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Chapter 181 - Join the team

There was no such thing as free lunch under the sun, if you want to obtain something, you must pay for it. But Ye Xiwen did not care, he believed in the saying; no pain no gain, so he must face dangers in order to obtain something beneficial!

But this time, the difficulty was not just the dangers in Devil commander's tomb, he also need to be wary of so many other warriors.

This time, many warriors obtained this news, moreover all of these experts were basically at the truth level, someone of them were even at Truth seventh stage, eighth stage and ninth stage as well. As far as the eyes could see, there were countless warriors everywhere in this area. Probably, all of the top warriors in the nearby areas of East China Sea had come out to try their luck in Devil commander's tomb.

“Since Senior Ye has not formed a team, then might as well join our team.” Qianqian said.

“Well, deference is no substitute for obedience." Ye Xiwen nodded. Since he knew very little about this Devil commander's tomb, so it was better to stick together with others. (NT: gōng jìng bù rú cōng mìng: 'deference is no substitute for obedience' (idiom))

This was also good from the point of view of mutually taking care of each other.

After Ye Xiwen agreed, Qianqian took him to an island, which was not a big island. It was quite spacious but there were no spiritual arteries under the island, and therefore, there were no living things on the island, not even a shred of vegetation was present there, otherwise, it would have been occupied by demon beasts.

Throughout the East China Sea, there were many islands with spiritual arteries, but there were no spiritual arteries in this big island, the reason why no one bothered to even name it.

Qianqian and her teammates were going to meet up on this island. According to what she told, he came to know that Qianqian was a member of loose cultivators of East China Sea.

In Zhen Wu Jie, in addition to disciples belonging to major sects like Yi Yuan School, there were many loose cultivators who were often considered as loners, they could come and go freely. Some were very weak, but some of them possessed earth-shattering cultivation level, basically it was hard to predict their strength, and they often consisted of good and bad people.

However, in Zhen Wu Jie, there were several small sects, with each sect housing only few individuals. Basically, these small sects were called loose cultivation sects, and when compared to giant sects like Yi Yuan School, which was a home to several hundred thousand disciples, these loose cultivation sects appeared just like shrimps in front of a shark.

Ye Xiwen did not want to expose his identity as a disciple of Yi Yuan School, so he directly said that he was also a loose cultivator, but he had already told his real name to Qianqian.

Qianqian didn't suspect him, after all, although Ye Xiwen was very strong, but if he was a disciple of a major sect, then he would have definitely arrived here with his group of friends. One must not forget that this place was an ancient battlefield, although it was not the most active ancient battlefield, but it was still dangerous, so when coming here, generally, only loose cultivators would come here alone. (NT: Assuming, Ye Xiwen is a truth level expert, and if belongs to a major sect, then he must have his own faction and a long list of subordinates/attendants.)

Although they had been classified as loose cultivation sects, but in the end, all of them taught martial arts just like any other major sect.

“This place is located on the periphery of Great immortal battlefield, and is a relatively safe place. As we go deeper, it gets very dangerous since a lot of truth level demon beasts wander in those areas. If we go further deep inside then we will encounter even more terrifying demon beasts. As long as we are on the land, we are safe, but if go into the sea, then we will encounter overwhelming demon beasts, they are extremely frightening.” Qianqian said with a lingering fear on her face, “Fortunately, they rare come out of the water, and when they do, their strength gets weakened a lot, otherwise humans cannot even think about having a foothold in the sea.”

The population of human experts was nowhere close to the population of demon beasts. It could be said that there were ten times more truth level demon beasts than truth level human beings, but fortunately, most of these truth level demon beasts lived in several established demon beast countries. Not to mention the total population of demon beasts in this world was 100 times more compared to that of human beings, but majority of them were still in muddleheaded mental state. Basically, they were no different than common beasts in general, and this was maintaining the fragile balance of power.

“Many masters have gone deeper into the East China Sea, but never came back. It is said that legendary level mythological beasts live there.” Qianqian said. “Our sect had been flourishing very until the founder went into the depths of East China Sea, never to return, and finally, our sect declined to what it is right now.”

Ye Xiwen listened and sighed with emotion, indeed, this kind of thing happened all the time in Zhen Wu Jie. A sect's prosperity would always depend on how many top players it had. For example, in Yi Yuan School, in a sense, if the core disciples, inner disciples or outer disciples were to die then it certainly won't matter much, in fact, even if a true disciple was to die then it won't matter, as long as the sect head and other leaders were alive, everything else was unimportant for sect's survival and prosperity! (NT: Well, if a true disciple of Yi Yuan School dies then the sect will certainly wreak havoc, but the death of a true disciple certainly doesn't endanger the existence of Yi Yuan School. But, the loss of leaders or the sect head, who are all legendary level characters, will certainly affect the balance of power among the five major forces and will definitely give a serious blow to the sect.)

Yi Yuan School was such a big sect but the death of a legendary level expert was a major event for them, not to mention, Qianqian's loose cultivation sect lost a legendary level master, which was sufficient to determine the fate of her sect.

