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Chapter 175 - He is also a ruthless man

“Your foolish attempt to instigate me into action won't work.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said. “Do not think that I am like you people. Perhaps for you all, this eighth prince is everything, a god like existence or something, but as far as I am concerned, he is simply worthless.”

The crowd was in uproar, this was probably the first time someone dared to say something like this which implied that the eighth prince could simply not be considered as someone if any important personage.

This showed that Ye Xiwen was not just ordinarily rampant as they thought. Although they were full aware of the domineering and arrogant attitude of the eighth prince, but they just did not expect that the seemingly calm rampancy of Ye Xiwen would actually be far more intense than that of the eighth prince.

However, in such a short time, Ye Xiwen was able to emerge as a peerless genius from Yi Yuan School so if his disposition was modest and polite then that would feel quite strange too!

But they actually did not know that Ye Xiwen was not always rampant, he was rampant in front of his rampant enemies!

“I knew that he will try to run away, even the gods flinch in the presence of his highness and the devils hide away.” Liu Hao said and it seemed as if he was determined to keep instigating Ye Xiwen.

“It really is ridiculous, even the gods flinch in his presence, does he try to regard himself as the king of gods?” Ye Xiwen sneered, of course, devils existed in this world so it was not surprising to say that gods also existed in this world. Just listening to the things told by Ye Mo, he came to know that there were god-like existences in this world and they were capable of destroying the heaven itself, but it was quite hilarious to say that gods would flinch in the presence of the eighth prince.

“No one can refuse the decree of his highness!” Jiaoxu Feng shouted in a cold voice and threw an envelope toward Ye Xiwen. In the midair, the envelope started to burn and revealed a domineering and overbearing string of pearl-like characters. Although it was just one word, but it seemed as if it would the burn the eyes of the people who laid their eyes on it. Those who saw it only thought that they must kneel down in front of his dominating power and become his subjects, they must obey his command, this was the aura of a king!

But unfortunately, Ye Xiwen was also an overbearing expert and was no inferior to any tyrant king. He himself possessed the terrifying aura of a tyrant warrior, was about to get involved, but suddenly, the characters written inside envelop quickly moved and folded up to transform into a mountain peak and instantly pressed towards Ye Xiwen. This mountain peak pressing down towards Ye Xiwen actually possessed a mighty imposing aura.

Ye Xiwen immediately sensed that the law of the earth was in effect, it was as if a mountain was dropping from the heaven and it must crush Ye Xiwen.

This was to test Ye Xiwen and prove that he was not eligible to accept the challenge and there was actually a surging Zhen Yuan hidden inside it. It was really quite rampant and despotic!

However, although it was merely only condensed Zhen Yuan, but was simply relentless and it possessed strength almost comparable to the third stage of the truth realm and instantly smashed down.

Full moon beheader!

Ye Xiwen did not dare to be negligent, although he could compete with masters at the third stage of truth realm, but while facing this move, he would still need to concentrate with rapt attention.

“Boom!” The Bladelight fiercely chopped down towards that word mountain peak, the two attacks deadlocked for a long time, but the Bladelight finally overpowered the coercion of that word mountain and directly chopped it down into pieces, dispersing golden light everywhere in the sky.

Ye Xiwen did not have the frivolity, rather the strength of the eighth prince was quite spectacular, and he noticed some words written on that word mountain 'strongest of the younger generation' and these were not empty words.

This eighth prince was very strong!

“Oh it's not good, I never imagined that the eighth prince would actually be so strong, even the battle declaration was so outrageously strong, I guess even the masters at the third stage of truth realm will find it difficult to deal with this kind of strength.” A Yi Yuan School's disciple said in a somewhat worried voice. At this time, except for a few people, most of the disciples of Yi Yuan School were still biased in favor of one of their own, Ye Xiwen.

After all, this matter was related to Yi Yuan School's glory.

“Luckily, Ye Xiwen is not some ordinary guy, that blade attack was amazing, I heard that he has recently turned twenty years old and has already stepped into the truth realm, considering this level of talent, he is not inferior to the eighth prince. If he is given few years, he should be able to contend with the eighth prince.” Another disciple said.

“If Ye Xiwen's fame rises, the younger generation of our Yi Yuan School will not lose to the other sects, however, I am afraid that the eighth prince will not give him the time to grow, isn't this the style of the eighth prince to suppress all enemies before they grow stronger?”

“Yes, if it is that Jian Wuchen fighting with Ye Xiwen, then it may seem fair but why is the eighth prince so fixated on him. The eighth prince's ambitions have no limits, he wants the entire Great Yue state to fall under the rule of the royal clan, he doesn't even want to accommodate a force like Yi Yuan School and wants to suppress all his future obstacles, including those who are yet to grow up!”

Many of the disciples of Yi Yuan School were worried, though they clearly recognized the strength of the eighth prince, but regarding his character, it was not easy to say.

“With such a mediocre strength, you actually dare to be so rampant!” Liu Hao sneered and immediately taunted after he saw Ye Xiwen having some difficulty while dealing with the eighth prince's gift.

Naturally, he was very proud of himself because according to him, the members of the Imperial guards were far superior to other truth level masters, their leader was the strongest in the younger generation, in fact, most people were not even qualified to become the Imperial guards.

