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Chapter 138 - Once again defeats Mo Han

This was a gamble, a gamble on the assumption that Ye Xiwen would continue to progress in the future and would finally reach the truth realm, then they would be able to reap great benefits, so there were many senior disciple who acted out of their own accord and suddenly showed interest in joining the Qian Yu faction, and there were many more, who were waiting and watching from the sidelines.

Regarding this, Ye Feng, Yan Chiling and other high level members of Qian Yu faction naturally knew that it was naturally due to the successive victories of Ye Xiwen and his incredible strength, openly displayed in front of everyone. The sudden popularity of Qian Yu faction was all because of Ye Xiwen's popularity which was acting as a magnetic force to attract new members, and due to that, the total number of members in the faction suddenly increased a lot. Originally, the senior disciples had not shown interest in joining the Qian Yu faction, but now, they had come to join in abundance, and among them, there were many masters of Xiantian fifth stage. They were counted among the elite inner disciples and originally didn't spare a glance to the Qian Yu faction, but now, they had also started to show interest.

And this was all due to Ye Xiwen's enormous influence, because in this world, everyone worshipped the strong and only strong people commanded respect. Formidable individuals could bring great influence, more than anyone could imagine.

In the eyes of the crowd, there was anticipation as they were curiously waiting to know who Ye Xiwen's opponent would be in the fifth round, and after a while, his next opponent turned out to be Mo Han.

With a long spear standing erect next to him, there was a cold and gloomy look in Mo Han's eyes while his imposing aura was much more formidable than it was last time.

During the time of Ye Xiwen's first battle in the seed disciple competition, almost no one was optimistic about his victory, and thought that he was being overconfident, but right now, no one thought that Ye Xiwen was being overconfident, in fact this time, they were quite themselves that he would certainly win. Although a lot of people’s views were lopsided, thinking that Ye Xiwen would win, after all, even if the strength of Mo Han was quite high, but he was only at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, although he had comprehended man-spear unification realm, but Ye Xiwen defeated him once before, and right now, Ye Xiwen now should obviously be more powerful than before, so the outcome seemed to be obvious to everyone.

“I did not expect to meet you in the fifth round.” Ye Xiwen said.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” Mo Han said in a cold but determined voice, and at this time, his eyes were focused on Ye Xiwen, without caring about the cheering for Ye Xiwen still going on in the surroundings. These cheers were not causing any effect on him, because there was only thing that was continuously revolving in his mind, defeat him, defeat him!

This was the only thought remaining in his heart, defeat Ye Xiwen!

“You have become more powerful than before, but I still want to defeat you.” Mo Han said and in his voice, there was not a single trace of weakness, although he could see that Ye Xiwen had become more formidable, but he himself was not the same as before, and compared to three months ago, he had also become more powerful, so much powerful that he was able to rush all the way to the fifth round.

“Let's begin!” Ye Xiwen directly said.

Mo Han shouted loudly, Zhen Qi instantly burst up under his feet, and his physique shot forward like an arrow and rushed towards Ye Xiwen, while the spear in his hands suddenly shot. Compared to the last time, he was a lot faster this time and the ice-cold chill in the air made the surrounding temperature to reduce quickly, and to such an extent that it could easily freeze up people.

When Ye Xiwen saw the Spearqi wrapped on the spear as it arrived in front him, his eyes flashed with a color of surprise in them. Ye Xiwen did not expect that Mo Han would be able to so quickly wrap Spearqi on the spear, he truly lived up to his reputation as a genius and his strength seemed a lot higher than before. One could say that if he had not met Ye Xiwen, then it was possible that he might have stepped into the top twenty rankings.

Ye Xiwen grasped towards the void and a long blade made up of Zhen Qi suddenly condensed in his hand and fiercely chopped out.

“Boom!” A loud sound of spear intersecting the blade spread everywhere, causing an intense air friction, and instantly, a burst of thunderclap-like sound echoed in the arena.

“Why do you not use your blade, do you look down on me?” Mo Han asked in a cold voice.

Mo Han was just like a mad martial artist who could allow himself to fail, could allow himself to die, but definitely could not allow anyone to look down on him.

“You are mistaken, I don't need a blade to use my blade skills because my blade technique is actually a method that requires congealing Zhen Qi into a blade, so there's not much difference whether I use a blade or not.” Ye Xiwen lightly said.

“Cold moon beheader” itself required Bladeqi as the main attacking method, and unless Ye Xiwen was facing an evenly matched opponent, using a blade didn't make much difference. If the strength of Ye Xiwen's opponent was less, then using a blade did not make a difference but if his opponent was much stronger, then also using a blade couldn't change the outcome.

“If that's the case, then I was impolite.” Mo Han did not think that there really were some masters who could simply use hands to display weapon based power techniques.

As his voice fell, he instantly shot his spear, the spear point glittered with a cold and threatening light, and just like a snake had come out of the hole, the spear shadow went toward Ye Xiwen and instantly arrived in front of him.

Ye Xiwen also instantly released Zhen Qi from his body and congealed a long blade, then released several dancing blade shadows, which moved towards the spear shadow.


The loud sound of metals clashing spread in the arena along with sparks from the collision between the two. Ye Xiwen's long blade covered with Zhen Qi and the spear of Mo Han heavily clashed and produced rippled of shock waves that spread out of the arena, and soon, the two figures severely collided into each other.

