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Chapter 125 - Xiantian fourth stage!

At the mention of the name of a true disciple, Luo Yifan, the morale of many disciples suddenly picked up momentum. Fortunately a true disciple was nearby, and as long as they could pin down these devils, these devils would have no way to escape death once Luo Yifan would arrive.

Although Prince Mo Yan was strong, but he was just at the level of core disciples, of course, he couldn't compete with a true disciple like Luo Yifan, and even if it was the weakest of the true disciples, their Xiantian states were still incomparably powerful and way beyond the reach of core disciples.

"Hmph!" Prince Mo Yan coldly sneered and said, “Perhaps you shouldn't wait, and do you really think that this prince wouldn't be prepared after understanding your plot? Right now, that true disciple should be wrapped up in a fight with my master, and even if he escapes, you actually expect him to be able to rescue you, ha ha ha, what a joke!”

The Prince Mo Yan said and a half-dead person's figure could be seen in his grasp. The complexions of Zhuge Xingli and others suddenly turned unsightly, because this half-dead person was their informant, who had informed them that Prince Mo Yan was going to pass from here but they didn't expect him to be caught, and due to that, their plan had long been seen through by the enemy.

“Damn it, this guy was secretly plotting with outsiders against me.” Prince Mo Yan said, a murderous look appeared on his face then his claw caught that half-dead person's body, followed by a burst of his screams, then at a speed not visible by naked eyes, that person's body was completely sucked dry.

“This time you must die!” Prince Mo Yan swept his cold gaze towards the disciples of Yi Yuan School and said.

In the distant sky, everyone saw ten figures flying towards them, along with constant pitter-patter. Taking advantage of the faint moonlight, Ye Xiwen saw that they were humanoid monsters, about two meters tall, and whole body was densely covered in black scales, had fierce eyes and ominous looking long fangs, two horns on head and one pair of bat wings on the back that were continuously flapping and flashing.

“Great devils!” Many disciples instantly recognized this creature. One must know that there were various species of devils in the Devil world, and among them, just the number of intelligent species were in millions, of which the largest and most widely circulated in the legends of Zhen Wu Jie was undoubtedly the 'Great devil'. There were a lot of great devils in the devil race, and in the previous devil invasion on Zhen Wu Jie, great devils were sent in large numbers and were the main force and also the cannon fodder. Although these great devils played the role of cannon fodder in the devil army, but they were extremely strong and were already at peak of Houtian realm at the time of birth. After reaching adulthood, their cultivation could grow up to Xiantian sixth stage or even more, which made it very tough to deal with them.

Ye Xiwen and other disciples had not really seen a great devil before, but it didn't mean that they did not know about them. In Great Yue State, the number of followers of Bai Mojiao was not many, especially when compared to Sects like Yi Yuan School and several other major Sects, so each time they would rebel, a lot of great devils were mixed in to increase the strength of their forces.

“Damn, these filthy beasts!” Zhuge Xingli's complexion became unsightly after the sudden appearance of these great devils, because their arrival indicated that Prince Mo Yan was planning to butcher them in one fell swoop.

“These foolish humans, dare to stop our great devil race's army, it seems they really do not know wish to live anymore, jie jie, I just came over from the Devil world and happen to catch so much fresh blood!” A great devil stretched out its scarlet tongue and licked its black lips and strangely laughed. (NT: Jie Jie = laugh)

The thoughts of these great devils and those followers of Bai Mojiao was exactly the same, and they only regarded humans as fresh blood. It could be said that the followers of Bai Mojiao had inherited this depraved behavior from the actual devils.

“How audacious, you think that this is your Devil world? You are in Zhen Wu Jie, but still dare to be so arrogant.” Zheng Yizhao sneered and looked towards the ten great devils with an intense disgust and killing intent present in his eyes.

“Do not listen to their nonsense, begin!” Prince Mo Yan shouted loudly and ordered his troops of Bai Mojiao followers and great devils to attack, while at the same time, a sharp trident appeared in his hand, and simply like a black lightning, he instantly rushed towards Zhuge Xingli.

And at this time, those ten great devils shrieked, and each of them took out a spear and flew towards the other three core disciples.

The war broke out instantly!

Zhuge Xingli and Prince Mo Yan fiercely clashed and their strengths was on par with each other. If Zhuge Xingli was not confident of his own strength then he would not have dared to lead this mission to ambush Prince Mo Yan.

Other than Zhuge Xingli who was currently busy fighting with Prince Mo Yan, each of the other three core disciples instantly took on three great devils, and although these devils were known as cannon fodder, in addition to their great population in Devil world, their strength was the same as the other experts at the same cultivation level.

However when fighting three vs nine, the number played a major role and due to that, the three core disciples were being pressed down by the combined strength of great devils, and were struggling to resist.

The remaining one great devil leading thousands of followers of Bai Mojiao rushed towards the twenty or so inner disciples.

Suddenly the complexions of these inner disciples became pale. There were several hundred of these Bai Mojiao followers, and among them, there were dozens at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, and majority of them were at the Xiantian fourth stage, but if all these followers attacked at once then they would have no chance of survival. Even if all of them were considered elites and one of the players of Yi Yuan were School, but they were still helpless in front of an army of Bai Mojiao followers, not to mention, there was a core disciple level of great devil leading this army.

They simply couldn't resist!

