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Chapter 129 – Thousand Islands City sacrificed

Ye Xiwen soon arrived at the central part of Thousand Islands City where he saw a huge Zhen method unceasingly operating. There he found a large concentration of moqi in the air which was actually congealing this huge Zhen method.

“Brother!” Ye Xiwen shouted and blew out Zhen Yuan which sent shock waves in the air, which then immediately turned into sound waves and spread out.

Although it was inferior to Luo Yifan's skill, but here, within a radius of ten to twenty miles, anyone could clearly hear his shout.

After transforming the Zhen Qi inside his body into Zhen Yuan, Ye Xiwen had become so formidable that even his shout turned into a great roar and proliferated through the atmosphere like a sonic wave weapon.

“Ga!” A sharp burst of screams of night owls spread everywhere, followed by a flock of night owls dropping from the dark sky while screaming pitifully. They had been killed by the sonic waves released from Ye Xiwen's shout.

“Little Brother, we are here!” Ye Feng's voice finally reached him. This time, he didn't come to kill demon beasts or followers of Bai Mojiao, but to find Ye Feng and the others, and he must hurry up and find them as quickly as possible.

Furthermore looking at the strengths of Ye Feng and the others, it could be said they weren't very formidable, but also couldn't be killed so easily. Ye Xiwen was just hoping that a true master had not assumed personal command of the Bai Mojiao stronghold in Thousand islands City.

After hearing the voice of Ye Feng, Ye Xiwen was suddenly overjoyed and shouted immediately: “Brother, wait a minute, I am coming!”

Ye Xiwen's stature shuttled in the direction from where Ye Feng's voice originated, and was about to tear Zhen method with his bare hands, but suddenly, a large number of Huanmo appeared to block his way along with Bai Mojiao followers and some great devils also mixed in with them.

All of these Huanmo were in the Xiantian realm. Bai Mojiao followers were also at the Xiantian fourth stage or Xiantian fifth stage, and not just that, even many of those great devils were adults, i.e., they were at Xiantian sixth stage. There were some great devil captains, mixed in the crowd, to command the other great devils and strength of these captains was very high.

“Jie Jie, it was really a good decision to trap the disciples of Yi Yuan School here. Now we can expect that the disciples of Yi Yuan School will keep on coming to save their comrades and then we will kill them all.” A great devil licked his lips with its scarlet tongue and said with a cruel smile on his face.

When Ye Xiwen heard this, he finally understood why Ye Feng was able to send a distress message through his summoning Talisman. So it was plan of these cunning devils all along to lure other disciples of Yi Yuan School and kill them.

However, how could there be so many devil race and Bai Mojiao followers at one place? It seemed like this should be a very important stronghold of Bai Mojiao.

At this time, countless thoughts flew into his mind. It was obvious that at present, he was standing in front of a huge trap which was set to attract disciples of Yi Yuan School.

However, even so, there was no other way to save Ye Feng and the others. He had no other choice but to fall into the trap himself and look for Ye Feng and the others and then formulate a plan to get out of this trap.

“You devil bastards!” Ye Xiwen shouted then took a step and his figure turned into a streamer and vanished, and the very next instant, his figure appeared high in the sky, right above the Zhen method. While he was in the air, he chopped out his long blade and instantly released a 10 meters long Daomang that immediately rushed towards Zhen method.




The Huanmo devils who tried to block this huge and terrifying Daoguang were instantly chopped into pieces.

“Boom!” A 10 meters long terrifying Daoguang smashed into the huge Zhen method. The Zhen method shook violently but didn't collapse.

From the deepest part of the Zhen method, came a burst of strange laughter, apparently Ye Xiwen's blade attack alarmed a formidable devil who was currently far away.

In the deepest parts of the Zhen method, stood a huge specter, so huge that even the houses at his side appeared somewhat tiny in comparison. His eyes were like a pair of huge lanterns in general, and right now, he seemed to be keeping a close eye on a huge spiraling vortex which was right in front of him. From this vortex, waves of cold and sinister moqi was unceasingly coming out, and every once in a while, a Huanmo or a great devil would come out as well.

“Honorable Devil commander, a Xiantian sixth stage disciple of Yi Yuan School has arrived!” At this time, a great devil walked next to the huge specter and informed him about Ye Xiwen's arrival. (NT: Sixth stage :P)

“Just one? Well better than nothing!” The huge specter said and his voice came out like the sound of a mighty bell in general.

"Our aim should be to kill as many of these humans as we can. The more humans die the better for our plans, and our plan has just begun, but make sure that those kids trapped in Zhen method do not die. We will continue to use them to attract more and more experts!" The huge specter laughed and said.

A lot of Huanmo and great devils had surrounded Ye Xiwen, as well as those followers of Bai Mojiao, and their dense and gloomy aura completely enveloped him.

Ye Xiwen shouted loudly then shot his palm, and immediately, a coiling dragon roared violently and soared high in the sky. This coiling dragon was made up of Zhen Yuan and a part of its long body was coiled around Ye Xiwen to protect him. This coiling dragon held the power of authentic Dragon qi which instantly went berserk and some of the weak Huanmo and many night owls were instantly annihilated by the Dragon qi.

Moqi was the darkest form of Yin energy in the world whereas Dragon qi was its nemesis, because Dragons were said to be the rulers of heaven and earth and were noble beings that possessed mighty Yang energy in the form of Dragon qi. (NT: Yin = -ve energy ; Yang = +ve energy)

The small and weak devils were swept by Dragon qi and immediately decimated. When the formidable great devils bumped into Dragon qi, their bodies suddenly caught fire and started to burn violently causing unbearable burning pain.

