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Chapter 179 Truth second stage

These water apes held high intelligence, especially the water ape king. His intelligence level was almost comparable to a human being's intelligence.

These water apes surrounded Ye Xiwen in a circle and used water law based magical powers and coordinated their fist attacks at him.

Ye Xiwen snorted coldly, how he could possibly stay idle and watch while these water apes were actually planning to eat his raw flesh and blood, they really were courting death.

Ye Xiwen ruthlessly waved the long bade in his hand without a shred of mercy in his eyes.

“Puchi!” A water ape was directly split in half by Ye Xiwen and its blood and essence was quickly absorbed by Tianyuan mirror, while its neidan was immediately refined by Tianyuan mirror. The refined energy was absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a torrent of energy emerging in his body, a relaxing feeling spread throughout his body. Only demon beasts of truth level could actually benefit him and his cultivation, and in comparison, Xiantian level demon beasts could only be better than nothing.

Although these water apes were mostly at the first stage of truth realm, some of them were at the second stage of truth realm, but none of them were the opponent of Ye Xiwen. He was basically displaying his incomparably tyrannical strength and slaughtering them like it was a child's play.

When water ape king saw how Ye Xiwen was effortlessly slaughtering his subordinates, he suddenly got angry, gave out a loud roar and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. It was said that water apes inherited terrifying and ancient boxing skills in their blood and once they were angry to the point of their blood boiling with anger, they could instantly display those skills.

Water ape king's fist blasted and brought up an endless tsunami, rushing toward Ye Xiwen to engulf him.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm, hidden dragon rises from the abyss, a huge amount of Zhen Yuan was instantly released out towards the rushing tsunami, and right when Ye Xiwen was about to be completely submerged under the water, his palm attack made an intersection.

The enormous strength present in the collision made the sea water to seethe with excitement and the entire sea level went hollow and sunk down, forming a huge trough, the surrounding sea water did not have the means to approach Ye Xiwen, because it was being completely cut off on the outside by the Zhen Yuan.

Under the water, many Xiantian level sea beasts had been stunned by this fearful collision and passed out on the sea floor.

Ye Xiwen withdrew several steps. This water ape king was really extremely terrifying. Ye Xiwen was now strong enough to contend with the ordinary masters at the third stage of truth realm, but this water ape king was clearly a strong master at the third stage of truth realm and was very strong.

Ye Xiwen instantly opened his devil wings and a surge of horrifying devil aura instantly burst out in the surroundings.

“What, you are not a human but a devil?” The water ape king was suddenly alarmed and a shocked look appeared on his face, after all, there was a huge difference between a human and a devil. Those of devil race were instinctively cruel and aggressive. Human race simply couldn't be compared to the devil race.

Ye Xiwen sneered and fiercely jumped forward, his figure instantly disappeared and left afterimages, while the very next instant, he appeared in front of water ape king.

A color of surprise flashed in the eyes of water ape king, because at an alarming rate and in just a blink of an eye, Ye Xiwen had arrived in front of him.

Although the speed of water ape king was not slow, but when Ye Xiwen used his devil wings then his speed increased dramatically, at this moment, Ye Xiwen's speed was far more superior to that of water ape king, in spite of his realm being far above that of Ye Xiwen. When water ape king realized that Ye Xiwen's speed was superior to his, his only left was to spread his hands and deploy a set of extremely esoteric boxing moves in order to shield himself.

“Poisonous Dragon water control flag array!” Ye Xiwen shouted and instantly launched 'Eighteen surfaced poisonous dragon water control flag array' which then immediately flew in the air, forming a huge array of flags and huge deepwater black serpents suddenly congealed out of nowhere. These serpents were emitting toxic breaths which rapidly filled the entire flag array with toxin.

When the water apes encountered such huge deepwater black serpents, it was just like a group of foot soldiers bumping into a group of knights, needless to say their fate was sealed. Most of the water apes were sent flying by one tail sweep by the serpents, and those, who even once came in contact with the toxin, perished immediately.

The might of 'Eighteen surfaced poisonous dragon water control array' was simply earth-shattering, within a moment, the nearby areas up to a distance of almost 100 Li were contaminated by the deepwater black serpent and turned toxic, and the sea beasts present in the vicinity were immediately killed by the deadly toxin.

These water apes simply weren't the opponents of these deepwater black serpents. Before they could even react, they had already fallen prey to the toxin, and not long after, only water ape king was able to survive this.

Water ape king suddenly got furious because he never thought that he wouldn't be able to deal with a petty human being. Rather in this situation, Ye Xiwen was simply like a super big iron wall, no matter how much he tried to kick, the iron wall simply wouldn't budge.

However at this time, there was no way out for the water ape king because Ye Xiwen's 'Eighteen surfaced poisonous dragon water control flag array' had firmly trapped him inside. Although Ye Xiwen could only compete with the weaker master of the Truth third stage, but with the assistance from the flag, he could easily kill the strong experts of Truth third stage.

