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Chapter 118 - Bai Mojiao

“Although I lost to you this time, but after three months, in the seed disciple tournament, I will defeat you and take revenge for today!” Mo Han looked at Ye Xiwen and said.

There were only 100 seed inner disciples in the Yi Yuan School, but it was not fixed. Almost every year, there would be a seed disciple tournament and thousands of disciples would participate in this tournament to compete for the title of seed disciple, and not just because the title of a seed's disciple was pleasant to hear, but their treatment and welfare was far better than many of the core disciples.

Mo Han's words clearly implied that Ye Xiwen had enough strength, that after three months, he would definitely be able to participate in the seed disciple tournament, but after reaching the realm of man-spear unification, he was now confident that after three months, his own strength would increase once again by leaps and bounds and he would certainly enter into the realm of Xiantian Xiao, and at that time, he would be stronger than Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had also heard about the seed disciple tournament, because for inner disciples, to be able to become a seed disciple was a great achievement, and deep down in their hearts, all of them wanted to become seed disciples. Every year, during the seed disciple tournament, new participant would come to try their luck and achieve this glory of shining above the others.

Ye Xiwen never thought that he would be able to participate in the Seed disciple tournament in such a short period of time. Earlier, in his plans, he anticipated that he might be able to participate in Seed disciple tournament in coming five years, but he never expected to have such a high speed progress in strength.

No wonder so many people came to practice in the Main Sect, where the advancement in cultivation was way faster compared to the sub-schools, to the point of inconceivable rate of progress.

After saying those words, Mo Han did not wait for Ye Xiwen's answer and under the supporting arms of the disciples of Fudi faction, he immediately left.

“Seed disciple tournament?” Many disciples of Qian Yu faction slightly gawked and were totally surprised after hearing the words of Mo Han. It was by no means that they didn't know how big a tournament it actually was, but it was still a long way from them. Even for geniuses like Ye Feng and others, at least five-six years were needed to become strong enough to have any chance in the Seed disciple tournament, as to them, even the span of 30 or 40 years was nothing in comparison to the lifespan of 200 years granted by the Xiantian realm.

“Little brother, you must participate in this Seed disciple tournament. It would be awesome if you enter into the ranks of top 100 inner disciples, especially for the reputation of us new disciples!” Ye Ruxue patted the shoulder of Ye Xiwen and said.

At the same time, nearby, a somewhat depressed senior disciple was thinking that defeating Mo Han was not enough, now he was planning to participate in the Seed disciple tournament, in the last hundred years, a new disciple had never been so audacious!

Ye Xiwen listened, smiled, but did not say anything, because at his current state, he would be able to participate in the Seed disciple tournament, but he would have to struggle a bit while fighting the seed disciples, and even after that, he would not be able to come in the top ranks, only hanging in the end, although for the new disciples, it was still glorious enough, but for Ye Xiwen, it was only better than nothing.

Everyone went to the establishment of the gambling disciple, who had just now made a great fortune thanks to the unexpected victory of Ye Xiwen, and with a refreshing look on his face, he paid 10 times the betted spirit stones to those who had betted in favor of Ye Xiwen.

After betting 5000 sprit stones and winning 50,000 spirit stones back, all of a sudden, Ye Xiwen became filthy rich overnight, and many senior disciples were looking enviously at him. Ye Xiwen didn't mind them and quickly put all the 50,000 spirit stones into his storage ring.

After receiving so many spirit stones, for a long time, Ye Xiwen would not have to worry about the consumption of the spirit stones.

From the time he crossed through to this world, Ye Xiwen himself had to admit that his earning rate was very fast, but his spending speed of spirit stones was even faster, almost fast to the point of exaggeration from the point of view of an ordinary disciple, and even if it was a core disciple, they would also find this consumption rate nothing less than exaggeration. But, the requirements of the 'Special Space' were just too great to sate for Ye Xiwen.

Even if Ye Xiwen must go all out on the road to desperately earn the spirit stones, he would still be able to practice faster than others after gaining the spirit stones, however for other disciples, if they constantly move back and forth on the road to earning spirit stones, then they would certainly see a significant decline in their practice speed, in addition to that, their absorption rate of spirit stones was also very slow.

Only Ye Xiwen could desperately earn spirit stones while maintaining a very fast practice speed, moreover for Ye Xiwen, the more the spirit stones, the faster his practice speed would be, so one could say that he was an exception who could display such a kind of unique way of rapid practice speed and strength growth.

When Ye Xiwen, the representative of Qian Yu faction, formed by the new disciples, defeated Mo Han, many enemy factions, who were originally against the Qian Yu faction, publicly declared that they wouldn't cause anymore troubles for Qian Yu faction, and after that, Qian Yu faction went on a path to rapid expansion, because in addition to the disciples of Tongtian peak, all of a sudden, it's reach extended towards the other 9 top peaks as well. The new disciples of this year's 7 high-ranked sub-schools joined the Qian Yu faction. Moreover, more than 30% of State's major influences also joined the Qian Yu faction.

In a short time, the member count of Qian Yu faction exceeded the mark of 1000, and soon reached the mark of more than 2000 disciples.

Suddenly, Qian Yu faction gained a prestige among the other faction and this attracted the attention of a lot of disciples.

The new disciples felt a natural sense of intimacy towards the Qian Yu faction compared to other factions, although they all knew that as far as development was concerned, the Qian Yu faction was just an emerging faction and was naturally not comparable to the senior factions, and the potential for their own development would also be restricted if they joined the Qian Yu faction. If they could join the other factions then they might have a better chance of growth, but these new disciples had been cultivated as geniuses in their respective sub-schools and other outside influential clans and wanted to build their career themselves through hard work.

In addition to that, Qian Yu faction had Ye Xiwen, whose strength was comparable to those seed disciples, so it naturally attracted many people to come. Also, this year's top new disciples like Yan Chiling, Ye Feng and Zhangsun Yuyin had also joined the Qian Yu faction and their reputations also worked towards attracting the attention of a lot of new disciples.

However, so far, only new disciples had joined the Qian Yu faction, while the senior disciples were still waiting and watching from the sidelines.

When the disciples of Qian Yu faction were excited at the sudden fame, development and expansion of Qian Yu faction, suddenly, a rumor quickly spread throughout the Yi Yuan School.

After remaining dormant for 100 years, the followers of Bai Mojiao finally appeared once again on a large scale in many parts of the Great Yue State. The news suddenly caused sudden uproar in the Yi Yuan School. (NT: Bai Mojiao means 'Devil worship')

When Ye Xiwen heard this news, he got a feeling of storm clouds approaching.

The matter about the Bai Mojiao rapidly started to spread in the Yi Yuan School and stirred the new disciples. The senior disciples, who had spent almost 100 years in the Main Sect, began to explain things about the Bai Mojiao to the new disciples. Hundred years ago, Bai Mojiao was a big organization of devil worshippers that had proliferated throughout the Zhen Wu Jie. (NT: Zhen Wu Jie is the name of this world)

In Zhen Wu Jie, the prestigious clans and Sects didn't strictly discriminate between 'Xiedao' and 'Modao', for example Xueling Sect, one of the four large Sects of the Great Yue State, was considered as Sect of 'Xiemowaidao', but was still ranked among one of the four large Sects.

(NT: Xiedao: Evil way

      Xiemowaidao: Devil followers

       Modao: Devil way (practiced by Devil worshippers)

       Wudao: Martial way)


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