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Chapter 127 - Did you kill Luo Tian?

Then suddenly, a long howl came from the horizon.

From the outset, for a while, that long howl continued to come from the horizon, but almost after an instant, it was not very far away from everyone, and as the howl grew closer and louder, the entire air began to vibrate producing layer after layer of mighty shockwaves.

The complexions on everyone’s face suddenly paled, because this person's skill was extremely terrifying. He was actually so far from them and could still cause such a level of change in the atmosphere. The display of such a might was impossible for a master of Xiantian realm.

True master!

The complexion on Prince Mo Yan's face suddenly paled, because he also heard this loud howl and immediately recognized that this was not his master from Bai Mojiao. He quickly made the decision, jumped upon the unusual beast and shouted: “Retreat!”

Prince Mo Yan's loud shout spread throughout, and immediately after that, whether it was those great devils or Bai Mojiao followers, without wasting any time, they threw down their opponents and turned back to escape.

“Should we chase after them?” Xiao Jin asked.

“Well, we don't chase, a tottering foe should not be chased recklessly, and they escaped just because they fear Brother Luo Yifan not us.” Zhuge Xingli said while looking at the retreating back profile of Prince Mo Yan.

Xiao Jin clearly understood as he knew what kind of dreadful existence this Brother Luo Yifan actually was.

Ye Xiwen looked at the rapidly escaping figures of Prince Mo Yan and his minions and sighed. This Prince Mo Yan was quite a fierce and ambitious character, who showed his decisive nature while killing enemies, and when it came to retreating in the face of danger, he again didn't waste any time and immediately escaped.

Quick decision making abilities along with ruthless nature made him quite a troublesome foe!

However Ye Xiwen couldn't think about this for long, because when he was thinking, a person's figure suddenly appeared on a tree branch not far away from him. It was actually a youth clad in blue robe and appeared 28 or 29 years old, and a formidable imposing aura was unceasingly coming out of his body.

“Brother Luo!”

“Senior Yifan!”

“Brother Luo!”

Zhuge Xingli and the three core disciples took the lead and immediately approached him to greet , but those inner disciples somewhat hesitated as they didn't recognize this youth, after all, they were separated by a layer, accessible only to the core disciples, in addition to that, those true disciples were quite elusive, and it was hard to even barely catch of a glimpse of them, unless someone was quite intimate with a true disciple, ordinary people didn't have any means to approach them.

“This time we were lucky that Brother Luo was nearby and came to our rescue, otherwise, we would really be in a big trouble.” Zhuge Xingli said in a respectful manner.

“Yes, this is all thanks to Brother Luo that we were able to scare away that Prince Mo Yan and his army.” Xiao Jin also said with a smile on his face. The situation this time would have taken a very dangerous turn, and if this fight had dragged on, the inner disciples would have faced serious problems, because their combat strength was far worse compared to the core disciples, and even if Ye Xiwen had a breakthrough, it was just a temporary relief and was not enough to reverse the flow of battle.

When Luo Yifan looked at the bodies of Bai Mojiao on the ground, a trace of disgust appeared in his eyes.

“These Bai Mojiao devils were well prepared and they even sent a master to stop me, which is why I arrived so late.” Luo Yifan indifferently said.

And at this time, several shadows appeared in the sky, riding various kinds of demon birds and descended from the sky. Each of them looked powerful and had strong imposing aura and were core disciple level masters.

“Brother Luo, we have beheaded the remaining devils of Bai Mojiao. This time we caught a big fish, an elder of Bai Mojiao's Yue State branch.” A core disciple said in an excited tone.

Ye Xiwen and other inner disciples exclaimed when they heard this. One of the elders of Bai Mojiao suffered loss at the hand of Luo Yifan? One must know that in the Yue State's branch of Bai Mojiao, the elders possessed strength comparable to that of the true disciples.

True disciples were known as great spiritual masters who had already gained deep understanding of the laws of heaven and earth but still preferred to follow simplicity and didn't indulge themselves in worldly matters!

Let alone these inner disciples, even the core disciples looked up to the true disciples.

And an elder of such a stature died at the hands of Luo Yifan and that too in such a short time. It was obvious that the strength of Luo Yifan was so enormous that it was simply incomprehensible for ordinary disciples like them.

Ye Xiwen initially thought that if these devils of Bai Mojiao dared to behave so arrogantly and surrounded them and weren't absolutely scared of Luo Yifan's sudden arrival, then they certainly would have sent a suitably high ranked master to deal with Luo Yifan, but it seemed that they did not expect that this master would be so quickly beheaded by Luo Yifan!

“Those evildoers really acted recklessly this time. They actually dared to set up a trap to kill the disciples of my Yi Yuan School.” Luo Yifan said with a disdainful look on his face.

Zhuge Xingli started introducing Luo Yifan to the inner disciples. These disciples also had somewhat exciting looks on their faces, after all, they were standing in front of a true disciple.

Luo Yifan showed little interest in the beginning, but when introduced to Ye Xiwen, his piercing gaze swept towards Ye Xiwen, and a surge of terrifying imposing aura came out of his body and firmly locked on Ye Xiwen.

The scene abruptly changed in the field, everyone was stunned, they just couldn't understand why Luo Yifan, one of the true disciples, would suddenly attack Ye Xiwen, and the ones who were surprised the most were Zhuge Xingli and other core disciples. Although Ye Xiwen just had a breakthrough and his strength was now comparable to that of core disciples but it was not going to help him in front of an existence like Luo Yifan.

Ye Xiwen felt that a horrifying imposing aura was crushing his body, while at the same time, the Zhen Yuan was madly rushing and revolving inside his body in order to resist the intense pressure of Luo Yifan's imposing aura.

