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Chapter 189 Blood-robed ancestor beheaded




There were many experts who couldn't evade the bone arrows and their whole body essence and blood was instantly absorbed by the void, while at the same time, the bodies of skeleton soldiers started to grow flesh and blood. This whole scene was very frightening!

After the blood and essence of these experts was absorbed by the skeleton soldiers, a bright green flow flashed in their eyes. It seemed like some of the memories of their past lives had been restored, making them even more bloodthirsty than before.

At this time, Ye Xiwen didn't have time to attend to other people, he didn't want to fall in the trap of these skeleton soldiers, so he directly flew deeper into the tomb. There were several passages and each of these passages led to different direction, much like a maze of intertwined paths. As Ye Xiwen advanced further inside, he lost track of the peerless experts who were flying in front of him all this time, their breaths dispersed in different directions and vanished without a trace after some time.

Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry to go forward, but resorted to using Tianyuan mirror to sought for moqi in the deepest places of the tomb, but at this time, a large group of powerhouses rushed there in abundance from behind. Like Ye Xiwen, they also managed to get past the ambush of skeleton soldiers.

But after arriving there, these experts immediately separated and rushed into various channels. There were many demon beasts also present among them.

All of these experts who managed to get past the ambush were tyrannical powerhouses.

Ye Xiwen also chose a passage and sped along it.

Then, abruptly, the Lingqi began to seethe up violently throughout the tomb, and several Zhen arrangements, spread across the entire tomb, suddenly activated. Upon sensing the intruders, these Zhen methods activated spontaneously.

Suddenly, an enormous devil coercion pressed down, although it didn't seem like the coercion belonged to the Devil commander himself but the horrifying coercion indicated that the coercion belonged to a terrifying devil expert, whose strength was way beyond the legendary realm, probably in the realm above the legendary realm.

At this time, the endless coercion pressed down and all of the experts suddenly staggered and were almost crushed by it. They could only resist this coercion by covering their bodies with Zhen Yuan, and as a result, the strengths of these masters decreased several times, and their cultivation suffered a decrement of almost three stages.

The tyrannical experts, all of a sudden, became much weaker while on the contrary, the skeleton soldiers became more formidable. Now, if they were not careful and received even a single strike from the bone swords then nothing would save them from becoming food and nourishment for skeleton soldiers.

For others, it was a big calamity, but it was not an issue for Ye Xiwen because the coercion of Devil commander didn't affect him at all.

He had Tianyuan mirror to shield his body and it was actually the tool of Devil King himself, so at Ye Xiwen's current skill, Devil commander's coercion didn't have any effect on him.

Ye Xiwen was speeding all the way until he stopped before a wall when Tianyuan mirror felt an intensely fluctuating Lingqi behind the wall, perhaps there was another world behind it. Ye Xiwen didn't waste time and directly used coiling dragon palm to tear open the wall.

Sure enough, it was really amazing as Ye Xiwen anticipated. As Ye Xiwen went inside, he immediately saw magnificent scenery everywhere, consisting of a large river of Lingqi. Ye Xiwen took a deep breath and felt as if several arteries suddenly blossomed and opened up throughout his body. Numerous heavenly treasures were floating in the river of Lingqi, and there were some who were even on the verge of attaining spiritual wisdom, which was very rare.

The amount of treasures present in this cavern was enough to make Ye Xiwen rich overnight.

“Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity!” Ye Mo said in an excited manner. “At present, you have done enough accumulation at your current level and this river of Lingqi contains the most suitable energy. If you absorb it, your strength will immediately have a breakthrough.”

Ye Xiwen was suddenly overjoyed, there was certainly endless amount of wealthy in this Devil commander's tomb and that too much more than he originally expected.

Ye Xiwen was about to start collecting the treasures, when suddenly, a loud shout came from behind him: “Not so fast boy, stop right there, this blood-robed ancestor has taken a liking for this place and the treasures.”

At this time, Ye Xiwen turned around and saw a very old man, clad in bloodstained robe. There was an ominous and vicious expression on his face.

“I first discovered this place, but now, you actually intend to snatch it from me?” Ye Xiwen said as he coldly looked at that old man.

“Snatch from you? Do you think a petty junior of truth second stage has the right qualifications to discuss conditions with a senior like me?” The blood-robed ancestor laughed loudly, it was obvious that he was openly looking down on Ye Xiwen.

In his heart, he was actually paying no attention to Ye Xiwen because in his eyes, Ye Xiwen was just a junior of truth second stage and nothing, while he himself was an old expert of truth seventh stage. He was considered a rampant, fierce and quite an illustrious character throughout the East China Sea.

From his words, it was obvious that he didn't plan to show any mercy to Ye Xiwen.

“Well, then why don't you try and find out yourself whether I am eligible to talk conditions with you.” Ye Xiwen sneered, if few moments ago, the devil Zhen method had not activated then he would certainly turn away right now without staying a moment, but now the situation was entirely different……

“You are courting death! This old man is speaking properly with a brat like you so you should be honored.” The blood-robed ancestor looked sharply at him with his sword-like piercing gaze. “You have brought about your own destruction, so later don't blame the old man for this!”

He thundered loudly and instantly released an enormous Swordlight, congealing a huge mountain of sword in the midair, gigantic and mighty, which immediately pressed down towards Ye Xiwen.

