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Chapter 186 - Xu Yingdao beheaded

“I have repeatedly tolerated you but never thought that you will go so far as to plot against me, you leave me no choice!” Ye Xiwen sneered and his figure instantly moved.

However, Xu Yingdao's reaction time was also not slow, it could be said that he already wanted to fight with Ye Xiwen, especially since now his plan had been exposed to Ye Xiwen. Xu Yingdao wanted to make the first move to gain advantage and ultimately kill Ye Xiwen.

“Ye Xiwen, you are too arrogant, you think I will forget everything and let you off?” Xu Yingdao coldly said. “No one has ever dared to humiliate me, today is the day you die!”

A small pagoda appeared in Xu Yingdao's hand and began to spin violently, then started getting bigger and bigger, and suddenly, a horrifying spiritual pressure instantly pressed towards Ye Xiwen.

It was actually a top-grade spiritual tool! No wonder, he was so confident in plotting against Ye Xiwen, so it turned out to be this.

“This spirit tool named 'Zhenyao pagoda' has been specifically refined for me by my sect's elder. In front of it, even the so-called evildoers are helpless. They can just stay with their hands tied and wait to be captured.” Xu Yingdao laughed insolently while the 'Zhenyao pagoda' was getting bigger and bigger in his hands, and soon, it looked just like an iron tower then instantly pressed down towards Ye Xiwen. (NT: Zhenyao = to drive away the evil spirits.)

Under the influence of the enormous and mighty breath released from the pagoda, the skeletons of those demon beast powerhouses began trembling because the Zhenyao pagoda itself was suppress them, and the reason why they showed reaction at this time was due to the restraining function of pagoda.

“Boom!” The whole Zhenyao pagoda directly suppressed towards Ye Xiwen, and he was completely submerged in its terrifying spiritual pressure.

After Ye Xiwen was completely suppressed down, innumerable bones of the dead were also crushed into the sea floor by the spiritual pressure.

“Ha ha ha, dead, he is dead!” Xu Yingdao's face revealed a grim look. There was a carefree feeling in his heart, the same feeling one would get after killing a powerful enemy.

As the muddy water dispersed, the Zhenyao pagoda also flew up, but everyone actually saw Ye Xiwen standing proudly among the muddy water, as if the suppression of Zhenyao pagoda had no effect on him whatsoever.

“You, why are you not dead?” Xu Yingdao was suddenly startled and just couldn't believe his eyes. The suppression attack of his Zhenyao pagoda was strong enough to easily kill even the masters of truth fourth stage with one shot, but how could it possibly have no effect on Ye Xiwen.

“As if someone like you can kill me.” Ye Xiwen sneered. A moment ago, he immediately used Tianyuan mirror to shield his body, otherwise, the suppression from the varying spiritual pressure of a top-grade spiritual tool, if not kill or cripple him, could have injured him. This was the reason why Xu Yingdao was so confident, but as long as Ye Xiwen had Tianyuan mirror to protect him, he could easily deal with Zhenyao pagoda.

Now it was crystal clear that Xu Yingdao was dead set on killing him!

He simply didn't conceal the killing intention boiling in his heart for Ye Xiwen.

At this time, Qianqian and the other team members were carefully observing the battle. They never expected that the things would evolve so fast and take such a form. Although they held a tacit coordination with their teammate, Xu Yingdao, but after working with Ye Xiwen in the same team for the last few days, they developed good impression of Ye Xiwen in their hearts, after all, all these days, Ye Xiwen had been killing all the formidable skeleton monsters which could be considered as a big help for them. It could be said that without Ye Xiwen, they simply wouldn't have safely come this far.

This was indeed the fact because if Ye Xiwen hadn't take up the role of pathfinder for the team then would have bumped into skeletons much stronger than them, and considering their strength, they would probably be wiped out by now, let alone arriving here unharmed.

Therefore, the battle between Ye Xiwen and Xu Yingdao was giving a kind of helpless feeling to everyone.

They did not know whose side they should take!

“You are courting death!” Xu Yingdao suddenly turned even more furious and suppressed down Zhenyao pagoda towards Ye Xiwen.

“You should probably give up now.” Ye Xiwen sneered and instantly opened the devils wings on his back, then suddenly arrived in front of Xu Yingdao. Xu Yingdao was suddenly alarmed because he did not think that Ye Xiwen would actually use such a method. The devil wings granted him unimaginable speed, and thanks to that, he instantly escaped from the repression of Zhenyao pagoda and arrived in front of Xu Yingdao.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm releasing a terrifying aura, and along with it, echoed the loud roar of a dragon in the surroundings. It seemed as if the heaven suddenly caved in and instantly suppressed towards Xu Yingdao.

Xu Yingdao stepped forward to greet this attack with his own fist and a fierce collision took place.

“Boom!" The two attacks collided and resulted into a terrifying explosion, which instantly evaporated endless amount of seawater, even countless bones of the dead were blown away.

“Poof!” Xu Yingdao spurted out a mouthful of blood and his whole stature continually drew back several steps. How could his average palm technique possibly beat coiling dragon palm's first move, hidden dragon rises from the abyss? When Ye Xiwen used this move, its true might manifest itself magnificently, even in the deep sea.

“Why are you guys not helping me, cannot you see this man is not human? He is a devil, let's kill him and we will receive massive rewards from out sects!” Xu Yingdao was not thinking rationally, at this time, he was quite afraid that he was actually not the opponent of Ye Xiwen, so he was trying to seek help from Qianqian and the others.

