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Chapter 117 - Comparable to seed disciples

A silence spread on the scene, and many people had complicated feelings in their hearts. They never expected this outcome, but they just witnessed the display of Ye Xiwen's incredible strength, which simply left them flabbergasted.

A moment ago, Mo Han successfully achieved the man-spear unification and reignited their hopes of his comeback, but within a flash, he was so easily beaten by Ye Xiwen that it was simply unacceptable. Even if his strength increased by leaps and bounds after entering into the realm of man-spear unification, he still couldn't change anything and thoroughly lost the battle.

Qian Yu faction was made up of only new disciples, and the past few months were the most difficult times for them, but now, at least no one would bully them anymore, which was the result of the terms of battle and many powerful influences were witness to them.

The new disciples of Qian Yu faction as well as other new disciples were happily shouting in abundance. To them, this was simply a miracle, they won, they actually won.

“He actually won the battle against Mo Han, you know, Mo Han's name was once on the list of the seed disciples, and even if now he is not in the ranking list of seed disciples, but he can still be considered a quasi-seed level disciple."

“But didn't you just see that during the battle, Mo Han entered into the realm of man-spear unification, but he was still blasted away by Ye Xiwen's blade. These new disciples are really too tyrannical and this Ye Xiwen is almost comparable to those seed disciples.”

“How can this new disciple be such an evildoer? He had just joined the Main Sect and his strength is already comparable to that of those seed disciples. You know, almost all of the seed disciples are evildoers and are masters of the Xiantian Xiao realm!”

On a high platform a distant place from the arena, Qin Muze turned around, and did not continue to look towards the arena, and lightly said: “Well, this time I misjudged.”

However, right now, there was smile hanging on his face. He witnessed the amazing potential of Ye Xiwen and he saw it with his own eyes. Who was Ye Xiwen? Just a new disciple who joined the Main Sect few months ago and he easily defeated a master of peak Xiantian fifth stage, and looking at his incredible potential, it was not hard to guess that he would undoubtedly become a true disciple in the future, and if Fudi faction would have continued to irritate Ye Xiwen and his faction then he might have settled scores with their faction in the future so it was definitely a very wise choice to allow this battle. Now, he was aware that he must not offend Ye Xiwen at any cost.

Not to mention, due to this battle, his faction's deputy-main unexpectedly obtained a formidable new strength of man-spear unification realm, which was definitely a major harvest for this faction. Now, his faction’s strength would increase considerably and looking at this, one could say that he didn't particular lose much, rather gained a lot.

Ye Xiwen came out of the arena, and immediately, the happy looking new disciples of Qian Yu faction surrounded him and started to exclaim loudly and chaotically. It was the time of celebration for them and Ye Xiwen immediately became the center of their attention.

“Brother Ye, this time we really want to thank you.” Yan Chiling said in a pleasantly surprised tone. He just never thought that Ye Xiwen would really be able to win. Now, it was getting difficult for him to digest this fact that Ye Xiwen won and his Qian Yu was safe now and so was his position as its leader.

Before Ye Xiwen could say something, Ye Ruxue said in a somewhat proud manner: “That was naturally expected, whose little brother you think he is!"

Ye Xiwen didn't know whether to laugh or cry after hearing his sister's remark. Was she trying to praise him, or boasting about herself!

Unlike these people, Ye Ruxue was the only one who was least worried about Ye Xiwen and had extraordinary confidence in him.

“Let's go everyone and collect the spirit stones we just won!” At this time, the disciples of Qian Yu faction shouted together.

While shouting and celebrating the victory of Ye Xiwen, everyone suddenly remembered that this time, they didn't just win their dignity and independence, but also a lot of spirit stones. An intense anger was suppressed inside them after continuously getting bullied by the senior disciples, but in a flash, it all disappeared thanks to Ye Xiwen, and in addition to that, they also earned back a lot of spirit stones.

A compensation of 10 was placed on Ye Xiwen, and now that he won, everyone who betted in his favor won ten times the amount of betted spirit stones. For these new disciples, this was not a small fortune, in fact, it was a large sum of money, and could be said that they became rich overnight, which made these disciples even happier. Of course, some disciples earned more compared to other, like Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue, who betted a lot of spirit stones in favor of Ye Xiwen and got ten times in return. Suddenly, they became very rich, one of the wealthiest inner disciples.

Of course, among these people, the one who earned the most was Ye Xiwen. He had betted 5000 spirit stones in his favor, and now, all of a sudden, it increased tenfold, reaching 50,000 spirit stones. This amount was so huge that it could be said that for many disciples, this was equivalent to their lifetime accumulated wealth.

Even for Ye Xiwen, this wealth was enough to help him practice to the Xiantian fifth stage or above and he would still not have to worry about spirit stones.

No wonder, even those true disciples opened gambling houses to amass money, because this money-making speed was simply terrifying. Although Ye Xiwen earned a lot this time, but the one who made the most profit was actually the gambling disciple, because he kept all the spirit stones betted in favor of Mo Han and a lot of people had betted huge amounts of spirit stones in his favor.

Although the gambling house must pay ten times compensation to Ye Xiwen and others who betted in his favor but only a few people had betted in favor of Ye Xiwen, so even after paying ten times the spirit stones to them, the gambling house still earned a lot of spirit stones.

If it was a core disciple, then with so much spirit stones, he would become filthy rich overnight, but behind these gambling houses were actually the true disciples, and although the earned amount was huge, but it was still nothing compared to the riches of a true disciple.

All of the new disciples were happy and in a carefree mood. Since joining the Main Sect, they never got a chance to enjoy like this and were also frequently bullied, especially those who were already in the Xiantian realm in their respective sub-schools and were considered elite among the elites. But right after joining the Main Sect, they had to face suppression and were also bullied and felt suffocated in this new environment.

Now, at last, they again felt proud and elated and as long as Ye Xiwen was their leader, who would dare to underestimate this session's newcomers.

Now many people were guessing that Ye Xiwen's strength was comparable to that of the seed disciples, the top 100 inner disciples among several thousand inner disciples. By getting counted in the top 100 inner disciples, one could imagine how tyrannical these seeds disciples actually were.

These 100 seed disciples were super strong, and even if they were still the inner disciples of the Main Sect, their strength was tyrannical and had even defeated some of the core disciples, displaying their enormous strength.

If a strong expert like Ye Xiwen assumed command over the Qian Yu faction then its base would be rock solid, and at least, no one would come and bully them anymore. It was true that Qian Yu faction was nothing more than one of the many factions in the Main Sect, and it was still nothing. It was a faction created by the new disciples and led by a new disciple, but this battle was like a warning for many other factions that if they tried to suppress Qian Yu faction then they would have to pass through an iron wall named Ye Xiwen, who held the potential to become a true disciple in the future.

However, after seeing Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength, those senior disciples finally realized that he was not a chicken, but a lion, although still young, but already had fangs and claws, and if they were not careful then it could scratch and hurt them.

Ye Xiwen already knew about the matter of seed disciples, and even it was true that his strength was now comparable to that of those seed disciples, but they were extremely strong and many had even beaten some of the core disciples. They simply stood at the pinnacle of inner disciples and Ye Xiwen was still a new disciple.

“Ye Xiwen!” When everyone was celebrating his victory, Mo Han's voice came from behind.

“Although I lost to you this time, but after three months, in the seed disciple's tournament, I will defeat you and take revenge for today!”


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