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Chapter 190 Truth third stage

In the big sarcophagus, Ye Xiwen had shielded the surrounding environment and entered a different space. The space in this tomb was very disorderly and hence was easily torn open by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen tore a human sized hole in this space and hid inside it, of course, all of the wealth present in that cavern had already been seized by him and stored in Tianyuan mirror. At this time, Tianyuan mirror was exuding bright and dazzling light while the breath also changing slowly and becoming more and more powerful as it was absorbing and digesting the flesh, blood and essence of blood-robed ancestor.

And Zhen Yuan was also wildly revolving within his body. With each breath, a long stream of Lingqi entered into his body and his breath was increasing crazily.

There was an endless amount of Lingqi present in the river of Lingqi, which was helping Ye Xiwen in crazy enhancement of his strength.

A huge coiling dragon was rising and vanishing alternately behind Ye Xiwen, which made him appear like the dragon god himself. One could see the dragon ghost sitting beside Ye Xiwen and blinking.

There was an aggressive overflow of energy in the surroundings of Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if an ancient overlord had reincarnated, sweeping away everything.

In addition to the rapid promotion in cultivation, Ye Xiwen also practiced various martial techniques in the river of Lingqi. He was also able to practice each of these techniques to higher levels.

Ye Xiwen took advantage of this excess amount of Lingqi to actually comprehend “tyrant body technique” to the fourth layer. A golden yellow light enveloped his body as a result of it, from afar, he appeared like a golden statue, sitting in utmost silence and enlightenment.

Ye Xiwen's breath finally increased and reached the peak level, only a slight step was needed to complete the transformation, then he would leave the second stage of truth realm behind after having a breakthrough and step into truth third stage. At this time, perhaps, he would already have broken into the third stage but since he had practiced "tyrant body technique" so the retaining capacity of his body surpassed ordinary masters of truth second stage, and cells throughout his body were able to accommodate huge amounts of Zhen Yuan, after being quenched by Lingqi, which made his body strong to outrageous proportions.

However at the same time, it caused difficulties for Ye Xiwen to have a breakthrough when compared to an average martial artist, but it also made him much more powerful than experts at the same cultivation level. The only disadvantage was the insanely increased difficulty to break through than the average experts, which was increasing exponentially with each breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen felt the pores opening throughout his body and there was continuous throughput of Lingqi, being crazily absorbed into his body.

Ye Xiwen finally reached the limit and rushed past in one fell swoop.


Lingqi was surging and being absorbed by Ye Xiwen's body at an extremely faster rate and finally reached the saturation level in his body then suddenly expanded and Ye Xiwen opened his eyes.

He finally went a step further, reaching the third stage of truth realm and with his current strength, he could easily contend with experts of truth fifth stage, in this tomb, excluding Mo Xue, Bai Wuhen, Shang Guan and few others, none of the remaining experts would pose a threat to him. (NT: Keeping three levels suppression in mind, experts having cultivation up to Truth eighth stage are not his opponents.)

And even if he was not the match of Mo Xue and the other peerless masters, but if he bumped into them, he was confident that they would not be able to kill him and he would easily get out.

Ye Xiwen was full of confidence!

In a while, Tianyuan mirror finally also broke through, the bloody circle instantly diffused one after another and an extremely tyrannical aura was released out from Tianyuan mirror.

Ye Mo flew out of Tianyuan mirror, he looked very happy and said while laughing: “Finally restored, now the likes of Imperial guards are no longer your match, no need to be afraid of them anymore. Even that eighth prince is no longer a threat. You can easily take him on.”

“But now, you shouldn't delay anymore otherwise the hidden treasures of Devil commander will be seized by other experts. Those are boundless wealth and will play very important role in your future practice.” Ye Mo further explained.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded. He was thinking that he could not continue to practice here, one day he would step into legendary realm and would also step into the realm after that, there was endless practice lying in front of him, and in comparison to others, he was much more dependent on external means of practice in order to break through, which was especially difficult for him. But, Ye Xiwen had continued to bravely progress forward.

This was the reason why Ye Xiwen never let go of any of the items he came across, not just because these items actually added to his wealth but his practice itself depended on them. If not for those items, he would not have achieved his current level.

Because for others, their dependence upon external force would only make them to develop a very unstable foundation, therefore many people, who practiced devil ways or evil ways, perished when their bodies exploded as a result of practicing some external form of force, but this was not the case for Ye Xiwen.

Others people had to face hidden dangers of progressing by leaps and bounds, because they first mistakenly raised their skill, resulting in the rapid progress in skill but lack of inner state, eventually resulting in their bodies to explode and perish.

Just like a reservoir, if it could accommodate one million liters of water, and then suddenly out of nowhere, two million liters of water is poured in, ultimately, it would lead to the explosion of boundary.