However, these people weren't fools that they would unnecessarily attack Ye Xiwen. It was not hard to imagine that if an evildoer (monster) like Ye Xiwen managed to escape then they could basically consider themselves as dead from today onwards. Not to mention, they could clearly see that Ye Xiwen was not a devil, although the pair of wings appeared to be some kind of devil arts based magical technique, but this was nothing, after all, they also had their own secrets. Also, Xu Yingdao himself was a practitioner of some turtle demon beast's power technique.

It did not matter, because it was not possible to prove whether Ye Xiwen was a devil or not!

“Today you are going to die, nobody can save you.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice.

The huge amounts of Zhen Yuan instantly burst out of Ye Xiwen's body and just like the mighty ocean waves, it overran towards Xu Yingdao.

His whole body, just like a falling meteor, rushed towards Xu Yingdao at an incredibly fast speed.

“If you want me dead, I’ll pull you down with me.” Xu Yingdao said with a violent look in his eyes, this man was ruthless man and was actually willing to go as far as die together with Ye Xiwen.

“I’m afraid you won't get a chance!” Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout.

An ominous look flashed in Xu Yingdao's eyes, he took a step forward and his imposing aura was completely released out of his body. The Zhen Yuan transformed into a turtle and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to trample him.

Ye Xiwen didn't have the slightest fear, as he instantly blasted 'Coiling dragon palm' towards the turtle.

The coiling dragon severely collided with the turtle.

Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon instantly opened its big mouth and swallowed down the turtles. Xu Yingdao immediately spouted blood, while he was sent flying far away by Ye Xiwen, but right when his blood came in contact with the Zhenyao pagoda, it seemed as if the pagoda was suddenly stimulated by the blood and it began to spin rapidly, immediately focusing its suppression pressure on Ye Xiwen.

“Ye Xiwen! Die!” Xu Yingdao shouted while a cruel smile appeared on his face.

“You think you can suppress me, dream on!” Ye Xiwen thundered loudly, and immediately shot his palm, releasing boundless power and influence which finally blasted into the Zhenyao pagoda.

Zhenyao pagoda was spinning unceasingly and because of the suppression spiritual pressure, it was nearly impossible for Ye Xiwen to approach it, but at this time, his Poisonous Dragon water control flag suddenly began to revolving around his body, sending out deepwater black serpents one after another, who severely pounded on the Zhenyao pagoda.




Ye Xiwen's attacks blasted on the rugged Zhenyao pagoda and several cracks appeared on its structure.

“Tianyuan mirror!” Ye Xiwen shouted and Tianyuan mirror flew out from his body, shone brightly and released scarlet colored virtual shadow of an invincible emperor, while his terrifying aura scattered out. It seemed as if this scarlet virtual shadow was looking at this world, he lifted his face upward and gave out a long and loud roar then his punch fiercely blasted, directly on the Zhenyao pagoda, which suddenly cracked upon the impact.

The owner of this scarlet virtual shadow was no ordinary person, it was actually the image of the former master of Tianyuan mirror, of course, at Ye Xiwen's current strength, could congeal only a millionth part of the real strength of the original owner, but it already shocked everybody present on the scene.

However, whenever Ye Xiwen used Tianyuan mirror and put forth this move, almost every time, more than ten thousand top grade spirit stones were consumed in the process.

But this ultra-high consumption, in exchange, granted greatly strengthened battle efficiency. Even the Zhenyao pagoda, along with its varying spiritual pressure, actually exploded with a loud bang.

“Poof!” But at this time, Xu Yingdao spouted a mouthful of blood, his Zhenyao pagoda was defeated and he directly fainted from the impact               .

Ye Xiwen didn't plan to spare him, he immediately opened the devil wings, in any case, he had already resorted to devil wings moments ago and didn't mind others to see them. He instantly arrived in front of Xu Yingdao, and simultaneously, a big hand congealed out of nowhere and tore apart the protective layer of Zhen Yuan from Xu Yingdao's body, and rumbled into his body.

“Bang!” With a loud noise, the flesh and blood spattered everywhere. Xu Yingdao was directly grasped in Ye Xiwen's claw and immediately died.

The other four team members were totally stunned when this scene suddenly unfolded in front of their eyes. In such a short period of time, right in front of their eyes, Xu Yingdao was directly crushed in Ye Xiwen's claw. He simply didn't have the strength to fight back and was ultimately killed. Ye Xiwen's strength was really enormous, almost unimaginable and shocking in general.

“Xu Yingdao is now dead, if his sect inquires about it, you can freely push it on me.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said, he was not afraid, anyway, his appearance was false, so the Great Island of immortals could investigate all they want, they would never find out about his true identity.

“Of course not, Xu Yingdao was killed and eaten by a terrifying demon beast in the sea.” At this time, Chi Fei said as he knew that Ye Xiwen was definitely not someone he could mess with, in any case, Xu Yingdao was now dead so why not do a favor to an evildoer (monster) like Ye Xiwen!

“Indeed, indeed!”

Everyone said one after another in succession.

And this time, Ye Xiwen looked at them and said: “Such being the case, I will not continue to bother you guys.”

Ye Xiwen also knew that there might be some who still held some grudges against him so it didn't make sense to stay with them any longer.

(To be continued)


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