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Chapter 183 breaks through the blockade

Ye Xiwen's entire Zhen Yuan burst out in a flash, and in that moment, it seemed like the incarnation of a coiling dragon. Its claws instantly grabbed Xu Yingdao's turtle leg, which couldn't sustain the incredible strength present in the claw and exploded. At this time, Ye Xiwen seemed simply unstoppable to everyone present there.

“Oh my god, how can his Zhen Yuan be so profound and vigorous!”

“He is not a human, his strength is so terrifying!”

The people present on the scene exclaimed, it was simply unimaginable for them to see the profoundness of Ye Xiwen's skill.

The Zhen Yuan, burst out from Ye Xiwen's body, pushed them several steps back again and again.

Ye Xiwen rushed towards Xu Yingdao and directly tore apart the Zhen Yuan protective cover around his body, and the very next instant, he grabbed Xu Yingdao's neck.

“Senior Ye, please show mercy!” At this time, Qianqian could not wait any longer and finally said.

Ye Xiwen heard her voice and loosened his grip. He never intended to use extreme methods, was just taking advantage of this opportunity to stop Xun Yingdao.

Ye Xiwen immediately retracted his dragon claw, which disappeared right in front of Xu Yingdao.

Ye Xiwen activated 'restraining breath technique' which immediately restrained his terrifying aura and crazily surging Zhen Yuan. And after that, now, to everyone, he appeared no different than any other master at the second stage of truth realm.

However at this time, Chi Fei and others no longer dared to look down on him. His true strength was really too tyrannical, to such an extent that even Xu Yingdao, the strongest in their team, was not a match. In fact, even if all of them joined forces and fight him, they still didn't a chance to put even a scratch on him.

Xu Yingdao was totally perplexed and didn't speak a single word, when he came to his senses, his complexion immediately turned very unsightly. All he wanted to do was to humiliate Ye Xiwen and show off in front of everyone, but he never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so difficult to deal with, he was really a dreadful monster (evildoer).

“Do you want to continue the test?” Ye Xiwen indifferently said but it sounded like a humiliating satire to Xu Yingdao's ears. This was equivalent to giving a direct slap on his face.

“Dammit!” Xu Yingdao said in a very angry tone, “You think you can insult me just because you are stronger? At the worst, we will perish together, let's fight to death!”

“Fight to death, and with someone like you?” Ye Xiwen said with a disdained look on his face. He immediately understood that this Xu Yingdao had some serious character defects. He was so full of himself that he ended up underestimating Ye Xiwen. At first, he tried to humiliate Ye Xiwen, but being a victim, Ye Xiwen retaliated, completely overwhelmed him and also decided to show mercy, but rather than being sorry for his actions, he reverted with even more powerful roar.

“Please you two, don't quarrel, it's time to go to Devil commander's tomb, let's give mutual respect to each other and aim for sincere cooperation, quarrelling like this is not good for anyone, at least give me face and forget about this childish feud." At this time, Chi Fei stepped out to smooth things out.

“I will give face to Brother Chi Fei.” Ye Xiwen lightly said.

Xu Yingdao looked at Chi Fei and other team members, and judging from their facial expressions, he understood that every one of his team members was going to speak the same words as Chi Fei. He immediately snorted and turned around without saying anything.

In fact, even if Qianqian and the other members of his team were in favor of his decision of fighting Ye Xiwen to death, and even if they ganged up on him, it was simply impossible for them to take him down. Ye Xiwen was an incredibly strong guy and it was not worthwhile to make enemies with such a guy. Not to mention, this time, considering the great caliber of Ye Xiwen, he could be treated as a very strong addition to their team so no one was against Qianqian's decision to let him join. It was Xu Yingdao's selfish motive to show off in front of everyone which ended up this way. Now Xu Yingdao not only resented Ye Xiwen, he also felt uncomfortable and envious because of the presence of Ye Xiwen in their team.

After everyone was prepared to set off, they discussed for a while then flew towards the depths of Great immortal battlefield.

Since all of them were truth level masters and knew excellent agility techniques, their speed was extremely fast.

Ye Xiwen was flying at a moderate pace, behind of the entire team.

Qianqian flew over to Ye Xiwen and said with a somewhat sorry look on her face: “I’m sorry, Senior Ye, I did not expect this to happen, it's all because of my thoughtlessness.”

“Relax, it doesn't matter.” Ye Xiwen smiled and said.

“Ye Xiwen, this time in Devil commander’s grave, I am afraid that you are going to face very troublesome situations. Moreover, this team only has masters of truth third stage and no one knows what kind of master will make an appearance on the way.” Ye Mo said.

“I know, even I think that this task is going to be very dangerous, we may encounter masters of half-step legendary realm. Those invincible masters of legendary realm may also have come for the treasure, but even so, we don't have other choice.” Ye Xiwen said, “Three months, in just three months time, we must face the eighth prince, so if my strength is not enough then I will most likely be killed by him.”

Ye Xiwen was sure that eighth prince didn't just plan to defeat him, he most likely wanted to kill Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had gathered information about eighth prince from many sources, and judging from all that information, he had come to know that eighth prince was not a friendly guy and definitely lacked empathy. He was an ambitious man and his one and only aim was to stay at the top, above everyone else. Although right now, Ye Xiwen was not his opponent but had enough potential to surpass him in the future. If the eighth prince considered Ye Xiwen as a genuine enemy then rather than waiting for month for the duel, the best way would have been to strangle the enemy in the cradle.

