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Chapter 121 - Bai Mojiao stronghold

Ye Xiwen stepped forward and while coldly staring at those seven people, he said in a calm and cold voice: “Say, last time, who directed you to deal with me.”

During the assessment exam itself, Ye Xiwen had naturally speculated who was the mastermind behind all this, but there was no opportunity to confirm his speculation, so this time, he must take advantage of this favorable situation to ask them and confirm his guess.

“No one's directing us, what are you talking about?” The Chinese-robed man standing in the middle said obstinately in an argumentative manner.

“It's Hu Yanghang right?” Ye Xiwen indifferently said and discovered subtle changes in the complexions of these seven masters, along with somewhat consternation and astonishment, albeit fleeting.

But it was enough for Ye Xiwen to confirm his speculation!

“Well you can choose not to answer, although I can't kill you here, but I can still crush all the bones in your bodies.” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, because for these seven people, he did not have a favorable impression, and he was not in a mood to show them mercy, after all, these seven masters ganged up and tried to intercept him twice, and if it was an average person facing them, then he would have long been crippled by them. There was no fair play in seven people ganging up on one guy.

As soon as the seven masters heard him, their complexions suddenly paled, because they could sense his resolute killing rage. Counting this time, they had already seen Ye Xiwen's fierceness twice, and they were aware of the fact that if they were not on the Tongtian peak, but somewhere outside the Yi Yuan School, then they absolutely couldn't escape from the clutches of a killing god like Ye Xiwen.

They never thought that they would be forced to repeatedly intercept him when they were already aware of his ruthlessness.

They knew that Ye Xiwen was definitely not a merciful guy, and on top of that, they had dared to intercept him twice, and because of this, they felt that Ye Xiwen might actually do what he just said.

“Yes, yes, it was Brother Hu!” At this time a disciple could not bear the intense pressure and killing intent released by Ye Xiwen and finally confessed out loud.

Immediately, the complexions of other disciples darkened, because they revealed the name of Hu Yanghang, an influential core disciple, and from now onwards, things were going to be tough for them in the Yi Yuan School!

Although Hu Yanghang might not care whether Ye Xiwen knew that he was the real mastermind planning things behind-the-scenes, but he was an eccentric man, and it was hard to predict his mood.

By the time they would start following Hu Yanghang, forget the benefits they would get by being at his side, perhaps he might torment them to death.

Although they still hadn't followed Hu Yanghang for too long, but they were well aware of his cold disposition.

However, at this time, Ye Xiwen had no desire to haggle over with them, so he just picked up the pseudo-spiritual tool from ground and turned around to leave. Although the body of this pseudo-spiritual tool was densely covered in cracks, but without a doubt, even if it couldn't be fixed, it was still a pseudo-spiritual tool and could fetch him a price of at least 10,000 spirit stones.

There were unsightly complexions on the faces of these seven masters as Ye Xiwen's figure was moving farther away from them, but none of them actually dared to pursue him, after all even Young Marquis lost to him so what could they possibly do.

After walking for a while, under the foot of a mountain, Ye Xiwen whistled and a huge red-crowned crane immediately flew down from the sky. It was a well trained crane, and after years of training, it would fully understand the instructions of Ye Xiwen through their interlinked minds.

After he got on the crane, it flapped its wings and immediately flew out, drawing traces of lines in the sky.


The wind was cold, fierce howling could be heard, and although Sun was high in the sky, but chilled wind was intermittently blowing. It was an extremely strange atmosphere and could make anyone to break into cold sweat.

There was a desolate scene everywhere, the sandstorm was blowing, confusing the human eyes, and crows were cawing above the withered vines entangled on the trees.

Ye Xiwen was walking on the trail as mentioned in the mission, and there was supposed to be a village not far away from there, but he couldn't see any vitality in the surrounding areas, just dead air was present everywhere.

According to information present in the mission he received from Yi Yuan School, the Bai Mojiao stronghold was located not far away from that village, somewhere in this area where Ye Xiwen was currently taking a stroll.

Although, the followers of Bai Mojiao were actually human beings, but their acting style and conduct had slowly drifted closer towards the devil race. These followers practiced the power techniques based on Modao, introduced in this world by the devil race long ago, and their ultimate goal was to break through the void and ascend to the devil world. The followers of Bai Mojiao were still humans in flesh and bones but couldn't be regarded as humans anymore rather should be regarded as devils.

The area of their establishment, in basically a 500 km radius, was generally desolate and uninhabited by humans, and finding them was also very simple because they would travel large distances in search of humans and very few followers of Bai Mojiao hid their trails. Also the followers of Bai Mojiao practiced cultivation methods that required human essence as practice materials which in turn helped in increasing their cultivation by leaps and bounds, and after refining the human essence from the body, they would generally leave the remains which acted as a trail to find them.

Ye Xiwen continued to walk inside, and in his heart, he was secretly wary and vigilant because he could see the mummified remains of people lying on the roadside, and the black and red dried blood was present everywhere on the ground. Some scavenger birds could also be seen gnawing these corpses.

Ye Xiwen could not help but held his breath. These followers of Bai Mojiao were simply too cruel and disgusting. He himself had also killed people before but it was all because he had been provoked and had no other choice but to kill or get killed. He never killed innocent people and these corpses belonged to innocent villagers who didn't even have the strength to fight back, which was simply cruel. He was very annoyed to see how mutilated these corpses looked.

Just from looking at the miserable state of these corpses, Ye Xiwen couldn't help but gasp at such a horrifying scene.

When the carrion birds saw Ye Xiwen, a living human being, there was a sudden pitter-patter and they flew all over. These carrion birds had already absorbed a lot of Yin qi from the corpses, and soon, the demon core inside their bodies would have a transformation into devil Dan. (NT: Yin is the negative principle of Yin and Yang)

However even after transforming into a devil beast, they would still not be a match of Ye Xiwen. He started to mercilessly wave the long blade in his hand, and after seeing the miserable state of the corpses and carrion birds scavenging over them, in his mind, he was getting sick of this scenery. The Daoguang released from his blade towards the carrion birds, they screamed pitifully but couldn't escape and all of them were split in half.

Ye Xiwen observed the corpses and noticed as if someone used a claw power technique to grasp the bodies directly from the head and then sucked out the soul, vitality, blood and qi from the living human bodies which was extremely cruel and inhuman to do to someone.

Ye Xiwen rushed through the area while beheading the scavengers like jackals, carrion birds, even the devil beasts that he encountered on the way weren't able to escape from the fury of his long blade.

“Jie Jie, a human has come to die.” Suddenly, Ye Xiwen heard a sharp and hoarse voice along with shriek laughter that came from behind him, and at that instant, a huge bloody claw also approached towards him from behind.

Seeing that the huge bloody claw was coming to grasp him, Ye Xiwen immediately took a step and jumped into the sky, and the very next instant, he disappeared and directly appeared about ten meters away, while at that place where he was standing just now, instantly, a skinny and bloody claw severely struck and created a big hole.

Ye Xiwen looked and saw that the attacker had actually a strange appearance like a shadow, with his body completely covered up in black cloak, but from the cloak, two huge bloody devil claws were stretched out, and looked cold and gloomy, densely covered with blood capillaries and looked extremely terrifying.

“Boy, I didn't think that you would dodge my attack.” That strange shadow laughed and said.

“It seems that people of this village were slaughtered by you.” Ye Xiwen looked coldly at that strange shadow and said.

“Precisely, I turned those stupid mortals into practice materials by extracting their vitality. Of course, it's a lifetime blessing for them!” That strange shadow replied in a loud voice.


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