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Chapter 119 - Young Marquis

Xueling Sect, one of the four large Sects, was considered as the largest Sect where Xiedao was practiced by the disciples, and there were rumors that long time ago, in Zhen Wu Jie, 'Modao' didn't exist and humans practiced only 'Xiedao'. (NT: Modao= Devil way; Xiedao= Evil way)

According to legend, long time ago, the Devil world had invaded Zhen Wu Jie, and had caused havoc in this world. It was a great disaster, and although devil world’s attack was repulsed, but during the long duration of this major cataclysm, Devil world had succeeded in sowing the seeds of 'Modao' in Zhen Wu Jie, giving birth to the existence of devil warriors.

When the Devil world had invaded Zhen Wu Jie, many human warriors had fallen prey to the magic of devil race and had been confused which degenerated their morality, causing them to become depraved warriors and also started practicing the 'Modao' and devil race's power techniques, which were also practiced by the Modaoists nowadays.

In Zhen Wu Jie, the disciples who practiced Xiedao were not considered depraved by the people, but the disciples who practiced Modao were not accepted by the society and Modaoists were not welcomed by most people. In fact, among all the Sects who taught Modao to their disciples, Bai Mojiao was the most notorious one.

Bai Mojiao, as the name suggested, was an organization whose sole motive was to spread the religion of worshipping the devil and advocating the Devil world's rule in Zhen Wu Jie. It was said that the Lord of Bai Mojiao was actually dedicated to the sovereign King of Devil world, and there were also many legends about great Devil Lords, Devil Gods etc.

Bai Mojiao's main objective was to use any means to open the doors of this world for the devil race to come in from the Devil world, so it was no wonder that everyone was panicking by the sudden return of Bai Mojiao.

Hundreds of years ago, Bai Mojiao had staged a rebellion in the Great Yue State, and many large forces had collaborated to suppress this rebellion.

No one expected that just hundred years later, Bai Mojiao would revive once again and started causing trouble.

Regarding Bai Mojiao, many disciples did not have favorable impression, after all, no one wanted to fight with the devil race.

Then, several rumors and news spread throughout the Yi Yuan School, and overnight, various matters related to Bai Mojiao were dug out and came in front of everyone.

Including the case where many sub-school disciples had been attacked and disappeared on the way to the Main Sect and now the news spread that it was also Bai Mojiao's doing.

And with the unexpected resurfacing of a notorious organization like Bai Mojiao, Yi Yuan School and other major powers would collaborate together to completely crush Bai Mojiao.

All sorts of Bai Mojiao related missions could be seen hanging in the Gongde palace.

Rewards were also very high.

For beheading a Houtian level Bai Mojiao follower, one could get a reward of 1 spirit stone, and for beheading Xiantian level Bai Mojiao followers, one could receive 10 to 100 spirit stones as reward.

However, for beheading a Xiantian fifth stage follower or above, the reward was quite high, in the range of 100 to 1000 spirit stones.

It could be said that with the sudden reemergence of Bai Mojiao, it was as if Yi Yuan School was literally bleeding money to subjugate them before the situation got worse.

For so many spirit stones as reward, Ye Xiwen was also very excited, because compared with his own ways of accumulation of spirit stones using various means, which were quite slow, it was rather convenient for him to behead the Bai Mojiao followers and gain a lot of spirit stones as rewards, and not just that, his cultivation would also strive and increase in his fights with them. And the spirit stones received as rewards would eventually also accelerate his cultivation growth, so it could be described as achieving several results in one fell swoop.

After making the decision, Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any longer and immediately went to the Gongde Palace of the Main Sect. No matter how many times he came to the Gongde palace, he would still feel amazed looking at its grandiose compared to the Gongde Palace of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school which looked insignificant in comparison.

Because of Bai Mojiao's matter, Yi Yuan School's Main Sect had given out many missions, and they were currently being displayed in the Gongde Palace. Many disciples were frequently coming to pick up Bai Mojiao related missions.

