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Chapter 137 - New record

At the moment, a coiling dragon was fighting with a white tiger in the arena, and in a flash, a powerful attack of coiling dragon annihilated the white tiger. Unlike the coiling dragon, white tiger didn't possess its own consciousness, however even if it did possess consciousness, what could it possibly do to defend itself from the vicious and formidable claws of coiling dragon or occasional fierce tail swings. The might of the coiling dragon was enormous and white tiger simply wasn't its match.

Above the high stand, many of the elders were paying attention to Ye Xiwen's palm technique with curious looks in their eyes.

It was obvious that this palm method was an extremely high grade power technique, though they could not determine its rank, but they were still able to figure out its fundamentals and concluded that it was very formidable power technique.

“This battle's outcome is already decided.”

“It has been such a pity, originally, it was quite possible for him to break into the top twenty rankings, unfortunately, ran into this Ye Xiwen.” An elder sighed and said.

“Luck is a part of the strength, because bad luck partially reflects the manifestation of lacking strength and incompetence.” A nearby elder curled his lips and said.

These elders and true disciples were looking at the contenders with unusual toxic looks in their eyes. They were the masters of truth realm and could easily predict the outcome of the battle between two mere inner disciples without even needing to see the battle all the way to the very end.

Above the high stand, a pair of vicious eyes was looking at Ye Xiwen. It was none other than Luo Yifan, and right now, several thoughts were constantly raging up inside his heart.

In his heart, the idea to kill Ye Xiwen didn't diminish the slightest, but he never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be able to attend the seed disciple competition.

The reason why he did not kill Ye Xiwen before because of the presence of a large crowd at the scene, and one more reason was that he was extremely confident on his own skill. He was sure that once Ye Xiwen received his sonic wave attack, he would most probably die later, and even if he didn't die, at least he would have to face great consequences from the aftereffects, and after that, he won't have any advancement in strength.

But he never expected that Ye Xiwen actually did not die and there didn't seem any signs of aftereffects either, which suddenly made him feel deceived. This meant that Ye Xiwen wasn't under the impact of his technique and was lying to him.

Thinking of this, the anger in his heart was even more difficult to contain, and a killing intention immediately appeared in his eyes, almost anxious to kill Ye Xiwen right there.

In his heart, he realized that Ye Xiwen was certainly related to Luo Tian's death, and the killing intention became even more intense, he pledged to kill Ye Xiwen at any cost.

Ye Xiwen naturally did not know about the commotion going on inside Luo Yifan's heart. It would be a lie to say that Ye Xiwen's spirit won't be deterred once he knew about Luo Yifan's intentions, but he also knew that Luo Yifan was not someone who would give up so easily!

The sense of crisis was present in his heart, but right now, there was no time to think about all that. For now, he needed to concentrate on his current opponent, Zhang Chi.

Must finish this fight!

The situation suddenly changed!

At that moment, Ye Xiwen churned out a wave of vigorous Zhen Qi, raised his long blade and chopped out a long thick Bladelight, which instantly rushed towards Zhang Chi.

Zhang Chi's white tigers were successively chopped down and instantly vanished by Ye Xiwen's Bladelight. Zhang Chi’s face revealed a desperate expression because he did not expect that Ye Xiwen's real strength would turn out to be so formidable.


Bladelight flew across the arena and since the distance wasn't too long, it instantly arrived in front of Zhang Chi and was about to chop into his body, when abruptly, that Bladelight seemed to have been manipulated and vanished without a trace.

At this moment, Zhang Chi's whole body was covered with cold sweat, but he suddenly discovered that the Bladelight didn't even touch his body, and right then, Ye Xiwen's loud voice came from across the arena: “Senior Zhang, you let me win!” (NT: chéng rang: you let me win (said politely after winning a game))

When Zhang Chi heard this, his face immediately turned red, he was embarrassed, he was simply owned by a junior and made a fool of himself in front of everyone, however Ye Xiwen was merciful and didn't injure him even the slightest, so he quickly cupped one hand into other across the chest and said: “Thank you Brother Ye for showing mercy, this fellow brother is deeply grateful!”

Not to mention the top twenty ranks, it was fortunate that Ye Xiwen was merciful otherwise if he had received that Bladelight attack then he would have faced severe injuries. Today, he could only say that his own luck was bad that he had to face an insanely strong master like Ye Xiwen!

Ye Xiwen jumped down the arena and Ye Mo's voice suddenly resounded in his mind: “Why did you stop, why didn't you kill him, anyway, no one would get prosecuted for killing an opponent in the arena.”

“I’m not a devil and I don't kill people for fun!” Ye Xiwen lightly said.

Ye Xiwen very much appreciated the attitude of Zhang Chi and he was only brutal to his enemies.

“Human nature is really hard to understand!” Ye Mo said.

“That's why your devil race will never understand human race!” Ye Xiwen said while walking. There was always this kind of difference in opinions between him and Ye Mo, he clearly knew that sometimes, Ye Mo's showed a somewhat childish behavior, but its views on some issues were terrifying, and in its eyes, let alone human beings, even those devils were nothing more than lowly ants. For Ye Mo, the war between human race and devil race was just like watching two ant nests fighting for food.

