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Chapter 158 - Qingfeng Mountain's origins

"Brother Jing Xuan, this matter is not something you and I can solve. Luo Yifan tried to intercept Ye Xiwen and I'll report this to the Elder Council, even if Ye Xiwen also falls under suspicion, the Elder Council will pass the final judgment, you must know that it simply does not fall under your jurisdiction." Lin Zhentian said in a cold voice. "It is time that people come to know that they cannot bully the people of our Qingfeng Mountain vein."

"Let's go." Lin Zhantian said to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and followed Lin Zhantian, and in a flash, both of them disappeared into the horizon.

Luo Yifan looked at their leaving figures and his face immediately flushed with anger, he had never hated someone so much in his entire life, he determined in his heart that Ye Xiwen must be cut to pieces.

Standing on one side, the complexion on Elder Jin Xuan face did not look good, he was contemplating countermeasures because if this matter was referred to the Elders Council then things would no longer be so simple in the end.

Ye Xiwen was flying behind Lin Zhantian, and in a while, they soon crossed a very far distance.

"Ye Xiwen, you really have my admiration." Lin Zhantian said.

Ye Xiwen smiled, a rare embarrassed look appeared on his face. Lin Zhantian was his elder and seemed to have a great relationship with his father, and not just that, he had repeatedly saved him on several occasions, so Ye Xiwen felt very relaxed in front of him.

Ye Xiwen was not as reserved in front of him as he used to be in front of others!

Not to mention, Ling Zhantian had saved him many times!

"I do not think so." Ye Xiwen said in a polite manner but this was obviously not true, he knew very well that both his cultivation and strength had reached a terrifying level during the time he spent in Mosha territory, which far exceeded his own expectations.

Although he had not yet set foot into the truth realm, but it was only a matter of time, he believed that he would be able to achieve it very soon.

"Your father had told me earlier that you suddenly got enlightenment one day, but I did not think that your cultivation will reach all the way to the truth realm in such a short time." Lin Zhantian said with a smile. "There are rumors that ancients experts used to suddenly get enlightenment and their cultivation soared instantly, previously I considered those rumors as myths and legends, but now after seeing you, I have to come to believe, that maybe, people like that actually existed?"

Ye Xiwen smiled but did not speak, because he knew that it was not the result of enlightenment. It was actually the mysterious space in his mind that was actually the root cause behind his cultivation increasing by leaps and bounds.

But when his father had asked him, he casually said that it was due to the enlightenment, and it became the best excuse to cover up his secret because enlightenment was actually a very difficult to explain or understand. There were a lot of unexplainable things in this world and gaining enlightenment was a way to open the door to understand these things, but it was very hard to achieve.

"You are very fortunate and you must cherish it." Lin Zhantian said, "But in spite of your peerless talent, so long as you think that you are doing the right thing and want help from this old guy, remember I am still alive and would certainly lend a hand, I can also provide shelter to a junior like you if you are ever in danger."

Ye Xiwen smiled, Lin Zhantian was a talent from over one hundred years ago, and as a true master, his life was only just starting. Comparing with the life span of an ordinary human, he was just like a 20 years old guy.

However, Lin Zhantian was a 100 year old genius and was actually able to reach the peak of third stage of truth realm. It could be said that this was a very high achievement.

As far as Ye Xiwen's perception of cultivation level was concerned, now that his fighting strength increased dramatically and reached all the way to the truth realm, the cultivation level of other people no longer appeared blurred to him, as it used to be in the past. Truth level masters were very enigmatic and it was difficult to ascertain their strengths, but now, their strength or cultivation level no longer looked so unfathomable to Ye Xiwen.

Previously, Ye Xiwen always thought that the ancestor of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, Lin Zhantian, was a Xiantian level master and must be at the peak of Xiantian ninth stage, but this time, he was able to completely understand that he was actually a truth level master, in fact, he was at the peak of truth third stage and was much stronger than Elder Jing Xuan.

So, when Elder Jing Xuan had seen Lin Zhantian coming, he tactfully decided to pull back his hands because he knew that he was not a match of Lin Zhantian.

"During this time, you have developed a lot." Lin Zhantian was talking about the time period, during which, Ye Xiwen had come to the Main Sect and continued to cause uproars throughout the sect. As the youngest son of an old friend, he was very concerned about him, not to mention, he also wanted that Ye Xiwen must focus on practice, "As long as you show enough potential and perform enough merits for the sect, Luo clan won't be able to touch you."

Ye Xiwen nodded, he also knew that according to the notion of Yi Yuan School, the most important thing was talent and ability, as well as strength. Wasn't this so-called Luo Clan running amuck because of its strength?

Similarly, if Ye Xiwen displayed exceptional strength and enough talent, then the sect would have admiration for him, at that time, Luo Clan would naturally not be so reckless.

"It is my fault that I did not make things clear in the beginning. I did not expect that your strength would increase so fast that you would actually achieve the strength of truth realm." Lin Zhantian said, "Although our Qingfeng Mountain veins are not very strong, but it has some influence, and, the founder of our Qingfeng Mountain vein is among the group of Taishang elders."

