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Chapter 174 - Simply worthless

This time, the leaders of all segments of social strata among the younger generation of the five forces had gathered in Qianji Island. The news about the eighth prince openly challenging Ye Xiwen for a duel quickly set off the speculations of a lot of people. Even the only speculation of the disciples of Yi Yuan School was that Ye Xiwen would be able to block a few moves of the eighth prince at the best, no one really thought that he would be able to contend with the eighth prince!

Defeat the eighth prince? The very concept of defeat simply never existed in their thoughts!

For a time, no one paid attention to the forthcoming meeting of the five forces, everyone was discussing this matter about the duel between the eighth prince and Ye Xiwen. After all, eighth prince was considered as the strongest existence among the younger generation of all the forces so no matter what he did, it always ended up becoming the object of attention for countless people.

He rushed to his current illustrious prestige in a short time of ten years and was now at the helm of the younger generation, he almost did not have a rival, he was ambitious and wanted compete for the throne of Great Yue state and become the next emperor. For that, he needed to sweep away all the other major forces and establish a more centralized influence of royal clan in the Great Yue state. Regarding this matter, he never tried to conceal it, and in fact, even his slogan clearly showed that he was ambitious to win over the entire state. He formed a party of eight and all of these eight outstanding masters were known as imperial guards. He simply regarded himself as the next emperor of Great Yue state and his imperial guards were just like the personal guards of the emperor.

He dared to call his subordinates as imperial guards and their motto was to conquer the world and bring it under the royal clan's rule, no one knew the real reason behind it, but his group had already been recognized by the Great Yue state's emperor.

Ye Xiwen did not know whether to laugh or cry when he listened to the people's discussion outside, what was wrong with these people, when he said that he would accept the challenge, it was as if it was already decided and no one was going to ask his opinion or decision!

It seemed as if he did not have the right to say anything and would have to comply with the command of the eighth prince. Without even asking him, it seemed like his duel with the eighth prince had already been scheduled, what was going on, there really didn't seem any respect for his opinion!

No one seemed to really care about his opinion. Everyone was fully convinced that since eighth prince challenged Ye Xiwen then he would certainly have to accept the challenge, this strange logic simply left Ye Xiwen in a situation where he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

In fact, a lot of people thought that since the eighth prince had already announced his challenge, even if Ye Xiwen was not his match, whatever might be the outcome of this duel, being the most outstanding disciple in the younger generation of Yi Yuan School, he should not be able to decline this challenge!

Thereupon, everyone was considering this thing as a matter of fact!

Ye Xiwen was sincerely mad at this, he was being regarded as an insignificant existence, as if he really didn't have the fundamental right to make his own decisions and no one seemed to care about what he was thinking. Just because the eighth prince openly challenged him, he had no choice but to comply and engage in a duel with him?

At noon, the sunlight was shining on the earth, distorting the atmosphere, things looked blurred from afar.

The battle declaration was handed down right in front of Ye Xiwen.

"Eighth prince has sent us to relay this battle declaration to you, three months later, he would personally visit Yi Yuan School to have a duel with you, be prepared by that time!" Out of the three people who came with the battle declaration, the black-robed youth looked at Ye Xiwen and said.

Eighth prince was not an ordinary overbearing and rampant guy, this battle declaration was to play with the minds of the disciples of Yi Yuan School. At least, his motive was to make sure there were no rival disciples in his generation, and new rivals were to appear, he would destroy them before become threats to his ultimate plan. It was a well known matter but the place of their duel was actually going to be Yi Yuan School, which was just a way to mock someone on their face!

It was a blatant way to mock someone!

Later, Ye Xiwen came to know that these three people were actually not the disciples of the royal clan. They were actually the outstanding figures of other major forces.

The name of this black-robed youth was Jiaoxu Feng, an outstanding disciple of Tianfeng hall. Long ago, he became renowned as a strong true disciple and was quite formidable. This time, he was representing Tianfeng hall and was going to compete in the competition of true disciples.

Another handsome man around the age of 25 or 26 years was standing behind him. He was clad in an orange robe and was called Liu Hao, one of the talented disciples of Yuncheng. He was also very formidable and was going to represent Yuncheng in the competition of true disciples.

And the last one was a woman, clad in white clothes, looked very pretty, and her name was Jin Ling'er. She was actually a disciple of Yi Yuan School and was widely known among the disciples of Yi Yuan School. There were many disciples who admired her very much, in fact it could be said that she had innumerable admirers in Yi Yuan School, but no one expected her to be a member of Imperial guards.

Jiaoxu Feng spoke but from the look in his eyes, he did not seem to be paying attention to Ye Xiwen at all, as if he was here just to issue the declaration of duel and Ye Xiwen would certainly accept it.

"I'm not interested." Ye Xiwen sudden smiled and said.

"What, you ……" Jiaoxu Feng suddenly said, it seemed as if he never expected to get such a reply from Ye Xiwen. He never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually say that he did not have the slightest interest in it. Before coming to meet Ye Xiwen, he had imagined various scenarios but he never expected Ye Xiwen to directly reject the eighth prince's declaration. He expected that either Ye Xiwen would be angry or terrified after receiving the declaration of duel, but he definitely did not expected to get such an unexpected answer from Ye Xiwen and that too in an indifferent manner.