The major difference between a major sect like Yi Yuan School and loose cultivation sect was the dependence of the very survival of the entire sect on death of its top players. In case of loose cultivation sect, the death of just one important character could lead to the collapse of entire sect. And this was the reason why major sects would never give recognition and acknowledgment to the loose cultivation sects.

But as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, someday, he would eventually travel to the depths of East China Sea. It would actually be a grand occasion, after all, even the influence of the so-called Yi Yuan School could not stretch up to those areas, but it was something far in the future. As for now, Ye Xiwen was merely a master of the truth realm and could only wander back and forth in these marginal areas. He couldn't possibly think about going into the depths of East China Sea at his current strength.

While Ye Xiwen and Qianqian were still chatting, suddenly, the air began to boil in the sky and several rainbows appeared to be flying towards them. It was obvious that they visitors weren't ordinary people.

The rainbow light is enormous and powerful and it seemed as if the rivers streams were converging in the sea at very high speeds. The rainbows directly rushed down and fell on the island's beach.

As the rainbow lights began to disperse, the shadows of four people could be seen. The one standing at the front seemed to be their leader, he was clad in a splendid attire, had an imposing appearance and also had a heroic bearing, which was quite unusual.

There was sort of self-satisfied expression on this face, but when he saw Ye Xiwen standing behind Qianqian, his complexion immediately changed and turned unsightly. A sharp look appeared in his eyes while he was staring at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen could easily read the look in that guy's eyes. He was secretly aware in his heart that this guy was troubled by his presence, but he didn't say anything. One could find these pampered and favored guys everywhere, who were often ambitious, successful and were used to governing everything around them. They also considered women as their own property and would naturally not allow others to intervene.

There were three people standing behind this man, one man and two women. The man also had a heroic bearing and had an outstanding appearance, however, he could only be considered as low-key when compared to the man standing in front of him. He was standing there with a faint smile on his face, and didn't seem like an aggressive guy. He belonged to the category of those people who were unable to look straight ahead.

Besides this man, the remaining two were women, one was clad in a yellow robe and the other was clad in brilliant orange clothing. Both of them could be considered as reigning beauties, but were slightly inferior to Qianqian.

“Senior Ye, let me introduce you to everyone. This is Xu Yingdao, the most outstanding true disciple from the current generation of true disciples in the Great Island of Immortals. I am afraid, his strength is not inferior to the strength of your mainland's eighth prince.” Qianqian said.

Earlier, Ye Xiwen had said that he was a loose cultivator from the mainland and didn't belong to the side of loose cultivators of East China Sea, hence Qianqian said so.

Ye Xiwen felt disdain in his heart, although that eighth prince had not yet made an appearance, but judging from the war declaration, one could make out that his strength was unimaginably, even many experts of Truth fifth stage were not his opponents. No one knew the extent of the eighth prince's current strength, but Ye Xiwen had already seen through the cultivation of this man. He was only at the peak of Truth third stage, his strength was far worse than that of the eighth prince. There was simply a huge gap between the strengths of these two, in fact, his strength was not even comparable to the strengths of the higher level Imperial guards!

However, it seemed like in the Great Island of the immortals, he was treated as a highborn!

Then from the introduction by Qianqian, Ye Xiwen came to know that the other guy was named Chi Fei and was also a strong truth level expert, but he didn't belong to the famous clans of the Great Island of the Immortals, perhaps this was the reason behind low-key appearance.

The yellow-robed woman was named Miao Lian and the orange-robed woman was named Fan Yun. Both of them were at the third stage of truth realm. Similarly, both Chi Fei and Xu Yingdao were at the peak of Truth third stage, and it seemed like soon, they should be able to become the masters of the Truth fourth stage. One could assume that they were considered outstanding experts in their respective sects.

“Qianqian, I hope it should be very clear that the place we plan to visit this time is said to be very dangerous. We may be unable to take care of ourselves, how do you plan to take care of someone else as well?” At this time, Xu Yingdao suddenly said while looking at Ye Xiwen.

The hidden meaning in his words was very clear.

Considering how he was looking at Ye Xiwen, it was obvious that he was talking about Ye Xiwen's cultivation, which was only at the second stage of truth realm. In other words, his strength should be regarded as nothing when compared to their strengths.

“Moreover, we have been running this team for many years and trust each other very much, but you go and start rashly recruiting new people into our team. What will we do if he harbors evil intentions?” Xu Yingdao continued to say.

Ye Xiwen was looking at the side, with a hint of indifferent smile on his face but he did not say anything. On the contrary, it was Chi Fei who tried to smooth things out and said: “Since Qianqian has asked this person to join our team, then she would certainly have a valid reason for that. We should first listen to what she has to say.”

At this time, everyone’s attention was on Qianqian as she said: “Well, everyone, do not look be fooled by Senior Ye's cultivation level. Although he is still at the second stage of truth realm, but he is actually much stronger. Earlier, I was fighting with a giant shark and fell under the wind, but when I was about to be killed by it, Senior Ye saved me.”

Suddenly, everyone looked at Ye Xiwen with astonished expressions on their faces.

(To be continued)


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