Poisonous Dragon water control flag array was tightening and rushing towards water ape king from all sides. By that time, Ye Xiwen also went inside the flag array and rushed towards the water ape king.

This flag array was made up by 18 deepwater black serpents and its overall could be compared with a deepwater black serpent of Truth third stage. And right now, all of these serpents, together, were closing in on him, so there simply was no way for him to contend.

Moreover, the water ape king also had to contend with Ye Xiwen. Soon, the water ape king was beheaded by Ye Xiwen. He seized the neidan from water ape king's body and digested it.

Even after that, Ye Xiwen's preying spree didn't stop in this part of the sea, not because he didn't want to stop, but truly couldn't stop. The reason because there was a steady stream of undersea demon beasts constantly coming after smelling blood, spilled in this part of the sea. So, there was basically endless number of demon beasts rushing towards this area and he had no choice but to keep on killing them.

It was because of this almost endless number of undersea demon beasts that this place had ultimately turned into a super battlefield for humans and demon beasts, famous throughout the East China Sea.

During these three days among, Ye Xiwen continued crazy killings, to the point of turning the whole water bloody red in that area of the sea, which attracted the attention of numerous foraging demon beasts. More demon beasts meant more crazy killing, which resulted in the massacre of demon beasts, almost day and night, at the hands of Ye Xiwen, most of which were at Xiantian level, however there were many at the truth level as well.

Generally speaking, after the massacre of more than a certain number of lives and absorbing their neidans, Ye Xiwen's breath had reached a terrifying level. Although most demon beasts would sense the breath of their prey and decide whether to attack or not, and at this time, Ye Xiwen's breath was strong enough to act as a danger alarm, warning others to not get close to him, but since he had practiced 'restraining breath technique' to the acme level, he was able to conceal his real breath, so the ignorant demon beasts still continued to move closer towards him.

And within three days, after the crazy killings of so many demon beasts and absorbing their neidans, the amount of Zhen Yuan, contained in his body, had already reached a majestic level. Ye Xiwen felt that he would step into the Truth second stage at any time, and so long as he was able to reach the Truth second stage, he would be able to contend with masters of Truth fourth stage. And with the assistance of flag array and Tianyuan mirror, he would easily fight off the master at the peak of Truth fourth stage.

After the endless killings of demon beasts for all these days, their blood, flesh and essence were absorbed by both Poisonous Dragon water control flag and Tianyuan mirror.

After three days of crazy absorption of blood and essence from the dead demon beasts, the 'Eighteen surfaced poisonous dragon water control flag' had a rapid development, 17 of them evolved to reach the point of Truth third stage and the one, acting as the core of flag array, evolved to the extent of reaching the Truth fourth stage, thereby dramatically increasing the total might.

Tianyuan mirror was completely restored to the Truth fourth stage and hence had a power surge. Although it was only a short period of three days but his strength really progressed by leaps and bounds.

And now, finally, it was time for Ye Xiwen to act. Now that he had accumulated a huge amount of majestic Zhen Yuan in his body, it had already begun to stir inside his body. Ye Xiwen even had a kind of uncontrollable impulse, making him aware of the fact that it was time to breakthrough and if he did not have a breakthrough now then the Zhen Yuan would continue to stir up and might go out of control and end up exploding his body.

Ye Xiwen opens his devil wings and made his way through the crowd of demon beasts while beheading those in his way then flew out of the water, high into the sky. At this time, the demon beasts, still in the sea, used water based attacks at him but he used devil wings to block the attacks.

The devil wings were mighty and enormous, giving full protection to Ye Xiwen, while he was flying towards the clouds. After diving into the cloud, he decided to camouflage his own breath, and at the same moment, Tianyuan mirror flew appeared on top of his head, and completely camouflaged his breath.

Ye Xiwen began to have a breakthrough, also starting the unceasing circulation of Zhen Yuan in his body, running over and over in his meridians, while releasing the aura bit by bit.

Ye Xiwen's energy accumulation had already reached the profound, to the point of being impossible even for a master of the Truth second stage. Even a master of the Truth third stage wouldn't dream of accumulating so much amount of energy in his body, only Ye Xiwen was capable of achieving such a feat.

The reason was that Ye Xiwen had practiced “Tyrant body technique” so his body could accommodate such a terrifying amount of energy accumulation, but right now, even he reached the limit, and if not had a breakthrough sooner, then his body would explode.

Did not know for how long, Ye Xiwen's aura continued to grow to the limit then broke free from the shackles and suddenly burst out, it was mighty and enormous, to the point that even Tianyuan mirror could no longer contain his aura inside.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, finally, he broke through to the Truth second stage, and now, the strength of the two deputy commanders of Imperial guards was no longer a match of his strength.

However Ye Xiwen actually knew that this was not enough, far from enough. Although now he was far stronger the two deputy commanders of Imperial guards, but one must not forget that the eighth prince was said to be at the peak of Truth fourth stage and he was so strong that a master of the Truth fifth stage was his subordinate, so his strength could be imagined.

(To be continued)


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