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Chapter 176 Imperial guards are mediocre

The disciples of Yi Yuan School were having mixed feelings and were happy and worried at the same time. There were excited looks on their faces while they were guessing that perhaps, Ye Xiwen might block several moves. Moreover, the majority of people guessed that Ye Xiwen would be able to block only ten or so moves. In fact, there were a lot of people who thought that he won't be able to block even a single move.

In that case, it was too boring because Ye Xiwen would be no different than several other outstanding geniuses, already trampled and crushed by the eighth prince. And then, there sincerely was no meaning to all of this anyway.

However at this time, Ye Xiwen actually showed the strength far more than they imagined, they discovered how ruthless he actually was, moreover, not just ruthlessness, they also saw the terrifying strength of Ye Xiwen with their own eyes.

It could be said that perhaps, even the strength possessed by the masters at the third stage of truth realm would be far less than his strength. And after three months, no one knew to what extent his strength might grow and this was definitely a very interesting thing, which would definitely lead to an unusual but interesting battle, and should not be boring at that time.

“You, you dared to injure Liu Hao, do you plan to defy the imperial guards?” Jin Ling'er looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen, “Do you actually think that the members of Imperial guards are a waste like Luo Yifan?”

“If not for his highness's wish to personally deal with you, any one of us Imperial guards can easily trample him!” Jin Ling'er looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. “You have put your family in trouble, they will die without the burial ground!”

“Well, well, well, now you have done it, Imperial guards!” Ye Xiwen sneered, “You are nothing but a bunch of eighth prince's dogs and you actually dare to threaten me!”

The Imperial guards didn't know that they just now invoked the wrath of the emperor!

The talk about Ye Xiwen's family being in danger was more than enough to invite the wrath of the emperor!

Seeing a ruthless look flashing in Ye Xiwen's eyes, Jiaoxu Feng quickly understood that something bad was about to happen, he was not like Jin Ling'er, who had always admired the eighth prince and any act of slandering the reputation of the eighth prince was enough to enrage her. Ye Xiwen disrespected the eighth prince several times and right in front of her which thoroughly made her lose her mind.

But Jiaoxu Feng did not lose his temper because he knew that Ye Xiwen was very powerful, although Liu Hao was quite reckless, but the members of the Imperial guards were not ordinary masters, they were overall geniuses including strength and skills, but Liu Hao was directly sent flying by a single attack from Ye Xiwen, what kind of fighting strength did this Ye Xiwen actually possess? This scene had shocked all the people present there because it was simply beyond the imagination of anyone.

“Ye Xiwen, we’ve come instead of his highness to deliver the declaration of duel, we don't mean any harm!” Jiaoxu Feng stepped forward and immediately said.

“No harm? No harm you say, good one!” Ye Xiwen laughed and said, “First you threaten my family and now you even dare shouting in front of me!”

“Since you want me to receive this declaration of duel no matter what, then I will, but in the meantime, I’d like to test the strength of the so-called Imperial guards of the eighth prince and see how much formidable they actually are!” Ye Xiwen shouted and used the Coiling dragon palm, which he had already practiced to the acme level. His palm turned into a dragon claw, glowing with a terrifying dragon qi and instantly moved towards them.

Ye Xiwen's attack was extremely powerful when compared to before, he had already practiced the first two moves of “Coiling dragon palm” to the acme level, and all of a sudden, he demonstrate the full might of this technique. In an instant, the dragon qi overflowed the surrounding area and it seemed as if a dragon had descended from the heaven to rule the world.

In a blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Jiaoxu Feng. Although, Jiaoxu Feng was not willing to fight with Ye Xiwen at this time, but when he saw this attack coming towards him, he was left with no choice and he immediately shot his palm, however his palm technique was extremely abstruse and both of their attack instantly collided.

Although he was at the second stage of truth realm, but both his skill and strength were far inferior to those of Ye Xiwen, plus when it came to the palm techniques used by them, Jiaoxu Feng's palm technique was nowhere close to the Coiling dragon palm technique, and only in the moment, it seemed like Ye Xiwen's attack contained an irresistible force that instantly crushed his attack and fiercely blasted on his body.

“Bang!” Jiaoxu Feng's whole body was blasted away and several of his bones were broken. He spouted a mouthful of blood and almost lost consciousness after falling and severely hitting the ground.

Even so, the disciples of Tianfeng Hall who were standing in the surrounding didn't react or intercept when Ye Xiwen suddenly attacked Jiaoxu Feng, a disciple of Tianfeng Hall. Moreover, this was not a fight between Yi Yuan School and Tianfeng Hall, but Ye Xiwen and the eighth prince's Imperial guards, in fact, even a disciple of Yi Yuan School, Jin Ling'er was also a part of the Imperial guards. Besides that, the disciples of Tianfeng Hall did not hold goodwill for Jiaoxu Feng, because even if he was a disciple of Tianfeng Hall, he was still a member of Imperial guards and being a member of Imperial guard was no different than betraying one's own sect. After all, the eighth prince's ambition was to rule the entire Great Yue state and large martial sects like Yi Yuan School, Tianfeng Hall, etc., were going to become obstacles in the way of his ambition.

And these members of Imperial guards, without exception, were being manipulated by the eighth prince, they were under his mind control and were willing acting as his lackeys and were just like his dogs, so how could they possibly have any favorable impression in the minds of everyone.

