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Chapter 180 Devil commander's tomb

Although Ye Xiwen didn't want to spare even a single glance to the eighth prince, but the very existence of the eighth prince was inflicting pressure on him. Other might not say but Ye Xiwen had come to understand the mindset of this arrogant prince. According to the hearsay, earlier, the eighth prince had been able to overcome the super master of Truth fifth stage, but no one knew the current extent of his cultivation and strength. Not to mention, rumors said that he got his hands on the ancient heritage of a large faction, so considering all these points, his strength would have definitely progressed by leaps and bounds.

And since such a person was hostile towards Ye Xiwen, so he was in lot of pressure, but these pressures were actually working towards transforming the strength of Ye Xiwen, making his strong, much stronger than ever before, and if things continued like this then his strength would go beyond the strengths of eighth prince, then Qi Feifan and so on.

Ye Xiwen possessed a strong heart, which was the basic reason how he was able to deal with any formidable enemy. None of the enemies were able to make him submit, on the contrary, they only forced Ye Xiwen to become much more powerful, and every time, Ye Xiwen diligently put all his efforts in becoming stronger.

Ye Xiwen made a breakthrough and became stronger, but there was no way he would go back now, he seemed all prepared to begin the slaughter once again, but suddenly, he discovered many more warriors in the surrounding waters, moreover these were very powerful warriors, and almost each one of them was a master at Truth third stage or above.

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat strange, what was going on here, what was the reason behind the concentration of so many powerful warriors in this area.

One must know, although it used to be one of the ancient battlefields, but normally, not many warriors would come here because several years had passed and not many people wanted to come here daily.

Generally, in a day, one could expect to find only a handful of people in this place.

But right now, Ye Xiwen suddenly saw the emergence of dozens of experts, and almost all of them were the terrifying masters of Truth third stage or above. It was quite unusual to witness the arrival of so many truth level strong experts at once in this battlefield.

In the end, what could be the reason behind this!

While Ye Xiwen was still thinking about investigating this, suddenly a loud shout came from a distant place. He was surprised to find out that the voice belonged to a purple-robed female, who was currently fighting with a great shark in the water. Ye Xiwen noticed that she appeared to be 20 years old, had a curved small eyebrow, beautiful snow white skin, she looked very beautiful and also seemed to be skilled in swordsmanship. Each of her sword strike was beautiful, as if stars were falling from the sky in the form of dazzling Swordlight. One could see that she possessed profound sword skills and was also a master of Truth third stage, but right now, she was facing a giant shark, which was a demon beast at the peak of Truth third stage. Its strength should be much stronger than that of the purple-robed woman. Although she possessed exquisite and outstanding sword skills but it was obviously not enough to save her in such a perilous situation.

After struggling for a long time, she finally fell under the wind, and appeared to be in a very danger situation. At this time, many warriors looked at this scene but didn't step forward to lend a helping hand. It was not like they were sinister people, many of them were not necessarily bad, but there was always a lot of struggle for power going on in the sects and among the sects as well, which would generally morph their mindsets into that of selfish people who only cared of their own safety. Right now, they knew that if they went to save the purple-robed girl then they might possibly suffer the same fate as her, so they were hesitant to come forward.

However, unlike them, Ye Xiwen did not give much thought to this, and the moment he saw that the purple-robed girl was in danger, he directly flew towards her and simultaneously chopped out his long blade, releasing out a splendid Bladelight towards that giant shark. The Bladelight instantly arrived in front of it, and the next instant, the giant shark was chopped into two halves.

“Elder brother, this girl is called Qianqian, many thanks to elder brother for saving my life. May I get the honor of knowing elder brother’s good name?” That purple-robed girl, Qianqian said in a very polite manner.

“Ye Xiwen.” Ye Xiwen replied in a similar polite manner, “It was slight effort, don't think about it.”

Ye Xiwen did not care about little things, and what he said was the truth because it really did take him slight effort to save her life. And from her appearance and gesture, she appeared like a diligent person to him.

“It seems Senior Ye is alone, would you dare to come to the Devil commander's tomb? Senior looks very skilled and brave for the job.” Qianqian's awkward and polite demeanor suddenly shone up with brilliance and splendor, and a bright look appeared in her eyes.

“Devil commander's tomb?” Ye Xiwen had some doubts since he seemed to know nothing about it.

“Senior Ye doesn't know?” Qianqian gave a somewhat puzzled look to Ye Xiwen, as if why did he come here for if he didn't know about Devil commander's tomb?

“Well, please tell me about it, girl.” Ye Xiwen said.

