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Chapter 193 - Who is crazier than whom?

Ye Xiwen didn't conceal the killing intention building up in his heart, in fact, it could be said that none of the two experts was trying to hide the killing intention. Feng Kong was always quite overbearing and considered himself better than anyone, except the eighth prince. In his eyes, the eighth prince has a special place but he believed that in the future, the eighth prince would surely transform into an absolutely formidable existence, and, even a legendary expert like Qi Feifan would not be his match. Not to mention, even now, Qi Feifan and other peerless experts didn't dare to touch the eighth prince, even though they wanted to get rid of a nuisance like him.

But in the case that a peerless expert tried to lay his hands on the eighth prince, it was simply impossible to have no response from the royal clan. One must know that eighth prince had several formidable supporters in the royal clan.

Without the support from these people, considering the arrogant and despotic character of the eighth prince, he would already been killed a thousand times.

Because of the existence of support from those old guys, Qi Feifan and the experts of his generation were unable to lay their hands on the eighth prince, and eighth prince indeed possessed an unusual heroic greatness among peers. There was almost no strong rival in his generation, thereby making things easier for him and that's why he continued to act more and more rampantly.

However Ye Xiwen was different because he and eighth prince could be considered as peers, in fact, he belonged to an even younger generation in comparison to eighth prince. If Ye Xiwen really ends up beheading the eighth prince and the people of royal clan came into action then the elder of Yi Yuan School would also have a valid reason to fight for Ye Xiwen. Several disciples and peers died all the time, they continue to die generation after generation but one must know when to criticize, after all, if Qi Feifan was to be taken into consideration, he was an invincible expert of his generation, a legend and must have beheaded several peers to reach his current level. It was not like there were not many invincible experts like Qi Feifan in his generation, rather, all of them had already been crushed by him.

All of the disciples of Yi Yuan School had their eyes on Ye Xiwen. There was anticipation in their eyes as they were looking at him. Now, no matter what kind of perception they held for him, they were hoping for him to win this battle. Only his victory could make them feel proud and elated.

A golden arena was constructed on the seabed, it was made very sturdy and even truth-level battles should not be able to damage it. At this time, two men were releasing were releasing their imposing auras in this golden arena.

Hua Menghan arrived early and was observing from the spectators area.

Originally, the disciples of Yi Yuan School were quite worried for Ye Xiwen since Feng Kong had been famous for more than a decade, although as eighth prince's subordinate, but the extent of his enormous strength was well-known, even if somewhat less than eighth prince, but it was hard to find his rival in the younger generation.

But now when they saw that the imposing aura of Ye Xiwen was no less than that of Feng Kong, they were suddenly surprised. Ye Xiwen was giving them pleasant surprises time and time again, the last time was no exception and neither was this one.

Especially on the high-stand, Qi Feifan looked at the performance of Ye Xiwen and didn't appear too surprised, it seemed as if he was already expecting this much from Ye Xiwen.

“I did not expect that Ye Xiwen's imposing aura would be no less than that of Feng Kong, it seems like in the last few days, he again had another fortuitous adventure!”

“This Ye Xiwen is a strange guy, his cultivation rose dramatically and has reached such a high level, whereas a year ago, he was a nobody. But now, a year after joining Main Sect, he is already considered the leader of younger generation. Not to forget, he is being compared with a legend like Qi Feifan.”

Everyone was talking among themselves.

“If you have any last words, say it!” Feng Kong coldly stared at Ye Xiwen and said.

“I should say the same to you, whether you like it or not but that eighth prince of yours is going to regret his decision of choosing me as a stepping stone.” The killing intention was boiling in Ye Xiwen's chest. The opposite party was trying to completely crush him to fulfill his ambition, so Ye Xiwen couldn't possibly sit back and do nothing. He must teach them a thorough lesson!

“Then allow me to send you on your way!” Feng Kong shouted and instantly struck the long sword in his hand. The endless Swordlight dazzled the surroundings, while the killing intention was surging everywhere. It seemed as if the killing intention itself had gained substance and burst out together with the Swordlight, releasing thousands of terrifying swords, which were cutting through the space itself and advancing in the direction of Ye Xiwen.

The arena itself was not large, so these many swords instantly filled the arena and directly formed a sea of swords, with Swordqi swirling everywhere. The innumerable swords seemed to have formed a huge sword-storm in the arena and swept towards Ye Xiwen. Anyone facing this condensed storm of countless swords would shudder and certainly back off.

Feng Kong went all out, his killing intention was authentic and it didn't seem like he planned to go easy in this fight. The Swordlight was very terrifying and sweeping all over the arena.

Ye Xiwen was dressed in black clothes, and in that sword-storm, he appeared like a small boat, struggling to survive even for one more second and might drown anytime.

Ye Xiwen was just standing, with hands held behind his back and it seemed like he was not doing anything. But at that time, a loud roar of dragon resounded and a huge Coiling dragon soared up out of nowhere and began circling around Ye Xiwen to shield him in this sword-storm.

Secret rain clouds!

The sword-storm instantly made a full on attack on the coiling dragon, as if to chop it into pieces.

Coiling dragon was circling around Ye Xiwen's body and was constantly using its four claws to tear off the sword-storm, whenever the storm tried to approach Ye Xiwen, thereby stopping the storm from getting near him.

Sword-storm swept everything, while the coiling dragon roared loudly and continued to counter-attack. It seemed as if both sides were like mighty and fearful currents, severely hitting each other.

The sword-storm was about to stop, but at this time, Feng Kong once again moved his hands and his long sword released a terrifying Swordlight instantly, which appeared to have instantly cut through the space itself and went across the disappearing sword-storm and crashed into the huge body of the coiling dragon.

