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Chapter 139 - Martial arts abolished

“Ye Xiwen, today is the day you die!” A cruel smile appeared on Zhubing Xun's face, he hated Ye Xiwen and finally got the opportunity to take revenge.

Zhubing Xun's terrifying and extraordinary aura instantly released on the arena and Zhen Yuan overflowed everywhere, revealing the fact that he was already at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage.

Finally, at this time, the complexions on the faces of all of the disciples and elders suddenly changed. Perhaps the strength of a master at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage couldn't be regarded as anything, but this was the semifinal round of seed disciple competition, and displaying such strength on the arena was definitely a huge variable.

“What, how is this possible!” An elder said in an astonished manner while his widened eyes were staring towards the arena. It was obvious the impact of Zhubing Xun's strength was significant on not just disciples but elders as well.

Above the high stand, a cruel look flashed in Luo Yifan's eyes, while he was looking at Ye Xiwen!

“I never thought that this Zhubing Xun would actually have such strength, well, if this is the case, then I am afraid that this time, Ye Xiwen is in a very dangerous situation.”

“I heard that there is a feud going on between Zhubing Xun and Ye Xiwen, perhaps this time, Ye Xiwen is going to suffer a cruel fate at the hands of Zhubing Xun, because it doesn't seem like he will go easy on Ye Xiwen.”

“If I was him then I will not set foot on the arena, because if I set foot on the arena, then looking at Zhubing Xun's attitude, it would be no different than fighting in the Life and Death Arena.”

“That's why you can never reach the same height as Ye Xiwen, if he concedes in this fight, then from now on, his heart of martial arts will completely break, and after that, it will be difficult for him to advance even an inch forward, and especially for a genius, it will be no different than living death, so he might as well die now.”

“I did not think that you have the courage to come up, but now that you have come up, you won't get an opportunity to go down.” Zhubing Xun sneered again and again, for him, it didn't matter whether Ye Xiwen came up or not, he was willing to accept both. If Ye Xiwen would come up, then he would seize the opportunity to kill him, and if perhaps Ye Xiwen didn't come up, then it would show that he was afraid, that he was actually a timid man who was afraid of getting into trouble, and it would permanently leave a stain on his reputation. Then Ye Xiwen won't be able to live bravely and fearlessly, and by that time, it won't even be necessary to kill Ye Xiwen.

“Your rubbish talks are really annoying.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“If you are so eager to commit suicide, I’ll gladly help you out.” A sinister look appeared on Zhubing Xun's face as he said.

Zhubing Xun grasped towards the void and suddenly grabbed a red colored double-edged sword, very exquisite, but at this time, instantly, the whole arena as if turned into a volcano and heat waves started to blow in all directions.

This was actually a spiritual tool, not a fake spiritual tool like pseudo-spiritual tool or something, but a real and authentic spiritual tool, driven by Zhen Yuan. When Zhubing Xun took out this real spiritual tool, suddenly, it seemed as if the whole atmosphere started to boil. It was obvious that a pseudo-spiritual tool couldn't be a match for this spiritual tool.

Spiritual tool, coupled with the inherent strength of peak Xiantian sixth stage, who could be Zhubing Xun's opponent in the seed disciple competition. Suddenly, all of the disciples in the crowd, who were cheering for Ye Xiwen a while ago, were immediately surrounded by despair and started worrying for Ye Xiwen. Looking at the current situation, it seemed absolutely impossible for Ye Xiwen to win against Zhubing Xun.

Even among the core disciples, not everyone could have spiritual tools. Only a small part of core disciples possessed spiritual tools, and even if it was only a low-grade spiritual tool, its might was completely a huge mess and hard to deal with.

“Ye Xiwen, today you will die, I must give you an ugly death.” Zhubing Xun said in a cold voice.

“If you think you will be able to beat me relying on this then you are too naïve.” Ye Xiwen said in a calm voice.

“This is the final struggle!” Zhubing Xun shouted, his red sword danced, and in an instant, red flame roared and surrounded the red sword, and it seemed as if the entire air was burning, issuing Zizi burning sound, and it instantly went towards Ye Xiwen. The roaring flamed condensed into a flaming red dragon, and it seemed its claws were tearing the world itself, while it nipped towards Ye Xiwen, as if it was going to swallow Ye Xiwen. (NT: chuí sǐ zhēng zhá = final struggle (idiom))

Ye Xiwen sneered, looked coldly at Zhubing Xun, and in a flash, terrifying peerless waves of Zhen Yuan wantonly rippled out of his body.

Ye Xiwen's hand extended with ease, Zhen Yuan condensed on it and it directly turned into a claw, and immediately rushed towards Zhubing Xun's flaming red dragon. The next instant, Ye Xiwen's big claw directly grabbed the flaming red dragon and fiercely crushed it.

“What is this, it is impossible!” On the high stand, Luo Yifan suddenly stood up from his seat and looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen. He just couldn't believe his eyes when he actually saw Ye Xiwen using Zhen Yuan. How could Ye Xiwen refine Zhen Yuan? He had gathered information about Ye Xiwen and knew that he had not yet entered into the Xiantian sixth stage, so how could he refine Zhen Yuan. Also, if he was really not at Xiantian sixth stage then it was even more bizarre that he had been able to refine Zhen Yuan. At this point, everyone realized this simple fact, if Ye Xiwen could use Zhen Yuan then there was no difference left between him and a master of Xiantian sixth stage.

It was really an unwise step not to kill Ye Xiwen while he had the chance. The killing intention suddenly increased inside Luo Yifan's heart as he was witnessing the scene of Ye Xiwen using Zhen Yuan with a mad look in his eyes.

