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Chapter 116 – Ye Xiwen wins

There was an awkward expression on Mo Han's face as he firmly stood on the periphery of the arena, unable to hide the consternation on his face. His present state was the result of the collision between him and Ye Xiwen, and it turned out to have such an outcome, because just now, he finally came to understand the tyrannical strength of his opponent and was going through the state of reality shock.

“Brother Ye is really a monster!” Zhang Yang said with an amazed look in his eyes.

Ye Feng was also incredibly looking at his younger brother. His brother unbelievably displayed such an amazing progress and completely left him behind. Originally, during this month, he was anxious and came over to talk to Ye Xiwen many times regarding this battle.

He was extremely worried and concerned about Ye Xiwen, after all, this situation of facing suppression from the senior disciples was not a new thing, this had happened many times in the past as well, and every time new disciples joined the Main Sect, there were always some proud and ambitious new disciples who would try to form their own banner, but each time, their efforts would be completely crushed by the senior factions.

Although, it was said that a lot of genius new disciples joined the Main Sect, but it didn't make much difference because they were still weak compared to the senior disciples.

But for the new disciples, this was a battle for their dignity. Ye Xiwen was fighting not just for saving the existence of Qian Yu faction, but also to safeguard the dignity of the new disciples, and once he won, new disciples would be able to save their dignity, and those senior disciples would also have to accept that they must not look down on the new disciples.

Like Ye Xiwen got a Xuan Jindan from the Tongtian peak for performing well in the assessment exam, Ye Feng had also been rewarded with a Xuan Jindan, and for past one month, he tried his best to meet Ye Xiwen and to give his own Xuan Jindan to Ye Xiwen, but couldn't meet him.

Ye Xiwen was engaged in closed-door training and had strictly said that no one would disturb him for this one month's time. Ye Feng knew that Ye Xiwen also had a Xuan Jindan, and if coupled with his own, he would have two Xuan Jindan, then there was still hope that in a short time, he might be able to break into the Xiantian fifth stage.

Although Xuan Jindan was very precious, but in his mind, how could it be more important than his precious little brother?

But he did not expect that in such a short time, Ye Xiwen's battle strength would increase to such a terrifying extent. Although, originally, in his mind, Ye Xiwen had always been a strong existence, but he never knew the exact extent of his talent.

Only now did he finally come to understand that by using just one Xuan Jindan, Ye Xiwen was able to surpass a master at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

He had been unable to meet Ye Xiwen, and like everyone else, he was also totally bewildered. Ye Feng knew that this feat was absolutely not achievable for other disciples, after all, in order to break through to the peak of Xiantian third stage and also to master various martial arts techniques, a Xuan Jindan was not enough, and Ye Xiwen had to consume at least 2000 spirit stones, and without the help of Xuan Jindan, he would have to spend 4000 spirit stones, and even after that, there was no guarantee to attain such a feat.

Even after endless consumption of spirit stones, he had to push himself to the absolute limit to gain his current terrifying strength.

Mo Han gradually approached Ye Xiwen and his aura continued to increase dramatically, clutching the spear in his hands and pointing its tip at Ye Xiwen, he was staring firmly at Ye Xiwen. Suddenly, in the arena, in the range of ten steps around Mo Han's body, a burst of strong Xiantian Zhen Qi rushed out from his body and flooded the arena.

Mo Han heavily trod on the floor of the arena, with the spear on the front, and it seemed as if his physique was taking shape of a spear, and on the spear-tip, Xiantian Zhen Qi rapidly began to condense. Combined with his incredible aura flooding out from his body, and his spear stacked with the Xiantian Zhen Qi, it seemed like his body had almost fused together with his spear. A unified man-spear literally went piercing through the air, producing a chi-chi sound, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

This was not just the incredible might of peak Xiantian fifth stage!

This was actually the man-spear unification. After getting cornered by Ye Xiwen, Mo Han felt pressurized and due to that, he was able to reach a realm that only few people were able to reach, although only for a little while, but there was no doubt that it not only increased his combat strength, it was also going to become a great advantage for his practice.