But with this, it seemed like Feng Long invited the wrath of the emperor by attacking the coiling dragon.

“Today I will kill the dragon and use your blood to wash away your sins!” Feng Kong shouted.

Everyone was stunned because they never thought that from the beginning, the battle between these two would be so horrifying, to the point that several true disciples swallow their saliva. Both of them were evildoers/monsters and just too terrifying. If they were the ones fighting in this battle, and facing such offensive power, then they would have already been beheaded by now.

Among the true disciples, there were different competency levels depending on battle strength and cultivation level. For example, Qi Feifan and other peerless experts were considered the strongest in the truth realm, then there were experts like Luo Yifan, who recently stepped into the realm.

(NT: Luo Yifan was only a low level truth disciple, but he was famous just because how fast he managed to step into truth realm. Considering people take decades to step into truth realm, but Luo Yifan was a real genius because he managed to do it so fast, he was only in his twenties when Ye Xiwen killed him.)

Although both Ye Xiwen and Feng Kong were not the strongest among the true disciples, but the level of this fight was enough to disturb many people.

“You think you are capable enough to be talking about slaying dragons!” Ye Xiwen sneered and shot his palm out, which instantly turned into a coiling dragon and went towards the sword-storm.

“Boom!” With a loud bang, a huge energy storm swept off and Ye Xiwen directly caught the little Swordlight in his claws.

“You talk big but don't tell me this is the limit of your skills.” Ye Xiwen sneered and direct squeezed to burst Feng Kong's god sword attack, “Then I’ll let you see what real swordsmanship is.”

“Boom!” A terrible sword intention proliferated from Ye Xiwen's body and swept across instantly. An extremely sharpened sword intention shot up and cut out an outlet through the sea of swords. The Swordqi present in the surroundings was actually instantly evaporated in the presence of Ye Xiwen's sword intention.

“Ah, how can such a sword intention exist in this world, I am afraid experts cannot even dream about congealing such a sword intention in one lifetime!”

“But doesn't Ye Xiwen use a long blade? Now, he is using a sword and is still actually so fierce!”

“Feng Kong is incomparably overbearing but Ye Xiwen is also a rebellious expert. He actually intends to use the most adept sword attack to counter Feng Kong's sword attack. This is just like Ye Xiwen is trying to humiliate him in front of everyone.”

Ye Xiwen's terrifying sword strength suddenly shocked a lot of disciples, because they clearly heard that he was a blade master, then how could he suddenly master sword skills.

The truth was that earlier, Ye Xiwen could not use a sword, but he was versatile. People learnt a lot the proficiency of learning was different for each. Ye Xiwen managed to learn sword skills and his swordsmanship was even more proficient than experts who were practicing sword skills for years. He broke out the terrifying sword intention, which was the obvious proof of his mastery over the sword skill, which simply shocked the world.

In fact, they did not know that there was a mysterious space in the mind of Ye Xiwen, and as long as there were enough spirit stones, he could easily reach the most profound levels of any martial arts or skill, it was simply not a problem for him, and right now, he certainly didn't lack spirit stones. That's how he quickly began to learn sword skill and displayed it in front of everyone.

For others, they might need to specialize in one skill in a lifelong process, but for Ye Xiwen, he could practice any martial arts, anytime, whether it was sword, blade or palm, for him, reaching the profound level for any of these was not a tough job. He believed that someday, he would climb to the peak of martial arts, then no one would be able to control his future.

The mysterious space actually gave him one kind of confidence that he could master all kinds of martial arts.

The source of this sword intention was also very simple. When Ye Xiwen had seen that terrifying sword intention destroying the members of Bai Mojiao, at that very moment, he firmly imprinted it in his mind, and since then, he was crazily burning spirit stones to comprehend it, just to resolve the secrets behind this sword intention.

However, he later realized that the sword intention was just too profound and he didn't have the means to completely deconstruct it to learn its secrets. The sword intention he used against Feng Kong was far inferior to the one used by that experts in the tomb, but he felt that this level of sword intention was still enough to cope with Feng Kong.

“Ah!” Feng Kong gave out a long and loud cry, he was angry because he instantly understood that Ye Xiwen used a sword on purpose, just to humiliate him in front of everyone. Feng Kong's face turned red with shame and humiliation, this whole situation was just like getting slapped right across the face.

If they thought they were rampant, then Ye Xiwen would become more arrogant than they could ever be!

If they thought they were overbearing, then Ye Xiwen would become much more overbearing than they could ever be!

If they tried to trample the dignity of others, then Ye Xiwen would thoroughly trample their dignity!

They would be trampled by him like ants, and then, he would personally tell them that in reality, they were nothing!

This could be called as possessing an invincible and unrivaled confidence, something that could defeat any adversary.

Ye Xiwen instantly shot, the long sword danced in his hands releasing sword intention in all directions. This sword attack was not fastidious about any swordsmanship or the skill of a swordsman, it just completely and insolently broke ten thousand laws and released infinite energy, sweeping away terrifying sword intention everywhere, just like a mop made up of sea of Swordqi.

Ye Xiwen was too fast and the sword intention swept away invincibly, and in just a matter of few breaths, he approached the Swordqi that was swept in the surroundings.

Ye Xiwen's whole body was enveloped in a protective cover of Zhen Yuan, derived from the coiling dragon, so without any worries, he entered inside the sea of Swordqi. He was like an invincible being, because the endless amount of Swordqi simply could not hurt his body.

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(To be continued)


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