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Chapter 122 - Core disciple

“Precisely, I turned those stupid mortals into practice materials by extracting their vitality. Of course, it's a lifetime blessing for them!” That strange shadow replied in a loud voice

“Jie Jie, I did not expect to find a practitioner of Wudao here, ha ha, and it seems that you possess a very strong vitality, and even the nourishment I got by extracting the vitalities of a thousand mortals is nothing comparable to the nourishment I will receive by extracting your vitality.” That strange shadow said while at this time, many sounds of strange laughter came from all around.

“Ha ha ha, after absorbing his blood and essence, this old man can go one step further.”

“Hurry up and kill him, I want to eat his heart and liver.”

Ye Xiwen saw several shadows clad in black cloaks coming out from all directions and each of them was releasing strong killing intent. It was evident that they were waiting in the shadows to surround and ambush him.

A deep sense of disgust flashed in the eyes of Ye Xiwen. He didn't feel so much disgust even for those true killers who enjoyed killing, but for these old devils, he instantly developed disgust because these old devils didn't treat people as humans, but as livestock, on whom they fed on whenever they wanted to. They were a bunch of twisted and depraved monsters that had already lost their morality long ago.

“Sneaky freaks.” Ye Xiwen sneered again and again and suddenly jumped forward, and right then, the earth cracked from the tremendous blasting strength in his foot and shot his whole stature instantly flying out like a shell, while at the same time, he chopped out a huge Bladeqi.

“Bang!” An old devil was instantly chopped in half.

“Bastard, you dared to kill one of us, kill him, hurry up and kill him!” The devils of Bai Mojiao started to roar again and again, and their devilish aura completely released and spread in the surrounding area, and a foul and disgusting smell also spread everywhere.

Ye Xiwen sensed that all of these devils were actually the existences at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, in addition to that, they had practiced a unique Modao based power technique, which made them so powerful that even the true masters of Xiantian Xiao realm would find it very difficult to deal with them, and might die if encountered so many of devils at once.

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath then a bright and dazzling Daoguang instantly enveloped him inside a sphere of white light. The area of effect for this attack was quite wide and instantly blew away the cloaks of those devils who couldn't escape the range of this attack, revealing the true physical features of these followers of Bai Mojiao. Charred faces such as carbon, many places on their bodies were covered with numerous long and dense scales, and their appearances really did resemble that of a devil. It was obvious that their practice must have gone wrong at some point of time, and as a result, they ended up having such bizarre appearances, covered in scales.

The Modao based power techniques had been handed down by the devil race itself in the past and once practiced, it caused the genes in the human body to transform, and slowly, humans transformed into devils. This process was very painful and cruel, but those who practiced correctly could maintain their human appearances and were called devil men. But just from looking at these old devils, it was obvious that they were failed products produced from the wrong way of practicing Modao based power techniques, and as a result of this failure, it was impossible for them to break through the barrier of Xiantian fifth stage for their whole lives.

Modao based power techniques were cruel, however, the might granted by them was tremendous, advancement was also very rapid, of course, there was a very serious side effect of transforming into half-devil freak, but so long as one was careful while practicing, one could avoid such a fate. The other side effect that these half-devil freaks had to live with was that they needed to kill humans and absorb their essence in order to maintain their own existence, because if they didn't kill, the moqi inside their bodies would explode and kill them.

Only those who obtained the heritage of elite and pure Modao based power techniques had a chance of successfully practicing the correct way.

These cruel bloodthirsty old devils wanted to kill Ye Xiwen and extract the vitality and blood out of his body. Their blood-red eyes were filled with greed while looking at Ye Xiwen from top to bottom.

“Boom!” The claw of an old devil advanced towards Ye Xiwen and grasped, causing a loud air explosion, while the bloody qi instantly accumulated and advanced towards Ye Xiwen to grab him.

