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Chapter 157 - War of words


A horrifying giant hand descended from the sky, grasped both the Bladelight and Swordqi and instantly destroyed them.

Those extremely sharp and terrifying attacks were directly grasped in that big hand and were extinguished without a trace, there simply was no room for any resistance and both attacks were immediately obliterated after getting caught.

"What are you two trying to do?" A rainbow appeared in the distant sky, and in a flash, an old man in black clothes came flying and stopped in front of the two men.

"Elder Jing Xuan, this Ye Xiwen has been possessed by the devil emperor in the depths of Mosha territory and is basically a devil!" Luo Yifan hastily said.

"Ah?" Elder Jing Xuan looked at Ye Xiwen and said in a cold voice.

Ye Xiwen looked at that Elder Jing Xuan and narrowed his eyes, while at this time, Ye Mo's voice echoed in his mind.

"Ye Xiwen, you have to be careful of this old man, I had discovered that he was hiding in a distance place, and did not come out, before I only considered him as the elder who protects the disciples, but when Luo Yifan was trying to bully you a moment ago, he did not come out, and now that you have an upper hand, he came out. I think he has some ill intentions."

Ye Xiwen secretly nodded in his heart and there was quite a bad look in the eyes of this Elder Jing Xuan. He definitely had ill intentions and was planning to do something bad in the future.

"Why don't you speak?" The Elder Jing Xuan asked in a cold voice.

"What do I need to say?" Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

"Elder Jing Xuan, he has nothing to say, he is certainly the spy of those devils." Luo Yifan stubbornly stared at Ye Xiwen with a pernicious look in his eyes.

"I also think that he looks very suspicious, look how I use my soul surgery technique to search your soul and uncover all your secrets." Elder Jing Xuan said about the vicious method of soul surgery technique, which was extremely malicious and was so deadly that it was rarely used to interrogate prisoners, unless the prisoner was already condemned, or it was directly used on the caught devil masters, because after the soul surgery technique was used, the entire soul would collapse. It was said that the person would go crazy or turn into a fool or directly die.

When Luo Yifan heard this, he grinned fiendishly, because soon, Ye Xiwen was going to die!

There was a faint thrill and pleasant sensation in his heart!

"Who do you think you are? You actually dared to even think about searching my soul!" Ye Xiwen coldly stared at that Elder Jing Xuan, although he knew deep in his heart that this Elder Jing Xuan should be a lot stronger than him, but he was not scared even the slightest, "I am now comparable to the truth realm masters and soon going to get promoted as an authentic true disciple, you're just an elder and share position with me quite a bit, however, you dare to treat me like a devil spy and even mentioned searching my soul, you are really quite audacious."

The complexion of Elder Jing Xuan stayed unchanged, he knew that Ye Xiwen was aware of the truth, but this time, he was already determined that he would not let him off, otherwise a peerless genius like him would become a potential threat in the future. Ye Xiwen must never be allowed to grow, or he might bring a disaster upon him.

"Well, you have quite a razor sharp mouth, kid." Elder Jing Xuan sneered and said, "It does not matter even if you have a glib tongue, it will be of no use today because this old man will definitely search your soul."

After saying this, Elder Jing Xuan congealed a big hand which was made up of world Lingqi and directly slammed towards Ye Xiwen.


A dazzling Bladelight flashed and a shaking Bladeqi was instantly chopped out, Ye Xiwen definitely was not the kind of person who would sit still, and now that he know that other party had ill intentions and wanted to kill him, it was even more impossible for him to place his own destiny in the hands of others.

"Boom!" This long Bladeqi was certainly dazzling, just like the stars in a starry sky, and then, it fiercely fell towards that big gasified hand and collided.

The gasified big hand was instantly split open and an endless amount of Lingqi dispersed wantonly in the atmosphere.

"Old guy, I will sue you in front of the Elders Council and make you die without a burial ground!" Ye Xiwen shouted, if he was just an inner disciple then no would bother listening to him, but at present, he was comparable to the true disciples, though his inner state had not yet stepped into the truth realm, but he possessed the strength of truth realm, so what was the difference between him and other true disciples!

The Elder Jing Xuan did not plan to stop instead he started to put an even greater intensity in his attacks in order to directly kill Ye Xiwen.

"Stop!" A loud shout came from the sky and a sharp Swordqi fell directly from the sky and instantly eliminated the attack of Elder Jing Xuan.

Everyone looked up and saw that Lin Zhantian was flying down leaving a trail of rainbow in the sky and started slowly descending from the clouds and said to Jing Xuan: "Brother Jing Xuan Brother, what made you attack a disciple?"

Ling Zhantian was slowly coming more and more near.

At this time, Jing Xuan suddenly cursed in his heart at the unexpected appearance of Lin Zhantian, but he did not continue to attack Ye Xiwen, because now that Lin Zhantian was here, he knew that he could definitely not make a misstep.

"Brother Lin, I suspect that he has been possessed by a devil and is actually their spy." Jing Xuan answered.

"Do you have evidence?" Lin Zhantian said.

"Of course, in such a short time, this Ye Xiwen's cultivation has actually enhanced by a great deal, now, he is actually comparable to the true disciples, this is really very suspicious and a strong reason to suspect that he is a spy of devils!" At this time, Luo Yifan said in a loud voice.

