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 Chapter 154 - Trial ends

Although it was very difficult to control one's own state and restrain one's breath just after having the breakthrough, for example that Jufeng feudal lord who had recently broken through and entered into the truth realm but could not hide his breath, but Ye Xiwen was different, he had already reached a terrifyingly high level of 'Restraining breath technique', and now, even if a master of truth realm was in front of him, they would find it difficult to discover Ye Xiwen's presence.

He instantly restrained his breath, at this time, there was no presence of devils within a radius of a hundred miles, and Ye Xiwen had already killed Jufeng feudal lord so how could they dare to stay there, so while Ye Xiwen was having a breakthrough, they quickly escaped.

At this time, Ye Xiwen felt several godly sweeps which swept over the entire area and all belonged to the truth level masters, though there were merely ten of them in the nearby areas who had used their godly sweep, it seemed like at the time when Ye Xiwen was having a breakthrough, the color of world had deteriorated and this had attracted the attention of many truth level masters in the neighborhood.

“It is not safe to stay here for a long time. You should better leave this place a bit faster.” Ye Mo said, “There may be some truth level powerful devils heading this way!”

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded and said, “Now it's about time for the trial to end, we must go out.”

Ye Xiwen said and a rainbow suddenly appeared underfoot and his entire figure vanished in the emptiness, dashing forward like a human god.

—— It seemed like a month’s time had passed in an instant, and it was time to open the door connecting Yi Yuan School to Mosha territory, although the loss of personnel was not small, but this loss would soon be supplemented from the outside, a team of hundred people was simply not a problem as long as there were few people who could progress by leaps and bounds and get stronger than everyone.

This was the fundamental notion in Yi Yuan School that a strong individual was worth a thousand mediocre. Yi Yuan School was one of great forces of the Great Yue State, but what was the actual reason behind its influence? It was not due to the hundreds of thousands of disciples, not due to the hundreds of true disciples, but was actually due to the hundred or so legendary level masters who held the most influence and held status right after the leaders of ten peaks, the head, and the Taishang elder.

This was the foundation of Yi Yuan School and truly guaranteed its safety, so it trained disciples with the consistent standards of picking out the elites, more talented, more cultured elites, who could get enormous benefits for the sect.

Although cruel, but it was a fundamental conduct in Yi Yuan School.

Not only Yi Yuan School, other major sects were also like this!

This was a convention and was true at any place.

The seed disciples were no doubt the most outstanding ones!

“I heard that there is an extraordinary character among this year's inner disciples.” A core seed disciple said and looked towards a distant place where inner seed disciples were present.

The team of core seed disciples seemed to have shrunk by almost one-third, and in comparison to them, the number of inner seed disciple was not much less. This was because they knew that their own strength was limited so they did not go too deep inside the Mosha territory, basically they just roamed in the peripheral areas, and therefore, the casualties were minimized.

This was the so-called trying to drink while pecking, and because of this, Yi Yuan School put these disciples in this place, they just wanted these core disciples to go through the worst to gain experience and enhance their strengths. Only the truth level disciples had the ability to survive in this place.

The sect knew that the disciples would not go too deep, and if they didn't, then they would not be able to have a major change in their destiny. If its disciples did not persevere then the whole generation would be just a group of idiots and even if they were to die, there would be nothing to pity!

Such type of people who were not prepared to take risks could not see the future clearly and were doomed to lack future prospects.

“A character like Qi Feifan, are you perhaps talking about that Ye Xiwen?” A nearby disciple replied.

Several disciples on the surrounding gave a clear understanding look as if they knew that it could only be Ye Xiwen.

“I heard that even Luo Fangyi, Xie Yi et al. also died at his hands!" A disciple exclaimed.

“Really? No wonder, some time ago, the people of Luo clan were wildly looking for him in the entire Mosha territory.” Another disciple joined the discussion and said.

“Is that so, no wonder, otherwise why do you think that Luo clan would be so angry all of a sudden? They had put every effort in training Luo Fangyi and she was going to be the next person to enter the truth realm after Luo Yifan and could become a great truth level master. It could be said that the current generation of Luo clan was going to be headed by these two in the near future, I never thought that she would actually die here.” The disciples explained.

“Earlier, I heard that Ye Xiwen was also involved in the death of Luo Tian, so he was running away from Luo clan but no one thought that he would actually kill the members of Luo clan instead!” A disciple said in such a way as if he had actually witnessed this with his own eyes. “Luo clan wants to conceal the news but they cannot stop others from knowing, almost everyone knows about this matter."

“This is fun, but I’m afraid that Ye Xiwen is not fully aware of Luo clan's influence otherwise he would not have done things to send Luo clan into rage.”

