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Chapter 156 – Completely suppressed

Tianyuan mirror was hidden in Ye Xiwen's body and ordinary attacks simply could not hurt him, not to mention, his body had become incomparably tough after practicing 'Tyrant body technique'.

Ye Xiwen could unscrupulously attack and sustain attacks as well, disregarding his own safety but Luo Yifan could not be so unscrupulous like him. Although Luo Yifan's body was very strong, but not so abnormally formidable like Ye Xiwen, and the uniformly powerful attacks would be able to seriously wound him.

“Missing moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen summoned the missing moon beheader's blade intention which congealed several blade diagrams in the sky that started to emit endless amount of Bladelight in the air which ultimately condensed into a huge Bladelight, and all of a sudden, it went towards Luo Yifan.

Very bright and brilliant Bladelight filled the entire atmosphere and rushed through the air drawing dazzling marks in the sky.

“Boom!” Luo Yifan immediately struck his sword which severely clashed with the Bladelight, and suddenly, the tremendous power present in the collision gave rise to mighty shock waves and a giant storm. Luo Yifan was blasted away and sent flying directly by the impact of this terrifying power, he spurted out a mouthful of blood, his body somersaulted several times in the midair and severely fell down on the ground.

“How is this possible!” Luo Yifan looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen, how could he be so formidable, even if he just stepped into the truth realm, he should not be so powerful, after all, he himself had stepped into the truth realm almost a decade ago, how was he losing to a man who recently stepped into the truth realm!

Monster! In the end, what kind of monster was he, how could he possibly be so formidable! (NT: I am using the term monster for evildoer as suggested by some readers)

“Monster, you have certainly been possessed by a devil, I am sure about it, you must have ventured into the depths of Mosha territory, and there, you have been possessed by the devil emperor, who wants to subvert my Yi Yuan School!” Luo Yifan suddenly shouted in a loud.

How could he guess that Ye Xiwen actually possessed a mysterious space as a hidden weapon that helped him in comprehending the world laws quickly, and due to that, he was able to achieve the fighting strength of a master of truth realm so fast. Although Luo Yifan stepped into the truth realm almost ten years earlier, but Ye Xiwen had a mysterious space and so long as he kept on burning spirit stones and supplying Lingqi to the mysterious space unceasingly, his understanding would continue to rise exponentially. In the last few days, Ye Xiwen had almost completely burned his total stock of spirit stones and only a mere thousand spirit stones remained in the stock. Thanks to that, his understanding had increased by leaps and bounds in the past few days, and right now, his fighting strength was even more than that of Luo Yifan.

Although at present, Ye Xiwen's fighting strength had not yet reached the peak of the first stage of truth realm, but it had already surpassed the fighting strength of Luo Yifan.

“Shua!” As an answer to Luo Yifan's loud shout, accompanied by a sharp piercing sound and displaying a magnificent brilliance in the sky, Ye Xiwen chopped out a terrifying Bladelight towards him.

This time, Luo Yifan did not show his arrogance, and observed carefully without daring to take Ye Xiwen's attack head on, and in a flash, he leapt several dozen feet back to escape the range of this blade attack.

“Boom!” The brilliant Bladelight pounded on the ground, directly resulting in a more than ten meters wide and five or six meters deep crater.

“In the end, what is the background of this Ye Xiwen, I initially heard that he had beheaded Luo Fangyi which is surprising enough, and now, he is even suppressing a true disciple like Luo Yifan as if it's a child's play for him. He truly is a monster!”

“Brother Luo's sword technique is considered as the strongest sword technique in the younger generation, but how is a newbie like Ye Xiwen oppressing him!”

“I agree, this is just way too weird.”

At this strange scene, many of the spectating disciples secretly cursed in their hearts, but they seemed very amazed on the outside.

“He is simply a peerless genius, and his talent is so fearful, in such a short period of time, his cultivation enhanced to such an extent, this is the kind of talent which defies the heaven's will, in the future, perhaps, he will certainly enter the ranks of one of the four invincible disciples.”

Originally, everyone thought that if Luo Yifan attacked Ye Xiwen then it would certainly cause his doom, the only way out left for him would be to buy time until the elders and true disciples arrived, otherwise escaping this disaster would be impossible for Ye Xiwen.

However, now, even if Luo Yifan was trying his best and going all out, he was still being completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

“Ye Xiwen, I admit defeat and give up on this fight, I will investigate the matter about my sister's death once again.” At this time, Luo Yifan surprisingly said this, but at the same time, a sly look flashed in his eyes.

The always overbearing and rampant Luo Yifan had actually admitted defeat in front of so many disciples and he was compelled to ascend into the sky after being forced into a corner by Ye Xiwen and had nowhere left to escape.

“Ye Xiwen, we cannot let him escape, it is apparent from the look in his eyes that he is planning something to kill you, if you don't stop him now, he will have a respite and immediately come back to fight again. This man is strong but also has brains, if we let him escape then it will later lead to a huge hassle.” At this time, Ye Mo's voice suddenly echoed in Ye Xiwen's mind. “Precisely, this is a very good opportunity, since he is the one who tried to intercept you first, so it's equally fair for you to use this as a good opportunity and excuse to settle the score with him and no one can say anything.”

Ye Xiwen had a deadpan look on his face, but he directly chopped out his blade, he simply did not waste any time as if Luo Yifan's words did not have any influence on him!

Ye Xiwen was not a dumb person, he knew very well that Luo Yifan was trying to take advantage from this situation so how could he possibly believe such nonsense.