“How is this possible!” At this time, Lin Zhentian also suddenly jumped up from his seat and looked at Ye Xiwen with disbelief, then said, “How is this possible, he obviously stepped into the Xiantian realm not long ago, then how can he refine Zhen Yuan so quickly! “

Many elders and true disciples sitting on the high stand had bewildered looks on their faces. Originally, when they found out that Zhubing Xun was at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage then that had made them quite surprised, but after all Zhubing Xun had been a master at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage for some time, so if he managed to break into the Xiantian sixth stage, then although it was surprising, but it was not bewildering. However, when they saw Ye Xiwen using Zhen Yuan and his strength also seemed comparable to the masters of Xiantian sixth stage and this immediately made them unable to sit still. One must know, there was a heaven and earth difference between Xiantian sixth stage and Xiantian fifth stage, and Ye Xiwen managed to refine Zhen Yuan without even reaching the Xiantian sixth stage, but he definitely possessed the combat strength of Xiantian sixth stage realm.

There were shocked looks on the faces of many people because perhaps this scene had totally disturbed their logic. One must know that Ye Xiwen already possessed the strength equivalent to the master of the Xiantian sixth stage without even stepping into the Xiantian sixth stage, such a peerless genius, he clearly surpassed the previous peerless genius, Qi Feifan. Although Qi Feifan was very powerful, but even he had been unable to show such an extent of progress and strength in his era.

Also, Ye Xiwen had yet to break through to the Xiantian sixth stage, in that case, since he had not stepped into the Xiantian sextet and still managed to see through the mysteries of Zhen Yuan and refined as well, such a person was absolutely a rare talent!

“How is this even possible!”

“Ye Xiwen has been able to refine Zhen Yuan, and that too at such a profound level, it is really terrifying.”

“This is just great, now we can see a fierce competition between the two evenly matched sides.”

All of disciples were shocked, but then suddenly detonated the scene with their loud cheers.

All of a sudden, numerous pairs of eyes were firmly fixated on the two men, and were probably waiting for the fierce battle to start. Although, it was a seed disciple competition, but this fight was clearly going to be at the level of fights between two core disciples. This fight would be no different than the fights between front row seed disciples who were on the verge of becoming core disciples.

These disciples who were almost on the verge of becoming core disciples had just entered into the Xiantian sixth stage, although they had not completely transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan because of the difficulty of conversion, and it took a long time. For some people, it took a few days, for some, it took several months, and sometimes, it could also need a full year to attain complete conversion.

Sometime, even longer than that.

Moreover the strength of these people was obviously inferior to the two contenders present on the arena because Ye Xiwen had already completely transformed Zhen Yuan and Zhubing Xing was at the peak of Xiantian sixth stage.

At this time, above the arena, Ye Xiwen's whole body was covered with Zhen Yuan and fluttering his clothes, and suddenly, from his body, a formidable and peerless aura scattered in all directions, just like layer upon layer waves were rushing in the ocean.

“Zhubing Xun, you think you can elevate your skills by relying on someone else, and you will still be my opponent? Trash will forever be trash, and today, I’ll educate you and allow you to see the huge gap between us, so that you never bear the thought of challenging me ever again.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice.

“Ye Xiwen, just because you managed to refine Zhen Yuan, don't be so confident, because even if you step into the Xiantian sixth stage, you will still not be my opponent. Today, I will crush you once and forever.” Zhubing Xun roared, his eyes were filled with jealousy, why, just why, in order to gain strength, he had to pay a huge price, but this Ye Xiwen, why did he possess such insane strength even though he recently joined the Main Sect.

“Ye Xiwen, die!” Zhubing Xun roared, and along with his red sword, he turned into a streamer and instantly rushed towards Ye Xiwen. His entire body was flaming with rampaging fire, and from top to bottom, his body looked like the flames itself.

Ye Xiwen took out his long blade, but he wasn't holding the blade in his hand because while using the might of Lingqi, he didn't need to hold the blade in his hand. A radiant Bladelight chopped out in the air at a stunning speed.

Two flashes of light severely clashed in the middle of the arena, causing an endless blast which instantly boiled the atmosphere inside the arena, surging out around the perimeter of the set protection enchantment, and at this time, it also began to fracture. Since this protection enchantment was designed only to sustain the battles of seed disciple level, but the current battle had reached the fighting level of core disciples.

“Boom!” The whole enchantment suddenly disrupted and the blast wave swept toward countless disciples who had to instantly use Zhen Qi to resist. All of the disciples exclaimed at the extremely terrifying might of this attack.

“Poof!” Zhubing Xun spouted blood and his whole body flew upside down. After all, he had recently reached the peak of Xiantian sixth stage and hadn't used the genuine method to achieve that, so compared with a genuine master of peak of Xiantian sixth stage, his own strength was quite lacking, not to mention, even if he was a genuine master of peak Xiantian sixth stage, he would still not be a match of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen used celestial step and his figure instantly overtook Zhubing Xun's inverted flying figure, then put out his hand to firmly grasp Zhubing Xun's neck, just like an iron hoop, binding around his nape.

“Ye Xiwen, I will kill you, this enmity is absolutely irreconcilable!” Zhubing Xun yelled, but at this instant, Ye Xiwen's hand clutched even more tightly, and Zhubing Xun was unable to breathe or talk.

“Overreaching yourself, just depending on your own strength, you tried to kill me not just once, but again and again, this is your retribution!” Ye Xiwen said in a loud voice, accumulated Zhen Yuan in his other hand, and in a flash, it went towards the Dantian of Zhubing Xun and instantly blasted.

“Bang!” Zhubing Xun's Dantian was immediately destroyed, and with this, Ye Xiwen abolished his martial arts.

(To be continued)


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