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Chapter 124 – Trap

These people were called the elites of Yi Yuan School, and being Xiantian realm warriors, they were all very fast and as soon they heard about the mission of ambushing Prince Mo Yan, they soon came into action, which was the reason why all of them came prepared to do their best for the mission. They were aware of the fact that Prince Mo Yan was not someone they could take lightly and knew that there was a great degree of risk involved in this mission.

Everyone sat down in repose and closed their eyes. Ye Xiwen was no exception, he also found a small tree and sat down under it cross-legged and started the unceasing deduction of martial arts in the 'Special Space' inside his mind, making every effort to seek more progress before the plan of ambushing Prince Mo Yan was put into action.

As for others, it was simply impossible to have a progress in such a short time, but Ye Xiwen's case was different, because he showed constant progress all the time, and almost every day, one could see a progress in his strength and cultivation.

At present, Ye Xiwen was at the peak of Xiantian third stage and was waiting for just one opportunity to be able to go further and break into the Xiantian fourth stage. His body was completely filled with Xiantian Zhen Qi and was in extreme condition, and one could say that he was only a step away from that one opportunity to be able to transform his Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan. The so-called Zhen Yuan was more advanced and purer form of energy compared to Zhen Qi, and although it was considered tough, but it was possible to transform the Zhen Qi inside the body into Zhen Yuan.

Compared to Zhen Qi, the might of Zhen Yuan was enormous and simple inconceivable, and after successfully transforming Zhen Yuan, the cultivation and strength would break into a new level by incredible proportions, far from what a master of Xiantian fifth stage could imagine.

If Ye Xiwen could break into Xiantian fourth stage by transforming the Zhen Qi in his body into Zhen Yuan, then his fighting strength would become comparable to that of Xiantian sixth stage masters, and at that time, he would be able to compete with core disciples.

After the curtain of night fell, the disciples restrained their breaths and hid themselves in the forest in order to prepare the ambush for Prince Mo Yan. If they weren't careful then there was a chance of being discovered by the enemy, and among them, the Ye Xiwen was the one who most thoroughly hid himself, because he had already practiced 'Restraining breath technique' to the Dacheng level and could easily hide his presence.

The moonlight was spread everywhere and the distant roars of demon beasts could be heard.

Then, suddenly and abruptly, almost all of disciples of Yi Yuan School opened their eyes, and to their surprise, they turned around and saw a group of several hundred densely packed followers of Bai Mojiao.

There were grim looks on their faces and were looking at them with their cut-throat gazes, which was quite frightening.

“It's not good, be careful everyone!” Zhuge Xingli's loud shout alerted everyone.

But at this time, those followers of Bai Mojiao finally began to take action. At the back of their group, a row of followers sat down in a circle on the ground, and one by one, strange pentagram patterns appeared on the ground, and the Lingqi instantly began to rage up wildly in the air.

Under the manipulation of the followers, the raging Lingqi rose up into the sky and suddenly formed an overwhelming arrow rain which completely blotted the sky.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A shrill piercing sound came, and along with it, an endless number of arrows instantly rained down from the sky towards the disciples of Yi Yuan School.

The complexions of the disciples suddenly paled when they looked towards the sky and saw the rain of numerous arrows, even a slight carelessness could led them to get shot by countless arrows and then their appearance would be similar to a hedgehog. These weren't ordinary arrows because an ordinary arrow couldn't harm the masters of Xiantian realm, but arrows made up of Lingqi were very deadly and could cause an instant death of a Xiantian master if shot.

“Damn it, how can there be so many Bai Mojiao devil bastards.” Xiao Jin cursed out loud then waved his hand, and suddenly, a huge hand congealed in the sky and went towards the incoming arrow rain and with a grasping movement, it caught thousands of Lingqi arrows, which caused a loud explosion.

“Damn it!” With a ‘Clang’ sound, Ye Xiwen took out his long blade and instantly formed a blade curtain in the midair to protect his body. At this time, the might of 'Missing moon beheader' completely manifested itself.

Dealing with many warriors of lower cultivation levels, using a blade technique against them was a very good strategy and a blade could be used as a killing device when fighting in group warfare against many opponents. But even so, it would not last in long term battle.

However other disciples were not at ease like Ye Xiwen, and those disciples at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage had to come together in groups and each group had to resist a section of the arrow rain, so for the time being, they did not have any safety issues.

They lacked the superior might of Ye Xiwen's 'Missing moon beheader', a sure shot killing technique especially made up to be used in group warfare, but they could still protect themselves by joining forces. But all of this was nothing compared to the profound skills of Zhuge Xingli and the other three core disciples, who formed shields to protect themselves, while they also had the room to move around in this arrow rain.

“You are courting death!” Zhuge Xingli sneered, and it seemed as if his figure turned into a lightning and flew high into the sky, while the sword danced in his hand, and in a flash, a long dragon made up of dazzling light congealed out of nowhere and swooped towards those followers of Bai Mojiao.

The followers of Bai Mojiao were only at the Xiantian fourth or fifth stage and couldn't block this incredible attack and were sliced in half through their waists. A burst of bloody mist spread in the air along with their painful screams.

And taking advantage of this opportunity, Xue Yuan immediately came into action and stretched out her plain white hands, and a huge palm congealed in the air and pressed down towards the circular arrangement of the followers who were manipulating the arrow rain.

“Boom!” The huge palm directly pressed down on them.

These followers screamed pitifully and were pressed into meat patties without getting any chance to fight back.

“Come out already, could it be that you want us to kill all of your minions.” At this time, Zheng Yizhao coldly said.

“Ha ha ha, the disciples of Yi Yuan School really have various tricks up their sleeves, no wonder you actually dare to ambush this prince, truly courageous I must say!” Suddenly a loud laughter came from far away and everyone looked towards the source of laughter and saw a person's shadow riding an unusual beast, flying towards them from a distant place.

All of the disciples of Yi Yuan School took a closer look at this shadow and actually saw a very cold and gloomy looking young man dressed in black long robes. He slowly jumped down from the head of an unusual beast.

“Prince Mo Yan.” Zhuge Xingli stared at the young man and said while keeping a close eye on him.

The disciples of Yi Yuan School were tensed for a moment, even Ye Xiwen also increased his vigilance, after all this enemy was not someone even the core disciples could easily take on, so they all needed to be careful and attentive at all times.

“Zhuge Xingli, I’ve heard your name before, one of the top players among the core disciples of Yi Yuan School and a very dependable guy, but with all your unparalleled intellectual abilities, you still fell into the trap of this prince.” Prince Mo Yan sneered and said.

The complexions on the faces of many disciples of Yi Yuan School immediately became unsightly. Their mission was to ambush Prince Mo Yan, but now it looked like they themselves fell into the trap set up by him.

“Today is the day of your death Prince Mo Yan. You have come at the very right time because you have walked right into a trap and it's a dead end for you. Brother Luo, a true disciple, is not far from here and when he arrives here, you will die.” Xiao Jin said.


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