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Chapter 141 - Title

As far as others were concerned, Ye Xiwen's approach could be described as too audacious and reckless, to actually shout and talk back with a true disciple, this was truly bizarre.

There was difference of heaven and earth between an inner disciple and a true disciple, and even if Luo Yifan was to kill Ye Xiwen in rage, right on the spot, perhaps, the sect would not be able to do much against him.

However, Luo Yifan was already dead set on killing him and the killing intention could be seen flashing in his eyes, and it seemed as if it could burst out any time, both sides nearly had no consideration for face anymore, although they were trying to mask their mutual hatred on the surface, but it just didn't make sense because they seemed to be afraid of themselves, that sooner or later, the conflict would erupt between the two, while at this time, Luo Yifan was planning in his heart about how to get rid of Ye Xiwen.

And at this moment, Ye Xiwen's mind was also flowing with hundreds of tricks to kill Luo Yifan, because the only way out for the two sides was, you die, I live!

However for the other disciples, they did not know the various matters, the real reason behind this situation was unknown to them. They just felt that Luo Yifan was very strange, why would he suddenly give cheat to his man to enhance his strength, and Ye Xiwen was even stranger that he publicly shouted and talked back with a true disciple, didn't he want to live anymore?

Of course, Ye Xiwen naturally had his own plans, because he knew that Lin Zhentian was also on the high stand, and if Luo Yifan tried to attack him then Lin Zhentian would definitely rush to help him. Although Luo Yifan was strong, but so was Lin Zhentian and his strength couldn't be underestimated!

Therefore, already aware of this fact, Ye Xiwen seemingly made this risky move, but was actually a safe and well calculated move.

Ye Xiwen used cleverly weaved words to shut Luo Yifan's mouth with truth, making him turn into a rude and unreasonable figure in the eyes of everyone!

“Bold, so you even dare to talk back with me!” Luo Yifan's voice thundered from the high stand, and at the same instant, his terrifying and peerless aura came down from the high stand and firmly locked on Ye Xiwen. He felt as if the great might surged from the heaven and crashed on his body.

This was the peerless might of a true disciple, it was said that a true disciple gave up affectation to some extent and strived to comprehend the true principles of the world, so they were called true, and to some extent, their coercion was not their personal strength, but it was drawn from the power of the world itself. For ordinary people, it was simply impossible to comprehend the power of the world, so how could they resist.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen just felt a thrill of horrifying peerless coercion crushing his body, and to fight back, he immediately actuated Zhen Yuan throughout his body, however right then, Tianyuan mirror suddenly had a movement and released a faint bloody-red light, which wrapped his body and he felt that the horrifying peerless coercion disappeared without a trace.

Ye Xiwen restrained his mind, and with a faint smile on his face, he said: “Brother Luo is highly mistaken. I was not talking back with you rather I was just thinking that perhaps you have forgotten the sect rules, so I specifically reminded you about them.”

“What……” Luo Yifan's doubt-filled voice came from the high stand. He did not think that his peerless coercion wouldn't be able to suppress Ye Xiwen, and an embarrassing look immediately appeared on his face. Just how Ye Xiwen could so quickly and completely disregard his coercion, this boy really knew some secret ways, which made him even more determined in his heart to kill Ye Xiwen.

“Enough, it's correct that we do not investigate the life and death over the arena, so this matter ends here!” At this time, a Taishang elder suddenly said from above the high stand.

The status of a Taishang elder was loftier and nobler than other ordinary elders, and even true disciples like Luo Yifan were obedient in front of Taishang elder, and perhaps, only peerless true disciples of the level of Qi Feifan could dare to go against a Taishang elder.

Ye Xiwen knew that Taishang elder was trying to smooth things over, and as a result of his interference, Luo Yifan suddenly stopped and didn't continue, which clearly displayed the gap between their strengths, because even Luo Yifan couldn't disobey the words of Taishang elder, and there was nothing he could do about it.

So long as the strength was enough, it was possible that the situation would have completely turned around!

“In this round, Ye Xiwen wins!”

This was a clear victory of Ye Xiwen in this dispute, but in the process, he ended up publicly offending a true disciple, so other people were worried about him!

“Little brother, you talked back with a true disciple, I am afraid later, he would probably resort to any means to deal with you.” Ye Feng arrived next to Ye Xiwen and said in a concerned manner.

“Brother, rest assured, I will be alright, he cannot reach me so it doesn't matter even if I had an argument with him. If he wanted to kill me directly, then he would never use a roundabout way of enhancing the strength of Zhubing Xun to kill me on the arena.”Ye Xiwen explained.

“So that’s how it is!” Ye Feng hastily said in a worried voice, although he was also a proud and arrogant man, but he was not a fool to not know what kind of existences these true disciples actually were. In total, there were hundreds of thousands of inner disciples, outer disciples and core disciples in Yi Yuan School, and for all of these disciples, their ultimate goal was to strive and become a true disciple.

“Relax brother, I’m not some weakling, if he wants to fight, I will surely fight back.” Ye Xiwen said to comfort his restless brother.

Ye Xiwen's words immediately relieved Ye Feng, although he was still somewhat worried, but he knew that his little brother suddenly changed over a year ago, from an oridinary guy with ordinary thought process into a farsighted formidable expert, who calculated a lot of things before taking steps and rarely fought a battle where he was not sure of victory. He could make a guess that if Ye Xiwen was so confident then he certainly had some plans.

