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Chapter 114 - Victory and defeat undecided

“I bet 5000 on Ye Xiwen's victory!”

A slim cyan figure appeared at the entrance.

Ye Feng and others turned to look and an expression of joy suddenly appeared on their faces.

“Little brother!”

“Little brother!”

“Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye!”

Many new disciples exclaimed with bright looks on their faces.

“Is that Ye Xiwen, too audacious!”

“Indeed, although Mo Han is not the strongest inner disciple, but Ye Xiwen is just a new disciple!”

“You are right, and these newcomers need to see this battle and learn that it will take them several years before they start treating us as equals!”

Some of the sour senior disciples were discussing and looking down on the new disciples. In any place, there were talented people and mediocre people, and the talented people would speak with their strengths, while the mediocre speak on the basis of their seniority, because they just couldn't get used to seeing these new talented people coming to the Main Sect.

These words were totally disregarded by the people, and Ye Xiwen did not care either. Although seniority was indeed important, but in this world, the strength was the supreme authority, and as long as there was enough strength, what was the use of seniority? Who would care!

“I bet 5000 on my victory.” Ye Xiwen walked to the front of the gambling disciple and said.

After a moment, the disciple very calmly accepted 5000 spirit stones, though this number was a big and scary figure, because even if it was a master at Xiantian fifth stage, he would have nothing left after betting such a big figure.

Only some of the top seed disciples could probably dare to bet such a huge amount of spirit stones like Ye Xiwen, because once lost, they might lose everything.

However if won, then they could easily make ten times of the betted amount, then their acquired wealth would be comparable to that of many of the core disciples.

After the registration, Ye Xiwen directly turned around, and there was no sign of anxiousness on his face as if he had already won the battle. After that, the gambling house closed down and stopped registering any more bets.

Although the amount of 50,000 spirit stones was an astronomical figure for inner disciples and even for some core disciples, but when it came to true disciples, this amount was nothing for them.

“Little brother, you seem to be very confident today.” Ye Feng asked.

“Relax.” Ye Xiwen smiled and said.

“Today, I am going to finish this battle in a moment!”


The surrounding of the Life and Death Arena was packed with disciples and it could be described as a sea of ​​people, and not just inner disciples, even a lot of core disciples had come as well to watch this battle.

Minute by minute, second by second, time was slowly approaching the initially set time for the battle.

Many of the disciples surrounding the Life and Death Arena began to shout and cheer for the contenders, especially the members of Fudi faction, who were cheering for their faction's deputy-main, Mo Han.

“Deputy-main, kill that arrogant bastard!”

“Let those newcomers know our fierceness!”

The disciples of the Fudi faction were laughing while the new disciples of the Qian Yu faction were glaring at those senior disciples and were extremely angry.

On a distant grandstand, opposite the ring, two figures were standing on top of it and were looking indifferently towards the Life and Death Arena. If Ye Xiwen was present there, he would be surprised to discover that one of the figures was actually the guy who had come to help him last month, Jing Yannan.

And at his side, stood a black-robed youth, who had a pale face but looked very handsome, and right now, he was staring towards the arena.

“Brother Jing, I don't think that Ye Xiwen will dare to come. The battle's going to start any time but I can't even see even a trace of him anywhere!” The black-robed handsome said.

“Impossible!” Jing Yannan shook his head and said, “Although I have only met him once, but in the end, you need to acknowledge the fact that Sister Hua has a favorable impression of him, and I noticed that his frame of mind is extremely tough and he possesses a very strong willpower. He will die standing rather than kneeling in front of someone. So it's absolutely impossible to think that he is some timid guy who would run away from a fight.”

“Oh, it's rare for an inner disciple to obtain such high appraisal from Brother Jing.” The black-robed handsome youth said in a surprised manner. He just thought that Jing Yannan had come to mediate because Hua Menghan had asked him to do so, but he never expected that Jing Yannan would have such a high evaluation of Ye Xiwen.

Jing Yannan lightly smiled and said: “Well that's because he is a genius among this year's new disciples.”

“Genius, ha ha! How many geniuses do you think come and die every year in the Yi Yuan School? What's the use of being a genius if he doesn't get a chance to grow?” The black-robed youth shook his head and said with a smile on his face. Almost all the disciples who came to join the Main Sect from various sub-schools were all considered geniuses in their respective sub-schools. Back then, they were called the top disciples and were also the well-known disciples, but after joining the Main Sect and getting grouped with several geniuses coming from across the State, their original fame and title of the genius seemed quite ridiculous.

Talented, geniuses, these titles were useless if they didn't get a chance to grow and display their real talent and potential. People only remembered the glory of those who were still alive; no one would remember how many bones of the dead geniuses were used in paving the road to fame and glory.

“Mo Han was also the strongest new disciple back then when he had joined the Main Sect. That is the reason why I allowed him to become my faction's deputy-main.” The black-robed handsome youth said while resting his body against a stone pillar.

This black-robed handsome youth was actually the founder of Fudi faction, Qin Muze.

“It's going to be quite interesting, one is this year's strongest genius, and the other one is the strongest genius from two batches ago.” Jing Yannan smiled and said.

“What’s so interesting about it? If this battle took place a few years later then it will be difficult to guess who wins, but right now, the outcome of this battle has already been decided.” Qin Muze indifferently said.

“Hard to say, hard to say, do you know that a few talented new disciples have been awarded the Xuan Jindan this year?” Jing Yannan said and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up.

“Xuan Jindan…” Qin Muze suddenly gawked for a moment. He obviously knew about Xuan Jindan and its mysterious and profound effects. In fact, it was so precious that even in the Main Sect, only elite disciples could obtain such a precious item. But, to him, it was useless, because, a Xuan Jindan could only be used by the masters at Xiantian fifth stage or below and he had crossed the Xiantian fifth stage a long time ago.

“They are willing to give it to the new disciple? But this is the Xuan Jindan!” Qin Muze said in a serious manner, “Even if they have given a Xuan Jindan to Ye Xiwen but it will still not change the outcome of this battle!”

Qin Muze had no words to say anymore. A lot of big personalities came to watch this battle and knew about the terms of this battle. He had made a big decision to allow this battle and a lot of things depended on it. This was a big turning point as everyone knew that gratitude and grudges were part of life and things had already become worse for senior and new disciples. But, if Ye Xiwen was defeated in the battle then they would be able to suppress the new factions without any interference and new disciples would have to bitterly accept it without any resistance.

He knew that this year's batch was filled with several genius disciples and he would be able to obtain them as his faction's members. This battle was a great opportunity and he could reap a lot of benefits for his faction and this was the fundamental reason why he accepted the mediation of Jing Yannan.

At this time, during their conversation, Fudi faction's deputy-main, this battle's other contender, Mo Han finally appeared.


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