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Chapter 136 – fight between powerful contenders

Ye Xiwen's opponent in the second round admitted defeat giving him an easy victory without the need of even lifting a finger.

“Ye Xiwen, I did not think that you would be able to enter into the third round, but you will soon die, enjoy the final moments of your life while you still can.” Ye Xiwen just came down from the arena and suddenly heard someone sneering and referring to his name from one side. He turned his head to take a look and actually found that it was the so-called Young Marquis from before whom he had severely injured few months ago.

Ye Xiwen carefully observed the Young Marquis and noticed that all the injuries inflicted by him few months ago were not only healed but he had become even more formidable than before. Back then, he had entered half-a-step into the Xiantian Xiao realm, but now he had actually reached the peak of Xiantian sixth stage.

This Young Marquis's situation was not just as simple as having his cultivation grow to the next level, but he actually crossed the threshold, and this led to his strength undergoing tremendous change.

However the last time Ye Xiwen saw Young Marquis, he didn't see the slightest signs of him breaking through the threshold of Xiantian fifth stage to reach the Xiantian sixth stage. According to Ye Xiwen's initial estimate, Young Marquis would at least need several years in order to break from the threshold of Xiantian fifth stage, perhaps at least ten years.

Although ten years seemed very long, but one must know that the lifespan of a Xiantian master was around two hundred years, so a period of ten years was not a long time in comparison.

Because the ridge between Xiantian fifth stage and Xiantian sixth stage was considered one of the largest and it was said that more than half of the Xiantian warriors couldn't cross this ridge throughout their lives.

If the most talented disciples somehow managed to get favor from the Sect and attain a lot of practice resources, then it was possible to break through this threshold and reach the Xiantian sixth stage, otherwise even the period of ten years was not too long.

However now it seemed like that during these few months, Young Marquis did not just manage to completely recover from his serious injuries, but he unexpectedly advanced to the peak of Xiantian sixth stage.

This speed was simply unimaginable and even when compared with Ye Xiwen, his growth couldn't be considered slow.

The eyes of Young Marquis were brimming with a strong killing intention while he was glaring at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen noticed the poisonous look in his eyes along with a clear hateful expression on his face and thought that none of the people he had previously defeated turned into this sort of vicious character. The impact of losing to Ye Xiwen had taken its toll on the psyche of Young Marquis!

After joining Yi Yuan School, it was obvious that he no longer was the arrogant young master of his clan, but later on virtue of his impressive strength and talent, he realized that he could still maintain his previous status and could make those weaker than him to listen to him and serve him. It was only a pity that he mistook Ye Xiwen for a weakling and tried to threaten him but did not think that soon after coming to the Main Sect, Ye Xiwen would actually be so insanely strong, that even those senior disciples, along with their profound experiences and dignity, would be trampled under his feet.

Ye Xiwen could feel his murderous aura and also made a guess about what he must be planning. Young Marquis was planning to kill him in the arena, although according to the rules of Yi Yuan School, killing a fellow sect disciple invoked severe punishment, but if only wounded, then it was almost equivalent to not getting punished at all, because Yi Yuan School was such a big sect that almost all kinds of injuries could be easily and completely cured, in fact, even severed body parts could be reconnected if the victim was sent to early treatment.

So, within Yi Yuan School, disciples used to fight all the time but very few people would actually kill their opponents. Last time, Ye Xiwen also just severely injured Young Marquis but did not kill him because of this consideration.

Only two places were exception to this rule, one was the 'Life and Death Arena' while the other one was a public event like this. There were absolutely no rules to put limits on the strengths of the contenders, after all, almost all of the contenders were either seed disciples or comparable to seed disciples so it was natural that their battles would be very fierce, just a small distraction might lead to failure, or even serious injuries. If the strength of opponent was far less, then only one could think of going easy, otherwise who would dare to hold back in front of an equally matched opponent!

“If you are holding such an idea then I will make you regret it.” Ye Xiwen looked coldly at the Young Marquis.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Young Marquis suddenly started to laugh loudly and wildly, and after a good while, his laugh suddenly transformed into a sinister smile, “You have made the biggest mistake of your life by offending someone you must never offend, and look what happened, he gave me strength and today in the arena, I will kill you!”

“Are you talking about Luo Yifan?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Humph!” That Young Marquis snorted loudly and did not answer, but Ye Xiwen obtained the answer he was looking for.

So it really was Luo Yifan, incorrigibly wicked, at that time he was in front of witnesses and since he didn't have evidence against Ye Xiwen so Luo Yifan couldn't directly kill him, but after going back, he must have felt that it was a mistake not to kill Ye Xiwen while he had the chance, but he couldn't just come and directly kill Ye Xiwen, or he might fall in trouble.

Young Marquis did not stay for too long, and walked away, and looking at the back profile of departing Young Marquis, Ye Xiwen sneered in his heart, not because of his provocative words. The words of Young Marquis simply had no effect on Ye Xiwen because if his fighting strength had not broken through from the Xiantian six heavy, then this time, he really had no chance against Ye Xiwen!

“Ye Xiwen, Zhang Chi!”

Soon, Ye Xiwen's name was called for the third round, and this time, his opponent was already a seed disciple, but Ye Xiwen was not surprised, after all, he was already in the third round, and from this round onwards, even if his opponent was not a seed disciple but it would still be a disciple comparable to the seed disciples.

For reaching the third round of Seed disciple competition, luck was required, but high strength was also an important constraint.

As far as Ye Xiwen was concerned, it simply didn't matter who his opponents were to this point. After breaking through the first three rounds, he would finally enter into the top 100 ranking of seed disciples.

