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Chapter 188 Tomb opens

Suddenly, the strongest tyrannical master made an appearance, he was much more tyrannical than all the masters who arrived so far, his aura was soaring to the heavens and he was certainly not trying to conceal it from others.

However he didn't wait for the people to get over their panic and suddenly torn a void in the space and rushed towards the panic-stricken experts. One could easily see that this guy was incomparably rampant than any other experts already present there.

Everyone looked, it was actually a young master, he indifferently looked at the crowd of experts, as if he was looking down on everyone.

Ye Xiwen was actually quite surprised for a moment because from the body of this human expert, he could actually sense the same aura as he sensed from Qi Feifan. He actually possessed a very similar breath to Qi Feifan, an extraordinary breath which was simply beyond the reach of any truth level expert.

Half-step legendary realm!

Suddenly, an idea emerged in Ye Xiwen's mind that this was definitely a half-step legendary figure, exceptionally formidable, not one bit inferior to Qi Feifan.

But soon, Ye Xiwen relaxed and stopped the rigorous thinking about this, because even in Great Yue State, there were four half-step legendary level strongest true disciples in Yi Yuan School, and there were many half-step legendary experts in the younger generation of other major sects as well. So, considering that East China Sea was so vast, though it was said to be comparatively less densely populated than Great Yue State, but how could it not have any half-step legendary characters among the top players of younger generation.

Ye Xiwen no longer surprised to see a half-step legendary master at this place.

The experts were quite startled at the sudden emergence of this peerless master but Shang Guan of the Great Island of the Immortals was the only one whose complexion suddenly paled and his eyes instantly filled with killing intention.

“Who is this man and why does Shang Guan hold such an intense killing intention for him?”

“Don't you know? He is a famous expert, who first rose to fame about hundred years ago.”

“This man is named Mo Xue, more than hundred years ago, he was once a disciple of Great Island of the immortals and was considered the super genius at that time, he was actually a highly cultured genius. A lot of people said that the Great Island of the Immortals had trained him for the sole purpose of leading them in the future, but then no one knows what happened and Mo Xue actually betrayed them. Later, many experts of the Great Island of the Immortals chased him down to eradicate him, but they all perished in his hands. One of the perished pursuers was the elder brother of Shang Guan. They say that the relationship between Shang Guan and his brother was very good, it could be said that from childhood, he grew up in the care of his elder brother, but he never thought that his elder brother would actually die in the hands of Mo Xue. Since then, Shang Guan has been constantly tracking down Mo Xue in all directions, everywhere just to kill him and take revenge for his elder brother's death.”

“But Shang Guan should not be the opponent of Mo Xue right, how can he possibly pursue him?”

“Who knows, but, there are lots of misgivings between the two."

A half-step master of legendary realm was considered very tyrannical, on par with peerless masters like Qi Feifan, who were considered incomparably super strong experts by the peers. When one such peerless master suddenly appeared in this Devil commander's tomb, everyone's heart sank, no expected that such a terrifying master would come here. Now, did the other people have a chance left?

“Mo Xue, you traitor, you actually dared appear in front of me!” Shang Guan looked coldly at Mo Xue and said in a loud voice.

“You seemed to have grown up and look more and more like your elder brother.” Mo Xue said and it seemed like looking down on Shang Guan, but from his facial expression, he appeared somewhat immersed into     the past.

“Damn you, you better not play hypocrite in front of me. My brother dead in your hands, not to mention you two used to be best friends. At the time of his death, he said that I must not chase after revenge!” Shang Guan said angrily.

“Your brother said right, if you go on like this, you will die.” Mo Xue spoke as the corners of his mouths curled up, revealing a strange smile. And the next instant, with a 'whiz', Mo Xue's figure, which seemed to have worn the space itself, instantly, arrived in front of Shang Guan and he said, “It is not something you can intervene!”

“Go to hell!” Shang Guan was the type of guy who would easily swallow the bait, he immediately punched straight toward Mo Xue and the released Quanjin began to crumble the space. This was the attack power of a master of truth ninth stage, potent enough to shock everyone. (NT: Quanjin = Fist strength)

However, Mo Xue gently dodged Shang Guan's fist attack, and in the same instant, he directly pounded his palm on Shang Guan's chest. Immediately, Shang Guan spouted a mouthful of blood and his body was sent flying far away.

Mo Xue was simply tyrannical and invincible, even if Shang Guan possessed the strength of truth ninth stage but it was very difficult for him to compete with Mo Xue.

As this breathtaking scene unfolded in front of Ye Xiwen, he finally understood that after achieving the strength of half-step legendary realm, one could obtain a part of the valiance of legendary masters. In fact, after breaking through from truth ninth stage to half-step legendary realm, there was an increase in strength by almost thousands times or even more. However, although the strength of Shang Guan was not very large in comparison, it was not weak either, because he was not very far from stepping into half-step legendary realm.

The gap between truth eighth stage and truth ninth stage was not very big in comparison to the gap between truth ninth stage and half-step legendary realm.

(NT: Truth ninth stage

Mo Xue fully demonstrated the strength of half-step legendary realm but Ye Xiwen was able to feel that he didn't have any killing intent towards Shang Guan, otherwise, he would probably already be dead by now.

