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Chapter 120 – Pseudo spiritual tool

The Young Marquis's fist arrived directly in front of Ye Xiwen, and with just a look, one could say that it was an overbearing fist technique, and as his punch blasted, the Zhen Qi surged out of his body and flooded the surrounding area.

With a burst of Zhen Qi under his feet, Ye Xiwen instantly launched the celestial step and while displaying the might of celestial step technique, practiced to the Dacheng realm, in a flash, he took several mysterious steps with his clothes floating all over in the wind, and he very smoothly and gracefully avoided the fist of Young Marquis.

Then, immediately, Ye Xiwen shot his palm which instantly caused an explosion like the thunder and lightning, and the thunder-like Zhen Qi wrapped on the palms of Ye Xiwen instantly blasted vigorously.

With a loud shout, he instantly shot Rushing thunder hand, and it seemed like a group of thunder and lightning had directly impacted.

“How is this possible!” There were expressions of disbelief on the faces of the seven masters, “How can his strength increase to such an extent!”

When the seven masters saw this palm technique, suddenly, cold sweat started dripping down from their foreheads. If by chance, right now, they were fighting Ye Xiwen, then right this very instant, facing his tyrannical palm attack, they would have instantly been exploded to bits.

Although they knew that Ye Xiwen had defeated Mo Han in the battle, however earlier, during the assessment examination, Ye Xiwen had broken through right in front of them, and in their opinion, he was a strong expert, but it was impossible for them to digest the rumors about him having achieved the Xiantian Xiao realm. However, just now, they witnessed his strength of Xiantian Xiao realm which completely blew their minds and threw their hearts into chaos.

And Young Marquis simply never expected that Ye Xiwen’s strength would actually be so formidable. He had always listened to the seven masters and according to them, Ye Xiwen had a false reputation but his strength was fiercer than those seven masters, but now, he finally realized how ridiculously wrong they all were to underestimate Ye Xiwen.

The tyrannical strength of Ye Xiwen was far beyond the imagination of the Young Marquis and he was certain that this kind of strength was impossible for inner disciples to attain and only seed disciples could display such strength.

However, at this time, he couldn't achieve anything by complaining, so he quickly folded his arms around his chest and instantly congealed an iron wall-like moon-shaped protection barrier and prepared himself to receive the palm attack of Ye Xiwen arriving at his chest.

For others, it was like an impregnable iron defense.

“Want to defend?” Ye Xiwen sneered and sped up the Rushing thunder hand by several times, and in an instant, it fiercely and accurately blasted into the chest of the Young Marquis.

Ye Xiwen's 'Rushing thunder hand' attack instantly pierced right through the Young Marquis’s iron defense, and shot into his chest.

“Bang!” Accompanied with a sudden and violent thunderclap sound, the body of Young Marquis was instantly blasted away, soared high in the sky, and severely fell on the ground.

The Young Marquis's body severely hit the ground, his blood sprayed out, and he looked at Ye Xiwen, with an ominous color flashing in his eyes, then suddenly, from his body, a cold light flickered, and almost in a flash, a black light suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was taken aback for an instant, and he immediately understood that this cold brightness was no trivial matter. He quickly raised his hand to block, and at the same time, he also chopped out a Bladelight.

“Bang!” The Bladelight maliciously collided with that cold black light and Ye Xiwen suddenly felt an enormous force emitting out from that cold light, which almost made him to lose grip on his long blade.

That cold bright light fell on the ground, and when Ye Xiwen took a look at it, he saw that it was actually a double-edged flying sword, exuding a touch of spiritual pressure, and to be specific, it was actually a double-edged spiritual tool, but right now, this double-edged flying sword was full of cracks. A moment ago, this double-edged flying sword severely clashed with Ye Xiwen's long blade and with a loud rumbling sound, several cracks appeared on it.

