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Chapter 123 - Prince Mo Yan

These old devils, who were trying to be rampant a moment ago, were not a match for this young man and it was obvious that this young man's cultivation had already surpassed the peak of Xiantian fifth stage and having a higher level of cultivation implied that he was definitely a core disciple.

Using just the speech to cause the shock waves in the air just like mighty waves in the ocean was a method that could only be used by the masters of Xiantian sixth stage and above.

Ye Xiwen could also create mighty shock waves in the air using the blasts from his fists, but even he couldn't achieve such a feat to do that just by using his voice. To send shock waves in the air from just the speech required a terrifying aura possessed by masters of Xiantian sixth stage and above only.

This was actually a result of manifestation of an expert's internal strength already reaching a terrifying level.

“Myself Ye Xiwen, I thank senior for saving me.” Ye Xiwen approached the young man and said while cupping one hand into other across his chest, although he could have saved himself without the help, but he was still obliged to this young man for saving him and showed his gratitude.

“You are Ye Xiwen?” The young man looked at Ye Xiwen and it seemed that he already knew about Ye Xiwen and said with a smile, “Well-deserved reputation, it's a miracle that you were able to navigate through this desolate area all the way to the stronghold of followers of Bai Mojiao, frankly speaking, you have accomplished a task that even the masters of Xiantian Xiao realm cannot do alone.”

“Senior brother is flattering.” Ye Xiwen was not surprised to see that the young man already knew about him, because in a short time, he had gained a sudden fame in the Yi Yuan School, especially after defeating Mo Han. Although he was just an inner disciple, but he still had gained reputation among the core disciples.

Core disciples would always pay attention to the exceptionally strong and talented people like Ye Xiwen, because these people were generally seed disciples or those comparable to seed disciples, and almost all of them were at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage or in the Xiantian Xiao realm, and no one knew when they would cross this threshold and would come on equal footing with the core disciples. So core disciples didn't treat these people as some ordinary inner disciples.

“It just so happens that we are in a need of more people to increase our strength, Brother Ye, this is a busy time but would you like to lend your strength to us?” The young man began to explain things to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen came to know from this young man's mouth that his name was Zhuge Xingli and he was a core disciple of Yi Yuan School and also received a mission from Main Sect to go and exterminate the followers of Bai Mojiao. Few core disciples gathered together to ambush a powerful character among the followers of Bai Mojiao called Prince Mo Yan.

Prince Mo Yan was an illustrious and well-known character among the followers of Bai Mojiao and the rumors were that he was actually a prince of a small country, but later he was introduced into Bai Mojiao, leading to the demise of a small but prosperous country, but he still didn't care and continued to follow the principles of Bai Mojiao, and later, he became a core disciple of Bai Mojiao. Now, he was regarded as a very important personality in Bai Mojiao. (NT: It can be said that Prince Mo Yan became the core follower of Bai Mojiao)

And this time, during the sudden upheaval of Bai Mojiao, Prince Mo Yan was playing quite an important role and it was necessary to deal with him as soon as possible.

So, Zhuge Xingli and others assembled to jointly ambush Prince Mo Yan and Zhuge Xingli wanted Ye Xiwen to also participate along with them and lend them his strength because he didn't know when they might need an extra hand because dealing with Prince Mo Yan could be tricky and he wanted to increase the chances of success for this mission.

Zhuge Xingli got this idea in a spur of the moment, because Ye Xiwen had already gained the recognition of him and other core disciples, and they wouldn't mind letting him into their team. Also, Prince Mo Yan was supposed to pass from here and Zhuge Xingli was responsible for the look out and also to warn any nearby disciples but he couldn't use signal to warn them because it would alert the enemy, so he was surveilling this area on his eagle when he found Ye Xiwen dealing with several old devils and decided to help.