“Jie Jie, you foolish human beings, you just stay there and obediently give me your fresh blood.” The great devil laughed strangely and instantly threw his long spear towards a disciple at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

“Puchi!” That long spear stabbed right into that disciple without giving him a chance to react. He was stabbed right through his heart and died on the spot, and his body was nailed to the ground by the spear, also, the blood that flowing out was polluted and black in color.

Immediately the morale of the inner disciples dropped down. If they were facing only those Bai Mojiao followers then they wouldn't be so afraid. Although these followers were large in numbers and depraved but were still humans, and as long as they could form a joint self-protection method, they would still hold their ground for some time against these followers, but they just didn't know how to deal with a great devil that was at the Xiantian sixth stage.

“Jie Jie, that’s right, you all give me your fresh blood obediently!” The great devil strangely laughed and said.

“Did the devils also give you fresh blood in the Devil world you filthy beast!” Suddenly the sound of a loud explosion came from the group of inner disciples and a terrifying Bladelight instantly chopped out and plunged toward the great devil.

The great devil quickly lifted his hand to block.

“Dang!” A metal clashing sound spread and the Bladelight chopped through the black scales on the arm of the great devil and actually split them.

The defensive strength of these scales was almost no less than that of high-grade inner armor.

Everyone gave dumbfounded looks to Ye Xiwen while he was slowly walking out of the group with a long blade in his hand, and saying: “If you have really lost the courage to deal with this filthy beast, then you might as well just take a sword and commit suicide.”

Many disciples sudden felt a burst of shame. They were called elite among the elites and were the so-called genius inner disciples, they were supposed to hold an invincible heart and pursue the peak of martial arts, ascend to the peak to get a broad view of the world.

“Yes, that's right, killing these beasts is no big deal!”

“Kill these filthy beasts!”

The morale of the inner disciples suddenly rose back again.

Upon seeing this, the great devil immediately roared and suddenly stretched his hand as if to grasp something. The spear instantly returned to its hand, the cold tip of the spear flashed and immediately flew towards Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's long blade severely clashed with the spear and a terrifying explosion sound spread everywhere and sent shock waves in all directions. The enormous strength of great devil forced Ye Xiwen five or six steps back, while that great devil stood there motionless.

The strength of great devil itself was much larger than humans, not to mention it was at the Xiantian sixth stage, so its strength was ridiculously enormous. The strength of more than 100 Dragons was absolutely embedded in its body, and at this time, all of this strength completely broke out.

Ye Xiwen was shaken by this enormous strength but he tightened his chest, and almost did not spout blood, but the look in his eyes was firmer than before, while he was coldly staring at the great devil.

The great devil loudly roared and it seemed that he was outraged by Ye Xiwen's stubbornness.

It immediately waved the long spear and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It was so fast that the black scales were causing friction with the air and spreading red sparks, and an intense flaming devil shot straight to stab Ye Xiwen. This marksmanship had been immersed deep in the bone marrow of these great devils and they were considered to have attained the peak of marksmanship skills.

Ye Xiwen didn't care, just clenched his teeth and rushed up towards the great devil, and at the same time, the 'Tyrant body technique' was fully operational.




The two sides rushed towards each other at a breakneck speed, and severely clashed into each other. Every time, Ye Xiwen was thrown back few steps but he would still attack again, and each time, there was a constant decrease in the number of steps he was thrown back by the enormous strength of great devil. The Zhen Qi was crazily surging inside his body, his black hair was flying wildly, although he was being constantly repulsed, but the imposing aura of his body was actually very intense and no different from a tyrant from ancient times who seemed to have come back to life.

At this time, the 'Tyrant body technique' truly manifested itself in the body of Ye Xiwen, making both his body and imposing aura invincible like a fearless tyrant. The Zhen Qi was crazily surging in his, and each time he was repulsed, the imposing aura would also have a crazy ascension.

The great devil sensed this sudden change in Ye Xiwen and was secretly scared. He was completely unable to imagine how Ye Xiwen could actually be so terrifying. It didn't know what power technique he had practiced to actually make him so scary, although it was a cruel bloodthirsty devil, but not stupid.

When it sensed that Ye Xiwen was close to having a breakthrough, it decided that it would absolutely not let him to break.

“Go die!” The great devil shouted and instantly stuck the spear towards Ye Xiwen which also caused the storms in the air. It was obvious that great devil's aim was to immediately kill Ye Xiwen without any delay.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen raised his hand and the long blade fiercely clashed with the spear, setting off a terrifying blast wave in the surrounding area.

Ye Xiwen just felt an enormous force entering his body, his bones made a crackling sound, and it seemed that his body would explode under this intense pressure.

The Zhen Qi was crazily revolving inside his body.




Ye Xiwen was constantly shouting in his heart, while under the pressure of the enormous strength, the Zhen Qi took a spherical shape inside his body.

“Boom!” Under the enormous suppressive strength, Ye Xiwen's 'Tyrant body technique' finally broke through the Dacheng of second layer!

The strength of Dragons started to increase from his current strength of 100 Dragons!

Strength of 101 Dragons!

Strength of 102 Dragons!

Ye Xiwen's inner state was finally driven by the enormous strength of great devil and broke into the Xiantian fourth stage, while at the same time, he felt that the Zhen Qi in his body was being transformed into a steady stream of a new and formidable energy.


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