“Dang!” Ye Xiwen maliciously chopped out his long blade which directly clashed with the bloody claw of that old devil, but this clash issued a metal clashing sound in the surroundings. This old devil had refined his hands and had already transformed them into spiritual weapons, which clearly displayed the distortion in their psyches. They clearly disregarded their own flesh and blood.

Ye Xiwen retreated few steps and the long blade began to dance in his hand producing a curtain of blade shadows everywhere which then isolated those old devils away from him. If there was only one old devil then Ye Xiwen wouldn't care but there were so many of these old devils and Ye Xiwen was having a hard time dealing with all of them at once.

Although these old devils were only at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, but relying on the might of Modao based power techniques, they could easily compete with a master who had already entered into the realm of Xiantian Xiao, which was the main reason why they were daring to be so incomparably rampant in front of Ye Xiwen.

“Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!” An old devil crashed into the curtain of blade shadows and was chopped down in two halves, but another one actually seized this opportunity to sneak an attack on Ye Xiwen, but he didn't waste even an instant and acted decisively by instantly using the first move of "Coiling Dragon Palm" against that old devil.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a steady stream of Zhen Qi being taken away from his body, which was far more in amount than other moves, but at that very instant, his hand instantly turned into a Dragon claw, a cyan Dragon claw shone brightly in this gloomy environment, suffused with a brilliant light, it directly descended towards that old devil and caught him in its grasp. Without getting any chance to react, that old devil was caught in the Dragon claw made up of condensed Zhen Qi.

Ye Xiwen used his thought to manipulate the Dragon claw and tightly clenched, and with a ‘bang’, the old devil turned into minced meat. Ye Xiwen had already practiced the move 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' to the Dacheng realm and it had not just led to a sudden increase in its power, now he could transform a Dragon whenever he wanted to and he could also control the movements and shape of the Dragon at will.

Ye Xiwen beheaded two old devils which reduced a lot of pressure on him, but at the same time, he ended up using a total of 10% of his Xiantian Zhen Qi in the last move, in addition to that, he had also used his blade attacks to behead the scavengers earlier, so now, he could at most display this move for up to eight times before completely exhausting the Zhen Qi inside his body, but there were more than eight old devils present there.

Ye Xiwen didn't want to face such a situation and wanted to get out of the trap of these old devils, so without any hesitation, he decided to call his red crowned crane and whistled. Immediately, in the sky, a long howling cry came from far away along with wing flapping sound.

But, immediately after that, yet another loud cry of a bird spread everywhere, and a huge shadow descended down from the sky. It was a giant eagle demon bird and was larger than Ye Xiwen's red crowned crane, had two huge eagle claws that looked cold and extremely aggressive. One must know that ordinary Xiantian warriors couldn't block these unstoppable claws.

Above this demon bird stood a young man with an appearance of a twenty-year-old guy, had an outstanding demeanor, clad in warrior-like brilliant clothing, carrying a double-edged sword, and his stern imposing aura was simply sky rocketing.

“You evildoer, you really act recklessly. You actually dared to take a mission that you cannot handle alone!” The young man shouted loudly and the surrounding air actually began to surge up right after his loud shout spread.

“One more human, this means more blood and food, ha ha ha, and this one also seems to be a disciple with profound cultivation.” An old devil laughed and said.

However before his voice could fall, he was suddenly pierced by a terrifying Swordqi and died on the spot.

“Acts recklessly.” The young man coldly said.

Ye Xiwen saw the symbol on the sleeves of the young man, and immediately relaxed, because he was a disciple of Yi Yuan School.

“Everyone run, this is a master of Xiantian sixth stage or maybe above!” These old devils were not stupid and immediately scattered in all directions to escape.

The young man waved his sword and instantly released Swordqi which suddenly flew in all directions, and without getting enough time to escape, all 11 fleeing old devils were pierced by the Swordqi and died instantly.

Just a moment ago, these old devils were trying to be quite arrogant in front of Ye Xiwen, but the scene reversed instantly, and they were all killed in a flash.


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