However Zhang Chi was not just an ordinary seed disciple, his rank was 19th in the ranking list of seed disciples, and possessed an abnormally formidable imposing aura, indicating that he must have entered half-step into the Xiantian sixth stage, and that too not a long time ago, perhaps in the past few months.

Zhang Chi looked at Ye Xiwen and said: “Brother Ye, you are very strong, but this time you will surely lose, I must rush into the top twenty rankings.”

Zhang Chi's face revealed a firm expression. As far as Ye Xiwen's strength was concerned, it was now needless to say that no one dared to underestimate him, and many people were wondering that perhaps Ye Xiwen had already stepped into the Xiantian Xiao realm.

However, Zhang Chi wanted to step into the top twenty rankings, because this time, the top twenty contenders could obtain a type of medicinal pill called Hehe Dan. After using a Hehe Dan, one could increase their success rate of breaking through from the threshold of Xiantian fifth stage and step into the Xiantian sixth stage by more than 30%.

Hehe Dan was a very rare type of medicinal pill because only experts of Truth realm could refine it, but it increased only a small percentage of success rate of having a breakthrough from Xiantian fifth to Xiantian sixth stage, therefore the masters of Truth realm rarely refined Hehe Dan, which was the reason why in the past, only the top three seed disciples received Hehe Dan as rewards, and after consuming Hehe Dan, these three winners would reach the Xiantian sixth stage and become core disciples.

But this time, the situation was unique due to the matter concerning Bai Mojiao, and Sect was going to give enormous rich rewards to the winners. If he could obtain a Hehe Dan, he would at least be able to save himself from several months of self-torturous cultivation. Also, when he would participate in the competition among the five major influences, then his increased strength would help him in fetching a good ranking, and at that time, the rewards would be more than now. (NT: 4 large Sects + 1 royal family = 5 major influences)

He would also get favor from the Sect, thus helping in his growth in the long run.

However this time's Seed disciple competition was going to be the first major step.

“Such being the case, let us both give our best shots.” Ye Xiwen could see the desire to win in his opponent's eyes but he would certainly not give up.

“Brother Ye, get ready!” Zhang Chi shouted then suddenly, a formidable imposing aura came out of his body and he took out a long blade. He was also a blade master like Ye Xiwen, and above his long blade, a white tiger was facing upward and roaring loudly, but its form seemed a bit out of shape. Someone must have carved the creative concept of a fierce white tiger into the blade, indicating that this long blade was definitely a pseudo-spiritual tool.

“Brother Ye, be careful!” Zhang Chi immediately cautioned Ye Xiwen, although he was eager to win but he was definitely not a sinister villain. Zhang Chi clearly knew the unparalleled and tyrannical strength of his white tiger long blade and didn't want to deceive a talented junior like Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not speak, but a solemn look appeared on his face, as he had already taken strict precautions. He quickly transformed the Zhen Yuan within his body into Zhen Qi to give rise to a terrifying imposing aura.

Zhen Yuan itself was more advanced and purer form of energy than Zhen Qi, and even a little amount of Zhen Yuan could be turned into a large amount of Zhen Qi. Ye Xiwen immediately changed Zhen Yuan into Zhen Qi inside his body, sending layers after layers of shock waves in the surroundings, while his imposing aura suddenly rose quickly and wasn't one bit weaker than Zhang Chi.

“Ha!” Zhang Chi shouted loudly and chopped out his long blade, and in a flash, an endless amount of Zhen Qi congealed into Bladelight and rushed towards Ye Xiwen, producing faint howling sounds, and on the midway, the Bladelight directly transformed into a white tiger, however at the same time, accompanied by a loud sound of thunder, the hidden Dragon rose from the Abyss!

Ye Xiwen's palm instantly transformed into a dragon claw, and while using celestial step, he instantly rushed in front of the white tiger, his dragon claw rose high and instantly formed a towering giant dragon claw, then immediately descended down directly on top of the white tiger and suppressed it.


Ye Xiwen's dragon claw grabbed the white tiger and pressed it down on the ground, directly leaving a huge dragon paw print on the arena floor, while the white tiger immediately vanished after being heavily crushed by the huge dragon claw.

At that moment, the condensed soul of the white tiger was grasped by Ye Xiwen and was instantly destroyed and vanished, accompanied with a sound of "kara kara", just like the shattering sound of ice crystals.

However, just then, once again, a terrifying Bladeqi was instantly chopped out, which then turned into a white tiger and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen also abruptly shot his palm, and immediately, a coiling dragon congealed out of his palm, roared loudly and rushed towards the white tiger.

Immediately, the scene turned into a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents. On the arena, a white tiger was fighting with a coiling dragon, but Ye Xiwen was not anxious that others would see the origin of his move, after all, Yi Yuan School was originally a place to study various kinds of martial arts techniques, and even if they saw, it would account to nothing. Furthermore, he had heard from Lin Zhantian that from the time “Coiling dragon palm” had been taken out of an ancient ruin, no one was able to learn it.

In other words, for so many years, Ye Xiwen should be the first master to successfully comprehend "Coiling Dragon Palm". Most likely, no one would be able to recognize the move when they themselves hadn't seen anyone using it.

Moreover, a large Sect like Yi Yuan School must have its own several secrets. Yi Yuan School also did not request its disciples to give an honest account of their adventures.

If that was the case then who would dare to show their full strength, and if disciples tried to hide their true strengths, then it would severely affect the overall strength of the Sect.

Anyways, in a moment, the outcome of the fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents was going to be decided.

(To be continued)


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