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Chapter 126 – Situation reversed

Within Ye Xiwen's body, a steady stream of Xiantian Zhen Qi was transforming into a liquid energy and he could feel the great might flowing in his body.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura was still unceasingly soaring and his power had not yet climbed to the top!

“How is this possible?” The great devil was giving dumbfounded looks to Ye Xiwen. Just how could someone have so much progress at once after the breakthrough and the rise in his strength had not yet stopped?

It had seen the breakthrough from the peak of Xiantian fifth stage into the Xiantian sixth stage, but had never seen so much increase in strength at once. Ye Xiwen's' imposing aura was gradually rising and was currently at the strength of 120 Dragons, but this rise in strength didn't stop.

How could there be such a terrifying person, such a terrifying power technique, just what kind of power technique did he practice to display such a bizarre increase in strength!

During the breakthrough, the Xiantian Zhen Qi in Ye Xiwen's body had not completely converted into Zhen Yuan, in fact, just converted one third, but he already gained the strength of 120 Dragons. Ye Xiwen estimated that until the complete conversion is over, he could have the strength of 150 Dragons, although this was far less than the strength limit of 199 Dragons granted by the Xiantian sixth stage, but it was definitely far more than this great devil that seemed to have recently entered into the Xiantian sixth stage.

“How is this possible!” The great devil roared and once more launched an attack at Ye Xiwen, its spear tilted at a strange angle in the air and pierced towards Ye Xiwen like a lightning.

Ye Xiwen sneered and instantly chopped out his long blade, and a Bladelight containing the just transformed Zhen Yuan, which was far more tyrannical than Bladelight containing Zhen Qi, instantly routed the spear in the midair, and Ye Xiwen's long blade severely chopped down on the spear.


A horrifying explosive sound echoed when the weapons severely clashed into each other, and the reverberations went back and impacted on the bodies of Ye Xiwen and great devil, but this time, the situation completely reversed. Ye Xiwen just stood there motionless holding his long blade, while the great devil was thrown back and his hand was completely shaken along with a deep wound on its palm.

The spear also fell on the ground!

Great devil stared at Ye Xiwen with its big eyes filled with astonishment, but Ye Xiwen didn't wait and again chopped out his long blade which release a dazzling Bladelight instantly towards great devil

When great devil saw this attack, this time, it didn't try to block and immediately and crazily retreated several steps back in order to avoid Ye Xiwen's terrifying blade attack which seemed to possess an incredible might.

Ye Xiwen rushed forward and again chopped his long blade, releasing a dazzling Bladelight, which flashed then instantly reached the great devil, and without getting any chance to dodge this time, it screamed pitifully while its arm was severed by Ye Xiwen.

This was the first time that on the cruel and bloodthirsty face of this great devil, the look of horror and panic finally appeared. It realized that it might die and that too at the hands of a human. It just couldn't accept that how could there be such a frightening human!

Seeing that Ye Xiwen completely overwhelmed a great devil, suddenly the morale of those inner disciples, who were losing their ground while fighting against the followers of Bai Mojiao, increased dramatically. They felt that they could still be saved, they still had a hope, and this hope was Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not know that he had already become a savior in the eyes of others, because right now in his eyes, the only remaining goal was to first kill this great devil. Ye Xiwen's imposing aura firmly locked on great devil's body, while he was looking coldly at it, because he was aware of the cruel nature of these great devils and felt not one shred of sympathy for them.

The great devil clearly understood that it was not a match of Ye Xiwen, and if it tried to fight him, he would surely be killed. The imposing aura of Ye Xiwen completely overshadowed its own imposing aura, and it sensed that the strength of Ye Xiwen was currently at the strength of 130 Dragons which was absolutely frightening.

The great devil didn't even have a chance to pick up the tattered spear from the ground, and suddenly flew away, skimming into the crowd of followers of Bai Mojiao.

Ye Xiwen sneered and said, "Want to escape!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Xiwen immediately chased down after it, he flew high into the sky and mercilessly crashed into the crowd of followers Bai Mojiao.

Ye Xiwen did not restrain his breath and severely crashed into the followers of Bai Mojiao, and his enormous might scattered in all directions, which instantly formed a storm. Several followers of Bai Mojiao didn't get enough time to dodge and were sent flying, suddenly ejected a mouthful of blood and simply lost consciousness.

These followers were only at the Xiantian fourth or fifth stage and it was obviously impossible for them to fight an expert like Ye Xiwen, whose fighting strength was now comparable to that of an expert at Xiantian sixth stage.

In the Xiantian realm, there was a difference of heaven and earth between Xiantian fifth stage and Xiantian sixth stage. Not only the masters of Xiantian fifth stage lacked strength, they also lacked the incredible might granted by the transformed Xiantian Zhen Yuan, so it was simply impossible for Xiantian fifth stage warriors to compete with warriors of Xiantian sixth stage.

Although Ye Xiwen had not yet reached the Xiantian sixth stage, but he was able to transform the Xiantian Zhen Qi inside his body into Xiantian Zhen Yuan, which was now comparable to the masters of Xiantian sixth stage, and these followers of Bai Mojiao were simply not his opponent.


