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Chapter 140 - Mutual confrontation!

“I never thought that Zhubing Xun would actually lose.”

“It’s almost like a miracle, who would have thought that Zhubing Xun would actually be defeated even after being at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage and he also possessed a spiritual tool.”

“Indeed, although Zhubing Xun has already entered into the realm of peak Xiantian sixth stage, but that Ye Xiwen cannot be taken lightly since he has already refined Zhen Yuan.”

“Yes, before the battle actually started, no one thought that he actually possessed such incredible strength.”

“It's a pity, if these two hadn't bumped into each other in the semi-final round then they could undoubtedly obtain the places of champion and runner up in the final round.”

“But didn't you just listen to what Ye Xiwen said a moment ago, that Zhubing Xun is actually working for someone, and that person must have used some means to enhance his strength.”

“So that's how it is, no wonder, actually I know that Zhubing Xun, very arrogant but his strength was ordinary, but all of a sudden, he became so formidable, which makes me want to think, just whose is behind him.”

“You don't know? I heard that Zhubing Xun has joined the Fanshen palace, the faction of Brother Luo, a true disciple. Five years ago, Brother Luo entered into the ranks of true disciples, and Zhubing Xun has only recently joined his faction!”

“So, then, the one behind Zhubing Xun is actually Brother Luo……”

"Hush, Hush, Brother Luo is on the high stand, if he heard then you will surely die, don't you want to live?" A disciple cautiously said.

“Even if Brother Luo is a true disciple, he cannot do such a thing because it will simply break the rules of Sect. If every true disciple try to casually enhance the strength of the members of their faction to win the championship, then these true disciples would end up controlling the outcomes of these battles, furthermore the competition would lose its meaning and there would be no point for us to come and watch.”

Generally speaking, so long as stepped into the Xiantian sixth stage, disciples would generally choose to become core disciples, because, compared to the core disciples, the treatment of inner disciples was very different and this was also in order to keep the strength of strong inner disciples in check and encourage them to strive and become core disciples. By staying in the ranks of inner disciples, he seized the opportunities of other inner disciples.

But, disciples were not forced to choose between inner or core ranks, the decision to choose was solely up to them, so if Zhubing Xun wanted to participate in the seed disciple competition, despite being a master at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage, it could not be regarded as breaking the rules, in fact, in the past, many disciples of Xiantian sixth stage had appeared in the seed disciple competition.

If he had achieved his current strength relying on his own practice then no one would say anything, but a moment ago, Ye Xiwen mentioned that his strength was not due to his own practice, but he had cheated and undergone forced enhancement of his strength, and was sent to participate, which was tantamount to committing a huge taboo and clearly violated the rules.

Since the treatment obtained by the disciples of inner rank and core rank was different, the resources given to the inner disciples were always inferior in comparison to the resources given to the core disciples by the sect. If core disciples also participated in this competition and strived for championship, then there would be no hope left for the inner disciples, therefore this matter was something that really incurred public wrath.

These discussions were going on in whispers only, but as more and more people entered the discussion, gradually, these whispers turned into noise.

Above the high stand, Luo Yifan's complexion was somewhat unsightly, and loudly snorted, of course, the discussions of these inner and outer disciples were naturally not causing any impact on him, because for a true disciple like him, he didn't need to give explanation to them. The reason of his vexation was that he miscalculated once again and allowed Ye Xiwen to escape, which made him very angry, extremely angry.

This made him feel like his self-esteem had been provoked!

Ye Xiwen must die at all costs!

In the heart of Luo Yifan, the intention to kill was boiling.

Ye Xiwen not only defeated Zhubing Xun, who had been trying to be insufferably arrogant a moment ago, but completely abolished his martial arts, and without even thinking twice, in front of such a large crowd, he reached out his hand and directly crippled Zhubing Xun. None of the elders came to stop him, because right after standing on this arena, even life and death remained only in the hands of the contenders and no one was allowed interfere or question their actions.

Ye Xiwen had frightened a large number of inner disciples and outer disciples. He was unexpectedly so fierce, although when Ye Xiwen was winning all the initial rounds in a relaxed manner, everyone guessed that he must be saving his real strength, his true strength, and should be very formidable, but they never thought that his true strength would actually be so tyrannical. He was easily and readily using Zhen Yuan and his strength also turned out to be many times more compared to that arrogant Zhubing Xun.

Ye Xiwen was just a new disciple, so how could he be so formidable. The common sense simply did not conform to his existence, especially for those senior disciples, it was like that kind of impulse to punch the wall. They had spent so many years in the Main Sect, while Ye Xiwen had not even spent one year in the Main Sect. These disciples had been practicing for so many years in the Main Sect, but the difference in their strengths and Ye Xiwen's strength was just like the difference between heaven and earth.

In their hearts, Ye Xiwen had suddenly turned into an enigmatic figure.

Compared to the other disciples, who were totally stunned after witnessing Ye Xiwen's true strength, the disciples of Qian Yu faction were celebrating, after all, the stronger Ye Xiwen was, the more secured they would be, then no one would try to bully them, and no one knew when but Ye Xiwen's image already surpassed Ye Feng, Yan Chiling, and several other high-level members of Qian Yu faction, although they were still the senior executives of Qian Yu faction, while Ye Xiwen almost never took part in any of its affairs, but one must not forget that this was a world where strength was the supreme law, and only an exceptionally strong person could obtain the respect of everyone.

