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Chapter 155 – Versus Luo Yifan

Luo clan was very much aggrieved because of this matter. How could Luo Tian be such a fool that he dared to lay hands on Hua Menghan, but fortunately, he did not succeed. Although afterwards, Luo clan had to pay a lot just to subside this matter, but it was still better option than the destruction of the entire clan.

However, Luo Tian had died and Luo clan wanted revenge badly and though they could not lay hands on Hua Menghan, but they could crush that damned Ye Xiwen!

“You think you can protect Ye Xiwen? I’m going to kill him in front of you and let everyone know about the fate of those who dare to anger our Luo clan!” Luo Yifan looked at Hua Menghan and said in a ferocious manner.

“I don't need others to protect me!” Suddenly, a burst of leisurely voice came from a distance and gradually started to come nearer, and soon, a figure appeared in front of everyone, it was none other than Ye Xiwen who was missing for almost a month.

Seeing Ye Xiwen, Jing Yannan and other disciples who were familiar with Ye Xiwen exposed faint smiles on their faces, and they also saw that his cultivation had once again become very profound and immeasurably deep, totally unpredictable, and now, they could not even see through his cultivation level.

“Good, very good.” Seeing Ye Xiwen, an intense killing intention appeared in the heart of Luo Yifan and a cruel smile appeared on his face. Now that Ye Xiwen had appeared on his own accord, he made things easier for Luo Yifan.

Luo Yifan did not even ask Ye Xiwen whether he was the one who killed the members of Luo clan, because at this time, the intention to kill was storming endlessly in his chest and he needed to kill Ye Xiwen to alleviate this killing intention from his heart.

In the world of martial arts, in order to lead a pious life and concentrate on achieving the higher realms, he must discard anger, joy and all other forms of emotions, because it was said that the existence of emotions could easily dominate one's sanity, but after meeting Ye Xiwen, he had become quite impulsive as if Ye Xiwen was his ultimate nemesis.

Luo Yifan immediately calculated and knew that there was a strange relationship of hatred between him and Ye Xiwen, they were the true adversaries of each other, and he must kill his nemesis, Ye Xiwen. If he did not kill Ye Xiwen, then later, he would not be able to lead a pious life and the road to practice would also become very difficult.

“Don't you think there's something wrong with Ye Xiwen's brain? He knows that Brother Luo wants to kill him but he still dares to appear right in front of him.”

“What can he do, now the trial has ended and if he does not appear then that would be contrary to the rules of the sect, and by that time, Brother Luo can justifiably use force to deal with him.”

“Yes, but I can see that Ye Xiwen looks very confident, perhaps there is a degree of certainty in his action.”

“I think he is trying to buy time until the elders and true disciples appear, at that time, it will be impossible for Brother Luo to kill him.”

“Ye Xiwen, you should have waited to emerge later until the elders arrive, but now, no one can save you from dying.” Luo Yifan looked at Ye Xiwen and said. He was looking at Ye Xiwen as if he was looking at a dead man.

“It's too early to say that now.” Ye Xiwen smiled coldly then turned his face towards Hua Menghan and slightly bowed to show his gratitude to her for not betraying him a moment ago.

“Ye Xiwen, you asked for it, this time I will so thoroughly kill you, that for eternity, you won't be able to ever reincarnate.” Luo Yifan said and glared at Xiwen with his eyes filled with hatred.

“If that's the case then why don't you try?” Ye Xiwen indifferently said and with a 'Clang', he took out the long blade from the scabbard on his back. The Zhen Yuan was glowing above it which suddenly turned into Bladelight and rushed towards Luo Yifan. Ye Xiwen had already reached the acme level of his blade technique, and now, the power of the “New moon beheader” had gone far beyond his initial power. Perhaps now, his skill of "Cold moon beheader" technique had already surpassed the skill of the creator itself. He had already reached the acme level of "New moon beheader" which should allow chopping out nine blade shadows, but at present, Ye Xiwen no longer rigidly adhered to the “New moon beheader" and could readily chop out hundreds of thousands of Bladelights. Luo Yifan was completely surrounded by the endless barrage of Ye Xiwen's blade attack, and even if he casted an agility technique, he could not escape.

“Hmph, such an insignificant technique can only be used by an insect. I’ll let you witness the might of a genuinely strong master.” Luo Yifan sneered, and with a flick of his hand, a sword appeared in his hand and he instantly struck his sword towards the blade shadows, spread throughout the sky.

“Kuai!” It could be said that this sword was simply unmatched, and in an instant, the speed of this sword attack had gone far beyond the speed of lightning. (NT: Kuai = Quick, high-speed)

At this moment, it seemed as if the atmosphere had been stabbed and immediately punctured, however the reaction of atmosphere was too slow. His sword had already cut through the atmosphere but it exploded a moment later which obviously showed the insane speed of this attack.

“Boom!” This sword attack was extremely terrifying, and along with an unparalleled terrifying breath, it instantly punctured the blade shadows that were spread everywhere. Luo Yifan was a true master and his experience related to his martial skills had already risen to a very profound level, to the very extreme, and with only a single glance, he immediately saw through the weakness of Ye Xiwen's shadow blades, and under this sword attack, the Bladelight started to explode everywhere in the sky and both attacks mutually obliterated each other.

