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Chapter 135 - Two rounds

“First battle of No.130 arena, Ye Xiwen, Fang Su!”

Finally, the guarding core disciple in the arena read Ye Xiwen’s name.

When Ye Xiwen heard his name call, he went up at once, and many of the disciples who did not recognize Ye Xiwen had their eyes fixated on him. Although, the strength of Ye Xiwen was only comparable to that of the seed disciples, but he was still considered as one of the few strongest individuals among hundreds of thousands of inner and outer disciples. He was counted among 200 to 300 top-notch disciples in the total population of inner disciples and outer disciples.

In addition to Ye Xiwen, his opponent, Fang Su, was also considered one of the few top-notch disciples.

“I never thought that the first battle will be between Ye Xiwen and Fang Su. That Ye Xiwen recently rose to fame but Fang Su is also a very famous super-master of Xiantian Xiao realm.”

“Yes, I did not expect that the first battle of Seed disciple competition will be between two seed level masters.”

“Right, I think that these experts will certainly stagger.”

“Stagger, if they stagger then it will be boring, if only stagger then even depending on the strength, do you know how many people who participate in the Seed disciple competition each year, because it is full of uncertainty. If they have good luck then can rush into the top hundred ranks, such as that Mo Han, otherwise why would the disciples who possess the insufficient strength of peak Xiantian fifth stage participate in the competition when they know they would just end up humiliating themselves in front of everyone and would be regarded as laughing stocks by everyone?”

Above the high stand, in the elders seating area, many of the elders were looking at Ye Xiwen, and among the many true disciples sitting there, Lin Zhantian was also present and looking at Ye Xiwen.

There were pleased looks in the eyes of these experts looking at Ye Xiwen. They didn't expect that a new disciple like him, who joined the Main Sect only few months ago, without taking too long, would be able to challenge seed disciples.

Ye Xiwen also felt a lot of gazes aimed at him and felt his heart secretly beating like a drum. He was anxious that these experts might find out about the existence of Tianyuan mirror and Ye Mo because the Tianyuan mirror was still present on his body.

It was said that Yi Yuan School did not have biased views regarding the principles of Modao and Xiedao. In fact, there were some disciples in Yi Yuan School who practiced Modao based power techniques and Xiedao based power techniques, but they were all accepted by the Main Sect, also there were many people who possessed Modao and Xiedao based spiritual tools, but Yi Yuan School didn't mind them, because according to the viewpoint of Yi Yuan School, these spiritual tools or power techniques were not good or evil, only the people who practiced them were good or evil. As long as the practitioner didn't use these practices for evil deeds, Main Sect allowed the use of Modao and Xiedao!

However it was still difficult to predict their attitude and reaction towards the existences of Tianyuan mirror and Ye Mo, although Ye Xiwen heard from Ye Mo that Tianyuan mirror was actually a very Niubi original tool, but he still couldn't control the mirror and was anxious that it might give rise to a difficult situation. (NT: Niubi = Awesome, flamboyant, extraordinary, kickass etc.)

“Ye Mo, are you sure there won't be any problem?” Ye Xiwen immediately asked Ye Mo because those elders were all experts of the truth realm, and if they really made up their mind to get rid of him, then it could be said that he didn't have the strength to fight back.

“Rest assured, these ants simply have no way to discover my presence.” Ye Mo said in a voice filled with pride.

Ye Mo still held a deep contempt for humans, although each time it exposed such signs of despising human, he was corrected and scolded by Ye Xiwen, but this notion was profoundly engraved deep into its bones, and was difficult to change, but its attitude towards Ye Xiwen fortunately became better, but Ye Mo still wanted Ye Xiwen to follow the power techniques of Modao and always tried to convince Ye Xiwen that he must become the next peerless Devil King and so on.

However Ye Xiwen had already started to ignore these words, and as far as the matter of becoming the next mighty Devil King was concerned, he simply had no interest!

Ye Xiwen was on the stage and on the opposite stood a youth man clad in moonlight long robe, and while haughtily looking at Ye Xiwen, he said: "I heard you’re that arrogant and rampant Ye Xiwen? Probably because you seemed to have defeated Mo Han, but at that time, Mo Han was only at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage and defeating him means nothing. You are not my match so it's better for you to admit defeat as soon as possible."

He confidently tried to persuade Ye Xiwen to admit defeat but did not expect to see a faint smile appearing on the face of Ye Xiwen. Fang Su suddenly became somewhat angry with an embarrassing look on his face, he angrily said: “What are you smiling at?”

“At your presumptuous attitude, do you actually think you can easily defeat Mo Han? Your strength is not more than his strength and if you run into him this time then he will surely beat you within ten strokes.” Ye Xiwen said because he clearly knew about the extremely formidable and fierce strength of 'man spear unification' and even if Fang Su was at the same strength level as Mo Han, it would difficult for him to resist Mo Han's might of man spear unification realm.

Since Mo Han was now a master of Xiantian Xiao realm and so long as he didn't have a bad luck in competition, he should be able to go very far!

Even if they were once enemies but Ye Xiwen didn't want to see someone belittling the abilities of Mo Han.

“But this time, you are not going to get a chance to meet him.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“Bastard!” Fang Su suddenly became furious and the self-confident look on his face immediately turned red due to shame and embarrassment caused by the insulting words of Ye Xiwen.

Fang Su's palm grasped toward the air and directly grasped an aquamarine long double-edged sword. This long sword was a kind of supreme quality cold jade long sword, and even from afar, one could feel its chilly aura, and collision between cold air and steam was emitting sizzling sounds. In an instant, like an aquamarine colored lightning, he took one step forward and in the next step, he was right in front of Ye Xiwen.