Ye Xiwen was surprised a moment, he did not expect that the founder of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school was actually a Taishang elder, this was far beyond his expectation, one must know that there were very few Taishang elders in Yi Yuan Schools, and not many of the sub-school were founded by Taishang elders, except the three major sub-school, there were only five or six sub-schools, founded by a Taishang elder, and without exception, all of these sub-schools were considered the most formidable among all of the sub-schools.

The Qingfeng Mountain sub-school could only be regarded as a medium level sub-school among so many sub-schools, so Ye Xiwen never thought that a medium level sub-school had actually been founded by a Taishang elder.

However, if Qingfeng Mountain did not have the strong backing of Yi Yuan School then how they could even secure Blood Yuan fruit and other material treasures, they would already have been robbed long ago.

"Teacher ancestor, his holiness, is very satisfied from your performance." Lin Zhantian said, "All these years, the arrogance of the people of Luo clan has really crossed the limit and gone too far, they dragged you in such a situation, not to mention, you are not at wrong and your actions are supported by right reasons, if people of Luo clan are not affable then our Qingfeng Mountain vein is not soft persimmon either."

Lin Zhantian lightly said but his tone was unquestionably overbearing, justifying the influence of Qingfeng Mountain vein, not to mention, it was obvious from Lin Zhantian's explanation that Qingfeng Mountain vein would never allow others to hurt their disciple.

Yi Yuan School was like a crisscross of an organization and had several factions, a faction was also an organization with its own set of disciples, and, these disciples also belonged to top ten peaks, then they had relationships with their respective sub-schools as well, and so on.

Ye Xiwen was the star of Qingfeng Mountain, even if he now belonged to the Main Sect, but it would never change the fact that he came from Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, he was a disciple of Main Sect, but he was also a disciple of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, he enjoyed the blessings of the seniors of Qingfeng Mountain but also must take the responsibility to look after the later generations.

There were all kinds of complicated relations and if one wanted to become a leader, one would have to spend a lot of time sorting out these relationships, regulating conflicts between these factions, and in the future, Ye Xiwen did not want to spend most of his time sorting out these problems and relationships.

"Before, I also wanted to let you grow freely so I did not bring you with me to meet him, but now I think, you can go ahead and make a contact in advance, I will take you to meet the founder." Lin Zhantian said, "You must be very surprised knowing about the semblance of our vein right?"

Lin Zhantian read the surprised look on Ye Xiwen's face and seemed to have guessed what he was thinking at the moment. He somewhat sighed with emotion, in the past, he had a similar surprised reaction like Ye Xiwen when he had come to know about the true strength of Qingfeng Mountain vein, there were a lot of people in Yi Yuan School, who did not know about this secret.

"Our vein is rather special, it's not the same as the other one, because we are relatively low-key compared to them!" Lin Zhantian laughed and said, "So people outside do not know that we are in this vein, even the disciples of our own Qingfeng Mountain vein do not anything about this secret vein, because only those who have reached the truth realm are considered the members of this secret vein, but most of these truth level members are in the depths of space and time and practicing, they don't come out much often."

(NT: There are actually two veins of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. First one is weak and known to everyone, second is a secret vein which accepts only truth level disciples from Qingfeng Mountain as members.)

"In fact, the founder of our vein was actually the closing disciple of the patriarch of Yi Yuan School, when he got old, he handed his legacies down to his closing disciple, this continued for generations, but we have always been relatively low-key, slowly working in the shadows." Lin Zhantian said. (NT: Closing disciples = last disciple of a master.)

Seeing the confused look on Ye Xiwen's face, Lin Zhantian began to tell Ye Xiwen about the origin of this vein. The founder of Qingfeng Mountain vein was actually the youngest closing disciple of Yi Yuan School's patriarch, who was already reaching the final years of his life. After his skill enhanced, he left Yi Yuan School and went out. Actually, at that time, the governance of Yi Yuan School was in the hands of the other senior closing disciples of the patriarch. The ten great disciples had firmly grasped full control over the entire Yi Yuan School and did not want to welcome him, after all, if he joined then it would certainly disrupt the existing equilibrium of power and they did not want that to happen.

Qingfeng Mountain vein's founder was not willing to start a conflict with his fellow brothers and also had no interest in the struggle for power, so he left the Main Sect and went to the Qingfeng Mountain, where he established the Qingfeng Mountain vein and handed down all his techniques and legacies, taught by the patriarch of Yi Yuan School himself, and it now existed as the branch of Yi Yuan School till present.

Ye Xiwen also came to understand the reason that Qingfeng Mountain vein maintained a low-key because of the other ten main veins, because they would be scared that Qingfeng Mountain vein would become extremely strong and might take away their share, so this was for the best of all.

However, Ye Xiwen finally understood that no wonder there were so many similarities between Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and Yi Yuan School's Main Sect, and it was also able to monopolize a treasure like Blood Yuan fruit for so many years.

(To be continued)

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