Now, Ye Xiwen somewhat understood why even in a huge sect like Yi Yuan School, although there were many experts at truth ninth stage but only few experts like Qi Feifan were called pro-disciples, in fact there were only four strongest true disciples, and looking at their potential, one of them was supposed to become the head of the sect in the future. Although there are many ambitious disciples in the sect but there was no way for them to compete with these four pro-disciples because they had already achieved the half-step legendary realm and the huge gap between this realm and truth ninth stage was simply unimaginable.

While they were almost going to clash again, suddenly, a loud noise echoed and the middle portion of the bone mountain finally started to open, and soon, the entrance to the tomb completely opened, revealing that there was a world of things of its own on the inside, including vegetation, stone structures and so on. But this tomb also had a rather grave nature, and after a certain time, it would collapse and enter into a rapid aging period.

At this moment, there was no way to cover up the endless amount of aura from the treasures and vigorous Lingqi trapped inside the tomb for ages and it finally seethed out           .

Everyone was suddenly excited because they could clearly sense Devil commander's entire life savings. It was said that Devil commander had always been going on expeditions throughout his life and all of his accumulated was present in this tomb, which was simply innumerable, difficult to count.

At this moment, the space fluctuated violently and a figure rushed inside the tomb at a lightning speed. Ye Xiwen saw that it was none other than Mo Xue, he was the fastest and quite decisive so he didn't waste any time and immediately rushed inside. The next master to rush inside was Shang Guan, who, like a mighty torrent, directly rushed inside the tomb.

Shang Guan was closely following Mo Xue. At this time, he was stubbornly chasing Mo Xue, he had already forgotten about Devil commander's treasure, his initial motive to come here. Right now, his mind was fully focused on one thing, that he must kill Mo Xue, the killer of his elder brother and take revenge.

Following closely behind Shang Guan was Bai Wuhen and other peerless experts, rushing instantly inside the tomb on rainbows.

Ye Xiwen also launched his devil wings, and at an extremely fast speed, he instantly rushed inside the tomb, his figure was just like a black shadow and he was much faster than many experts behind him. Although he possessed the weakest cultivation among all, a mere cultivation of truth second stage, but relying on the speed granted by the devil wings, his speed was now comparable to the speed of truth ninth stage masters like Shang Guan, Bai Wuhen etc. All of these peerless masters were the first to rush inside and that too at terrifying speeds.

Ye Xiwen directly charged in and once he was inside, he glanced around the tomb which was definitely luxurious enough. It was completely inlaid by legendary glowing pearls, which appeared exceptionally luminous, but for truth level masters like Ye Xiwen, as long as there was even a single ray of light, it would seem little different to them from daytime.

But at this time, these magnificent gold and hade glowing pearls actually began to crack and several glowing pearls instantaneously collapsed, crumbled into powder and carried away with the wind. This indicated that the tomb had actually come to the end of its life, these immortal glowing pearls had been originally sturdy for thousands of years, but now, they actually crack and disintegrated.

Ye Xiwen flapped his devil wings, the speed of his flight was very fast, but still lagging behind those peerless experts because the sheer difference in skill between them was really too large.

The current passage of this tomb was still paved with bones of the dead as before, but compared to outside, these bones were exuding formidable breaths.

Almost immediately after Ye Xiwen flew in, the bones of the dead piled up in the passage rose back to life, and within moments, an insanely formidable army of skeletons appeared in the passage. According to the skeleton army’s sequence, the experts to be aimed at were Ye Xiwen and the other experts flying behind him.

“Shoot the arrows!” Everyone only heard a cold voice that came from the skeleton army.

Suddenly, innumerable skeleton soldiers shot the bone arrows towards the rushing experts, and the passage was not very big, not to mention there were so many skeleton soldiers who together shot innumerable bone arrows almost at once. Almost in a flash, a massive curtain of arrows formed and quickly blocked the entire space of the passage.

The tyrannical strength of these skeleton soldiers was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people, each and every one of them was a master of truth level and even the weakest among them was a master of truth fifth stage. Although these were only bone arrows and one arrow won't pose much threat, but when facing several thousands of these arrows, it was simply like living through a horrifying nightmare, this airtight rain of arrows was basically a nightmare for the experts.

“Secret rain clouds!” While the devil wings were constantly flapping behind Ye Xiwen's back, he shot his palm out and a faint dragon roar resounded. The huge palm shadow immediately congealed above Ye Xiwen and positioned in front of his body in order to protect him from the attacks, while Tianyuan mirror also activated and released scarlet curtain to protect his body.




The rain of arrows was easily blocked by Ye Xiwen's impenetrable palm shadow, his whole body was shielded by the palm shadow and the arrow rain was simply unable to approach him.

He directly rushed though the endless rain of bone arrows, but for so many experts behind him, unfortunately, they didn't have such good luck, although most of them were at higher cultivation compared to Ye Xiwen but they didn't possess ancient martial technique like tyrant body technique which could literally turn his skin hard like iron, neither did they have Tianyuan mirror to protect their bodies.

(To be continued)


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