Ye Xiwen stood motionless but Mo Han hastily went back few steps and looked at Ye Xiwen with a startled look in his eyes.

Mo Han did not hesitate and once again activated the man-spear unification, and although he just exchanged two moves with Ye Xiwen, he was compelled to use the strength of man-spear unification realm, and right now, during his second fight with Ye Xiwen, he discovered that in these three months, he himself had become much more tyrannical, but Ye Xiwen's tyranny was even more unreasonable. One could say that last time, they were almost evenly matched, but this time, he had no option but to use the strength of man-spear unification to resist against the formidable strength of Ye Xiwen.

Mo Han heavily trod on the ground and his physique started to merge with his spear and started taking form of a spear shadow, and above the spear point, Xiantian Zhen Qi rapidly condensed, and by means of his own aura, his body seemed to have stacked with the spear, and totally enveloped in Zhen Qi, his body almost fused together with the spear. He entered into the man-spear unification realm and pierced through the air producing Chi Chi sound, it seemed as if the air was being stabbed and cracking under the tremendous strength of Mo Han's spear attack.

Facing the man-spear unification of Mo Han, a dignified expression appeared on Ye Xiwen’s face. He now understood how Mo Han was able to rush all the way to this round, because by using the strength of man-spear unification, Mo Han's combat strength surpassed the strength of masters at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, and was comparable to masters of Xiantian sixth stage.

However, unlike last time, Ye Xiwen would not dodge this time. His stature blasted forward and went straight towards Mo Han's man-spear unification form.

On the arena, a Spearlight was advancing towards a Bladelight, and only after an instant, under the gazes of numerous spectators, a storm swept out, and in a blink of an eye, the two opponents finally arrived in front of each other.


Two figures severely clashed into each other and a surge of terrifying blast from the tip of the two weapons fiercely spread and swept off like a tsunami, sending shock waves in all directions.

In the wake of this terrifying blast, a figure was sent flying out of the arena upside down.

The rioting air and shock waves calmed down after a moment, and the situation on the arena became apparent to everyone when they saw Ye Xiwen standing on the stage, crossing his hands behind the back. Now, the outcome of this battle was no longer hidden from the spectators!

Suddenly, countless onlookers in the surroundings cheered, and at this time, there was no longer any distinction, whether it was new disciples or the senior disciples, all of them were cheering and shouting, and not just for a new disciple like Ye Xiwen, they were cheering for a formidable genius who just now created a brand-new record, right in front of their eyes!

Wasn't this situation simply against the heaven's will?

Many of the senior disciples who originally disliked Ye Xiwen had to admit that Ye Xiwen was just too formidable. He defeated Mo Han who was not just strong, after entering into the man-spear unification realm, his strength increased to the point of being comparable to the masters of Xiantian sixth stage. Now, it was obvious to everyone that if he had not faced Ye Xiwen in this round then he might have entered into the top ten seed disciple rankings with ease.

However unfortunately, he encountered Ye Xiwen and it was just like fate. Whether it was Zhang Chi or Mo Han, both of them were strong and could have achieved higher ranks in this competition, but Ye Xiwen was just too strong, and to this point in the competition, no one was able to become a hurdle in his advancement.

“Ye Xiwen wins!”

Ye Xiwen smoothly crossed the fifth round and had already broken the old record of Qi Feifan and created a brand-new record in the recent history of Yi Yuan School. At least one should be able to count him as the first person to create this record in the past hundred years of Yi Yuan School.

While, at this time, everyone was boiling with excitement and ebullition, Ye Xiwen heard a cold voice directed at him: “Ye Xiwen, your luck ends here, enjoy your final moments while you can.”

Ye Xiwen looked and saw that it was that young marquis, and right now, was looking at Ye Xiwen with his eyes filled with hatred. There was a color of envy flashing in his eyes, why, he himself managed to rush into the sixth round then why was no one concerned about him, why were everyone's eyes fixated on Ye Xiwen, why couldn't he get the attention of everyone!

Why him!

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at the young marquis, because he just knew that his next opponent would be none other than this arrogant and despotic young marquis.

He did not know whether it was a coincidence or someone's trick, but in a short time, at this place, he once again bumped into the young marquis.

After resting for a moment, Ye Xiwen heard his name being called for the next round.

“The next battle, Ye Xiwen, Zhubing Xun!”

Zhubing Xun was the name of the young marquis!

“Come on Ye Xiwen, defeat that Zhubing Xun!”

“Come on, make history, create a legend!”

Almost all of the disciples were cheering in support of Ye Xiwen and really wanted him to win. If Zhubing Xun won then it won't be worth looking at, because almost every year in the past, the same thing had happened over and over in the seed disciple competition. Everyone was craving for a miracle, a heart pumping legend to take birth in front of their eyes, a miracle that they would never forget.

And if Ye Xiwen actually won then that would be entirely different, because it would create a historical record, a record that had never been created ever in the history of Yi Yuan School, it would be like witnessing the birth of a miracle, a legend, and after winning this round, his next opponent would be an elite seed disciple and also one of the strongest experts. If Ye Xiwen won against such an opponent in the next round then he would be able to create history, create myth in Yi Yuan School.

Everyone was supporting Ye Xiwen and wanted him to win, rather than a stereotyped warrior like Zhubing Xun.

Due to this, Zhubing Xun’s complexion suddenly changed and became unsightly. He was extremely furious and was looking at Ye Xiwen with killing intent overflowing from his eyes.

(To be continued)


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