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Chapter 192 – Imperial guards commander in chief

The reason why Bai Mojiao followers were waiting outside was very simple, because this tomb was like the lifetime savings of a ruthless experts, not to mention he was supposedly the Devil commander, or might even be an unknown emperor level master. So it was obvious that there would be layers after layers of traps to stop the intruders.

If they rushed inside then the loss was inevitable, so it was better to wait until the other experts would rush out with the treasures. Their plan was indeed very good, but the unexpected happened and not even the truth ninth stage followers were able to escape from the Swordqi attack that fell from above all of a sudden and crucified them on the ground.

They never thought that their plan would backfire and they would be the victims in the end!

Then an even more horrifying scene appeared in front of the crowd, along with countless lasing Swordqi. It seemed as if the entire space was being pierced by infinite swords that fell on the mountains of bones. The bone mountains and the entirety of tomb instantly vaporized from the impact by this terrifying Swordqi and disappeared in the space turbulence. Later on, no one would be able to tell that something existed here.

A cold feeling appeared in the hearts of everyone, because they knew that their treasure hunt was now over, and soon, they would have to leave.

“Whew!” Ye Mo’s voice suddenly echoed in Ye Xiwen’s mind, “That guy was scary!”

“Hey, where were you all this time?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“That guy, just now, I was discovered by him!” Ye Mo said. “If he wanted to, he could have pulled me out and I would be unable to stop him.”

“I do not know for what reasons but he ignored my existence.” Ye Mo said in a somewhat startled manner. Although he had no idea who that guy was, but he was sure about one thing that he was scary.

That’s why until now, Ye Mo didn’t dare to come out.

That guy’s soul search incarnation itself was so scary, one could simply not guess what that character’s legacy actually was. It seemed like he was trying to suppress the coffin, but in the end, what was exactly hidden in the coffin that needed such a terrifying suppression. Ye Xiwen had a slight feeling that perhaps, in addition to Devil commander’s wealth, there was something else hidden here.

But anyway, this time, it could be said that Ye Xiwen’s treasure hunt was very productive. He obtain lots of treasures, not an amount that one expert could occupy alone, more than enough even for truth level experts!

Ye Xiwen did not leave immediately, but sat down on the floor and started praying for the deceased souls!

There were a lot of seniors who deserved to rest in peace, those heroes or even the enemies must not be forgotten to rot in resentment, because after death, everyone deserves to be reborn. So Ye Xiwen decided to pray for all of them!

As Ye Xiwen continued to recite the prayers, several golden apertures arose from the ground and spread out in a circle around him. The resentment attached to the skeletons were also swept away by the golden apertures and reduced little by little. The shrieks and cries from the lingering resentment calmed down little by little as he continued to pray for their piece.

Three days later, Ye Xiwen was sitting in the sea for three full days, reading the prayers aloud. The souls of all of the predecessors who fought here and died finally found peace due to Ye Xiwen’s guidance and could finally enjoy the rebirth.

Ye Xiwen did not know whether hell or heaven existed in this world, but at least he knew this much that there existed some almighty power that guided these pitiful souls to their next destination.

Perhaps the rumors about the legendary hell also existed in this world, but Ye Xiwen did not know, neither did he want to know.

After reciting prayers for three days non-stop, Ye Xiwen not only was able to set free countless souls, even his own mind seemed to have been baptized in the process.

Originally, he vaguely felt somewhat tired. Since the day he came to this world, all he thought about was survival. Being an ordinary human from a different world, he had to learn to be ruthless, he had to develop conviction to kill people without a single thought, just for the sake of continued survival of himself and his family. He had to struggle to get stronger but his mind was not at peace, but after three days of baptism, now, his spirits were up.

After setting free all of the resentment and souls, he finally stood up. It was time to go back, he had been on this trip for ten days and must go back to Qianji Island.

A rainbow appeared under his feet, he turned into a streamer and disappeared from the seabed.

—— Qianji Island had a somewhat lively atmosphere and everyone was excited. The so-called competition among the major forces of Great Yue State was being carried out here. Already, half of the competition was over, and after this competition would be over, perhaps, Qianji Island would become famous throughout the Great Yue State.

Above the arena, one of the elite core disciples, Hua Menghan, could be seen standing next to the referee.

“Yi Yuan School’s disciple, Hua Menghan, wins today’s game!”

Above the high stand, a partly figure stood up and said in an announcing fashion: “Hasn't Ye Xiwen come back? There days have already passed, since he doesn't dare to act, I will not force him so long as he knocks his head three times on the ground and admits defeat before his highness, the eighth prince.”

There was a sudden commotion among the disciples, especially the disciples of Yi Yuan School. They were staring at that man and clenching their teeth. If Ye Xiwen agreed to knock his head three times on the ground and admitted defeat, it would not just be an insult to Ye Xiwen but for entire Yi Yuan School.