The man-spear unification!

Once again, looking at this scene, the members of Fudi faction suddenly became excited and started cheering for their deputy-main, and the new disciples of Qian Yu faction were in inexplicable horror. Becoming one with the spear was a realm only a handful people could achieve, and after achieving this state, the strength attained was not a joke.

There were those who practiced martial arts for a lifetime but still couldn't achieve the realm of man-spear unification. For an expert to reach this realm, he would need to comprehend numerous levels of understanding about the weapon's martial arts technique, and inherent talent was also a must.

Facing a terrifying opponent like Ye Xiwen, Mo Han was unable to cope up with him and was forced into a corner, and under such a pressurized state, he finally achieved the realm of unity with his spear, which shocked everyone who was watching this battle, especially the members of the Fudi faction.

“Good, good!” Qin Muze looked at Mo Han, suddenly laughed loudly and said, “I value worthy people!”

Man-spear unification, among so many disciples in the Yi Yuan School, not many could reach this state. Even if it was only for a brief moment, he would attain great strength. He never thought that a member of his own faction would be able to attain such a rare realm. Qin Muze was extremely happy and suddenly laughed.

Now, even if Mo Han lost in the battle and his faction lost face, he wouldn't care because thanks to this battle, he could gain such a formidable deputy-main for his faction, so in the end, this was not that big of a loss.

“Do not get too happy.” Jing Yannan said to Qin Muze.

Facing the fierce attack of Mo Han, Ye Xiwen did not directly clashed with him this time, because the strength of Man-spear unification was enormous, and even if it was just for a moment, direct confrontation was unwise, so with a burst of Zhen Qi under his feet, his figure instantly and strangely disappeared from the spot he was standing.

Mo Han's man spear unification attack was aimed at Ye Xiwen, but with a sudden loss of target, his complexion immediately changed, because the serious flaw of this man-spear unification attack was that it was necessary to clearly pinpoint the target, but right that instant, he just saw a faint trace of cyan colored figure and was instantly alarmed.

An idea flashed like ​​lightning in Mo Han's mind, and he suddenly turned 180 degrees along with his spear, and violently thrust his spear towards the blind-spot behind him.


A crisp sound resounded and sparks scattered everywhere under the horrifying display of strength, and their two shares of fierce Xiantian Zhen Qi started to continuously spread out. Mo Han had immediately turned back and thrust his spear at the long blade chopped out at his back, and at this time, the long blade contained a tyrannical strength, and it turned out to be so massive that the spear actually bent a little under its terrifying weight.

Ye Xiwen's figure finally appeared behind the long blade and there was a faint smile on his face, because, this man-spear unification attack was indeed very powerful, but in the end, the final victory depended on who successfully displayed his full strength. The sudden disappearance of Ye Xiwen failed Mo Han's initial attack, and right now, he was almost caught off guard by Ye Xiwen!

Mo Han was incomparably scared because even after achieving the man-spear unification, he was still getting pressed down by Ye Xiwen and couldn't fully take hold of the battle as he originally intended to.

Without any hesitation, Ye Xiwen immediately chopped out his long blade fiercely against Mo Han, which produced an extremely oppressive piercing sound, and encompassing the heavy and terrifying strength within itself, the long blade danced in his hand and heavily clashed with the spear of Mo Han and immediately deflected it to one side and Mo Han was forcefully pushed away by the terrifying strength present in Ye Xiwen's blade strike, and right this instant, Mo Han felt pressurized and couldn't maintain his man-spear unification state and came out of it.

After coming out of man-spear unification realm, the outcome of this battle immediately became apparent to everyone!

Mo Han was blasted all the way back and Ye Xiwen took advantage of this and mercilessly swung the backside of his long blade at him.

“Bang!” Mo Han was severely thrown back and directly went flying out of the arena several meters away!

Everyone was silent!

Ye Xiwen won!


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