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Chapter 185 - Schemes and tricks

“Ye Xiwen, it seems this Xu Yingdao bears deep hatred for you and wants to kill you.” Ye Mo said, being a spirit himself, he was very sensitive to these things.

“He is courting death, but right now, I do not have any information regarding the exact location of Devil commander tomb so I need to depend on whatever information they have, but if Xu Yingdao dared to cause trouble for me then I’ll directly kill him.” Ye Xiwen lightly said in his heart, anyway he had concealed his true appearance and wasn't afraid of being hunted down by the people of Great Island of Immortals if they found out that he killed their disciple. Even if they found out, Great Island of Immortals was too far away from Yi Yuan School, and now, he was going to be the official true disciple of Yi Yuan School. Earlier when he killed Luo Tian, he had to be careful and didn't want others to find out that he killed Luo Tian, but now, even if they found out that it was actually him who killed Luo Tian, the sect wouldn't allow anyone to lay their hands on Ye Xiwen, because when compared to a truth level master like him, Luo Tian was simply an ant-like existence. Not to mention, everyone knew about the reason why Luo Tian was killed, because he tried to defile and kill Hua Menghan by poisoning her, he basically deserved to die.

At present, Xu Yingdao was simply not in his eyes, because Ye Xiwen was fully focused on his battle with the peerless and exquisite eighth prince, three months from now!

“Ye Xiwen, these are many evil spirits in the piles of bones of the dead. These evil spirits have taken birth slowly and gradually over periods of long time, and to be honest, these evil spirits are the source of trouble for others, but for you, they are nothing but nourishments.” Ye Mo said, “Because these evil spirits take birth from moqi, they can definitely be completely transformed by Tianyuan mirror.”

When Ye Xiwen heard this, his eyes suddenly shone brightly, because now he would be able to have a rapid progress in strength by leaps and bounds in the shortest time, since he was going to use all of the evil spirits present in these piles of bones as nourishments!

After thinking of this, Ye Xiwen suddenly displayed a much more positive attitude than before. He even directly rushed to the front of the team and went all the way to open up a path through the bones. The evil spirits that dared to block his way simply weren't his opponents and were directly beheaded by him, then were completely transformed by Tianyuan mirror and absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

As Ye Xiwen continued the absorption, his cultivation was constantly rising simultaneously, and most importantly, some of these evil spirits had regained some of the memories of their past lives, including the martial arts memories, which were also absorbed by Ye Xiwen. The mysterious space was constantly working inside his mind and unceasingly comprehending and analyzing the influx of endless information which was being constantly absorbed by him. Thank to this, his martial arts experience also began to rise, greatly benefitting him in the process.

Various aspects of martial arts experience was contained in the memories absorbed by Ye Xiwen. Among the absorbed evil spirits, many of them were at legendary realm powerhouses and their martial arts experience was strong, although it was only a word or two, only the lamella of fingernail, but regarding Ye Xiwen, it was actually the best supplement, as right now, his cultivation was increasing constantly due to this. Some of the martial arts experiences were not so comprehensive for him earlier, but now, all of gaps in his experience was being filled up unceasingly.

Although, each of these evil spirits might hold a little bit of memory, but as Ye Xiwen continued to kill, god knows how many thousand skeletons were beheaded by him, and all of these small martial arts experiences, when added up, contributed a considerable overall martial arts experience to him.

Ye Xiwen's aura was slowly changing and becoming more and more stable, this was the realm of sublimation.

After those skeletons didn't have evil spirits anymore, suddenly the resentment attached to them also dispersed. These resentments were strongly concentrated on top of the evil spirits, but now that the evil spirits were beheaded by Ye Xiwen, the resentful souls could also finally rest in peace.

Because Ye Xiwen continued to encounter these skeletons all the way as they were trying to block his path and it was simply impossible to guess how many of these skeletons present in the piles of bones of the dead. There was an infinite view of endless piles of skeletons spread in all direction, and as far as the eyesight would go, there was no end to them.

They were on move for a full three days and nights, and finally, Ye Xiwen and the team arrived in the central region of the bones of the dead. They were encountering sierras of bone piles, one after another, continuously, on the seabed.

Although only three days passed, but almost all the time, the whole team was fighting nonstop. Xu Yingdao and other team members also saw considerable promotions in their respective strengths, especially Xu Yingdao and Chu Fei, who were now almost on the verge of breaking through to the truth fourth stage.

Talking about enhancement in strength, naturally Ye Xiwen was the winner among them, since he experienced the most promotion in his strength. He had only recently stepped into the truth second stage, but this time, with the rapid progress, he was able to reach the peak of truth second stage, and now, his strength was comparable to the masters at the peak of truth fourth stage. This was the case when he was unarmed, but if would use Poisonous Dragon water control flag, then he could easily compete with even more powerful masters.

Moreover, the martial arts experience obtained from the evil spirits was completely digested by Ye Xiwen, and after thorough absorption, Ye Xiwen was able to reach a very high level of understanding of martial arts, even in some places, the level of his understanding could match with the legendary realm characters. A variety of martial science and secret techniques came in real handy and Ye Xiwen also deduced the third move of “Coiling dragon palm”. Ye Xiwen named it 'Secret rain clouds', and when he shot his palm, a large shadow of his palm enveloped the entire area. This method was simply overwhelming and impenetrable, to the point that it was impossible for any attack type technique to match its level. It belonged to one of the secret offensive and defensive type attacking techniques. And this time, Ye Xiwen was able to able to comprehend it after repeatedly deducing the experiences besieged from several peerless masters.