A cruel light flashed in the eyes of blood-robed ancestor, in his view, Ye Xiwen certainly could not withstand his attack. Even if right now, he was unable to fully display his full strength, but this much strength was enough to completely obliterate Ye Xiwen, considering he was merely a master of truth second stage and was also under the suppression effect, so right now, his strength level should be probably in the Xiantian realm.

“Arrogant old geezer, you are acting recklessly, you better not start asking for mercy now because it won't change anything. Today is the day you die.” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said.

This blood-robed ancestor was trying to bully him, thinking that Ye Xiwen was some weakling who wouldn't dare to fight back, but how could Ye Xiwen possibly take it lightly.

Suddenly, layer upon layer waves of profound and vigorous Zhen Yuan exploded out of Ye Xiwen's body and simultaneously released a terrifying breath, which was much more tyrannical than the breath of blood-robed ancestor.

“Impossible!” Blood-robed ancestor looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen because he just couldn't believe how he was able to display his full strength even under the suppression. Not to mention, this extent of strength should be unachievable for a master of truth second stage.

Ye Xiwen shot out his palm and it was instantly wrapped in Zhen Yuan, taking form of a dragon claw and pressed down toward the sword-mountain to directly grasp it.

“Boom!” That seemingly endless sword-mountain was directly grabbed by Ye Xiwen and exploded. The explosion caused the sword-mountain to disintegrate and dissolve into endless Swordlight which instantly filled the space.

Blood-robed ancestor saw this terrifying scene and almost did not faint from the shock, but Ye Xiwen did not want to give him enough time to calm down, he directly opened his devil wings and instantly appeared in front of the old man, while at the same time, his palm turned into a dragon claw and directly grasped the Zhen Yuan protective cover around the old man's body. The Zhen Yuan couldn't withstand the enormous strength present in the dragon claw and exploded almost immediately, and the dragon claw advanced towards the skinny body of the blood-robed ancestor.

Blood-robed ancestor did not expect that Ye Xiwen's speed would be so fast, but not just that, he never thought that Ye Xiwen's offensive would actually be so swift and sharp, and it was simply unimaginable that he would possess such tyrannical strength even under the suppression effect.

He was caught off guard by Ye Xiwen and a chunk of his flesh and bones were instantly torn off by the dragon claw, scattering bone dust, flesh and blood in all directions.

“Ah!” Blood-robed ancestor screamed and quickly retreated, while chunks of flesh and blood fell off along the way of his retreat. He immediately knew that this time, he did the biggest mistake of his life by kicking this iron wall. It didn't take him long to realize that he had encountered a monster, that Ye Xiwen was not actually an expert of truth second stage and must be concealing his real cultivation, which was probably above his own cultivation. He couldn't possibly contend with an expert like Ye Xiwen who was just pretending to be a truth second stage but in reality was a tyrannical expert.

Blood-robed ancestor's heart immediately sank, if only he was not in this damned place, if only his strength was not limited, he would have torn this extremely arrogant junior to shreds, making him know the extent of his fierceness, making him witness the fate of those who dared to offend him.

But how could Ye Xiwen let him escape, Tianyuan mirror instantly flew and the scarlet light irradiated upon him, wrapping him completely.

Then, Ye Xiwen directly rushed towards him, his figure flashed just like the black lightning, and in an instant, he arrived in front of blood-robed ancestor. Ye Xiwen's palm turned into dragon claw and directly clutched him in its grasp and crushed him.

Blood-robed ancestor only had enough time to utter a pitiful scream. A guy who used ran amuck throughout the East China Sea, killing countless experts at whim, doing all kinds of evil things as he wished, but today, he was killed by a youngster like Ye Xiwen, and his essence was completely absorbed by Tianyuan mirror.

Tianyuan mirror suddenly began to transform, one must know that although Ye Xiwen was able to behead blood-robed ancestor but it was all thanks to the special devil enchantment. Ye Xiwen just relied on the suppression effect of this tomb and managed to behead on weakened blood-robed ancestor. If it was in an ordinary situation, then at that time, Ye Xiwen would be killed instead.

However, although blood-robed ancestor was suppressed, but he was actually an expert of truth seventh stage so his essence, blood and flesh were obviously going to be tyrannical and potent when absorbed by Tianyuan mirror. But no matter how powerful an expert actually was, Ye Mo could easily and completely absorb and digest them in one fell swoop.

So long as blood-robed ancestor's flesh and essence was completely digested by the prestigious Tianyuan mirror, it could be fully restored to truth fifth stage, and then, its scarlet rays, when irradiated upon, would be able to quickly kill experts of truth fifth stage with ease.

Ye Xiwen also started to collect these treasures, this endless river of Lingqi had many heavenly treasures which could be added to Ye Xiwen's precious wealth collection, and were enough to help him in directly breaking through to the truth third stage.

When Ye Xiwen would have the breakthrough to truth third stage, he would actually obtain enough strength to contend with experts of truth fifth stage. In fact, he would be able to achieve the fighting strength of the so-called 'Small Truth' realm in one fell swoop.

(NT: Just like there was Xiao Xiantian level in Xiantian realm, placed right after the peak of Xiantian fifth stage. In truth realm, there's Small Truth level, which is placed right after Truth fifth peak.)

By that time, in this tomb, so long as he wouldn't mess with Mo Xue, Shang Guan and few other experts of truth ninth stage and above, he could completely ran amuck because the remaining experts would no longer pose a threat to him.

(To be continued)


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