Ye Xiwen looked at his long blade, which was unexpectedly the same as before, glowing with a sharp and penetrating coldness, without a single crack on its surface, and was secretly amazed. In the cave of Iron back silver apes, he had found this long blade from a pile of a lot of decayed and rusted weapons, because back then, he had taken a fancy to this long blade, but did not know the origins of this weapon. He never thought that it would actually be so terrible that it would shatter a spiritual tool in one blow.

These weapons were generally divided into ordinary weapons, magical weapons and spiritual tools, while the spiritual tools were divided into low-grade spiritual tools, high-grade spiritual tools and top grade spiritual tools.

Generally, the Houtian level warriors used the so-called ordinary weapons. These weapons were made up of iron, and could easily be scrapped, requiring constant tinkering.

Considering the ranking of weapons, right above ordinary weapons were the so-called magical weapons, generally used by the warriors at the peak of Houtian ninth stage and above, as well as, by the warriors at the Xiantian fifth stage and below. A lot of rare materials were required to create magical weapons like hundred years old cold iron and so on, and compared with ordinary weapons, magical weapons were a lot stronger and more rugged.

Incomparably sharp, could cut even high standard magical weapons, Ye Xiwen always thought this his long blade was only a high quality magical weapon, because none of the ordinary weapons had ever been able to put even a scratch on it, and with just a single strike, his long blade had scrapped several magical weapons before, but just now, his long blade actually scrapped a spiritual tool. There was no spiritual aura present in the long blade like it generally was present in spiritual tools, implying that his long blade was not a spiritual tool, so Ye Xiwen assumed that it was a magical weapon.

However, in the collision just now, it immediately chopped down and scrapped a double-edged flying sword spiritual tool. He could not say much about its sharpness, but he witnessed the extraordinary firmness of the long blade with his own eyes.

That double-edged flying sword cracked by its own power of counter-shaking, showing the extraordinary toughness of Ye Xiwen's long blade!

However, a thought suddenly turned up in his mind. This Young Marquis had definitely not reached the Xiantian sixth stage, and still hadn't transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Yuan, then how it was possible for him to manipulate the spiritual tool.

Spiritual tools could only be operated and manipulated by Xiantian sixth stage masters and above. If someone wanted to manipulate a spiritual tool, then, first of all, it was necessary to have Zhen Yuan and only Xiantian sixth stage warriors and above could transform Xiantian Zhen Qi into Zhen Yuan, and using this Zhen Yuan, they could operate spiritual tools.

So in other words, this double-edged flying sword should not be a true spiritual tool, but the so-called pseudo-spiritual tool. A pseudo-spiritual tool was a weapon ranked just above the magical weapons and just below true spiritual tools, and possessed a part of the spiritual characteristics. The power a pseudo-spiritual tool possessed was obviously far less than the true spiritual tools, but the advantage was that it was very easy to manipulate and even warriors who had not yet reached the Xiantian sixth stage could use them.

But even so, the pseudo-spiritual tools were absolutely valuable, and only hundred or two hundred disciples from among tens of thousands of disciples probably had pseudo-spiritual tools. Only those top disciples kept pseudo-spiritual tools that were rich enough to buy them.

Suddenly, the Young Marquis spurted out a mouthful of blood. Even if this spiritual tool was just a pseudo-spiritual tool, but there was still a trace of Yuan Shen attached to it. When Ye Xiwen scrapped the double-edged flying sword, he also thoroughly annihilated the spiritual link of Yuan Shen between the weapon and Young Marquis, and in addition to that, he had just received a palm attack from Ye Xiwen, so it was more like an injury over an injury, so he simply fainted altogether.

“Young Marquis!” The seven masters suddenly called out in alarm. They never thought that Young Marquis's pseudo-spiritual tool would not be able to hurt Ye Xiwen, and Ye Xiwen's long blade would actually chop down and shatter a precious pseudo-spiritual tool in just one strike.

Ye Xiwen stepped forward and while coldly staring at those seven people, he said in a calm and cold voice: “Say, last time, who directed you to deal with me.”


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