Ye Xiwen was protecting himself by surrounding his body with the Dragon qi of the coiling dragon, because right now, this coiling dragon was just like a big disaster in the eyes of those devils.

In the past, if Ye Xiwen had resorted to 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' then using it once would have consumed 10% of his Xiantian Zhen Qi, but now that the Xiantian Zhen Qi energy within his body had been transformed into Xiantian Zhen Yuan, the consumption rate was almost negligible. And now that the Zhen Yuan consumption rate was negligible, he could finally use 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' for longer periods of time. Earlier, this move was his secret one shot kill method but now he could use it as much as he wanted to, which could be considered his largest harvest during his last session of training. (NT: I think during his last breakthrough, Ye Xiwen has completely transformed Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan. I will read the chapters ahead to clear this doubt)

However the Zhen Yuan consumption rate for 'Divine Dragon flings its tail' was still large and using it even once consumed half of the Zhen Yuan from his body and couldn't be used frequently. Just like earlier when he couldn't use 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' due to high Zhen Qi consumption rate.

Using the Dragon qi armor, Ye Xiwen managed to safeguard himself in the sea of devils. The devils couldn't get close to Ye Xiwen because the Dragon qi that was surrounding him. Some of the devils tried to approach him and caught fire and started screaming incessantly. Ye Xiwen immediately brandished his long blade and displayed his profound blade skills by beheading all of the devils who had been injured by Dragon qi. They simply couldn't escape his blade and were split in half.

The coiling dragon, which was coiled around Ye Xiwen's body at this moment, seemed to be made up of pure Lingqi and whenever it used its claws to grab devils, their bodies would instantly explode.

Earlier, Ye Xiwen wasn't aware of this that Dragon qi was actually the nemesis of devils. He just noticed that when devils at Xiantian fifth stage and less came close to him, their bodies instantly caught fire and they started to scream, giving an easy opportunity to Ye Xiwen to behead them.

Xiantian sixth and seventh stage devils were not a match of Ye Xiwen, who was relying on Dragon qi to protect his body. Whenever formidable devils and great devils tried to approach him, they were first injured by the Dragon qi then chopped down by Ye Xiwen's long blade. Even great devil captains, who were at the Xiantian eight stage, couldn't get close to his body.

But Ye Xiwen also knew that he wouldn't be able to endure like this for too long. The consumption rate of Zhen Yuan was just too great in order to kill these devils and even if the Zhen Yuan within his body was extremely vigorous and profound, far more vigorous than an ordinary master of Xiantian sixth stage, but he was still unable to withstand such a high consumption rate. There were just too many of these devils, perhaps handling these numbers was not a big deal for a true master, but for Ye Xiwen, this was too much. He didn't know where these devils were coming out from because they just kept on coming, there was simply no end to them which was quite astonishing.

Ye Xiwen secretly guessed in his heart that this was probably not just a stronghold of Bai Mojiao and was something else entirely. Perhaps they opened up a portal to the Devil world and were continuously sending devils from the other side, otherwise how could there be an endless number of devils.

Generally speaking, if so many devils were being sent from the Devil world, then it must have been discovered by now.

Ye Xiwen became more anxious as he understood that he couldn't delay anymore and waste his energy on these endless numbers of devils. He shot his palm and immediately, a dragon roared and flew out of his palm, then its two formidable claws pierced into the Zhen method and tore a hole in it.

‘Whoosh!’ Seeing the gap in the Zhen method, Ye Xiwen dived in like a drill and wormed his way inside the Zhen method. When the devils saw him forcing his way into the Zhen method, they also rushed after him to squeeze in only to give up in the end when the Zhen method replenished itself and was completed once again.

Ye Xiwen searched inside the Zhen method for a moment and finally found the members of Qian Yu faction, and at this time, they were surrounded by many devils whose attacks were being constantly repelled by the Magical sound flute of Zhangsun Yuyin.

Ye Xiwen took a look and saw Ye Feng, Ye Ruxue, Zhang Yang, Zhangsun Yuyin, Yan Chiling and other familiar people, almost all of his friends were here, but he noticed that all of them were the masters of Xiantian realm. Could it be that this was some sort of group activity of the top members who were also collectively considered the backbone of Qian Yu faction?

If these people were annihilated then Qian Yu faction could basically be considered as finished!

“Brother, why have you come here!” Ye Xiwen approached and asked.

“It’s entirely my fault. I did not consider the safety of everyone and thought this would be a small matter!” Ye Feng sighed and said.

“How can this be just your fault? All of us made the plan together to come here, but we never thought that these insidious devils could be so cunning!” Yan Chiling immediately said in a loud voice.

Then Ye Xiwen heard the whole matter from Ye Ruxue and finally came to know about the sequence of events. Several days ago, a disciple of Qian Yu faction heard the news that his hometown, Thousand Islands City, suffered an invasion from Bai Mojiao, so he decided to go back and inspect.

Later Yan Chiling came to know about this matter from him and wanted everyone to participate in this plan and turned this into the first group activity of Qian Yu faction since its establishment, but taking into account the current turmoil and danger outside, he decided to bring only Xiantian level masters with him.

According to the information they had received, it just looked like a simple matter of attack by the followers of Bai Mojiao, so they did not mind, but they didn't know about the actual danger until they arrived here and discovered that Thousand Islands City was empty and everyone in the entire city had been massacred. Over a million people had been turned into blood sacrifices by the devils. And while they were trying to escape, they got trapped in this Zhen method.

“What did you say? Everyone in the city has been sacrificed!” Ye Xiwen held his breath and asked in surprised tone.

(To be continued)


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