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Chapter 184 - Bones of the dead everywhere

Everyone looked at each other, nodded and dived into the sea water. They covered themselves in the protective layer of Zhen Yuan. Ye Xiwen was the only one who used the soul guard of deepwater black serpent because it could help him in breathing freely in the deep waters, just like breathing on the land.

The people dived all the way, and actually at this time, one could also see that the fight was going on between many demon beasts and human warriors. Many human warriors had already arrived here and many of them were fighting alone, plus all of them were at truth fifth stage or above, the reason why they were able to handle so many demon beasts vertically and horizontally.

Although right now, Ye Xiwen was part of a team like many other teams present there, of course, he was capable enough to be on his own and he would still be able to deal with demon beasts, but in the end, he was unfamiliar with the location of tomb, hence could go his own way otherwise he wouldn't know where to dive.

After diving all the way, in the midway, they encountered many horrifying truth fifth stage demon beasts. The good news was that Ye Xiwen would generally sense and discover them from afar and everyone would pick up speed, that's how they were able to avoid truth fifth stage demon beasts.

At this time, Xu Yingdao and the others had a faint idea emerging in their hearts that they should never have come here. In this place, terrifying demon beasts of truth fifth stage or above were present everywhere. Never in their wild dreams had they ever expected to see so many terrifying demon beasts at one place. They simply didn't stand a chance even against one of these fearful demon beasts and there were so many of them.

After they had a small half hour dive, they finally explored the seabed, but what they saw was a horrible sight. The surrounding seabed area in the radius of thousands of miles was covered in endless bones of the dead, camouflaging the entire seabed. These bones of the dead actually belonged to all those supreme masters and demon beast races, which were killed by the Devil commander in his lifetime. Sadly, even the souls of these masters had been detained by the Devil commander above the bones of the dead. They had to suffer endless torment generation after generation, and simply couldn't go into the cycle of rebirth. They were forced by the Devil commander to go through this eternal suffering, and one could easily feel the lurking extremely frightening breath everywhere.

After the Devil commander was dead, these bones of the dead paved his mausoleum, guarding his corpse for millenniums, years after years for god knows how many years.

Everyone, who watched this scene, suddenly gasped and held their breaths. This was just too horrible, and in these bones of the dead, occasionally, some of the bones would condense into humanoid shapes or into the shapes of various demon beasts. These demon beasts or human masters once used to be the powerhouses, who were later beheaded by the Devil commander.

The bones of the dead had been able to maintain the magical powers, from the times when they were alive. This was extremely frightening!

At the very first glance, Ye Xiwen was able to guess that some of these bones of the dead belonged to the masters who must have died before the Devil invasion era, but now, even they had been driven by Devil commander to show their graceful obligation, hence he could sense wild screams everywhere. These were the heroes who paid their lives in order to resist against the devils, so now, they should not be treated like this, even after death, there had been compelled by Devil commander to work for him.

Ye Xiwen thought this and felt his heart getting filled with grief and indignation. As he was approaching, he could clearly feel wails everywhere, the grievances and resentment were monstrous.

“Hate, hate, hate, I wish someone would obliterate devils from this world!”

“I resent, resent, resent! I died before my troops could attain victory!”

In a flash, the melancholy and resent of so many dead masters wholeheartedly influx into Ye Xiwen's mind, however Chi Fei and other team members didn't show much concern to this. However, Ye Xiwen felt his heart being filled with anger, as if he was like a magnet, attracting endless sadness from all directions, flooding directly towards Ye Xiwen.

These grievances, resentments, when accumulated in larger concentrations, could actually distort the space, in other words, this cemetery had actually passed through years after years, for ages, despite having the distortion in space. Since the space distortion had been going on for ages, it was already regarded as a half-plane, and it was not possible to directly pass through it, they must break open the space and go through the opening to the tomb.

Generally speaking, only the masters of legendary realm were able to break open spaces, but obviously, this half-plane had a very unstable space, so it was easier to break it open, but even so, a truth level master was still needed in order to break this half-plane and make the opening for enough time to go through it.

Ye Xiwen direct rushed down, having the intense feeling in his heart to break this space open. He suddenly gave a loud shout and chopped out his long blade, which made a crack in the space, and he immediately entered the space from where the cracks appeared.

Suddenly, an even more bizarre and cold aura than before swept towards him. The cold and cloudy moqi was wanton flowing everyone, everyone’s complexion changed slightly, it was obvious that the presence of moqi in the surroundings was making them uncomfortable. (NT: Moqi = Devilqi)

Only Ye Xiwen was the exception, not only he did not feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, by performing conversion using Tianyuan mirror, Ye Xiwen could absorb the moqi present in the cold aura, spreading a very comfortable feeling throughout his body.

Because of the heavy concentration of moqi in the surroundings, it was basically impossible for everyone to use soul search. Even if they tried to use soul search, it would be directly swallowed by the moqi, covered with resentments.

Ye Xiwen was the only exception, he was not afraid of his soul search being swallowed by those resentment covered moqi. Since his Tianyuan mirror had an inbuilt restraining function on anything related to the devils, including moqi.