It was not easy to become the Imperial guards!

“Enough with your nonsense!” Ye Xiwen was quite unhappy, this eighth prince was not an ordinary rampant guy. Considering the way he used the open battle declaration in front of everyone, now it did not matter whether Ye Xiwen wanted to fight or not, he must accept it. Ye Xiwen was sure that the opposite party would certainly direct it towards Yi Yuan School's reputation regardless of whether he would comply or not. Ye Xiwen was not just representing himself, but he was also representing the entire Yi Yuan School in this matter.

It was time for Ye Xiwen to make the decision whether he should accept it or not, it he didn't then everyone would say that Ye Xiwen was afraid and backed out.

This was tantamount to force him to accept this battle declaration, which made Ye Xiwen him extremely unhappy.

“You are courting death, why his highness should dirty his hands and deal with you when I can personally repress you!” Liu Hao was thoroughly mad at the attitude of Ye Xiwen. “You don't deserve to accept his highness's battle declaration!”

When Ye Xiwen heard him, without wasting any time, he instantly took a step, and suddenly, a burst of Zhen Yuan, like the raging wild sea waves, instantly swept toward Liu Hao.

Ye Xiwen released a surge of Zhen Yuan which was so huge that it was easily comparable with the masters at the third stage of truth realm, while Liu Hao was merely a master at the second stage of truth realm.

At this time, Liu Hao and the others finally understood that although Ye Xiwen seemingly was at the first stage of truth realm, but looking at his terrifying Zhen Yuan which could easily submerge them like a raging ocean, it was easy to guess that his strength was much more than what it appeared to be.

This could not be the strength of a man, he was simply a humanoid demon beast.

The endless amount of Zhen Yuan, just like a mighty hammer, instantly and fiercely blasted on Liu Hao’s body.

“Poof!” Liu Hao screamed pitifully and his entire body was sent flying into the sky.

The crowd of onlookers suddenly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and held their breaths. Just now they witnessed the stunning strength of the eighth prince from just the battle declaration envelope and it was actually able to have such strength. But now, they found out that Ye Xiwen must not be underestimated and his actually strength was much more than they anticipated.

As a master at the first stage of truth realm, he was able to actually release such mighty waves of Zhen Yuan, which sent a second stage truth level master like Liu Hao flying into the sky!

At this time, the disciples of Yi Yuan School were having a kind of mixed feelings in their hearts. They were happy from the performance of Ye Xiwen, it was really too aggressive and was nothing like a master at the first stage of truth realm. He actually managed to suppress a genius like Liu Hao, who was at the second stage of truth realm, and actually sent him flying in one shot.

This fighting strength was simply ferocious, as if he was a humanoid demon beast there simply was no comparison between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yifan. Because Luo Yifan was merely at the first stage of truth realm and Ye Xiwen's strength was comparable with the masters at the third stage of truth realm, no wonder there were rumors that Ye Xiwen had defeated Luo Yifan in one on one battle.

In fact, there were even rumors that Luo Yifan’s death was also related to Ye Xiwen. Rumors said that after receiving the message, Ye Xiwen went after Luo Yifan to kill him.

Even after investigating, both Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng hall were unable to get any evidence against Ye Xiwen, but this rumor had been spreading since then. Many people were saying that it was actually Ye Xiwen who killed Luo Yifan.

Contradiction between Luo Yifan and Ye Xiwen was already an open secret and everyone knew about it. Luo Yifan tried several times to intercept Ye Xiwen, sometimes personally or by sending people after him. The news about these things had already spread throughout Yi Yuan School, there was no room for either party to back out from the fact that both parties wanted to kill each other. In order to stamp out the root of future trouble, it was very natural for Ye Xiwen to kill Luo Yifan, things like this happened all this time. Although no one had the direct evidence to prove that Ye Xiwen killed Luo Yifan, but they were greatly suspicious of him, therefore reportedly, it was said that Luo clan was furious and were planning to kill Ye Xiwen, but the top level officials of the sect disagreed since Ye Xiwen was just a suspect and there was no exact evidence to prove that he killed Luo Yifan.

Not to mention, along with Luo Yifan, there were two other truth level masters, and therefore, a lot of people concluded that it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to simultaneously deal with three masters of the truth realm, considering that one of them was at the second stage of truth realm.

However, after Ye Xiwen exposed his true strength just now, everybody was shaken because his real strength was simply unfathomable and was much more terrifying and profound than anticipated. With this much strength, it should be easily to kill Luo Yifan and the other truth level masters. But some time had passed since the incident, so the strength alone could not be solid evidence.

After all, how could ordinary mortals possibly find the traces of clues when the evidence and traces of clues were personally erased by Ye Mo, an ancient monster that had lived for innumerable years!

The thing to worry was that now when Ye Xiwen exhibited such a high talent, the eighth prince would certainly not give up because in order to dominate the entire Great Yue state, the rise of a talent like Ye Xiwen would be a huge threat to his future plans and must be eradicated as soon as possible. And this was going to be an honest excuse to get rid of Ye Xiwen, so he naturally would not miss it.

(To be continued)


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