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Chapter 191 – Terrifying sword intention

Many people swallowed their saliva at just the anticipation of so much wealth present inside. It was hard to guess how much treasure was stored inside the tomb's main chamber.

“You humans are not allowed to approach this place, this is the wealth of our Demon Beast Kingdom. If anyone tried to get closer then he will be executed on the spot!” That double headed alligator started at the human powerhouses and said in a bell-like ringing voice.

“Who do you think you are, everyone can have a share from this massive pile of treasures, we definitely do not agree with you. Why should we give up on this big opportunity and let you demon beasts take everything.”

A human expert clamored, but even before their voice could fall, a water sword instantly went across the sky, directly piercing the air during its advance and penetrated that expert. He struggled for a while but simply couldn't fight back and eventually died.

There was a hint of cruel expression on that double headed crocodile’s face, he was abnormal malicious and inhumane.

He was simply not afraid of humans and neither did he acknowledge them as equals. He believed that land was the domain of human beings, but ocean was the domain of demon beasts, so why should he be afraid of humans underwater.

This quick and decisive double headed crocodile immediately awed many humans, who witnessed what happened just now with their own eyes.

However, those human masters apparently did not appear in the mood to give up, after all, this was the main chamber of Devil commander's tomb and most precious treasures should be hidden inside.

Everyone was well prepared to start any time, staring at the demon beasts, crowded near the entrance. While at the same time, they were using soul searches to chat with each other.

“What do these muscle brained demon beasts understand about anything, they actually think they can eat up all the treasures and we will just wait on side and see? They are asking for it, do not worry, now the door has not fully opened, and when it really opens up, we will see who gets to seize the treasures.”

Ye Xiwen was in no hurry and quietly hiding.


With a loud noise, both planks of tomb door finally fell.

Immediately then, those demon beasts rapidly blocked off the entire door and began to stare covetously at the human experts.

Then the two-headed crocodile rushed as the leader of demon beast team.

“Everyone, let's go together, these demon beasts are really acting recklessly by thinking that would monopolize all of the treasures and we will just wait and see.” Finally someone could not resist, he shouted and rushed forward along with other experts.

“Boom!” Along with a loud explosion, a terrifying Quanjin rumbled and directly exploded in the middle of demon beast crowd. In an instant, many of the demon beasts couldn't dodge in time and directly evaporated in the explosion, while at the same time, a figure flew over from the middle of the crowd.

It was Mo Xue!

At this time, there was no doubt that Mo Xue's tyrannical strength was fully displayed in front of everyone, and he direct rushed inside the main chamber.

Mo Xue went inside, followed by Bai Wuhen and other peerless experts. They rushed through the red pieces of demon beast remains, floating in the surroundings. The arrogance of rampant and domineering demon beasts was instantly broken.

The remaining alive demon beasts were immediately outnumbered by the rushing human experts. Although they were very strong individuals, but there were a lot of human experts, rushing from all directions.

And at this time, Ye Xiwen also rushed among the crowd of experts.

As they entered the tomb chamber, they discovered an incomparably spacious open hall, and a sarcophagus was located in the farthest part of the hall and it was wrapped in an enchantment.

“Ye Xiwen, be careful, there's a Zhen method inside there.” Ye Mo suddenly said to warn Ye Xiwen.

Then, abruptly, an incredibly overwhelming Swordqi blotted out the heaven and earth, unfolding a horrifying scene, which could send shivers down the spine of anyone.

No one would have thought that the depths of the tomb would actually turn out to be like this.

It did not have huge wealth as they had imagined, but actually had a huge and seemingly dangerous enchantment.

Double-headed crocodile, who had run ahead of everyone, was instantly cut by a section of Swordqi, his blood splashed out and his whole body was sent flying out.

Even Mo Xue was unable to escape from this Swordqi attack, and in a while, he was wounded by it. Not just he, Bai Wuhen and other peerless experts were also unable to dodge. They were quite embarrassed, although their tyrannical power was boundless, but while facing this Swordqi attack, they simply didn't have the strength to fight back.

The long blade danced in Ye Xiwen's hand, and at the same time, his whole body was wrapped in a defensive layer of Bladelight, but soon, the Bladelight protective layer was shattered and Ye Xiwen was cut several times. But the good news was that his body was under the protection of Tianyuan mirror, which granted superb defensive powers to him. So he just received some superficial flesh wounds, which would not pose serious problems.

Ye Xiwen was amazed, because a sword intention suddenly jumped up several feet and condensed into an entity. Immediately, in the periphery, the Swordqi started producing chirping around, as if it was surrendering in front of the sword intention.

Sword King!