“If Senior Ye does not mind then he can call me Qianqian.” Qianqian said, although it was difficult to guess the age of a martial artist, but on the long road to martial arts practice, the difference of few years was nothing, the seniority only depended on strength. Just now, she was in a perilous situation while facing a giant shark, but the same giant shark could not even sustain a single blade attack from Ye Xiwen and was split into two halves. This clearly proved that Ye Xiwen's strength was much higher than her own strength, and this was the reason why she addressed to him as Senior Ye.

“Although Senior Ye doesn't know about this but I must say that it is not a secret or something, all of these people know about it.” Qianqian said, “This place is called Great Immortal battlefield, I presume Senior Ye knows about this, right?”

“En.” Ye Xiwen nodded, he knew about this that's why he rushed here.

“This matter starts from Great immortal battlefield. The reason why Great Immortal battlefield was opened a long time ago was that human warriors and demon beasts used to frequently compete for the control of this area, and this led to the outbreak of war and also caused a protracted war of several years, which at last led to the formation of this ancient battlefield.” Qianqian further explained, “But there is a hidden reason about which no one actually knows. Originally, this place is actually a burial ground of a Devil commander. In those days, the Great Island of the Immortals and a certain demon beast country obtained news about this and severely fought in order to gain compete control of the tomb, ultimately forming this ancient battlefield, but initially, both parties had sent a large number of experts to find out a way to go inside, but they never found a way in, and this slowly led to the putting down of the exploration of this tomb. But who would have thought that the Devil commander's tomb, that has been untouched all this time, will be opened and this has immediately alerted the two top factions as well, but no one knows how this news was leaked and attracted a large number of experts.”

In the past when devil army invaded Zhen Wu Jie, a stunning war erupted between the experts of the two worlds. Many devil experts had fallen during the war and they formed various tombs and cemeteries throughout the Zhen Wu Jie to bury those devil experts!

But the discovery of each of these tombs would always lead to an exploration by countless people, because these devil experts were extremely terrifying masters when they were alive, especially a Devil commander, who was supposed to be fearful master above the legendary realm. The tomb of such a peerless expert would contain a multitude of priceless treasures, magical tools, magical weapons etc. This was just like a fatal attraction for so many warriors.

Grab anything and one could obtain tremendous amount of wealth.

Ye Xiwen never expected that this ancient battlefield would turn out to be formed this way, not to mention it was also a Devil commander's tomb.

“Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity for us, I never expected to hear about a Devil commander's tomb.” Ye Mo suddenly said, “In the devil world, a Devil commander holds the rank of a feudal lord. There should be a lot of good things in his tomb. As far as other humans are concerned, I think it's impossible for them to completely utilize the treasures left behind by the Devil commander, but you are different. You can practice legitimate devil arts so you can definitely use these treasures.”

Ye Xiwen thought, perhaps this was an opportunity, if he could get treasures in this Devil commander's tomb, then his cultivation might go a step further once again. In that case, there would be a greater certainly of his victory over the eighth prince. After all, this was the tomb of a Devil commander, whose cultivation, at the time of his death, was probably above legendary realm. It was simply impossible to imagine the extent of his strength and if Ye Xiwen managed to obtain even a small portion of his treasures, then it would certainly be a great advantage for his future practice.

“Senior Ye seems quite interested in Devil commander's tomb.” Qianqian openly said.

“En, I will go and have a look” Ye Xiwen did not hide anything and there was no need to hide as well.

“Such being the case, since Senior Ye is not part of a team, might as well join us.” Qianqian said.

“Have you formed a team with others?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“En.” Qianqian nodded, “I’m not so strong like Senior Ye so I cannot possibly wander alone in an ancient battlefield. This time, I have invited a few friends to come together with me. These are people who have dared to explore the Devil commander's tomb with me.”

Ye Xiwen nodded, so that was the case, but it was not surprising that she formed a team because not everyone could be like Ye Xiwen. He was so outrageously powerful that he did not need a partner to wander around in this ancient battlefield. It could be said that Ye Xiwen was a one man army.

Invite a few friends to journey together was pretty normal. Moreover, a Devil commander was supposed to be an unsurpassed existence, the so-called commander of formidable devil troops. Even if now he was dead but no one would dare to look down on him, not to mention, nobody knew what they might find in such a peerless master's tomb.

There was no such thing as free lunch under the sun, if you want to obtain something, you must pay for it!

But Ye Xiwen did not care, he believed in the saying; no pain no gain, so he must face dangers in order to obtain something beneficial!

(To be continued)


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