Immediately, the disciples in the surroundings gathered up to see what was going on, and when they heard Ye Xiwen's reply, dumbfounded looks appeared on their faces, a sudden uproar occurred in the crowd. They could clearly see that this Ye Xiwen was no less rampant than the eighth prince.

Everyone was aware of the arrogance and domineering attitude of the eighth prince. If he said he wanted to fight with someone, that person would have no other choice but to obediently comply.

His arrogance could be seen in the very fact that he openly challenged Ye Xiwen even if he knew that Ye Xiwen was not his match, without caring about Ye Xiwen's opinion. In fact, if there was someone more powerful than Ye Xiwen in the younger generation of Yi Yuan School, then perhaps, he would not even look at Ye Xiwen.

This was the kind of arrogance he had, which was enough to make him dominate the entire world!

However, this seemingly casual remark of Ye Xiwen showed that he was no interested, implying that he was much more aggressive than the eighth prince. Ye Xiwen's words implied as if who was this eighth prince, he never heard of some eighth prince, why should he care about this declaration of duel. There could be no better valid and powerful comeback than this.

Ye Xiwen finished saying then turned around to walk away.

But, suddenly, a loud shout came from behind him: "Stop!"

Liu Hao arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and said: "And you still call yourself a man, you are actually trying to run away, do you want to become a laughing stock in front of everyone?"

Ye Xiwen disdainfully smiled because he knew that today, if he turned around to leave then it was not going to be him who would become the laughing stock but the eighth prince!

People were too lazy to understand what was hidden in the words of Liu Hao!

It could be said that these were coarse words and Liu Hao seemed to be speaking for Ye Xiwen, but in actuality, he was speaking for the eighth prince.

"Somehow, it is none of your business." Ye Xiwen squeezed out these words from the gap between his teeth and it sounded unusually disdaining.

"What did you say, a coward like you, who wants to run away from a fight, actually dares to be so arrogant? I see, so you must be afraid of his Highness!" Liu Hao said.

"Yes, Ye Xiwen, you want to flee without a fight then do so, but it will hurt the reputation of our Yi Yuan School, and after this, how you think will others see the disciples of our Yi Yuan School!" At this time, the female disciple named Jin Ling'er suddenly said.

"Hmph! What utter nonsense." Ye Xiwen coldly smiled and said, "You seem so concerned about how others will see our Yi Yuan School, but don't worry, the disciples of Yi Yuan School are proper and prideful, they don't need to go to someone else and work like their dog. But sometimes I think, if our Yi Yuan School had such a disciple, I wonder how other people will see our Yi Yuan School."

"You ……" The face of Jin Ling'er suddenly flushed with anger, she gritted her teeth and her eyes looked straight at Ye Xiwen as if she would tear him to shreds with her vision itself.

She had never hated a man so much in her life because Ye Xiwen actually likened her with a dog. She never felt that there was something wrong following a strong person, after all strength was the ultimate law in this world, not to mention the eighth prince was considered a peerless master and she held supreme honor as his follower, but all of this was torn to pieces by the few words of Ye Xiwen.

The looks in the eyes of several disciples standing in the surroundings suddenly changed, because they had never thought about it in such a way, but after listening to what Ye Xiwen said just now, it seemed correct, what Imperial guards, weren't they working like dogs for someone else?

Still the most loyal dogs!

This also made her simultaneously feel ashamed and resentful towards Ye Xiwen, it seemed as if they wanted to kill Ye Xiwen then and there to vent their hatred.

"Ye Xiwen, if you are scared, kneel down and kowtow then I will ask our eighth prince to let you off!" Jin Ling'er said viciously. She wanted that Ye Xiwen must kneel down and kowtow in order to crush his invincible heart, and only then she would be able to calm her anger down a little.

"What an idiot!" Ye Xiwen coldly smiled then turned around to walk away. "What eighth prince, I have never heard of him, if he wants to fight with me, it's very simple, tell him to come in person and challenge me, if he likes to put on airs then he should stop thinking that these things would have any effect on me."

The whole crowd was in uproar after hearing this, after all the words of Ye Xiwen were a direct hit on the eighth prince's face, and saying 'what eighth prince' in front of so many people was like a directly insult to the eighth prince.

This completely angered the three members of the Imperial guards.

"I know that he is afraid, our eighth prince is the strongest character in the younger generation and he is just an ant-like ordinary guy in front of him. Now, he has certainly gained a clear understanding of his own pathetic existence." Liu Hao said in a harsh tone.

"Ye Xiwen, you are really very scared aren't you?" Jiaoxu Feng looked at Ye Xiwen and said.

"Your foolish attempt to instigate me into action won't work." Ye Xiwen indifferently said. "Do not think that I am like you people. Perhaps for you all, this eighth prince is everything, a god like existence or something, but as far as I am concerned, he is simply worthless."

(To be continued)

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