No one could make a guess about the length of time spent by this sword intention, but even after undergoing through endless time, it had been able to have such might. This obviously made it clear to everyone that the owner of this sword intention was definitely a terrifying existence.

There were chills in the hearts of all people, this sword intention was just too horrifying. If it really attacked then perhaps, none of them would survive. It could be guessed from the fact that just now, a casual Swordqi attack pinned one-third of experts tightly on the ground.

Above the sword intention, an unimaginable form of a person gradually emerged, there was a long sword in his hand.

What kind of existence was this?

He was tall, grandiose and sturdy, his face was blurred and it was almost impossible to clearly see his facial features. He was standing there with a sheathed double-edged sword. He had a heroic bearing, standing above the sword intention and appeared like a peerless swordsman.

At that moment, the endless sword intention momentarily scattered in all direction inside the chamber, making all of the people present there to have an impulse to submit to this mighty king-like figure. They felt like lowly ants, standing in front of a deity.

Everyone knew that it was just soul search, not a deity, but still, if the soul search was so terrifying then one could imagine his shocking identity.

Pure sword intention was able to totally suppress all of the experts, making their hearts fill up with admiration, and even Ye Xiwen was no exception and admired the elegant demeanor of the opposite party.

Ye Xiwen had a hard time imagining that if mere soul search could have such elegant charisma, then the real expert would have what kind of terrifying presence.

There was complete silence in the tomb chamber, no one dared to speak, or issue even a little bit of sound, afraid to alarm this fearful existence.

“After so many years, eventually, this tomb was actually supposed to be born again someday, and today is the day.” The blurred figure thought aloud. “Just like the fate, inevitable.”

“You all leave this place, there's nothing here that you seek!” The soul search figure glanced at the crowd and said.

“Senior, there is repression inside …” Mo Xue stepped out and said.

“No, there's nothing here.” The figure shook his head and said, while his sword-like sharp eyes looked at Mo Xue, as if seeing right through him, “Do you really think after so long, that kind of thing will continue to exist in this world?”

Everyone’s vision immediately shifted towards Mo Xue. He seemed to know the real secret of this place, and perhaps this time, they made a mistake. There was a possibility that this place was simply not just the Devil commander's tomb, there was something else hidden here, a secret, but Mo Xue looked indifferent and did not give any explanation to anyone.

After saying that, the soul search figure suddenly looked at Ye Xiwen and it seemed as if he saw through Ye Xiwen. An astonished look appeared in his eyes, but just for a moment then returned to normal.

“So it's true, anyone can die, except the peerless geniuses.” The soul search sighed with emotion and thought, while seemingly somewhat lost in old memories.

“You all leave, should not covet these things, sooner or later, you will become unimaginable existences.” As he said these words, he waved his hand, and suddenly, a terrifying Swordqi swept out into the tomb chamber and the space was directly torn apart, tearing out a way straight outside to the tomb periphery.

Mo Xue was the first to set out and flew out through the space crack, followed by a crowd of experts who did not want to stay here any longer. After all, there was a sense of inexplicable horror hidden in the elegant demeanor of this deity-like figure.

This kind of feeling, where someone was dominating one's fate, was unbearable for them. They felt exceptionally uncomfortable and even Ye Xiwen did not stay long, and since the moment he was glanced at by that figure, he felt as if suddenly, all his secrets had been seen through. This feeling was also very uncomfortable, even though the other party was not malicious to him.

But during that flash, a moment ago, he actually was unable to feel Ye Mo's presence. It seemed like Ye Mo disappeared, because Ye Xiwen couldn't sense even a shred of his aura.

Ye Xiwen was eager to find out, so he also did not stay there and went out of the space crack, following the crowd of experts.

After leaving the space crack, experts discovered that they were outside the tomb, near the mountain of bones of the dead. They were somewhat horrified in their hearts, after all, the technique used to create this space crack and linkage was simply at a terrifying level.

Then, abruptly, just when they were feeling relieved, the color of the entire sky changed in a flash, and endless clouds in the sky instantly took the form of swords.

Ten thousand swords had suddenly changed the color of the world itself, and the endless Swordqi began to fall towards Bai Mojiao followers, who were standing outside and looking at the sky, but it was too late for them to escape and all of them were instantly crucified to the ground by the endless numbers of swords.

Everyone looked at this scene with scared looks in their eyes. Moreover, there was a feeling of rejoice in their hearts because they never expected that Bai Mojiao followers were waiting outside to ambush them. Fortunately, even if they had managed to seize treasures and come out of the tomb, they might not have escaped from the ambush of Bai Mojiao followers. But thanks to that soul search figure, they were able to escape tragedy.

(To be continued)


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