Ye Feng and other high-level executives were indeed also competent, and looking at their strengths and talents, they could become outstanding existences among the new disciples, and even within a decade, there was a large possibility that they would break through to the level of core disciples, and in the future, they would most likely become formidable masters.

However they still weren't a match for the current Ye Xiwen, who defeated all his enemies one by one in front of them, which was quite shocking for them to accept. Before, Ye Xiwen had saved them and overcame one difficulty after another, and now, he defeated these masters as if he was chopping vegetables. By now, in their hearts, an invincible image of Ye Xiwen had already established itself, along with the faith that there wasn't an enemy that Ye Xiwen couldn't defeat!

This was faith in his invincibility, and every faction needed at least one person of this type, in order to lead the faction on the path of better development, but the situation in Qian Yu faction was rather special, because Ye Xiwen didn't take interest in the affairs of faction.

Regardless of what those people were discussing among themselves, Ye Xiwen slowly arrived in front of Zhubing Xun and said in a cold voice: “Zhubing Xun, I told you before, if you think you can rely on external means to enhance your strength then you will regret it, fortunately this is not life and death arena, otherwise you would be a pile of rotten meat by now.”

Ye Xiwen didn't have a favorable impression of Zhubing Xun and Luo Yifan. Birds of a feather flock together, both of them were the same type of arrogant people who wanted to kill others when they thought that their own dignity had been damaged.

Although, Zhubing Xun's martial arts was spent, but he still didn't faint, and at this time, there was an abnormal pernicious look in his eyes. If his eyes had magical powers, then with just a look, he could have stabbed Ye Xiwen's body and perforated it with countless holes, he hated Ye Xiwen, his pride was his life, but Ye Xiwen had already defeated him twice, and now, he simply wanted to commit suicide.

If he could sell him soul to the devil to kill Ye Xiwen, he would not hesitate to sell himself to the devil!

However, right now, there was no strength left in his body, his Dantian was shattered to pieces by Ye Xiwen, and he didn't have any control over the Zhen Yuan in his body. The Zhen Yuan was running wildly in his meridians like a wild horse, totally out of control, while destroying his meridians and rushing through all his acupuncture points, and so on.

But still, he was not aware of the simple fact that if he hadn't provoked Ye Xiwen again and again, then he would not have encountered such a thing, and in his heart, the only thing that remained was pure hatred for Ye Xiwen, if only Ye Xiwen was not there, then he would not be in such a pain!

Ye Xiwen looked at Zhubing Xun lying on the ground, but didn't kill him at the scene, considering that they were already in front of a large crowd, and it was inappropriate, although Zhubing Xun threatened to kill him again and again, and many other disciples had also heard it, so even if the executives of Yi Yuan School would inquire, he would openly answer.

“Ye Xiwen, this is just a battle on arena, but you are too ruthless, by crippling my subordinate, you dared to offend a true disciple!” At this time, a faint voice came from the high stand, and it belonged to Luo Yifan.

Ye Xiwen sneered and finally could not bear, and various schemes flashed in his mind instantly. The opposite party was a true disciple, and he had stepped into the truth realm only this decade, but definitely deserved to be respected like other warriors of truth realm!

Ye Xiwen was determined to have a hands on argument with him, but he must have a foolproof plan, because at this point, even one misstep might cause a big trouble.

With a cold smile on his face, Ye Xiwen said: “Brother Luo's words are totally biased, looking at this Zhubing Xun's strength, it is obvious to everyone that he was cheating. God knows who that dog is that helped him in cheating and actually gave him cheat to enhance his strength and snatched ranks from fellow inner disciples. My strength is small and weak and I couldn't dare to have the slightest relaxation, so I did it by mistake.”

Ye Xiwen said those words in order to set up a trap for Luo Yifan, and used the resentments of other inner disciples to safeguard his own point while also directed them towards Luo Yifan. Now anyone could figure it out that the one, who gave cheat to Zhubing Xun, in order to enhance his strength, was most probably Luo Yifan.

“Shut up, you did it by mistake? You did it in front of so many elders and true disciples and you actually dare to make such irresponsible remarks, you have clearly tried to take revenge for your personal enmity with him!” It was such an obvious provocation, but Luo Yifan was certainly unable to bear it and although he did not care what these inner and outer disciples thought about him, but when he saw a red fruit kept in the trap designed by Ye Xiwen, he just had to jump, and after he realized his mistake, it made him even more aggrieved.

“Brother Luo's remarks are one-sided, as they say, the so-called fist has no eyes, no one can anticipate what will happen in a battle, not to mention, according to the rules of this competition, no one investigates the reasons behind someone's life and death, did Brother Luo perhaps forget about this?” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and the fierce sound waves released from his mouth actually went straight towards Luo Yifan.

The disciples immediately had dumbfounded looks on their faces and were totally stunned. They never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually dare to shout at a true disciple like Luo Yifan, this level of boldness was simply great and stunning!

(To be continued)


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