“Feng Kong!” At this time, Hua Menghan, who was still on the stage, said aloud. “Your demands are too unreasonable. You just decided on your own and issued a challenge without informing anyone, how will Ye Xiwen come to know about this thing about three days period, this is purely absurd!”

Hua Menghan’s breath revealed that she had already partially entered the truth realm, and very soon, she would completely step into it.

And that figure was actually the commander in chief of Imperial guards, Feng Kong. Since the members of Imperial guards lost at the hands of Ye Xiwen, unexpectedly, their commander in chief personally went into action.

Setting the limit of three days was just to leave no room for negotiation for Ye Xiwen, if he was to cross the limit.

“Humph, I that Ye Xiwen has dared to humiliate the members of imperial guards, which is capital crime. His highness doesn't need to act himself, because I will kill him.” That figure snorted and said with a cold smile on his face. Although the disciples of Yi Yuan School were also present there, but it he didn't care and openly announced the death penalty to Ye Xiwen. He was much more overbearing than the other members of Imperials guards.

“Kill me? You think you are capable enough? You cannot achieve such a thing even in your dreams.” A mocking voice transmitted from afar and a figure dropped from the sky, right onto the arena and stood next to Hua Menghan.

Seeing Hua Menghan, Ye Xiwen nodded slightly to thank her for speaking in his favor.

Seeing Ye Xiwen appear suddenly out of nowhere, Hua Menghan was somewhat surprised, but was a little worried as well, after all, everyone knew how terrifying a guy Feng Kong actually. No one would dare to underestimate the commander in chief of Imperial guards. Although he was a subordinate of the eighth prince but was absolutely not strong enough when compared to a powerhouse like eighth prince.

“You are Ye Xiwen?” Two sharp and piercing eyes focused upon Ye Xiwen, as if trying to see through him in general, but simply could not see through his cultivation. It seemed like Ye Xiwen’s body was wrapped in fog and he was able to see through his cultivation.

“Well, you seem impatient to die.” Feng Kong coldly said and glared at Ye Xiwen, as if looking at a dead person.

At this time, Ye Xiwen assessed Feng Kong, who was clad in blue robe, his stature was grandiose and a proud look was spread on his face, like a young hero. It was difficult to imagine that such a peerless genius, a young hero, actually submitted to the eighth prince, simply unbelievable.

“Imperial guards are nothing but mediocre people, a pathetic bunch of slaves and dogs.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said, “I have heard that beating with stick is a good method to tame dogs, it seems your master had taught you well.”

“You’re just an ant-like existence, today I will crush you like a stinking bug!” Feng Kong coldly stared at Ye Xiwen. He appeared incomparably overbearing and one could see that his style was almost similar to that of eighth prince.

Because the members of Imperial guards were almost all the same, out of style, just like the eighth prince.

“If you are really so eager to die, I’ll help you out.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice, “Bring it on!”

Killing intention was indiscriminately building up in Ye Xiwen's heart. This Feng Kong was an outstanding disciple, who was later subdued by the eighth prince and had since been following him, setting up formidable Imperial guards to serve the eighth prince.

However the killing intention in Ye Xiwen's heart was surging, because even if Feng Kong was acting up for the prestige of his Imperial guards, he wouldn't just sit back and do nothing.

“I cannot wait to kill you because only with your blood, I will be able to wash off the desecration of his highness!” Feng Kong shouted and a surge of violent imposing aura swept across the arena, “I will make sure to break each and every bone in your body!”

Suddenly many people’s gazes were focused on the two men. They were waiting for so many days, right for this moment, and finally, the major drama was going to begin on stage. In fact, several people weren't waiting here to watch the general competition, but were actually eager to witness this battle.

Imperial guards were humiliated by Ye Xiwen, so considering their overbearing personality, how could they let this go, but one expected that the commander in chief would personally come out to challenge Ye Xiwen.

The strongest subordinate of the eighth prince actually personally went into action, this obviously showed that eighth prince was attaching great importance to Ye Xiwen, but it also demonstrated their determination to get rid of Ye Xiwen.

Everyone was thinking that if Ye Xiwen managed to sustain this hurdle and safely went back to Yi Yuan School, later, they might be able to see the stunning battle between him and the eighth prince. They understood that eighth prince's world conquest had already begun and Ye Xiwen would always be remembered as a sacrificial victim, a stepping stone.

Several members of Imperial guards were publicizing everywhere that this was going to be an epic battle, not because Ye Xiwen was strong enough and possible eight prince's match, but because this would open up a new chapter in the history of Great Yue State, and would also be regarded as the first major battle, inciting the beginning of eighth prince's world domination.

“I hope your strength is fiercer than your glib lips.” Ye Xiwen sneered. “Since you want to break my bones, I would like to see whether you have the strength to do it.”

(To be continued)


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