"This is such a bullshit reason, well I can say the same about you. I can easily suspect that the dog and pig like people of Luo clan, who are actually able to occupy high positions and are able to practice to such great extent, are certainly possessed by the devils, maybe colluding together with them in order to subvert the rule of Yi Yuan School." Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

"You are courting death!" Luo Yifan shouted and it seemed as if he would once again start fighting with Ye Xiwen.

"It just so happens, you just now tried to kill me to settle my old accounts with Luo clan, and I'd like to see how the Elders Council intends to say about this matter which considers the life and death of a truth level disciple. Your Luo clan intended to intercept and kill me in the Mosha territory, so Luo clan will have to give a proper explanation." Ye Xiwen smiled and said in a cold voice. He knew that reasoning was sometimes very important, but sometimes, it was not worth mentioning.

If Ye Xiwen had been killed here, why would Luo Yifan give explanation to anyone? It was not important! Nobody would bother about a dead man, an inner disciple, and try to mess with Luo clan!

But now, since Ye Xiwen did not die, the situation was completely different!

Elder Council was basically the ruling place, because of the present of sect head, Tangshan elder and the leaders of various peaks in the sect, many high level experts would basically enter the depths of space and time and stay there all year round and would not easily come out, therefore the lower level elders were made responsible for handling matters in their absence, of course, Elder Council was only alerted when the matter involved elders or true disciples.

Although, right now, Ye Xiwen was not a true disciple, but his fighting strength was comparable to a truth level master and this was a sufficient reason to alert the Elders Council.

Luo Yifan's complexion suddenly turned unsightly, if it was before that Ye Xiwen had dared to speak in front of him, he would have crushed him with just a slap, but now was not the same, Ye Xiwen's strength increased by leaps and bounds, to an extent that even he did not know the upper limit of his strength.

He could not beat Ye Xiwen, neither could he talk back, all he was doing was giving a cold look to Ye Xiwen.

"Well, well, well, you dare to frequently shout in front of me, he is really a devil, and is definitely under the control of a devil!" Elder Jing Xuan shouted, the disciples standing in the surroundings were also hearing their conversation.

Immediately, several doubts appeared in their hearts, it was no wonder, after all Ye Xiwen's strength increased way too fast, far more than the fastest point they could ever imagine. After Mosha territory trial finished, his strength actually exceeded that of all core disciples, and even a true disciple like Luo Yifan was not his match anymore.

They had seen with their own eyes that even a true disciple like Luo Yifan had been completely cornered by Ye Xiwen and if Elder Jing Xuan had not interfered then perhaps, things would have been very dangerous for Luo Yifan.

Ye Xiwen even had the audacity to actually challenge a super master like Jing Xuan who was actually at the third stage of truth realm.

Was he really possessed by a devil!

"Elder Jing Xuan, this matter of being controlled by the devil cannot be taken lightly and we must avoid hasty judgment, if according to what you said, Luo Yifan actually tried to intercept and kill the peerless genius of our Yi Yuan School on the spot, I think he was able to do such a lunatic thing because it is actually him who is under the control of devils." Lin Zhentian lightly said but it was actually in an undeniable tone.

"How can you say that? Luo Yifan has performed many merits in our Yi Yuan School, how can he possibly be a devil spy?" Elder Jing Xuan gritted his teeth and said, he certainly knew that their so-called evidence was simply irrational, but he never thought that Lin Zhentian would actually not give him face and would so easily debunk this affair.

"Today's matter is not over yet, it won't end until your Luo clan gives me an explanation about their actions." Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

"If there was a mistake, it was the mistake of the situation itself." Elder Jing Xuan finally said in a somewhat relaxed manner, he knew that once this matter went too far and reached the ears of the Elders Council, it would mean a lot of trouble because those old guys held major power in the sect.

"Then in accordance to what you say, I can also kill him when I get an opportunity, and when asked for an explanation, I can say that it's not my mistake, it's the mistake of the situation itself." Ye Xiwen said in an unforgiving manner.

"You, do not change the subject, now you want others to give an explanation, why don't you explain how your cultivation suddenly increased by leaps and bounds and that too so fast!" Elder Jing Xuan clamored and did not allow Ye Xiwen to change the subject, but he himself managed to change the subject from Luo Yifan to Ye Xiwen, by asking about the reason behind his bizarre cultivation growth.

"Hmph, why do I need to explain it to you? Who do you think you are? To me, you are no different than a pig who cannot understand my practice speed." Ye Xiwen rambled and simply wasn't afraid of him, because he knew that Yi Yuan School was not going to pursue this matter, even those true disciples and elders kept many secrets from their fortuitous encounters and adventures, so long as they did not harm the integrity of the sect, Yi Yuan School would not try to investigate into their secrets.

"Brother Jing Xuan, this matter is not something you and I can solve. Luo Yifan tried to intercept Ye Xiwen and I'll report this to the Elder Council, even if Ye Xiwen also falls under suspicion, the Elder Council will pass the final judgment, you must know that it simply does not fall under your jurisdiction." Lin Zhentian said in a cold voice.

(To be continued)

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