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Chapter 115 – Xiantian Xiao successfully achieved

Mo Han was a tall warrior with grandiose stature, clad in brilliant clothing, stout, and a there was grim look on his face.

“Where's Ye Xiwen? Why has he not appeared yet?” Mo Han asked in a cold voice.

“Maybe he is scared to come up in the arena!” The members of the Fudi faction said with ridicule.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The members of Fudi faction burst out in a loud laughter.

“Why don't I find this joke funny?” A calm and clear voice suddenly came from the crowd and interrupted the laughter of the members of Fudi faction.

Ye Xiwen slowly walked out of the crowd and looked indifferently at Mo Han.

“You finally came, good, you did not let me down!” Mo Han said in a callous tone. Although he didn't care, but if he paid attention, he would have sensed that Ye Xiwen's body was exuding somewhat restless aura which was very intense.

With Ye Xiwen in the arena, it seemed as if the atmosphere was instantly lit up and the enthusiasm of everyone, present on the scene, also heated up.

“Deputy-main, teach that arrogant brat about the profoundness of this world!”

“Deputy-main, come on!”

The members of the Fudi faction clamored loudly and started cheering for Mo Han.

Mo Han didn't speak anything, and without giving any time to Ye Xiwen to gain a foothold, his body instantly launched like an arrow towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was well prepared and didn't want to be outdone by him. He took a step and his figure disappeared and went skimming towards Mo Han and his palm rumbled.

In the arena, the two shadows of these contenders passed over gently and swiftly like lightning, like two meteors in general, and in a flash, they crashed into each other and produced a loud collision along with a huge explosion, and right at that time, the two share of vigorous Xiantian Zhen Qi suddenly erupted, and under the fury of their fierce strengths, cracks instantly appeared even on the hard floor of the arena.

“Bang, bang!”

A low and deep sound spread in the arena and their shadows immediately retreated back, and in this round of battle, no one could understand who won, because it was like a clash between two equally powerful challengers and no one actually won in this round of battle.

In the eyes of both of the contenders, there was a color of surprise, especially Mo Han. He was totally stunned because he did not expect that Ye Xiwen would be able to directly take on his attack and even after the fierce collision between them, Ye Xiwen looked absolutely normal, as if it was not at all strenuous for him, in fact, he actually quite easily received Mo Han's blow.

Ye Xiwen was also surprised because he did not think that Mo Han would be so strong, obviously stronger than what he anticipated.

Mo Han pulled out a pitch-black long spear from his storage ring. The spear point was flashing and was surrounded with a cold and threatening aura, and like a viper came out of the hole, it instantly dashed towards Ye Xiwen and immediately came in front of him, and just when it arrived right in front of him, it released several spear shadows at him.

Ye Xiwen also instantly pulled out the long blade from the scabbard on his back, and the long blade started to dance in his hand, producing several blade shadows dancing in the arena, which then moved forward to welcome the incoming attack.


The crisp sound of metal clashing resounded along with sparks from the collision between the two that spread throughout the arena. Ye Xiwen's long blade fiercely collided with the spear of Mo Han, and their enormous strengths could be felt by everyone present on the scene. The visible ripples of shock waves were continuously pouring out of the arena, and in a flash, the two figures exchanged several blows which happened so fast that it was difficult for many spectators to track with their eyes.

After exchanging many blows, they drew back several steps.

“Your strength is pretty good, but you are still too tender and amateur.” Mo Han said and the spear in his hands shook slightly, as if a viper was preparing to bite at any time. “The water in the Main Sect is very deep, it's not a place where a newcomer can just come and act unreasonably.”

“What utter nonsense, even if this place has deep water, I will still keep trying and temper myself to go deeper.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“If that's the case, then you can't blame me!” Mo Han shouted loudly and his strength of peak Xiantian fifth stage completely broke out, and an aggressive aura came out of his body, and completely wrapped the entire the arena.

Ye Xiwen was also not going to be outdone, and the very next instant, an equally powerful and even slightly more intense aura completely erupted from his body and spread throughout the arena.