Ye Xiwen was chopping his long blade one after another and rays of Bladelight scattered throughout the sky, as if the multi-colored sunlight was dazzling the entire sky and the terrifying blade attack rushed towards Luo Yifan.

Luo Yifan was simply depressed to death in his heart, who would have thought that he would be suppressed by the same ant-like individual he looked down upon.

Since his debut in the world of martial arts, Luo Yifan had been classified as a genius until now, as far as growth rate was considered, and now, he was considered an invincible true disciple, and he undoubtedly possessed a tyrannical strength.

He never paid attention to Ye Xiwen and was quite indifferent about his strength, although Ye Xiwen might have killed Luo Fangyi as well as those other masters, but even so, he thought that a half-step truth level master like Ye Xiwen could never be his opponent.

Originally, he had always assumed that Ye Xiwen could never be his opponent and could be readily crushed like an ant, but at this moment, this ant had compelled his arrogant head to be bowed down in submission.

He did not know how Ye Xiwen had managed to enhance his cultivation so dramatically in such a short time and his heart was completely filled with hatred at his current situation.

“Ye Xiwen, are you really not going to give face to our Luo clan?” Luo Yifan shouted while fleeing away from Ye Xiwen.

A truth level master could flee extremely fast, his figure almost turned into a blur and instantly disappeared leaving afterimages. He rushed towards the distant horizon and his figure seemed to have left a trail of rainbow on the horizon.

“In any case, I have already offended so might as well offend all the way to the very end.” Ye Xiwen remained unmoved and said. If there was a possibility, he would like less trouble, of course, he was very much disgusted by Luo Yifan and other arrogant people and he would certainly like to crush their arrogance. He was very much willing to teach a proper lesson to these rich shenanigans, who did not consider people as people, could betray in a blink of an eye and could unreasonably take lives as if there was no value of human life in their eyes.

“No matter what you say using that glib tongue of yours, today, don't even expect to run away from me, all this time, you were searching for me to kill me, now prepare yourself to face consequences!” Ye Xiwen said and a cold look appeared on his face. His speed was not slow either and he released several blade attacks towards escaping Luo Yifan.

The Bladelight pierced through the sky just like a meteor, across the mountains, and went straight towards Luo Yifan as if chasing after him, while a few Bladelights branched off and blocked all of his escape routes.

Luo Yifan suddenly roared repeatedly.

“Yao Jiuzhou Sword, execute this evil monster!”

In the hand of Luo Yifan, the sword was suddenly enveloped in endless amount of Zhen Yuan, and it seemed like his whole body had been integrated together with his sword, this was Man-sword unification, which instantly broke open an endless void and went towards the Bladelight.

Luo Yifan had already exhausted all his efforts, so he resorted to using his best shot and took direct incarnation of the sword, which seemed to have split the sky and severely collided with the Bladelight.

“Boom!” An endless blast instantly engulfed the entire space and the surrounding space seemed just like the rippling surface of water while the Lingqi also started to shake violently in the atmosphere.




Ye Xiwen continued chopping his long blade non-stop, one after another, and each time, it seemed as if the whole world would be chopped down into pieces.

“Ye Xiwen, today you will die!” Luo Yifan's eyes were bloodshot and his hand holding the sword had also turned bloody as he recklessly hacked his sword. The Bladelight released by Ye Xiwen was hacked and directly scattered in the form of world Lingqi throughout the atmosphere.

From afar, Luo Yifan looked like a scarlet ancient killing god who had come to hack down and exterminate the heaven itself.

Luo Yifan continued to indiscriminately hack down and scatter the Bladelights released by Ye Xiwen. Whenever he would unleash his sword attack, it seemed as if the whole world would be hacked down and shattered, while a long scarlet Swordqi rushed through the sky which seemed to directly split the world into two halves.

A cold look appeared on Ye Xiwen's face and he instantly chopped out his long blade, a golden light shone and an incomparably horrifying and fluctuating Bladeqi instantly congealed and suddenly rushed forward, as if penetrating through the world itself.

“Boom!” The two attacks fiercely collided and a huge explosion occurred and its incredible might instantly caused powerful storms of Lingqi which swept across everything along with it.

In the endless turmoil of Lingqi storm, a figure was blasted away and was sent flying due to the explosion, it was Luo Yifan who could not withstand the terrifying might of this explosion and was directly sent flying.

However, in the next instant, Ye Xiwen had actually arrived in front of him and then rushed ahead of him.

How could he be such a tough opponent!

Luo Yifan never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually turn out to be such a tough opponent. Luo Yifan's Swordqi swayed and firmly covered his body in order to protect him and not allow Ye Xiwen to come close.

Both attacks collided in the sky and caused a massive explosion, the Swordqi and Bladeqi started to run amuck and wantonly rampaging the surrounding area. The disciples watching from below immediately had to prop up Zhen Yuan in order to protect themselves, so as to avoid getting accidentally injured, after all, prevention was obviously better than cure.

Ye Xiwen sneered but he knew that as the time was passing, Luo Yifan was also falling under the wind gradually.

Several small and large wounds had appeared on the body of Luo Yifan, although he was trying his best to defend, but he was still being cut and injured nonstop by Ye Xiwen.

Just when Ye Xiwen was planning to give him a fatal blow, suddenly, a burst of loud shout echoed in the sky.


A horrifying giant hand descended from the sky, grasped both the Bladelight and Swordqi and instantly destroyed them.

(To be continued)


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