Endless explosions instantly sent shock waves in all directions. This was a collision between two horrifying forces which caused even the space to distort.

However, how could Ye Xiwen's strength be so simple, in a flash, he chopped out his long blade and instantly used new moon beheader, and right after that, he chopped out a second time and maliciously unleashed missing moon beheader which was much more terrifying compared to the first blade attack, faster and much more precise.

Almost at that moment, Luo Yifan felt a wave of murderous aura coming straight for him and an amazing Bladeqi swept towards him from the air. A trace of surprise appeared on his face because he did not expect that Ye Xiwen would actually be able attack back so quickly, and not just that, this blade technique clearly displayed a very level of understanding and comprehension and also the conversion between various blade skills without the slightest stagnation between successive blade moves.

“How is this possible?” Luo Yifan was somewhat baffled because he initially thought that this ant-like Ye Xiwen, who was merely a Xiantian level warrior, would be split in half by his sword attack.

Luo Yifan instantly struck his sword several times and each of these strikes was inducing mad fluctuations of Lingqi in the atmosphere and in a flash, the most brilliant Swordlight was issued towards Ye Xiwen.

The space was immediately distorted and Ye Xiwen's figure was completely enveloped by the endless Swordlight.

“So fearful, Brother Luo is powerful indeed, this move is really too terrifying!”

“It’s just like the wrath of a god! With just one sword strike like this, even an entire mountain would be flattened.”

“He is really worthy of being a true disciple, at once assumes an awe-inspiring pose and unleashes such a horrifying move.”

The disciples present in the surroundings suddenly exclaimed, the strength of this sword attack was terrifying and indeed worthy of being used by a true disciple!

Xiantian realm and truth realm were separated only by a layer, but according to the rumors, Ye Xiwen had massacred several masters of Xiantian ninth stage, Xiantian Great realm and even half-step truth level, but everyone thought that Ye Xiwen would absolutely not be able to stop this horrifying move, used by a genuine true disciple.

Even the masters of truth level would find it difficult to deal with such an incomparably violent and horrifying attack, after all, swordsmen had always been well-known for their strong attacks, let alone, Ye Xiwen was merely a Xiantian level expert.

It seemed as if the whole world was coercing on Ye Xiwen, this was the so-called power and influence of the truth realm that could mobilize the world Lingqi just like Zhen Qi, truth level masters could easily manipulating the world Lingqi to crush Xiantian level masters.




Numerous huge air-explosions occurred, setting off endless sandstorm that blew away everything and event swept away stones with it.

The Swordqi spread quickly like the lightning, and formed dense clouds in the sky, like a giant net and closed off all the escape routes for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had to admit that Luo Yifan was genuinely powerful.

In that endless sea of Swordqi, Ye Xiwen's slim figure seemed like a small boat, swaying with the wind, and it seemed as if he would be submerged completely any second and get killed.

“Well, you can do only this much?” Ye Xiwen stopped concealing his imposing aura and completely released it. A surge of terrifying aura went straight into the sky and there were some of the world laws mixed in, clearly indicating that his terrifying imposing aura was comparable to the masters of truth realm.

“What, how can Ye Xiwen possess such a terrifying imposing aura, it is actually comparable to the truth realm and is definitely not inferior to that of Brother Luo!”

“How did the news never spread that he has already stepped into the truth realm, if our sect has such a genius then we should have already been informed about this right?”

“How is this possible? This is simply a miracle, a myth, he has recently joined the Main Sect but he managed to become the chief of inner disciples which was simply a miracle, and now he is comparable to the true disciples, this is simply a legend, a myth!”

“If the news spread out then it will certainly cause a sensation and even the Sect head will be alerted, there are certainly no limits to his future achievements.”

All of the disciples present there were very surprised, not to mention, Hua Menghan and the others who had already met Ye Xiwen once inside the Mosha territory were even more surprised, as if they had just now witnessed a miracle, especially Hua Menghan. More than a year ago, when she had seen Ye Xiwen, he was only a Houtian level warrior, but in just one year, he grew so terrifyingly powerful, she just could not believe it!

She is also a warrior and naturally knew that it was very tough to surmount Xiantian realm, even a genius could not do it so easily, but Ye Xiwen did it in almost a year's time.

It was said that truth realm was a lifetime worth of goal for many disciples, but Ye Xiwen achieved it so easily!

The more baffling was the fact that earlier, when Ye Xiwen killed Luo Fangyi, Hua Menghan and her friends had seen that Ye Xiwen's strength was actually comparable to the masters of half-step truth realm!

Suddenly, many people were giving dumbfounded looks to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen shouted and chopped out his long blade, and once again, it seemed as if the blade shadows completely filled the entire world, Lingqi started to surge crazily and easily suppressed the Swordlight coming towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's Bladelight directly crushed the Swordlight attack of Luo Yifan. One could see that in the face of Bladelight, the Swordqi seemed simply helpless. (NT: Swordqi = Swordlight Bladeqi = Bladelight)

Luo Yifan's sword cultivation was already at a profound level, and his striking power was matchless, but Ye Xiwen was also a matchless blade master and his insight of blade cultivation was at an even higher level, and much more terrifying, so his blade attack was extremely powerful compared to the sword attack of Luo Yifan.

(To be continued)


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