Although Fang Su was an arrogant and haughty guy, who talked big, but he was really very formidable. The strength of a master of the Xiantian Xiao ream was not joke, and his strength was the real deal, no wonder he was confident enough to participate in the Seed disciple competition and was also expecting to step into the top hundred seed disciple rankings.

‘Shua!' Ye Xiwen's reaction was very fast, he instantly took out his long blade and instantly shot. His whole stature rushed forward like lightning and with a loud "Boom!" the two instantly collided, sending mighty shock waves in the air carrying many chunks of frozen water vapor. These frozen chunks were instantly blasted in all directions, and many disciples present in the crowd, surrounding the arena, suddenly had to use Zhen Qi around their bodies as shields to protect their own lives. A disciple of Houtian realm was hit by the frozen chunks and sustained several fractures.

After having interrupted the offensive of his opponent, Ye Xiwen did not stop even for an instant, and the Zhen Yuan continuously started to burst within his body, while his long blade chopped out a terrifying Bladelight, which then directly swept in the direction of Fang Su like a whirlwind, and swept the clouds of mist and ice chunks on its way towards Fang Su.

Fang Su used his cold jade double-edged long sword to block Ye Xiwen's fierce blade attack, but he was just a master of Xiantian Xiao realm, so how could he possibly a block an attack which contained some parts of Zhen Yuan mixed with Zhen Qi.

“Bang!” As soon as Ye Xiwen's blade attack came in contact with Fang Su's long sword, he was instantly sent flying far out of the arena, and suddenly spurted out blood in the midflight.

Ye Xiwen had mixed his Xiantian Zhen Qi with a trace of Zhen Yuan, and due to that, Fang Su was simply unable to fight back.

In fact, during the fight, Ye Xiwen was trying to conceal his true strength, because he did not want others to find out that he had already completely transformed Zhen Yuan, because there could be a genuinely formidable master hidden among the high ranked seed disciples, and it would be better not to expose his true strength too early in the competition.

However there was a good thing that he didn't have to hide his enormous strength of 200 Dragons, which simply sent Fang Su flying far away out of the arena, while spouting blood and his body fell heavily on the ground upside down.

“Ye Xiwen actually won, and that too so easily, but how is this possible, it's unbelievable how Fang Su couldn't even block a single blade attack!”

“How is this possible, Ye Xiwen turned out to be so insanely strong, but that cold jade long sword was a pseudo-spiritual tool, why was it unable to block Ye Xiwen's blade attack!”

“It seems that we have underestimated the strength of Ye Xiwen, we only thought that since Ye Xiwen has defeated Mo Han, a master at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, then he must be weak, in fact, no one expected that he would actually be so formidable. Now that you think about it, that Mo Han guy had comprehended the man spear unification while fighting Ye Xiwen, but he was still defeated. I must say, Ye Xiwen's strength is simply unfathomable!”

“It seems that his strength is far more than just comparable to the strength of seed disciples, because even among the seed disciples, perhaps only the ones ranked above average would be able to compete with him.”

At this time, all of the disciples of Qian Yu faction were cheering for Ye Xiwen, without a single exception, and it was expected because he was representing their Qian Yu faction, a new faction formed by new disciples, and this was his first battle. When he won the battle against a senior disciple so easily then this made them very happy.

Ye Xiwen came down from the arena and the disciples of Qian Yu faction immediately surrounded him and started congratulating him, although it was merely the first round of competition, but he just now defeated a super-master of Xiantian Xiao realm in such a relaxed way. Just from watching the first fight, one could imagine that Ye Xiwen was going to go too far in the competition.

But, those senior disciples were constantly staring at Ye Xiwen and there was clear disbelief in their eyes. This new disciple was really a freak, he joined the Main Sect less than six months ago, and now he could participate in the Seed disciple competition, and not just that, he so easily defeated a super-master of Xiantian Xiao realm as if it was child's play for him.

Although they had heard that this year's new disciples were very fierce but just what this ridiculous formidable strength actually was and how could he obtain it so fast. They joined Main Sect more than a decade ago and still didn't dare to sign up in Seed disciple competition!

Ye Xiwen's facial expression was calm like the surface of a still water, and no matter what those people were thinking, he quietly waited for the arrival of the next battle!

But Ye Xiwen didn't have to wait for too long, and soon, the first battle in other arena also ended.

After a small time given for recuperation, it was time to start the second battle, although it could be said that in this case, it was quite unfair for those who were slower in finishing their battles in comparison to those who finished earlier. In this case, it was Lien Chan and if his strength was strong enough, then he would have finished his own fight earlier than Ye Xiwen. So if he couldn't defeat his opponent earlier than Ye Xiwen then it could be considered fair because if everyone was given long enough time for relaxation then it was not fair to the strength of the stronger contestant. (NT: What a dangerous paragraph. It slightly increased my IQ :P)

Soon, Ye Xiwen's turn arrived in the second round of the competition. This time, his opponent looked like a 25 or 26 year old guy. When he saw that his opponent actually turned out to be Ye Xiwen, suddenly a forced smile appeared on his face. Although he hadn't seen Ye Xiwen's first fight, but he already heard from other people about his extraordinary performance. He soon realized that he would not be able to contend with Ye Xiwen.

A super master of the Xiantian Xiao realm couldn't block one attack from Ye Xiwen's blade and was sent flying out of the arena, let alone a mere disciple at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

The thoughts continually wrestled in his mind then he cupped one hand into the other across his chest and said: “Brother Ye, I accept my incompetence in front of your strength, I admit defeat.”

“Ye Xiwen, wins!”

(To be continued)


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