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Chapter 128 - Ye Feng calls for help

Days passed, and in a blink of an eye, two months already passed from the incident of Prince Mo Yan. Ye Xiwen didn't join Zhuge Xingli and others and went his own way.

During these two months, Ye Xiwen was roaming throughout the Great Yue State, wiping out large numbers of the followers of Bai Mojiao, because the followers of Bai Mojiao had sprouted everywhere and were attacking at various locations throughout the Great Yue State, leading to a sudden rise in requests of crushing these followers. After 100 years, misfortune again struck the Great Yue State.

Not just Yi Yuan School, other major Sects also sent forces to crush the rebellion of Bai Mojiao. The Royal Clan of Great Yue State also could not help but mobilize the Royal guards, a terrifying army, though the foot soldiers were only warriors of peak Houtian ninth stage but corporals were masters of Xiantian realm, and this army was called the terrifying slaughter machine of the Royal Clan of Great Yue State.

In addition to the Royal guards, Great Yue State's large military was also fully mobilized, and along with them, County soldiers, many local armies and military troops were stationed overnight, and were ordered to slaughter any Bai Mojiao followers if found lurking in the nearby areas.

Although the battle efficiency of Ye Xiwen was now comparable to the core disciples of Xiantian sixth stage, but this time due to the unexpected resurfacing of Bai Mojiao after 100 years, many formidable devils invaded from the Devi world during the rebellion, and Ye Xiwen repeatedly faced life and death situations during the missions while fighting them, and thanks to that his strength showed a vast progress.

After training for three months, Ye Xiwen was simply like a reborn self of his previous self. His inner state fully consolidated at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage and his strength increased all the way to the strength of 200 Dragons, and his fighting efficiency was now between the Xiantian sixth stage and Xiantian seventh stage.

During these three months, the power technique that Ye Xiwen comprehended the most was “Tyrant body technique”. He had already comprehended its second layer to the Dacheng realm, and now, he also comprehended the third layer and actually burnt 10,000 spirit stones in the mysterious space in the process, and results could be seen from the outline of his new sturdy and slim profile.

In addition to that, Ye Xiwen also spent most of the time in understanding and practicing the “Coiling Dragon Palm” inside the mysterious space. In the mysterious space, he was repeatedly practicing the 'profound thought' of this technique over and over, although he didn't have the enough inner strength, but he could still comprehend the moves of "Coiling Dragon Palm" as it totally depended on his natural talent.

Regarding this martial arts technique from ancient times, perhaps, even if many talented people tried to comprehend it, they would be unable to achieve anything, but Ye Xiwen had 'mysterious space', and so long as there were enough spirit stones, he would be able to unravel all the secrets of “Coiling Dragon Palm”, as all of its secrets would be displayed in front of him making it very easy for him to grasp this technique.

Without this mysterious space, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been able to comprehend even a bit of this ancient power technique and instead there was a high possibility that he would have his soul and mind destroyed by the scary thought present inherently in this technique.

During the time he was practicing "Coiling Dragon Palm", Ye Xiwen spent a total of 15000 spirit stones and finally mastered the second move, 'Divine Dragon flings its tail', to the point of having the first glimpse into its secrets. Unlike 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss', the second move was more suited for its use in group warfare, where even one move could produce a massive explosion, as if a divine dragon flung its tail, and using this move, enemies within a large range could be attacked in one fell swoop.

In a mountain village, corpses were lying everywhere throughout the village, and looking at these corpses, one could see that the vitality had been drained out of their bodies leaving only mummified corpses on the roadside.

A fight was going on in the central region of the village.

A group of Bai Mojiao followers were gathered around a cyan figure and trying to attack him.


A long blade flashed and released a terrifying Bladeqi that instantly and severely chopped out towards the group of Bai Mojiao followers.




Several Bai Mojiao followers couldn't evade the attack and were split in half.

Ye Xiwen's figure was just like an immortal, fast and elegant, shuttling back and forth among these followers of Bai Mojiao, and wherever his figure appeared, the followers of Bai Mojiao would be directly chopped into two halves.

Ye Xiwen didn't have a favorable impression of these Bai Mojiao followers and it was obvious just from seeing how maliciously and unceasingly he was chopping them down into pieces.




Wherever the Bladelight went, flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

These devils finally learned the same fear that the dead villagers would have felt while getting massacred by them, but Ye Xiwen did not give them much time to reflect on it, a terrifying Bladelight released out of his long blade and immediately chopped them into pieces.

In a short interval of time, Ye Xiwen effortlessly beheaded each and every one of these Bai Mojiao followers.

Ye Xiwen relaxed and felt as if there was no end to these devils. They just kept on coming even after he continued to kill them endlessly. Resurfacing after a silent preparation for 100 years, no wonder they managed to accumulate so much strength of alarming proportions, not to mention there were a large number of Bai Mojiao followers beyond the boundaries of Great Yue State.

Bai Mojiao was a large influence and its forces had managed to proliferate throughout the Zhen Wu Jie, and if their overall influence was estimated, then it was much more powerful than Yi Yuan School.

Great Yue State's Bai Mojiao was just one branch of the organization.

Ye Xiwen finished reciting “Send souls to the afterlife” for the dead villagers, then called his red-crowned crane and returned to Yi Yuan School. During these days, he managed to complete many missions.