Prince Mo Yan was a big fat fish and there was a big reward of 50,000 spirit stones on his head. Having a rank of core disciple in Bai Mojiao was definitely rare, and in addition to that, he was the master mind behind the rebellion of Bai Mojiao in these regions. If they were able to successfully ambush and catch him then this would surely be a big catch and beneficial for everyone involved in the mission.

Ye Xiwen decided to accept the offer of Zhuge Xingli, because he also very much loathed the methods and practices of followers of Bai Mojiao. These people were disgusting and despicable and he would gladly participate in their extermination.

After determining this next course of action, Ye Xiwen began reciting “Sending people to afterlife” for the salvation of these souls who were brutally killed by the followers of Bai Mojiao in the worst ways possible. Although he was aware that these people might have their souls completely sucked out and swallowed, but there still remained their grievances and resentment in the air, and if not prayed now, over time, this place would gradually turn a gloomy accumulation of Yin qi which would corrupt the atmosphere, and attracted to the accumulated Yin qi, ghosts from all over would flock into this area and turn this place unlivable for people. (NT: Yin qi = Negative energy)

A long time ago, during the formation of Great Yue State, there were several times when large mutinies occurred and several thousand soldiers fought on the battlefields and died horrifying deaths. At that time of turmoil of wars, no one had time to pray for the souls of dead soldiers who were constantly driven to unjustified deaths. Wars continued to flourish in the process of building of the Great Yue State, and several battlefields were gradually infested with ghost soldiers who couldn't leave the mortal world and were bound to these battlefields. Sunlight didn't reach these battlefields, only a chill was spread throughout, and if ordinary people tired to go close then froth would start to come out of their mouths, Yin qi would invade their bodies, leading to their deaths. Even warriors, exuberating with vitality, were afraid to go deep into these areas infested with ghosts.

Although situation here wouldn't turn that bad compared to those battlefields but since Ye Xiwen was already here, he was unable to leave this alone, and had a moral obligation to do whatever he could for the dead.

After finishing the recitation of “Send people to afterlife”, the resentment and grievances filling the air finally disappeared. Yin qi was still present and hadn't completely vanished but this amount was less than critical, and the most troublesome thing was the lingering resentment that completely vanished after Ye Xiwen's prayer. As far as Yin qi was concerned, under the exposure of the Sun, it would soon disappear.

Ye Xiwen, along with Zhuge Xingli, rode the eagle and soon arrived at the gathering place of many core disciples.

Behind a hill, there was a gathering of roughly 20 disciples of Yi Yuan School. This group was being led by three core disciples. Zhuge Xingli gave their introduction one by one to Ye Xiwen. The first one looked more like a short and stout merchant with a sort of smile on his fat face and was quite famous among core disciples, called Xiao Jin, and it was said that he came from a merchant aristocratic clan, and although he was considered very strong, but his merchant skills were even stronger which ultimately made him quite famous among the core disciples.

Next to Xiao Jin stood a beautiful woman clad in black clothes, appeared to be 20 years old, and was also a famous core disciple, called Xue Yuan.

Next to Xue Yuan stood a young man clad in blue clothes and there was a sword in his hand, and was a core disciple called Zheng Yizhao. However, he wasn't famous like others and was just nobody among the core disciples.

And this time, these four core disciples together took the mission to ambush Prince Mo Yan and this group was being led by them, as for the rest of the 20 disciples, they were inner disciples recruited by these four core disciples to assist in this mission, but none of them were ordinary disciples. Each of them possessed deep breath, dignified appearance, and weakest among them was at the peak Xiantian fifth stage, also there were some who had already reached the Xiantian Xiao realm and were considered leading figures among the inner disciples, but in this mission, they could only play the supporting role.

However there wasn't the slightest dissatisfaction present on their faces, because they clearly knew what kind of character Prince Mo Yan actually was. In the future, he would most likely become one of the giant figures of Bai Mojiao and also among the Modao practitioners.

When they came to know that Ye Xiwen was the newest addition to this group, they were quite surprised, after all, he hadn't accumulated small fame during these past days, but not many recognized him from his appearance.


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