Ye Xiwen's long blade directly split in half the body of a follower of Bai Mojiao, and while his blade was still flashing with Bladelight, he again chopped out Bladelight towards the escaping great devil.

The great devil was very cunning, it ran towards the place where there were many followers, in an attempt to use the followers of Bai Mojiao to block the blade attacks of Ye Xiwen aimed at him from the back. In its view, these followers of Bai Mojiao were no different than the humans it despised and didn't care whether they lived or died.

But Ye Xiwen repeatedly dodged and made his way through the crowd of using the amazing maneuver skills of “Celestial Step” that he had already practiced to the Dacheng level. Using the agility skill, he quickly crossed through the crowd of followers of Bai Mojiao, following the trail of great devil, which he also enveloped himself in a curtain of Bladelight, and whenever the followers of Bai Mojiao would try to approach this curtain of Bladelight, they would either be killed or disabled, and this was because Ye Xiwen was in a hurry to kill the great devil, otherwise he would not be running past these followers, rather he would have killed all of them.

Blade strike!


Another blade strike!

Continued to kill!

Within few breaths time, more than 30 followers of Bai Mojiao were either killed or disabled at the hands of Ye Xiwen.

Suddenly those followers of Bai Mojiao started to spread out to make way for Ye Xiwen. They did not dare anymore to get close to him, although their devil worship was not false, but they were selfish and ruthless and didn't want to sacrifice themselves in order to save the great devil.

“These lowly humans are really unreliable!” When great devil saw the followers of Bai Mojiao making way for Ye Xiwen instead of stopping him, he couldn't help but cursed them out loud.

Ye Xiwen wasn't one bit distracted by these followers of Bai Mojiao and he quickly caught up with the great devil.

Ye Xiwen's face was deadpan, and this time, with almost each breath, he could obviously feel his strength getting more formidable, and jumped to catch up with the great devil. He shouted and released ten meters long Daomang from his blade, and this Daomang, which seemed to have been released by the god of death itself, continued to harvest life, and several Bai Mojiao followers who were in its path were instantly crushed and turned into minced meat, while it went all the way straight towards the great devil and crashed into its body with a boom.

“Puchi!” The Daomang penetrated through the scales and entered into its body and cut out a huge hole.

“Boom!” Everyone heard a loud bang when the Zhen Qi inside the great devil's body exploded and its muscular body instantly burst into a ball of minced meat and disappeared in the air.

Everyone froze for a moment as no one expected this outcome where Ye Xiwen would actually be able to behead a great devil, because this was simply a miracle, especially for Zhuge Xingli and other core disciples. They were just hoping for the inner disciples to last a little longer but did not expect that their team would to be able to have such an astonishing comeback thanks to Ye Xiwen.

After beheading the great devil, Ye Xiwen's imposing aura finally reached its peak and his strength also rose all the way up to the strength of 150 Dragons. He reached the peak of the currently attainable strength.

Ye Xiwen felt an unprecedented strength in his body, and even during breathing, he could change the surrounding air to resonate together, and even without using the Zhen Qi or Zhen Yuan, now his casual shout could send shock waves in the surrounding air.

This was the feat only attainable by the masters of Xiantian sixth stage and above which clearly showed that Ye Xiwen's might was far more than the masters of the Xiantian Xiao realm.

“Ye Xiwen, be careful!” Suddenly Zhuge Xingli's loud shout came from a distant place.

A glow of terrifying dim light shot from afar came straight towards Ye Xiwen.

Even after having the breakthrough, Ye Xiwen still felt a chill down his spine and his body instinctively reacted, and using celestial step, he took a step and his body went several meters away and evaded the incoming attack.

“Boom!” The place where he was standing an instant ago, the dim glowing light blasted a big hole.

Ye Xiwen's body was covered in cold sweat and thought that if he had received the attack a moment ago then even if considering his current body strength, he would have sustained seriously injuries.

Ye Xiwen immediately got his composure back and looked towards the source of the attack. It was actually Prince Mo Yan behind that attack, and at this time, there was a unwilling look on his face because Ye Xiwen managed to dodge his attack.

“Do not even think about trying to shoot again.” Zhuge Xingli was suddenly overjoyed after witnessing the breakthrough of Ye Xiwen, because he understood that the key to break this deadlock was none other than Ye Xiwen, and immediately attacked Prince Mo Yan, as he absolutely couldn't allow him to attack Ye Xiwen once again.

At this time, Ye Xiwen no longer hesitated and attacked the followers of Bai Mojiao, although he was currently not a match of Prince Mo Yan, but dealing with these Bai Mojiao followers was not a big deal for him.




Ye Xiwen's Daoguang flashed and rushed right into the crowd of Bai Mojiao followers killing and injuring many of them, and suddenly, the pressure greatly reduced on the inner disciples of Yi Yuan School, and due to the lessened pressure, the inner disciples felt relaxed.

However, the core disciples who were fighting with other great devils couldn't hold their ground anymore and it seemed that they would lose anytime. There was a cruel smile on the face of Prince Mo Yan, because in his view, as long as his plan was successful, the deaths of these ordinary Bai Mojiao followers wasn't worth much.

Then suddenly, a long howl came from the horizon.

(To be continued)


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