Ye Xiwen's black hair was swaying with the wing, his facial expression looked extremely cold, and surrounded by the dragon congealed from the Coiling dragon palm technique, he was just like the emperor who had come into this world, and suddenly, for a time, Jin Ling'er was left in a somewhat absent-minded state while she was standing gawking in front of this invincible being. This was the kind of invincible aura she had felt only on the body of the eighth prince, however this time, she felt the same kind of terror while standing in front of a much younger man.

“Impossible, in this world, there can only be one king, one god, and that is going to our eighth prince, you are nothing in front of him!” As if the feeling of belief in her heart for the eighth prince had been provoked by Ye Xiwen, Jin Ling'er instantly started to shout like a tigress, she roared loudly, and the long sword in her hand instantly chopped out.

“Flying beauty!” Jin Ling'er pulled out her long sword and released a bright Swordlight. She flew in the air and was just like a flying beautiful woman, she appeared very beautiful and graceful, but the long sword in her hands looked extremely cold like ice.

Ye Xiwen knew that this was one of the secret techniques called 'beautiful lady sword technique' and only the true disciples of high-level sects could practice and obtain complete teachings about this technique.

One could see that this beautiful lady sword technique had been practiced to a superb level. This beautiful woman was fragrant but was deadly poisonous as well. Her ice cold sharp sword instantly rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't have the slightest fear while facing her, his palm turned into dragon claws and grasped towards the incoming attack. In the next moment, that beautiful and ice cold Swordlight was directly caught by Ye Xiwen and then crushed to smithereens.

“How is this possible, how can your body be so powerful?” It was simply very hard for Jin Ling'er to accept such an outcome, it was simply unimaginable. How could Ye Xiwen be so powerful to actually hold her sword attack with his bare hands and then he directly crushed it, such ability was really very scary.

But she didn't have to wait long because Ye Xiwen immediately decided to give her the answer by returning the favor with interest. He used celestial step and instantly arrived in front of her, a huge coiling dragon instantly congealed out of nowhere and slapped her.

“Bang!” Jin Ling'er could not hide from it even if she wanted to, she did not have the slightest chance to evade this attack because Ye Xiwen had simultaneously used the missing moon beheader along with the coiling dragon palm technique in order to block her retreat, and she eventually had to endure Ye Xiwen's slap in the face.

“Poof!” Jin Ling'er spouted out mouthful of blood and her frail body was instantly blown away after receiving a slap on the face. This slap was so intense that her body was sent flying into the sky while spinning all the way then fiercely fell on the ground.

Ye Xiwen was not the type who would show mercy to a confused chaotic woman like Jin Ling'er, but it could be said that he was slightly considerate about the fact that she belonged to the same sect as him, otherwise he wouldn't possibly let her off with just a slap on the face.

“How dare you hurt us, his highness will not let you off!” Jin Ling'er did not faint and looked at Ye Xiwen with a pernicious expression on her face.

“Cut the crap, if you bother me anymore, I’ll kill you all.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice, and while saying so, his whole body was shrouded in an intention to kill. No one present there would take his words as a joke, because everyone could feel that Ye Xiwen was not in a good mood, and considering the current situation, he might do such a thing as he was certainly not a softhearted person.

Jin Ling'er and the other members of Imperial guards looked at Ye Xiwen with clear hatred in their eyes but they didn't dare to speak anymore. They knew well that even a slight slip of tongue could lead to instant death.

Ye Xiwen turned around and indifferently said: “Eighth prince is relying on his Imperial guards to go on military conquest of the world, but it in itself seems quite mediocre.”

“Ye Xiwen, don't be so full of yourself, we are ordinary members of the Imperial guards and today, you have disrespected the eighth prince's own Imperial guards. Sooner or later, there will be high-level experts on their way to find you and you may not even live till the time his highness meets you.” Jiaoxu Feng said in a struggling voice.

“It doesn't matter who it is, if someone wants to step on my head, they better stay away because even if it's a god, I’ll kill him, even if it's a devil, I’ll kill him!” Ye Xiwen's voice thundered and resounded throughout the sky, his voice proliferates everywhere like an undeniable meaning.

Even after looking at the somewhat slim stature of Ye Xiwen, people still could not help but believe in Ye Xiwen's proclamation. They just knew in their hearts that he was not boasting for show, that there were no lies in his words.

The disciples watching this whole thing from the beginning never actually expected that things would evolve so quickly and take such a turn in the end. The eighth prince sent his Imperial guards to relay the declaration of duel to Ye Xiwen, which clearly showed his domineering and aggressive demeanor.

But the things developed far more quickly than they imagined and they actually discovered how stubborn and incomparably insolent Ye Xiwen actually could become in a situation like this. And they knew quite well that facing such a form of injustice where his own views were being ignored outright by the opposite party, his approach was quite right, and in the end, he didn't tolerate bullying and humiliation.

These three members of Imperial guards behaved arrogantly and held a superior attitude while notifying Ye Xiwen about the declaration of duel, which really angered Ye Xiwen. They kind of forced him into teaching them a lesson about who was actually the superior one.

Many people were excited at these turn of events. Ye Xiwen's actions were tantamount to land a bitter slap on the face of eighth prince.

Now that Ye Xiwen had flung a severe slap right on the face of the Imperial guards, they won't let go so easily, they would certainly send the high-level truth realm masters after Ye Xiwen.

But Ye Xiwen was also like a bottomless pit, there didn't seem to be any limits on his strength. At least right now, no one could compel him to display his full strength, but there was one thing for sure that the collision between the two sides would certainly be earth-shattering.

(To be continued)


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