Although Ye Mo was not so indifferent to Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen also knew that it was just because they were related to each other as Tianyuan mirror's owner and tool spirit.

Perhaps it had seen so much slaughter over a course of a long time that cruelty had properly immersed deep into its bones, but of course, recently, Ye Xiwen had come to believe that Ye Mo's previous owner was probably a very extraordinary figure, and was really the ruler of ten thousand worlds, and he must have also looked down on people, just like Ye Mo.

Ye Xiwen didn't know how to remove this kind of deep-rooted indifference in its bones, but as long as he didn't have the same viewpoint, he didn't care about Ye Mo's indifference.

After winning the third round, Ye Xiwen successfully stepped into the top 100 and justifiably became a seed disciple.

This immediately aroused the crowd and also the disciples of Qian Yu faction. Earlier Ye Xiwen was only famous as a disciple whose strength is comparable to the strength of seed disciples, but now that he stepped into the top 100 rankings of seed disciples, he officially established his strength in front of the whole crowd and now he was no longer just comparable to seed disciples, but actually became a seed disciple.

This year, Ye Xiwen joined the Main Sect, and in the first year only, he was able to reach all the way into the top 100 ranks of the seed disciple competition. By becoming a seed disciple, now he was above hundreds of thousands of inner and outer disciples of the Main Sect. The senior disciples couldn't even remember when was the previous time something like this happened in the Main Sect. Some of the senior disciples remembered that a few decades ago, a new disciple was able to achieve such a feat in the Main Sect, and that person was none other than Qi Feifan.

However, now, in the Yi Yuan School, Qi Feifan was at the height of power, and being able to enter into the top 100 seed disciple rankings was one of the many records he made in the Main Sect, and this record was not too splendid as well.

Moreover that was a long time, decades ago, so long that not more than half of the inner or outer disciples from that time still remembered this record in the corners of their minds, and half of them simply did not remember at all. After all, it had been decades since they joined the Main Sect.

A period of decades was not a short time for warriors of Xiantian realm, and as far as Houtian realm warriors were concerned, it was a very long time.

At least now in the eyes of all the disciples, Ye Xiwen created a record, a brand-new record and this record would be accompanied and remembered by many disciples of his batch, just like for decades, many disciples from Qi Feifan's batch still remembered his records.

Although Qi Feifan, who was generally considered as a myth by many, had stepped into the top 50 seed disciple rankings, and if Ye Xiwen was able to break this record, then he would make a brand-new record in the history of Yi Yuan School!

There was anticipation present in the eyes of the crowd because Ye Xiwen had directly overshadowed those senior disciples, and Ye Xiwen did not break anyone's anticipation and easily defeated a formidable seed disciple in the fourth round and smoothly stepped into the top 50 seed disciple rankings. With this achievement, he tied with the Qi Feifan's record.

Suddenly all of the disciples were boiling with happiness and excitement, Ye Xiwen's performance was too bright, he was simply winning all the fights with ease and in a highly competent way, as if he wasn't even using his full strength at all, and now that he tied the record of Qi Feifan, it simply pumped everyone with curiosity and anticipation. Would he actually break the record of Qi Feifan?

Would he also turn into a myth, a legend?

Now everyone started to speculate about Ye Xiwen's rank in the seed disciple competition and how far he would go. Some said he would step into the top twenty, top ten, or even the first.

Some relatively bold disciple guessed that Ye Xiwen would obtain the first rank and become the champion.

Among those disciples who were happy for Ye Xiwen, it was obvious that most of them belonged to Qian Yu faction. Ye Xiwen was representing them and their faction and he was also their honor, the more outstanding his performance was, the more face Qian Yu faction would get in front of everyone.

The disciples of Qian Yu faction were only the newcomers, and besides the new disciples, almost none of the senior disciples had expressed interest in joining their faction, but now, the situation was not the same, in addition to the new disciples, there were many senior disciples who suddenly showed great interest in joining the Qian Yu faction. There were a lot of people who saw the outstanding performance of Ye Xiwen, and only after that, they showed their interest.

Ye Xiwen's performance was simply unbelievably outstanding and just like Qi Feifan, there was a great possibility that he would also turn into an outstanding true disciple, i.e., if they joined the Qian Yu faction now, then in the future, they would automatically become a part of the faction of a true disciple once Ye Xiwen becomes a true disciple.

In a place like Yi Yuan School, when disciples joined factions, they not only received protection, more importantly, they could obtain enormous benefits, especially when they belonged to a true disciple's faction. After becoming a true disciple, compounded drugs, spirit stones and so on didn't remain too important for them, but for Xiantian realm disciples, these were considered great assets.

This was also the reason why many senior disciples wanted to join the faction created by a true disciple, but for joining the factions led by true disciples, there were strict admission rules and only elite core disciples could obtain a membership in these factions, inner and outer disciples simply had no chance, not to forget, only few could manage to become core disciples.

So even if they were very much envious, but there was no other way.

However now, the appearance of Qian Yu faction gave them an additional choice. So long as Ye Xiwen's outstanding growth continued and his progress didn't depreciate in the future, then there was a huge probability that he would become a true disciple!

This was a gamble and could return huge profits in the future!

(To be continued)


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