An offensive and defensive type attack technique could perform both offensive and defensive functions, and using 'Secret rain clouds', Ye Xiwen was able to considerably speed up the beheadings of skeletons, it could even be said that he was basically sweeping them away. Those evil spirits simply had no way to resist against Ye Xiwen and were being crushed in abundance by him.

At the current level of Ye Xiwen's cultivation, he was only one small step away from stepping into the truth third stage. As long as he managed to have a breakthrough once again, his fighting strength would increase by leaps and bounds.

The speed of growth in Ye Xiwen's breath was almost visible to naked eyes, although every time, after leaking out a little bit of breath, he would immediately cover it up, but Xu Yingdao and the other were still aware that Ye Xiwen's progressive speed was extremely horrifying. Originally, Ye Xiwen's strength was terrifying enough of terror, but they never thought that his rate of progress was ever more terrifying. Each time he killed a skeleton, his breath would become more powerful, and this way, perhaps no could stop him from becoming exponentially stronger with each kill.

“Listen everyone, we turn left here then there's only about 100 miles to arrive at the destination.” At this time, Xu Yingdao opened his mouth and said, “This is a shortcut, an ancestor of my sect once passed through there.”

“Ye Xiwen, since you are the one who leads us each time, so this time, you again go first and explore this route for us.” Xu Yingdao said.

Everyone nodded and did not feel anything odd about it, after all, Xu Yingdao was a disciple of Great Island of Immortals, so it should be normal if he knew any shortcuts. Since, it was the place where the 'Demon beast kingdom' once contended with the 'Great Island of Immortals' which ultimately formed this ancient battlefield.

Ye Xiwen went towards the shortcut pointed out by Xu Yingdao but after having covered some distance, Ye Xiwen abruptly stopped, turned around and looked coldly at Xu Yingdao.

“Why did you stop?” Xu Yingdao asked, while everyone also looked somewhat strangely at Ye Xiwen.

“So you want to kill me.” Ye Xiwen coldly said.

“You’re talking nonsense.” For an instant, a startled look flashed on Xu Yingdao's face, then immediately restored to a calm expression, as he coldly replied.

“Senior Ye, what's this all about?” Qianqian asked.

“He wants to lure me into the ambush of a formidable skeleton.” Ye Xiwen coldly stare at Xu Yingdao and said.

“How is this even possible?” Xu Yingdao naturally didn't acknowledge Ye Xiwen's accusation.

“I see, since there is no problem then you go first and lead the way.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

Xu Yingdao's complexion immediately turned unsightly, he certainly knew about the danger down this path.

“You are making false accusations.”

“You think that I don't know? There's a terrifying skeleton monster up ahead!” Ye Xiwen said coldly, “As soon as I approach him, I’m afraid it will be a dead end for me.”

“You, how do you know about that?” Xu Yingdao asked in a startled manner, he knew that his scheme had been seen through by Ye Xiwen, but he was more frightened because he didn't know how his plot was discovered by Ye Xiwen. At the end of this path, there was a peerless skeleton monster. An ancestor of his sect had once taken this path and had ended up fighting with this peerless skeleton monster, but how did Ye Xiwen find out about this?

Ye Xiwen sneered, how could he not know about this? Others were unable to use soul search in this place piled up with the bones of the dead, so they were basically unable to sense what was awaiting them in the distance, but Ye Xiwen was able to use soul search and hence could easily sense any formidable skeleton masters from afar. Although his soul search could not go very far, but enough to sense that there was a terrifying skeleton monster ahead, hidden in the mountain of bones. Even the slightest fluctuations in the aura among the bones of the dead would alert Ye Xiwen.

For Ye Xiwen, this was not at all difficult and just because he could use soul search, he could always sense danger from far away. So, he could quietly avoid some of the more dangerous skeleton monster infested areas, this was how they smoothly arrived here with Ye Xiwen in the lead.

Xu Yingdao wanted to use this trick to overcast Ye Xiwen, but it was actually discovered by Ye Xiwen.

Xu Yingdao was a conniving guy, if there was no absolute assurance to his success, he would never have put his plan into motion. Earlier, when he discovered that Ye Xiwen was extremely formidable, he was waiting patiently to put his plan into action at the right time. Also on the way, he would occasionally provoke Ye Xiwen using random methods, making Ye Xiwen think that Xu Yingdao was only capable of using small means and nothing else.

This time, the plan to use that terrifying skeleton monster to eliminate Ye Xiwen was supposed to be completely safe and foolproof, but who knew that it would actually be seen through by Ye Xiwen so easily.

Therefore, the shock was completely exposed on his face, because he couldn't accept the face that Ye Xiwen had seen through his supposedly perfect plan.

“Ye Xiwen, this guy actually plotted to kill you, we absolutely cannot let him off.” Ye Mo said.

“I have repeatedly tolerated you but never thought that you will go so far as to plot against me, you leave me no choice!” Ye Xiwen sneered and his figure instantly moved.

(To be continued)


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