The rewards for these Bai Mojiao related missions were truly rich, and in just a few months, Ye Xiwen actually gained more than 3000 spirit stones by completing these missions, although considering his current level, it was not too much, but it was not too less as well.

Suddenly, a mysterious light flashed in the sky and flew directly into the summoning Talisman held in his hands. This summoning Talisman, into which the mysterious light just entered, was clearly a high-grade Talisman and far superior to an ordinary summoning Talisman he previously had.

Ye Xiwen knew that this summoning Talisman was very expensive, but he still bought one for 300 spirit stones and discovered that its effects were very good, far better than the previous summoning Talisman. It could send messages from far distances and these messages were faster and extremely accurate.

Ye Xiwen sent Zhen Yuan into the summoning Talisman and a message suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Little Brother, the disciples of our Qian Yu faction are stranded and currently trapped in Thousand Islands City, hurry up and come at once!”

Ye Xiwen saw that the name inscribed on the message, it was 'Ye Feng'.

Immediately after receiving the distress message from the Qian Yu faction, in his mind appeared the required information about Thousand Islands City. After entering into the Xiantian realm, his body went through a metamorphosis, the brain was no exception, making him intelligent and increased the retaining capacity of the brain, far more than ordinary people. Now he could read things and would never forget them.

Thousand Island City was located on the southwest large waterfront of the Great Yue State. There were many estuaries in this place since it was located near the sea, and due to the inconsistency in the estuary formations and river flow, many small islands had formed and Thousand Islands City was located on top of these islands, which were also the origin of the city.

It was very far from the Yi Yuan School and he needed to rush there as soon as possible. Ye Xiwen didn't waste any time and called his red-crowned crane, jumped on its back and quickly flew in the direction of Thousand Islands City.

There was a boundless blue sea on the eastern waterfront of the Great Yue State, and no one knew in the end how far it spread. There were many formidable Sects present in the depths of the East China Sea, and not just that, there were also many powerful demon beasts that lurked in the depths of the sea, and there were also a lot of demon beasts with great wisdom who had bounded the strength of the weak demon beasts to form a demon kingdom. On the mainland, mankind was dominant, and of course would not allow the existence of demon kingdom, but the depths of the East China Sea was the lair of demon beasts and even the true realm experts wouldn't dare to go too deep into their lair.

In short, the depths of East China Sea was a very dangerous place and a forbidden place for humans, and no matter which Sect someone belonged to, no one was allowed to go into the depths of East China Sea.

However, contrary to what anyone would expect, in the range of 3000 Li radius from the coastline, there existed a large faction of human existence, and generally, the demon beasts didn't dare to get too close to their settlement. (NT: 1 Li = 0.5 Km)

The red-crowned crane’s speed was extremely fast, but there was a large distance to cover to reach the southwest side of the Great Yue State, and the time it would take to reach there was estimated as a full day's flight. Ye Xiwen was anxious and impatient, because he remembered that he saw a mission which stated that Thousand Islands City seemed to have been captured by many followers of Bai Mojiao, i.e., Ye Feng and others most likely had to face a large number of Bai Mojiao followers and were in imminent danger.

After flying for most of the time of the day, the sky was completely camouflaged by the curtain of night, and in the distance, a city could be seen partially visible in the looming fog.

Since the Thousand Islands City was located close to the sea, for more than half a year, it was generally obscured in dense fog.

Originally, millions of people lived in Thousand Islands City, but at this time, there was no trace of them rather under the curtain of night, terrifying intermittent roars of demon beasts could be heard from all around.

Ye Xiwen jumped down from the back of his red-crowned crane which was still flying in the air.

He just landed on the island and was immediately surrounded by numerous water frog beasts, who rushed over towards him while croaking. Water frog beast was a relatively low-level aquatic demon beast, but the biggest threat was their sheer numbers when they attacked. There were a lot of water frog beasts and even if they weren't strong individually, but when several hundred thousand beasts attacked at once, they could pose a serious threat for even the most formidable experts.

Most experts would choose to flee in this situation!

But, Ye Xiwen did not want to waste this crucial time on these water frog beasts!

His whole stature rushed forward and a sudden burst of an incredibly cold and scary Qijin released out of his body. (NT: Qijin = Qi energy)


Those water frog beasts were suddenly shaken and turned into powder by the shock of terrifying Qijin.

In no time, Ye Xiwen freed himself from the entanglement of these water frog beasts, although they were in large numbers, but fortunately, right now, not all of them had appeared so dealing with the current number of water frog beasts wouldn't be much of a problem for him.

Ye Xiwen released a large quantity of Zhen Yuan out of his body in all directions which spread around him and whenever the water frog beasts tried to approach him, they would immediately collapse and turn into powder.

Ye Xiwen jumped to a rooftop and rushed towards the central part of Thousand Islands City, because he could sense that a huge Zhen method was operating crazily in the central part of the city.

Ye Xiwen estimated that if the disciples of Qian Yu faction were still alive, they were most probably inside that huge Zhen method.

Immediately, without any hesitation, he rushed towards the central part of Thousand Islands City.

However the overall structure of this 'Thousand Islands City' actually comprised of several small islands, and each of these small islands were separated by various waterways. Since Ye Xiwen couldn't fly, so he could only rush skimming on the roofs and surface of water.

(To be continued)


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