“Three months later, whether I am willing or not, there's no way to stop the showdown between me and eighth prince.” Ye Xiwen said because he absolutely had no choice but to participate in the duel, it was beyond his control. The eighth prince had put him in this pressuring situation and he could escape.

So by all means, he must enhance his strength in the next three months period, it was the only way out of this situation.

“It's the Devil commander's tomb, considering the level and status of such an incredible master, even half-step legendary and legendary level masters would drool over the treasures left behind by him, so it's natural that I’m going to see.” Ye Xiwen firmly said.

Ye Xiwen and other people soon arrived at Great immortal ancient battlefield, however, it was no longer the same as it used to be just a few days ago when Ye Xiwen was mindlessly slaughtering demon beasts. Right now, the whole area had been blockaded by demon beasts.

Innumerable demon beasts had formed a blockade and were blocking up the sea water. At first glance, all sorts of strange and unusually demon beasts were visible in the blockade.

In addition to Ye Xiwen, Qianqian and her team, a lot of other teams were also lingering outside the blockade line and simply could break past.

“Lowly humans, you better quickly retreat, we have been ordered to form this blockade by our king. You humans are not allowed to go any further!” At this time, a huge old mossback turtle said in a loud voice.

“Shameless, they usually don't form blockade like this, but now that they have obtained the news about Devil commander's tomb, they actually formed this blockade, how outrageous!”

“But what should we do now, these demon beasts seem powerful, needless to say, this number is very scary ah. From this far, it is hard to guess, maybe there are 1000 or 10,000 and all of them are truth level masters. Mere the sight of so many truth level demon beasts is scary! ”

Ye Xiwen was wondering about the reason behind this. There was an underwater kingdom of demon beasts, which was located at the boundary line of Great immortal battlefield. So the news about Devil commander's tomb not only attracted many human masters, it also alarmed the Demon beast kingdom!

These demon beasts from the 'Demon beast kingdom' looked really tough and intrepid, therefore the human forces could not go further into the East China Sea and could at most occupy some nearby islands. Although there were a lot of demon beasts maintaining the blockade, but one must know that this was not the complete strength of Demon beast kingdom.

“These filthy animals don't stand a chance against us!” While everybody was still considering what to do, Xu Yingdao suddenly shouted. He was still pissed at Ye Xiwen and it seemed like he was going to vent up his anger on these demon beasts.

After that, he launched an attack towards the blockade of demon beasts. He released a turtle shaped Zhen Yuan, which instantly rushed towards a demon beast of Truth first stage and exploded, and the next instant, he rushed through the opening.

Ye Xiwen and the other team members did not get a chance to stop him from being reckless, they also immediately rushed inside.

Suddenly, Xu Yingdao's action caused a chain reaction and several other teams began to attack the defense line of demon beasts. Many strong teams directly broke through the blockade of demon beasts, but there were several weak teams that couldn't manage to break through and were killed after getting trapped in the barrage of endless attacks from demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen's team was certainly very strong, they instantly rushed past the blockade. Xu Yingdao was being tyrannical through and through, he was naturally somewhat emboldened. This was a team comprising of several Truth third stage masters and their team could be considered as a very formidable team, they directly swept inside without facing much difficulty.

Ye Xiwen also following from behind, because many warriors were rushing in from all sides so he did not need to withstand all of the attacks, only a part of it, which was not a serious problem at his current strength, however Ye Xiwen still didn't have a shred of relaxation.

Because he tried to sense and cultivation levels of the demon beasts present in this area but he couldn't sense strong demon beasts. He couldn't find the trace of demon beasts at first stage of truth realm or above. A huge Demon beast kingdom was supposed to be located nearby, then why weren't the fifth stage demon beasts or above present in this area. The only explanation for this could be that the higher level demon beasts had already entered the Devil commander's tomb and a large number of strong experts must have been deployed, that's why he couldn't sense strong demon beasts.

Although this was the case but getting past the blockade of thousands of truth level demon beasts was not a simple matter. However thanks to the well timed coordination and unusual tacit understanding between Xu Yingdao and the other team members, helped the entire team in safely rushing in towards the core area of Great immortal battlefield. And Ye Xiwen used his Poisonous Dragon water control flag array to shield himself and basically went on rampage all the way.

After flying for nearly an hour, only few teams manage to reach the core region of Great immortal battlefield, but after approaching the core region, suddenly, they began to encounter stronger demon beasts. Mostly, truth first stage and second stage demon beasts were present on the periphery of Great immortal battlefield, but the strength of demon beasts increased considerably once they reached the core region.

Here, even the weakest demon beast was at the third stage of truth realm, however only handful of them were present there. They were very less in numbers when compared to thousands of demon beasts on the periphery. Otherwise, even if Xu Yingdao's team was strong, they would still die miserably.

In the sky, occasionally, formidable masters of truth fifth stage or above could be seen directly diving into the sea. The Devil commander's tomb had finally arrived and it was located deep inside the sea.

(To be continued)


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