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Chapter 194 – Counter attack

“Terrifying offensive, both are amazing!” Hua Menghan and some other core seed disciples, standing around the golden arena, were stunned at the battle scene unfolding in the arena. Although they themselves were core seed disciples and were considered elites, they had seen battles between true disciples before, but they had never seen such a terrifying contest between two truth level experts. If the golden arena was not there to impede the aftermath of their attacks, then they would obviously be unable to defend themselves.

But while looking at this battle, Hua Menghan was somewhat worried for Ye Xiwen. She was a blurred figure, clad in blue clothes, releasing invincible aura in the arena!

“Ah!” Feng Kong shouted loudly, his magnificent body instantly moved, treading on the golden arena and leaving deep footprints on the seabed.

The sword reappeared in his hands and he launched the most violent attack, a Swordlight flew towards Ye Xiwen and seemed to be puncturing the world itself. The Swordlight went straight towards Ye Xiwen, who was still surfing in the endless sea of Swordqi.

But how could Ye Xiwen take it lightly? The coiling dragon immediately enveloped his body, as he swept off a supreme sword intention. The released Swordqi made a buzzing around , as it echoed its way through the endless sea, surging in all directions.

Ye Xiwen’s sword intention spread everywhere and stabbed right into the Swordlight coming towards him and chopped it off. Feng Kong’s Swordlight just couldn’t get close to him.

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at Feng Kong. At this time, Ye Xiwen appeared untamed and domineering, spewing out terrifying sword intention everywhere, he was like the reincarnation of an ancient King.

“Is that it? If that’s all you got then today, no one can save you!” Ye Xiwen sneered.

Everyone was shocked, because no one thought that the battle between these two experts would reach such a horrifying level. Feng Kong was the subordinate of eighth prince, so everyone knew that he was strong, but no one imagined Ye Xiwen to be so insanely formidable. Ye Xiwen was supposed to be a new star who defeated Luo Yifan, but now, within such a short time, everyone had to accept him as a top tier expert in his generation.

In everyone’s expectation, Ye Xiwen was a newbie who should have been defeated in one shot!

But now, they got the impression that Ye Xiwen was so strong that even the commander in chief of imperial guards could not cope with him. Just what sort of monster was he?

In fact, they had a feeling that Ye Xiwen was still not showing his true strength!

Anyway, they had to accept that Ye Xiwen was on the level of experts like Feng Kong and the other top experts of same generation, though he might not be as good as the eighth prince, but it was understandable because the practice time for Ye Xiwen was ten years shorter than that of the eighth prince and the others.

The so-called 'bullying the juniors' didn't work in the world of martial arts because a difference of ten years could be counted on fingertips and were simply nothing. Looking at the enormous potential of Ye Xiwen, in a matter of few years, he would surpass the eighth prince.

Everyone had a feeling that in the coming ten or so years, eighth prince wouldn’t be a match of Ye Xiwen.

Feng Kong’s hair was messy, there was coldness in his sword-like sharp eyes, as he was keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen: “You really want to die don’t you? Fine, I’ll help you out.”

Zhen Yuan began to overflow from Feng Kong’s body, forming a whirlpool and surrounded him instantly, while his sword suddenly flashed, setting off a burst of fearful waves of Swordqi towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was unbridled as he once again swung his sword, releasing the sword intention which when released, produced chaos. The storm of countless swords immediately surged in the surroundings like sea tides with Ye Xiwen at the center.

The Swordqi released by Feng Kong was indeed fearful, but was simply useless in front of Ye Xiwen’s sword intention. In other words, Ye Xiwen simply didn’t even budge while facing Feng Kong’s sword attack.

Ye Xiwen was like a mountain, standing in the way of stormy winds.

“I like this, there’s no doubt that Ye Xiwen’s future prospects are limitless, but after this battle, he will be legendary!”

“When the battle ends, only one of them will survive. Look at them, have you seen two contenders to possess such killing intention before? This is the determination to kill each other, like immovable rock!”

The battle was getting intense, more and more tyrannical, and soon, the whole golden arena was destroyed, and the two experts were blasted away all the way from seafloor to the sky.

The spectators also followed after them and came out of the sea to watch the battle, now going on in the sky.

The battle was getting so intense and horrifying that even the seawater was constantly boiling, endless water was vaporizing.

“Die!” Feng Kong roared and endless amount of Lingqi began to gather in the high sky, forming a golden-edged sword, up to several hundred feet long, a huge sword, capable of tearing off the world itself, suddenly fell down towards Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen immediately waved his sword towards the incoming attack, and the two attacks severely collided into each other!

