiming for a stronger counterattack. He clenched his teeth, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

“Ahem!” Finally, Feng Kong coughed out blood, and with a slight tremor, the large incarnation of Sword God suddenly stalled.

“Ah!” Ye Xiwen’s sword intention suddenly began to get bigger and rushed into the sky, straight towards the Sword God’s incarnation.

“Puchi!” In that moment, the whole body of Sword God was cut in half by the endless barrage of sword attacks.

At this time, the Sword God’s incarnation came tumbling down, turned into bits and pieces and scattered in the atmosphere.

“Poof!” Feng Kong spat a mouthful of blood, he couldn’t see what happened, but when he gained his senses back, a sword was already put through his chest. It was his own sword, snatched from his hands by Ye Xiwen a moment ago, and then put through his chest instantly. He was done for, his own sword was putting an end to his glorious life, as his blood was slowly trickling down the sword.

His consciousness was gradually fading as he vaguely heard some words, echoing in his ears, and a vivid scene appeared in his mind.

He was an orphan, his life was simply like a dog who didn’t have food to feed himself. Then one day, he met his master, who helped him stand on his feet and made it possible for him to become famous as a peerless genius. He still couldn’t forget the day he met his master, and the words he heard from him!

“Let us conquer the world and unify it under one flag, then we will make sure that the kind of pitiful life you had to lead, the same thing will never be repeated for anyone else.”

“Boom!” Feng Kong heavily fell down from the sky and his body slowly sank into the sea.

(To be continued)


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