“No matter what, you have to be careful, even if Luo Yifan doesn't attack himself, he still commands a lot of experts of Fanshen palace, and if they attacked then it would be very dangerous.” Ye Feng said.

“Don't worry brother, I have a sense of proportion!” Ye Xiwen said in a calm manner because he didn't want to add too much pressure on his elder brother.

“Final round, Ye Xiwen, Nangong Wang!”

Finally, it was turn for Ye Xiwen's last battle which was also going to decide the champion of this year's seed disciple competition, and in this battle, his opponent was Nangong Wang!

Nangong Wang was clad in a magnificent robe and his demeanor looked excellent, just like a handsome dandy young master of an influential clan. It was said that he belonged to an aristocratic clan of Great Yue State, named Nangong Clan, and among all of the inner disciples, he was considered the strongest and obviously at the top, in fact, even some core disciples were not his opponents.

“Young Ye, congratulations for having such a great advancement in your cultivation, this elder brother knows that he is not your match, but still hopes to exchange pointers with Young Ye.” Nangong Wang cupped his one hand into the other across his chest and said in a submissive manner. Although he confessed that he possessed inferior strength, but still maintained his elegant bearing, making it very difficult for others to have any sort of ill-feeling for him.

Ye Xiwen nodded and said with a smile on his face: “Such being the case, please begin Brother Nangong Wang.”

For such a person, it was really hard to have even the slightest feeling of disgust.

Ye Xiwen was also not an aggressive person, he was only aggressive for his enemies. He was the type who served wine for his friends, but also used shotgun if the wolves came. He was definitely not the type who would extend the right cheek if someone slapped him on the left cheek, because this was just not his style. (NT: What if you tried to extend the right cheek and got slapped on it as well? World War 3!! :P)

Nangong Wang's imposing aura suddenly and completely released out and it was even slightly better than that of Zhubing Xun, and Ye Xiwen understood that no wonder Nangong Wang was willing to fight him. He possessed a lot of inherent strength, even warriors of Xiantian sixth stage were not his opponents, and it seemed that he was only a step away, because quantitative changes caused a qualitative change as well, and he only needed to take this step, then perhaps he would immediately reach the peak of Xiantian sixth stage, and soon, he would also reach the Xiantian seventh stage. He was definitely a very extraordinary figure, no wonder he was able to occupy the status of strongest seed disciple, and considering such a person, even Zhubing Xun might not be his opponent, after all, someone else had used cheat to enhance Zhubing Xun' strength, and the foundation of Nangong Wang looked quite deep and seemed like the real deal.

“Young Ye, be careful!” Nangong Wang didn't forget to remind Ye Xiwen, and right after that, a brown color double-edged sword instantly rushed towards him. In a flash, the entire arena was surrounded by dust, as if a sandstorm had suddenly appeared from the desert and hit the arena.

The brown-colored sword was drawing support from a concealed sandstorm, and instantly split the air, while the whole atmosphere was covered with brown-colored marks and rushed piercing towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was well prepared and had already summoned the vigorous Zhen Yuan to create a barrier to stop the sandstorm away from him, and just then, he focused Zhen Yuan in his both eyes, and suddenly, his eyesight greatly increased, enough to see right through the sandstorm.

Ye Xiwen did not dodge, but directly grasped his palm, which turned into a dragon claw and rapidly grasped toward the brown sword to grab it. He must defeat Nangong Wang by taking the easiest way possible and Ye Xiwen's best option was to force him to give up.

“Boom!” Nangong Wang's sword severely struck towards the dragon claw of Ye Xiwen and a violent collision occurred, causing a loud air explosion and the pseudo-spiritual brown sword was directly caught by the dragon claw, and could not move anymore. Since Ye Xiwen had practiced Tyrant body technique, it has turned his body tough to such an extent that it shocked everyone, and coupled with his hand covered with Zhen Yuan, even pseudo-spiritual brown sword could inflict the slightest damage on his hand.

“Hoot!” Nangong Wang shouted loudly, and suddenly, the entire brown sword started to make a buzzing sound, and the sandstorm instantly gathered around it, condensed into double-edged sand sword and struck towards Ye Xiwen.

“San!” Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout, and it seemed as if layers after layers of Zhen Yuan was being released from his body, like waves rushing in ocean, and in an instant, these waves of Zhen Yuan spread out and completely disintegrated the double-edged sand sword coming towards Ye Xiwen.

And at this time, Ye Xiwen also increased the output of Zhen Yuan in his hand and directly suppressed the rioting brown sword, and with this, he also crushed the only trace of Nangong Wang's hope in this battle.

Suddenly the whole brown sword instantly quieted down and no longer resisted.

It was peacefully lying down in Ye Xiwen's hand.

“Brother Nangong, let me win!” Ye Xiwen said while the brown sword was still in his hand. (NT: chéng rang = you let me win (said politely after winning a game))

“Thank you Young Ye for showing mercy!” Nangong Wang said but there was a hint of bitterness hidden in his voice, cursing his own fate for this defeat.

“In this round, Ye Xiwen wins!”

“This year's seed disciple competition's champion is …… Ye Xiwen!”

(To be continued)


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