“Boom!” A terrifying blast was set off instantly, producing a piercing and metal tearing noise in the atmosphere. The spectators felt pain in their ears as a result of this noise, if there were ordinary people present on the scene then their eardrums would have burst by now.

But still, some of the weaker disciples started bleeding from their ears.

“So dreadful! Did you see that, Ye Xiwen dared to use his own body to tackle Feng Kong’s terrifying and huge sword, but he doesn’t seem injured at all. Just how tough is his body?”

“Ye Xiwen’s body is so tough, amazing!”

“But Ye Xiwen has a weakness, his cultivation level is not as good as that of Feng Kong, who is at truth fifth stage, whereas Ye Xiwen is at truth third stage. But that’s a short-lived fad, in few minutes, there won’t be any difference.”

“Well, yes, it is obvious that Feng Kong is trying to buy time, so that Ye Xiwen ends up consuming his Zhen Yuan.”

(NT: They are assuming that since Ye Xiwen is at 3rd stage, so he must have less Zhen Yuan compared to Feng Kong.)

“I wonder how long you can sustain.” Feng Kong narrowed his eyes, a cruel smile appeared on his face. At this time, he had slight idea that if Ye Xiwen was at the same cultivation level as him, then he would probably be defeated by now.

At the same level, perhaps even eighth prince would have to run for his life. Feng Kong realized that if he allowed Ye Xiwen to grow stronger, then he would pose a serious threat to eighth prince in the future. So, he must kill Ye Xiwen today at any cost, otherwise the eighth prince would have no future.

“Until the time of your death……” A cold smile appeared on Ye Xiwen’s face. This was a nice strategy against ordinary experts, but unfortunately, Feng Kong was facing Ye Xiwen, on whom, rules simply didn’t apply in ordinary situations.

Each and everyone breakthrough was extremely difficult for Ye Xiwen compared to other people, perhaps hundred times or even more difficult, but as a result, the depth of his roots was hundred times more profound. So it was not possible to exhaust him to death, the strategy on which Feng Kong was betting. In fact, there was a possibility that Feng Kong himself would exhaust himself to death.

Ye Xiwen didn’t have the slightest fear, while the sword danced in his hand. The sword intention was released in the sky, which simply swept away all of the Swordqi, keeping it away from his body.

They fight went all the way, over three hundred rounds had already gone without any outcome.

Everyone seeing this battle could not help but shudder at the sheer level of their battle strength and endurance.

Ye Xiwen had not resorted to his full strength, he still hadn’t used devil wings and many other means in this battle. He was fighting just with sword skills, it was not like he couldn’t use those other means, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to defeat Feng Kong by just relying on sword skills, that’s how he wanted to break the infinite arrogance of Feng Kong and the eighth prince. It would take time for them to realize that Ye Xiwen was much more arrogant and despotic than they could ever be, he was way more crazier than anyone else could ever be!

“Don’t tell me that this is the best you can do?” Ye Xiwen contemptuously sneered. “I see, so if sword skill is your best trait then you better prepare to kiss your arrogance and false-pride goodbye.”

“Don’t be so full of yourself!” Feng Kong roared and fiercely waved his sword, exhibiting a very scary Swordlight. The Swordqi exploded out to the extreme, thereby displaying a gorgeous and invincible scenery in the sky. But no matter how formidable it was, was still practically useless in front of Ye Xiwen’s sword intention. Ye Xiwen simply wouldn’t even pay attention to this level of sword attack!.

Unconventional, heroic, totally lawless, unbridled and basically out of control, these were the traits of Ye Xiwen, a big threat to the so-called eighth prince and his plan of world domination. Feng Kong knew that he couldn’t allow Ye Xiwen to live!.

Ye Xiwen again used an incomparably overbearing sword intention to nullify his attack.

Ye Xiwen was a terrifying opponent, because none of the attacks worked on him, and his opponents never got any other options but to eventually give in and die.

Feng Kong roared loudly and spat blood on his sword. The sword burst into tremendous waves of terrifying imposing aura, powerful enough to shake the world.

Everyone exclaimed, because this was the most horrifying move used by Feng Kong in today’s battle. Could it be that Ye Xiwen would be beheaded by this attack?

The Lingqi in the atmosphere was in crazy turmoil due to this attack, even Ye Xiwen felt a sense of palpitations.

For Ye Xiwen, there was no room for retreat. He immediately shot his sword intention towards the incoming Swordlight, but it was very small in comparison.

It seemed as if everything had quieted down between the heaven and earth, and right at this moment, the sword intention and Swordlight severely collided.

And, the very next moment, a loud explosive sound resounded everywhere.

(To be continued)


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