If he had not already transformed Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan inside his body, then it was possible that this imposing aura would have made him to kneel down on the ground. It was as if he was facing a beast from ancient times, trying to bite him with its intensely strong jaws.

Ye Xiwen’s body was being crushed with such an enormous strength that his bones started to make crackling sounds.

“Brother Luo, what's this all about?” Xue Yuan hurriedly asked because she couldn't understand why Luo Yifan would suddenly attack Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's whole body was covered in cold sweat, so much sweat that it completely soaked his clothes, his complexion was somewhat pale. This was the first time he felt the horrifying strength of a true master and even if his fighting strength was now comparable to that of the core disciples, but there a difference of heaven and earth between the core disciples and true disciples.

“Brother Luo, what's the meaning of this?” Ye Xiwen's body was trembling and he clenched his teeth and asked while trying to resist the overwhelming imposing aura.

“Say, did you kill Luo Tian?” Luo Yifan said and his voice came like the roar of a fierce Lion, and caused a violent storm which directly impacted on Ye Xiwen's mind, and directly snatched the control of his mind, and now, he wouldn't be able to lie or hold secrets even if he wanted to, and when asked, he must answer the truth out loud. (NT: Just to refresh your memories, Ye Xiwen had killed Luo Tian while saving Hua Menghan. Well, Hua Menghan had already severely injured him but Ye Xiwen gave the finishing blow!)

“I don't know about this Luo Tian guy.” At this most critical moment, the 'Special Space' in his mind suddenly sent intermittent rays of light which completely shielded his mind and soul, and right at this very instant, Ye Xiwen regained control over his mind and quickly answered.

Ye Xiwen was startled in his heart. This thing never came in his mind that Luo was the surname of both Luo Tian and Luo Yifan, and there was a possibility that they were actually members of the same clan!

But at this time, Ye Xiwen wasn't in a position to ask anything to clear his doubts!

He must pretend that he did not know Luo Tian!

He absolutely couldn't tell the truth!

Ye Xiwen knew that if he admitted that he was the one who killed Luo Tian, then this Luo Yifan wouldn't hesitate one bit and would definitely kill him right there in front of everyone. The status of a true disciple was equivalent to that of the elders.

Having the backing of such an incredible master, no wonder Luo Tian was audacious enough to actually dare to intercept Hua Menghan.

Luo Yifan's eyes were flashing with killing intent while keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen and seemed to be considering whether he was speaking truth or not.

He was suspicious because he got some clues that Ye Xiwen was possibly related to Luo Tian's death. That day, Luo Tian acted recklessly by planning to intercept Hua Menghan and died in vain. Hua Menghan was the first disciple of the Lord of ‘Full moon peak’ and her status was equivalent to the status of a true disciple, so he couldn't get his hands on her, but Ye Xiwen's case was different. He was just one of the several thousand inner disciples, and even if he was killed by a true disciple like Luo Yifan, it would be considered as punishment and nothing else.

Therefore he used a sound wave based martial arts tactic to directly attack Ye Xiwen's mind and soul, and even if a true disciple was hit by this attack, it would affect them, let alone a petty inner disciple. By controlling his mind and soul, he would naturally utter the truth without hiding anything.

Of course, there were problems related to this method, because once used on someone, it would severely affect the mind and recovery might require a long time. Sometimes when the damage done to the mind was too severe then there were was no way to fully recover.

But he didn't care about all that, so long he got to know the truth about Luo Tian's death.

He looked at Ye Xiwen with a hint of uncertainty in his eyes, because he started to having doubts, maybe this kid was saying the truth and wasn't related to Luo Tian's death, after all, Luo Yifan was very confident on his martial arts tactic and believed that no one could escape from its clutches.

After a long time, Luo Yifan restrained his imposing aura locked on Ye Xiwen and coldly looked at him then said: “You'd better not be related to Luo Tian's death otherwise you will die a pathetic death.”

Luo Yifan openly threatened Ye Xiwen in front of everyone as if he didn't care what other people think about this matter, then took a step and his figure shot into the sky leaving a trail of rainbow light then disappeared in the sky. The group of core disciples who came with him awhile ago also followed after him and disappeared in the sky.

“Are you okay?” Xue Yuan asked with a hint of concern in her voice, though she wasn't familiar with Ye Xiwen, but they fought alongside in a life and death battle, so a sense of friendship had developed between them.

“It's nothing, I am alright.” A bleak smile appeared on his face while the intention to kill was boiling in his mind, yes, this intention to kill was directed towards Luo Yifan, but Ye Xiwen had already accumulated a profound experience in using 'Restraining breath technique', and even if the killing intention was boiling violently in his heart, he properly hid it inside and nothing was revealed on the outside.

If it was revealed, he would have no other choice but to die. An inner disciple daring to direct his intention to kill towards a true disciple was simply ridiculous, but Ye Xiwen didn't mind because even true disciples were human beings, sooner or later, he would also achieve the true realm.

This Luo Yifan was an absolutely ruthless man, and as long as he found even a little evidence, he would rather kill than mistakenly let off a possible killer of Luo Tian. Moreover, Ye Xiwen figured out by now that Luo Yifan was just suspicious and had no evidence. Since the majority of responsibility of Luo Tian’s death fell on the shoulders of Hua Menghan, so Luo Yifan wouldn't continue to go into details, but this still didn't mean that this thing was over.

The best way out of this mess was to kill Luo Yifan and end this once and for all!

In Ye Xiwen's heart, the intention to kill slowly began to spread.

(To be continued)


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