Ye Xiwen took a close look at these missions. There were missions about probing the hideouts of Bai Mojiao in the Great Yue State, beheading the followers of Bai Mojiao who had already appeared and started to rebel in certain regions. Each of these missions had different difficulty levels and people were naturally choosing missions according to their own capabilities.

Yi Yuan School was unusually attaching great importance to this matter of comeback of Bai Mojiao, because reportedly, hundreds of true disciples had already taken nearly half of the high difficulty missions and went to different regions of the Great Yue State to behead those devil worshippers.

Ye Xiwen swept his eyes through the missions and chose a suitable one in which a master was required to trample the stronghold of Bai Mojiao followers. He must start immediately because one person was allowed to take only one mission, and this time, due to the special matter of Bai Mojiao, there was no time limit on the missions and one could accept missions until the last Bai Mojiao related mission was successfully completed.

He needed to act fast and now itself otherwise anymore delay would incur serious losses for him as he might lose the chance to earn as many spirit stones as he could during this Bai Mojiao uproar.

He left the Gongde Palace and arrived halfway up the mountainside.

“Are you the one named Ye Xiwen?” At this time, a somewhat contemptuous voice resounded from behind.

Ye Xiwen turned to look, not far away from him, seven or eight disciples were standing in a group, led by a dignified and imposing looking youth, on his face, there was a sort of arrogance and disdain. However, Ye Xiwen was quite surprised to find that the disciples behind that arrogant youth were actually those seven masters whom he had run into during the assessment examination.

The so-called inevitable clash between the enemies, and even if originally there was nothing between the two sides, but now, it could be said that this enmity had become quite strong.

“I am.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

Ye Xiwen glanced at them, and after reaching the Dacheng realm of 'Restraining breath technique', without putting any effort, he completely understood the breaths of these people. He instantly saw through their strengths, and according to his estimation, the youth who seemed to be leading this group had entered one step into the Xiantian Xiao realm.

And, even the strength of those seven masters, who had intercepted him during the assessment examination, had shown great progress, and all of them had reached the peak of Xiantian third stage.

These sharp-eyed disciples, with their blade-like sharp gazes, were looking at Ye Xiwen, and it seemed as if their gazes would cut open a hole in his body. It was said some experts could use their gazes to kill people and it was not a myth. There were a lot of masters whose gazes could congeal a piercing attack that could instantly kill a person.

“Ye Xiwen, standing in front of you is the Young Marquis, how dare you not kneel down to greet him.” Among the seven people, the diminutive youth coldly said to Ye Xiwen with a flash of hatred in his eyes.

“What a joke, this is Yi Yuan School, and you actually want to use power to fetter me? Whatever he is, he cannot make me kneel down in front of anyone.” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

Ye Xiwen reckoned that there were a lot of children in the imperial family of Great Yue State, but most of them were not the direct descendants, and everyone was aware of the fact that there were many secret power techniques inherited only by the direct descendants, and this was the reason why these direct descendants must enter the imperial schools to prevent these secret power techniques to go into the hands of the outsiders. So, only the children of branch clans would join other Sects.

So this title of Young Marquis was mostly self-proclaimed and nothing else!

Moreover, Yi Yuan School was also a big power on equal footing with the imperial clan of Great Yue State, so exploiting the secular powers to constrain a disciple of the Yi Yuan School was even more of a joke.

“I heard that there is a particularly arrogant man among this year's new disciples claiming to be comparable to the seed disciples but I did not think that you are even arrogant than the rumors.” The Young Marquis said.

“Well, why don't you mind your own business, I don't care whether you are the Young Marquis or whatever, trying to use your power and prestige in the Yi Yuan School is really a joke.” Ye Xiwen sneered and said in a disrespecting tone as if he simply didn't care about the Young Marquis.

“You are courting death!” The Young Marquis suddenly became furious and with an extremely cold look in his eyes, he rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

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