But this was not the same for Ye Xiwen because if his cultivation method was taken into consideration, there was a simultaneous expansion of the reservoir along with the introduction of extra water, and, no matter how much water was filled in, there would be a constant expansion of the reservoir, thereby nullifying the chance of any sort of overload or overflow. These problems would simply never appear in front of him.

As long as there were enough spirit stones, then Ye Xiwen's skill would progress faster and faster, hence his cultivation level would also upgrade quicker, complementing the growth of each other and progressing together. While other experts could not do such a thing so they needed to stop at each step in order to consolidate their inner states after each breakthrough.

Then Ye Xiwen made up his mind and started collecting treasures from the cavern.

One after another, caverns were discovered Ye Xiwen and then thoroughly looted. These caverns were hidden behind the walls and for average people, it was simply impossible to find them, only some obvious caverns were easy to discover.

But the same didn't apply to Ye Xiwen, because he was the owner of Tianyuan mirror, which was extremely sensitive to both moqi and Lingqi being released by various treasures, therefore could easily discover these treasure quickly.

On the way, he also encountered some people who intended to seize his wealth but how could he take it lightly. Unless he was facing those peerless experts, all others were simply not his match.

Those who intended to rob Ye Xiwen's wealth were all beheaded by him.

Ye Xiwen quickly received all of the wealth from the beheaded experts. And considering the wealth he collected on this trip to Devil commander's tomb, he guessed that although there was not much material wealth, but since he always used to have a drought of spirit stones which were so vital for his practice. It could be said that for a long time, he should not have worry about lack of spirit stones. At this time, top grade spirit stones were piled up in Tianyuan mirror, and among which, there were a lot of best quality spirit stones as well. In the end, this trip was certainly not in vain.

However these were not the most important. The most important place was the tomb's main chamber where Devil commander died in a sitting posture.

That was the most precious thing.

But that main chamber was located in the depths of the tomb, and one needed to penetrate directly through the tomb to reach there. Only after entering the depths, Ye Xiwen would be able to receive the wealth hidden in the tomb.

As he continued to go deeper and deeper, finally, all the passages merged into one main passage. At this time, several experts could be seen in this passage.

Originally, these experts had separated after taking various different passages, but in the end, they once again gathered in this main passage, and right now, they were attacking the tomb door.

At this time, several magic puppets were guarding the tomb door. They belonged to a variety of mechanical puppets, powered by spirit crystal. These puppets were very valiant, although were merely at the fifth stage of truth realm, but under the suppression effect of devil Zhen method, all of the intruders found it very difficult to deal with them. Among them, the most powerful was the double headed crocodile demon beast. He was also playing the leader of demon beasts, and under his leadership, the tomb door was being attacked by the demon beasts. Of course, his attacks were the most intense ones.

Meaning, all of the other experts were just waiting, in order to let others strive while themselves benefit as the third party.

Of course, that crocodile-headed demon beast was not an idiot, and unlike most demon beasts, he possessed high IQ and was very confident of himself. He thought that no one had the ability to snatch things from him.

Ye Xiwen did not go forward rashly, was only observing from a distance because rushing now would simply be of no significance in this situation.

“This stupid demon beast is being really silly, he is actually trying to take the lead, does he really think that we will just sit back and do nothing?”

“You are silly, do you think that he really doesn't know about this? He is just too full of himself, and didn't you see, some of these demon beasts were vigilantly looking towards us, so they are really not that stupid as we thought.”

“But if we do not hurry and when the time comes, all the treasures will fall into their hands, I don't want that!”

“These demon beasts are indeed very powerful and they also despise us humans. Just you wait, when the genuine peerless masters will come into action then they won't stand a chance. Then we will also have the opportunity to benefit as the third party in a quarrel.”

From the distance, Ye Xiwen saw those particular demon beasts fighting viciously, although their cultivation was suppressed but they were still many time more powerful than experts of the similar cultivation level due to their tyrannical flesh and bodies. Although their cultivation was suppressed but the same was not true for their strong bodies, so at this time, they were the most tyrannical.

Precisely because of this, the two-headed crocodile dared to be so blatant from the get go.

The magic puppets were viciously attacked by these demon beasts and soon all exploded with a loud bang, after that, the demon beasts began to attack the tomb door.

Although no one knew what kind of material was used in the manufacture of tomb chamber's door but it was very strong. However, it still couldn't withstand the attacks from those demon beasts and soon began to break.

“Boom!” Half portion of the door was blown open, and suddenly, almost endless amount of liquefied Lingqi instantly gushed out.

Numerous experts were all prepared, after all this liquefied Lingqi was very precious because it must have taken several years for Lingqi to get liquefied!

(To be continued)


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