“I think he is well aware of that because I heard that the team that Luo clan sent later to find Ye Xiwen has also disappeared without a trace, I doubt that they have fallen in the hands of Ye Xiwen. It can be said that Luo clan has faced a huge loss and although it cannot be said that they have been beaten, but they have been hurt pretty bad, that's for sure.”

“But since there is no evidence, this time, Luo clan must be having a feeling that their teeth have been knocked out.” Another disciple said.

“Hmph, do you think that Luo clan is at disadvantage? Yes, they don't have evidence, but if there was evidence then Ye Xiwen’s family would have been eradicated by now, that's the code of conduct of Luo clan. It enough for them to kill someone just based on suspicions, because according to their rules, killing a wrong person is fine but not letting go a culprit!”

“Well, let us not discuss about this anymore. You do not know about the overbearing attitude of Luo clan, and now that Ye Xiwen has beheaded so many of their members in such a short time, no matter what happens, it is going to become a big issue sooner or later, so when the time comes, do not get yourselves involved in this.”

After Hua Menghan heard these words, a somewhat worried look appeared on her face, but at this time, Jing Yannan smiled and said: “It should not be a problem, Brother Ye is very strong and when the time comes, he will be regarded as a peerless talent and the Sect would come to take him under their care and personally train him, even the rampant Luo clan would not be able to touch him.”

Everyone nodded, although some of them had not met him face to face, but they still held good impression about him. Ye Xiwen was critically decisive and made right decisions at the key moment, he was not attracted head over heels towards women, and there was no shred of arrogance in him around friends and only seemed to show his arrogance to his enemies.

Being friends with such a guy should be a good choice!

Then suddenly, in the distant horizon, a streamer flashed and a figure descended down from the sky, it was Luo Yifan, but at this time, his complexion was ashen and completely pale. When the disciples in the surrounding area saw him like this, all of them suddenly went silent, because they did not want to incur the wrath of a mad god who seemed to be in such a state that he could kill indiscriminately if annoyed.

One month, he was looking for a whole month, but still no signs of Ye Xiwen, which was simply unimaginable for him, he had never encountered such a cunning enemy, like a mosquito that bit then flew away then bit again, so annoying but also painful.

Moreover, he sent several waves of core seed disciples but they also completely suffered defeat, and what made him even more depressed was the disappearance of several waves of core seed disciple s, not to mention, he himself went almost everywhere to search for Ye Xiwen but could not find him, he was simply depressed to death.

He did not know that he was finding ways to intercept Ye Xiwen and Ye Xiwen was also asking around to locate his position in order to intercept him.

He never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so bold that he would dare to kill his henchmen.

In short, he was depressed to death and had never encountered such a situation, though it was all coming to an end, because in addition to the core disciples, even the true disciples needed special approval to enter and wander inside Mosha territory and also required some special circumstances or reasons to go inside. This was the only opportunity to catch Ye Xiwen as he must come out now, because if he didn't then that would be equivalent to violation of the sect rules.

Once he would come out, Luo Yifan planned to behead him once and forever and as far as evidence was concerned, who needed that stuff!

At this time, Luo Yifan's brain was completely overwhelmed with anger and was no longer thinking rationally.

Luo Yifan arrived in the front of Hua Menghan and said in a cold voice: “Hua Menghan, I’m asking you one last time, do you admit or not that my sister was killed by Ye Xiwen.”

Luo Yifan's terrifying imposing aura came out and tightly locked on Hua Menghan. She withstood such a horrifyingly heavy pressure and her tender body slightly trembling but did not collapse, because she possessed some treasures that could resist against this terrifying imposing aura and she soon returned to a normal state.

“Luo Fangyi was killed and eaten by devils.” Hua Menghan said in a calm and tranquil voice. Although Luo Yifan's imposing aura was quite terrifying but it was still just an imposing aura. He could dare to openly search for Ye Xiwen in order to kill him but he definitely would never dare to hurt her, otherwise even a true disciple like him would not be able to escape death.

“Hmph, if devils killed her then why did not they kill you!” Luo Yifan did not believe her words. Luo Fangyi was stronger than Hua Menghan and was strong enough to deal with those devils and could easily kill several of them, but why did she die and Hua Menghan survived, such a lie could only deceive a child.

“I don't know about that, why doesn't Brother Luo go and ask those devils.” Hua Menghan said in a calm tone.

“You …… Hua Menghan, don't you think that our Luo clan cannot get you, I know that your backing is not small, but you better not mess with us!” Luo Yifan gritted his teeth and said. He could not use brute force on her because when she had joined the Main Sect, he had been warned by his granduncle that he must never provoke Hua Menghan. That idiot Luo Tian didn't know about this and had dared to attack Hua Menghan on his sister's command, but fortunately, he did not succeed otherwise it would have endangered the safety of entire Luo clan.

(To be continued)


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