In this month, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to have not done anything. After taking a dose of Xuan Jindan, in a short time, Ye Xiwen's cultivation reached the peak of Xiantian third stage, and he also transformed 100% of Houtian Zhen Qi present in his body into Xiantian Zhen Qi which in turn greatly increased his battle efficiency.

During this month, at last, he finally consolidated “Celestial step” and fully grasped it to the Dacheng realm. And finally, he also practiced 'Full moon beheader' to the Dacheng realm. Now, he finally succeeded in reaching the Dacheng realm of all the moves of "Cold moon beheader".

Ye Xiwen's secret technique, the hardest to practice, his last trump card technique “Coiling Dragon palm” and its first move 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss' was also practiced to the Dacheng realm.

In other words, now, among all of the martial arts techniques that Ye Xiwen had practiced so far, only “Tyrant body technique” was practiced to the second layer and that too only to the Xiaocheng realm. Except this, he had already practiced all other techniques to the Dacheng realm.

After reaching the Xiaocheng realm of the second layer of “Tyrant body technique”, at present, Ye Xiwen's strength directly broke through the strength of 99 Dragons, attainable only by the masters at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, and reached the strength of 100 Dragons. This was the strength attainable only by the masters who successfully achieved the Xiantian Xiao state. (NT: Xiantian Xiao means 'Xiantian Small state')

However, by virtue of the mysterious effects of “Tyrant body technique”, Ye Xiwen was able to achieve the Xiantian Xiao state and obtained the strength of 100 Dragons.

Xiantian Xiao state was the state right above the peak Xiantian fifth stage. When a warrior converted 100% of the Houtian Zhen Qi present in his body into Xiantian Zhen Qi, he reached the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, but, some people could go even further. After reaching the peak of Xiantian fifth stage and transforming 100% Xiantian Zhen Qi, the warrior would feel the Xiantian Zhen Qi flowing in all parts of his body and even a swing of arm would display the strength of 99 Dragons, and after going a step further and achieving the strength of 100 Dragons, although there was a difference of only 1 Dragon's strength, but the overall display of strength would greatly change.

Those at the Xiantian Xiao state were a lot stronger than those at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, so Ye Xiwen's fighting strength was now stronger than ever, in its top condition, and now, he was fully able to easily compete with a master at the Xiantian Xiao realm. And Mo Han was only at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage.

In the arena, both long blade and spear were releasing bright rays of light in abundance, and suddenly, the next instant, the two experts dashed towards each other, and under the gazes of several spectators, it seemed as if a violent storm swept out of nowhere, and in a blink of an eye, the two figures violently clashed.


Two dazzling figures severely collided with each other causing a surge of terrifying air-explosion from the tips of their weapons and maliciously initiated a loud blast, which bloomed like a lotus flower in the arena, and the very next instant, the blast that had bloomed like a lotus instantly exploded and sent shock waves in all directions.

“Peng!” A figure retreated several steps in the Life and Death Arena, leaving deep footprints on the arena, and left wide cracks on the solid floor of arena.

The blast dispersed and everyone saw that the explosion pushed back a figure and it continuously drew back several steps away, and to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be Mo Han.

Everyone called out in alarm. This was simply impossible, because under the blast of this violent collision, the one who was pushed back was actually Mo Han, instead of Ye Xiwen.

Above the stand, Qin Muze's eyes were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen, with a panic-stricken look on his face and muttered: "How is this possible, just how is this possible?"

At his side, Jing Yannan was also incomparably astonished. Although a moment ago, he talked in favor of Ye Xiwen's strength and potential, but he definitely did not expect that Ye Xiwen would actually be able to largely prevail over Mo Han, which left him totally dumbstruck.

In the crowd surrounding the arena, the disciples of Fudi faction and Qian Yu factions had unbelievable expressions on their faces. But, for disciples of Qian Yu faction, it was more like an unquenchable pleasant surprise, although they did not know how Ye Xiwen suddenly became so strong, but there was no doubt that he was the hope of their faction and would successfully protect the Qian Yu faction.


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