But when Ye Xiwen used soul search, he discovered that it was impossible to completely investigate the entire stretch of tomb.

However Ye Xiwen and the other team members did not dare to approach the bones of the dead, spread everywhere on the sea floor. So they could only float above.

Looking at the bones of the dead everywhere on the seafloor, the hearts of everyone had a kind of chilling feeling. Even if numerous years had passed, these bones were still exuding a jade-like gloss, it appeared sacred and flawless. These bones also indicated that it didn't matter how terrifying and peerless those experts would have been back in those days when they were alive, but they still actually died at the hands of the Devil commander. Moreover, from the sheer quantity of bones of the dead, one could make a guess how terrifying that Devil commander must be when he was alive.

But even so, despite being so tyrannical, the Devil commander was now dead, he couldn't escape death. A lifetime of fame and glory certainly couldn't save him from death, but one could certainly say that he must have been strong to unimaginable proportions.

As everyone was overwhelmed from the scene present in front of their eyes, suddenly, a violent fluctuation of dead qi took place beneath the piles of bones of the dead, and a skull and nearby bones instantly condensed into a human form, with a bone sword in his hand, and immediately chopped out a terrifying Swordqi towards Ye Xiwen.

The figure of a dragon immediately congealed out of Ye Xiwen's body and directly skimming out towards the incoming Swordqi. It didn't take even an instant for the coiling dragon to grab the Swordqi in its claws and then completely crushed it.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and immediately chopped out his long blade, releasing an enormous Bladeqi towards that skeleton.

“Bang!” Bladeqi rushed unobstructed and collided into the bones of the dead. The very next instant, the sound of breaking bones was heard by everyone present on the scene. Actually, some of the bones of that skeleton immediately cracked upon Ye Xiwen's attack, but it was still not defeated.

Everyone was astonished at this scene, they could feel that although it was only a simple blade attack but the power contained in it was not small, but still could not destroy that skeleton warrior. This indicated that he was too strong and tough!

“The extent of toughness of these bones is really reaching the point exaggeration. I am afraid before death, this skeleton warrior was absolutely an invincible master of truth seventh or eighth stage!” Chi Fei said with an incredible look in his eyes. Even in a major sect like Yi Yuan School, the invincible masters of truth seventh or eighth stage were considered among the small number of top elites, but here, there was actually a dense crowd of such invincible masters everywhere.

“I will help you in getting to the other side.” Ye Xiwen lightly said, even after death, this skeleton warrior was being manipulated, had become someone else’s watchdog, this was such a sad thing.

Ye Xiwen chopped out his long blade once again, and in a flash, nine blade shadows appeared out of nowhere, and rushed towards the skeleton warrior and crashed into his body, breaking his body into multiple fragments. These bone fragments crumbled and fell on the seafloor, while at the same time, the dark evil spirit hidden in the skeleton was also instantly beheaded by Ye Xiwen.

Obviously, the reason behind the existence of these evil spirits was due to the contamination of souls by the presence of endless moqi in the surroundings, giving rise to wisdom but with only killing instinct, these were the so-called evil spirits.

Even on the remains of some of the formidable powerhouses, the born evil spirits would recover a portion of the memory from their past lives, and hence could put forth the magical powers from the past as well. If their team was to encounter the evil spirit on the bones of an evildoer(monster), it would simply be a dead end for them.

“According to the map, the Devil commander's tomb is located somewhere in the central areas of this place, covered in the bones of the dead.” Chi Fei took out the map, inspected for a while and said.”Right now, we are only at the periphery and still encountered such terrifying dangers. If we continue to go deeper towards the central areas, we may encounter formidable enemies and dealing with them may be beyond our own capacities. Now that I made this clear to everyone, if you don't want to go, now is the time to quit!”

However, everyone was silent for a moment, no one wanted to quit, after all, they already arrived after facing so many difficulties, and if they quite at this time, it would be really aggrieving and depressing. Moreover, they were a proud and arrogant team of elites, how could they possibly accept such an outcome?

Since no one wanted to quit mean, they didn't continue to delay and immediately resumed the journey to the tomb. On the way, they encountered other warrior teams and lone warriors as well, but since everyone was in a hurry, there was no intersection.

Along the way, they once again encountered an attack from skeleton from the bones of the dead. This attacking skeleton seemed to be made up of jade crystal, indicating that most probably, during his lifetime, he was a powerhouse at an extremely profound level, but now, there is no awareness left in him, he had simply become someone's slave.

But nevertheless, this dead powerhouse, although now only a skeleton, was still very difficult to deal with.

Later, Ye Xiwen shot less and less, generally, whenever he attacked, it was always the last shot because he already noticed the killing intention in Xu Yingdao's eyes. He was repeatedly redirecting the attacks from the skeletons towards Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen was strong enough to resist.

But Ye Xiwen also slowly began to reduce the number of attacks on skeletons and focused more on being wary of Xu Yingdao.

(To be continued)


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